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City Council Meeting Minutes

November 24, 2014
The City Council met in regular session on Monday, November 24, 2014 in the Dorchester County Council Chambers. A quorum being present, Mayor Victoria Jackson-Stanley called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. Those Commissioners in attendance were Commissioners Vickers, Sydnor, Cooke, Thomas, and Hanson. Mayor Victoria Jackson-Stanley asked for a moment of silence. Commissioner Hanson led in the Pledge of Allegiance.

A motion by Commissioner Hanson to amend the agenda by changing the topic on the City Manager to include the first reading and to include awarding the Phase 2 engineering consultant contract for Sailwinds was seconded and passed 3:1 with Commissioner Cooke opposed and Commissioner Vickers out of the room.

A motion by Commissioner Thomas to approve the minutes of the November 10, 2014 Council meeting was seconded and passed 4:0.


Jane Devlin, Executive Director of James B. Richardson Foundation, Inc., to present overview of 9th Annual Cambridge Schooner Rendezvous-Ms. Devlin thanked the Council for continually supporting the Schooner Rendezvous. This event was extremely successful. Mr. Wheeler and the DPW staff were extremely helpful as well as Scott Fitzhugh and his staff, the Cambridge Police Department, and Rescue Fire Company. There were 21 vessels participating. They had 11 schooners. They had 250 youths in the educational portion of the project and would like to bring in more students next year. A couple thousand people attended. A number of vessels that come to the event partake in the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race. For a lot of the vessels, Cambridge is their last stop before they go home for the winter. They feel a warm welcome in Cambridge. They are open to suggestions for additional events on Sunday. Commissioner Cooke challenged Ms. Devlin with a plan to make the event bigger and then suggested she come to the City on how to fund it.

Economic Steering Committee Presentation on Downtown Development Incentives Tax Credits-Gene Lauer said the committee recommends that the Council keep both the downtown development incentive tax credits and the senior tax credit. The downtown development tax credit is a phase-down tax credit for qualifying improvements of at least $50,000 to real property in the downtown waterfront development district. The credit is given on the increased value of any assessment as a result of the investment. It is a tax relief on a sliding scale for four years. The senior tax credit is for residential property. It is a 50 percent tax credit for three years following the purchase of a primary residence for new seniors at least 60 years of age. To date, 18 seniors have taken advantage of this program through April 2014. The average additional investment that was made was about $13,000 per dwelling. A motion by Commissioner Thomas to accept the report was seconded and approved 5:0. Rob Collison will provide further information for the next meeting.

Keasha Haythe and Susan Banks to present the Dorchester County Economic Development Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Report-Retention and expansion efforts have brought in more than $163,000 in capital investment to Dorchester County. They have contacted more than 200 companies for attraction and expansion. They have conducted approximately 23 site visits and tours of the County and 85 jobs were created through expansion and more than 800 jobs were retained through retention efforts. They worked with businesses to secure $235,000 in revolving loan funds from the Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center Revolving Loan Fund. As part of their marketing efforts, they produced a total of 96 news features on existing and new businesses, education, and events in conjunction with their newsletter. Ms. Banks said they helped secure 6200 sq.ft. in the former Sensada buildings. Three businesses have contacted the Career and Technology Center to develop internship programs. Sav-a-Lot grocery store is coming to Cambridge. It is the nation's fifth largest grocery store chain. Commissioner Cooke asked what is holding the manufacturing back. Ms. Haythe said the State is part of the issue with the corporate income tax. Companies that want to locate here want to make sure you have a readily available workforce. They also look at educational stats. That is something that has to be worked on as well as other social demographics. Property tax has not been an issue with companies. Some states are giving away property. They are giving away up to 25 acres of land. It is hard to compete with that. There are a multitude of issues that can keep companies from locating here. They look at some of the challenges as opportunities and try to showcase the identity of Dorchester County. The unemployment rate used to be over 11 percent; now we are down to about 8 percent. There are times the median income does not meet what is here or the population does not fit what is here as well. She believes things will get better and we have an opportunity to bring in some manufacturing. They have about ten companies that are interested in locating to the tech park.

Unfinished Business

Introduction and first reading of City Manager-related ordinances-

• Charter Resolution No. CR-2014-01 would create a new Section 3-39, entitled "City Manager" to provide for a professional manager to be chief executive officer of the City, specifying the minimum qualifications for the position, the process for appointment and removal, and the duties and responsibilities

• Charter Resolution No. CR-2014-02 would amend Section 3-21 entitled "Mayor; Oath of Office, Duties" of the Charter of the City of Cambridge to incorporate changes to the duties of the office of Mayor, with the adoption and implementation of a Manager-Commissioner form of governance

• Charter Resolution No. CR-2014-03 would repeal in its entirety Section 3-22 entitled "Town Clerk, Treasurer and Collector"

• Ordinance 1041 to implement a transition plan for the implementation of a City Manager Form of Government

If approved, all the charter amendments would become effective on the 50th day after they are passed subject to the right of a referendum being filed within 40 days following the approval. There are publication and posting requirements for the 40 days immediately after the adoption.

This is the first reading and introduction and will be on the agenda for the next meeting on December 8, 2014. Public comment will be taken at that time.

New Business

Introduction and first reading of ordinance to adopt the Unified Development Code (Ordinance 1041)-This ordinance would adopt the Unified Development Code dated November 3, 2014 and the zoning district map dated June 2, 2014 as the City's zoning ordinance and zoning district map to be codified as Chapter 20 of the Code of Laws of the City of Cambridge and will replace the current zoning ordinance and zoning district map dated May 2003. If this ordinance is approved at the next meeting, it will become effective ten days thereafter, which would be December 18, 2014. Public comment will be taken at the next meeting.

Slip lease rates at City Marina-Commissioner Cooke discussed the 2014 slip leases and occupancy rates. The marina was occupied all year long at about 58 percent. Most of the slips (80 percent) are being occupied by people who do not live in the City. He provided Council with written information on slip lease rates in the area as compared to the rates at our marina. A proposal will be presented at a future meeting.

Award of contract for roof repairs on three City buildings-A motion by Commissioner Sydnor to award the contract to the low bidder, Atlantic Roofing Systems, was seconded and approved unanimously.

Approve Clerk Treasurer job description-A motion by Commissioner Thomas to change the position title to Director of Finance Administration and review the job description before the next meeting was seconded and approved 4:1 with Commissioner Sydnor opposed.

Budget amendment for Finance Department-A motion by Commissioner Sydnor to approve the budget amendment in the amount of $2,832.00 was denied 3:2 with Commissioners Vickers, Cooke, and Hanson opposed.

Sailwinds Engineering Consultant-A motion by Commissioner Thomas to award the contract to Morris & Ritchie Associates in the amount of $263,000 for the second phase of work at Sailwinds for the design and engineering was seconded and approved 3:2 with Commissioners Vickers and Cooke opposed. Rob Collison said this company is uniquely qualified to do this work on the site.

Purchase Orders:

PO 2015-034 - Pyro Engineering Inc. - deposit for fireworks in 2015 - $7,500.00-A motion by Commissioner Thomas to approve Purchase Order 2015-034 was seconded and approved unanimously.

PO 2015-035 - Terryberry Company - retirement rings for two department heads - $2,831.06-The budget amendment did not pass; therefore, no vote will be taken on this purchase order.

PO 2015-036 - Morris & Ritchie Associates - professional services for Sailwinds Park (Phase 1)- $55,400.00-A motion by Commissioner Thomas to approve Purchase Order 2015-036 was seconded and approved 4:1 with Commissioner Vickers opposed.

PO 2015-037 - Tuscumbia Iron Works - new post clock for Pedestrian Mall (insurance claim) - $4,177.35-A motion by Commissioner Thomas to approve Purchase Order 2015-037 was seconded and approved unanimously.

PO 2015-038 - Atlantic Roofing Systems - Roof Replacement at 410 Academy Street, 305 Gay Street, and 307 Gay Street - $79,114.00-A motion by Commissioner Thomas to approve Purchase Order 2015-038 was seconded and approved unanimously.


Windows in 307 Gay Street-Commissioner Sydnor suggested the Department of Public Works paint one of the windows to see if the paint will come off. George Hyde will notify Council of the outcome.

A motion by Commissioner Cooke to adjourn the meeting was seconded and approved unanimously.

With no further business, Mayor Victoria Jackson-Stanley adjourned the meeting at 9:19 p.m. I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and accurate account of the Council meeting Monday, November 24, 2014, insofar as I personally am aware.

Edwin C. Kinnamon
Clerk & Treasurer


A Date: November 24, 2014
Time: 6:25 pm
Place: City Council Chambers

B Citation of Authority/Purpose: State Government Article, Section 10-508(a) (check one of the following):

1 discuss: (i) the appointment, employment, assignment, promotion, discipline, demotion, compensation, removal, resignation, or performance evaluation of appointees, employees, or officials over whom it has jurisdiction: or (ii) any other personnel matter that affects one or more specific individuals;
2 protect the privacy or reputation of individuals with respect to a matter that is not related to public business;
3 consider the acquisition of real property for a public purpose and matters directly related thereto;
x 4 consider a matter that concerns the proposal for a business or industrial organization to locate, expand, or remain in the City; [Salwinds Park Project]
5 consider the investment of public funds;
6 consider the marketing of public securities;
7 consult with counsel to obtain legal advice;
8 consult with staff, consultants, or other individuals about pending or potential litigation:
9 conduct collective bargaining negotiations or consider matters that relate to the negotiations:
10 discuss public security, if the public body determines that public discussion would constitute a risk to the public or to public security, including: (i) the deployment of fire and police services and staff; and (ii) the development and implementation of emergency plans;
11 prepare, administer, or grade a scholastic, licensing, or qualifying examination;
12 conduct or discuss an investigative proceeding on actual or possible criminal conduct;
13 comply with a specific constitutional, statutory, or judicially imposed requirement that prevents public disclosures about a particular proceeding or matter; or
14 before a contract is awarded or bids are opened, discuss a matter directly related to a negotiating strategy or the contents of a bid or proposal, if public discussion or disclosure would adversely impact the ability of the public body to participate in the competitive bidding or proposal process.

C Members present and vote of each member as to closing the session:

Victoria Jackson-Stanley (only in a tie)
Jackie Vickers Vote: Y
Donald Sydnor Vote: Y
Frank Cooke Vote: Y
Gage Thomas Vote: Y
Commissioner Hanson Vote: Y

Motion to close meeting: Comm. Sydnor Seconded: Comm. Thomas

D Topics Discussed: Explanation of topics to be discussed (this may be by reference to the citation of authority listed above if further explanation would thwart the purpose of closing the meeting: [Salwinds Park Project]
E Persons Present at the Closed Session: If listing an individual as present would thwart the purpose of closing the meeting, do not list the individual but note that an individual was not listed for this reason Mayor Stanley, Commissioner Vickers, Commissioner Sydnor, Commissioner Cooke, Commissioner Thomas, Commissioner Hanson, Rob Collison, Ed Kinnamon, George Hyde
F Actions Taken at the Closed Session: Commissioner Sydnor made a motion to go with MRA as the engineering consultant engineer based upon the recommendation that they are uniquely qualified but the approval of the agreement be at the public session was seconded by Commissioner Thomas and approved 3:2 with Commissioners Vickers and Cooke opposed.