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  • City of Cambridge Maryland
  • City of Cambridge Maryland
  • City of Cambridge Maryland
  • City of Cambridge Maryland
  • City of Cambridge Maryland
  • City of Cambridge Maryland
  • City of Cambridge Maryland
  • City of Cambridge Maryland
  • City of Cambridge Maryland
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City Council Minutes

April 9, 2007

Cambridge Maryland SealMINUTES

Council Meeting

April 9, 2007


The City Council met in regular session on Monday, April 9, 2007 in Council Chambers. A quorum being present, Mayor Cleveland L. Rippons called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Those Commissioners in attendance were Commissioners Knox, Sydnor, Cephas, Brooks, and Travers.

Ed Kinnamon led in the Lord's Prayer. Commissioner Travers led in the Pledge of Allegiance. Commissioner Travers made a motion to approve the minutes of the March 26, 2007 Council meeting as distributed. Commissioner Cephas seconded the motion. The motion was passed unanimously.


Open Bids for Bituminous Concrete Overlay-Ed Kinnamon reported that the City received two bids:

- David A. Bramble -- $363,000

- George & Lynch   -- $432,300

Commissioner Travers made a motion to refer the bids to DPW for their review and recommendation. Commissioner Sydnor seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Proclamation for Administrative Professionals Week-Ed Kinnamon read the proclamation. Mayor Rippons signed it and presented it to representatives from the International Association of Administrative Professionals Tidewater Chapter.

Jeff Paxson, Shelter Development Group, to Discuss PILOT for Their Affordable Housing Project and Final Resolution of Support for CDA-Jeff Paxson said Cambridge Commons will be a 96-unit affordable family community which will be developed off of Bayly Road. The project has been awarded $1 million in tax credits and $1,950,000 in loan funds from the State. Additionally they have been awarded a $300,000 Community Development Block Grant from the State. This grant will pass through the City. He is asking the City to adopt the formal resolution supporting the project that the State requires. He would also like to discuss the PILOT that has not been finalized yet. The City has authorized a credit of $100 per unit per year toward the property taxes for a 10-year period. He is requesting that the City offer the same $100 per unit per year credit to the project but as opposed to having the term of the PILOT last for 10 years, they are asking for the City to make the term of the PILOT as long as the project is affordable to the residents of Cambridge. They can structure it by saying in the agreement that the units will remain affordable to the income categories that they have promised to the State and to the other lending authorities. As long as the units remain affordable, the PILOT will stay in place. The income levels have not changed from their original application. The resolution would be the standard resolution for State tax credit projects.

Rob Collison said Council may wish to have a vote at the next meeting after they have a chance to review some numbers on what the dollar amount would be. They can also review what they have done with other projects. Mayor Rippons said the PILOT has always been a $100 credit per unit. The distinction is that instead of 10 years, it would go for an additional 30 years. Most of the funding is for a 40‑year period. Jeff Paxson said the CDBG grant is a loan from the City to the project. They estimate that somewhere between years 10 and 15 cash flow from the project will be available to pay down that loan. By granting this credit, the City is not really putting any more cash in the developer's pocket. If that $9600 did end up at the bottom line, it would effectively roll right back into the City's CDBG fund to pay down that loan. The loan would be repaid faster.

Rob Collison said he has no problem with the resolution. Commissioner Sydnor made a motion to support the final resolution for the CDA. Commissioner Travers seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Commissioner Sydnor made a motion to extend the PILOT of $9600 indefinitely up to 40 years as long as the project remains affordable for Dorchester County. Jeff Paxson said it will be based on the income parameters that they set forth in their tax credit application in September. Commissioner Knox asked if they can extend it for 30 years but revisit it in 15 years. Commissioner Cephas said they have a 10‑year PILOT now and they have not broken ground and they want 30 more years. Jeff Paxson said they are not really saying 30 more years. They are saying as long as the units remain affordable in the brackets that they have set forth. He will not be able to break ground until the financing is done. They are looking to break ground in October. The State is telling them they will not be able to borrow anything against the 10-year PILOT but if it had the provision that it would continue as long as the project is affordable, they would lend them significantly more and that would add to the betterment of the project.

Anne Roane said Shelter Development will be held very closely accountable to the lenders. Jeff Paxson said they have a compliance department in their property management company that spends their entire year certifying the income of the residents and making sure their corporation is in compliance with their covenants and they are not raising rents over the caps.

Mayor Rippons asked how the City could rationalize this to the companies who have come before and received a 10-year PILOT. Their numbers will be the same thing. Shelter Development has received more in tax credits and more in the loan packages already. The City has never endeavored to go through an intermedium like they did this time. Jeff Paxson said they are trying to bring all of the sources together to build the project. In the last two years, construction costs have gone up over 10% per year. The other developers did not have to deal with this cost increase. They are using the same tax credits and the same debt that was available two years ago. That same amount is available today. They have to pull all these additional sources together to build this project. They have a project with non-tidal wetlands, Delmarva fox squirrels, bad soil conditions, etc. They are doing everything they can to make this project feasible. It is a question of whether or not the City wants the units. Shelter Development is doing everything they can to make it happen. Commissioner Brooks seconded the motion. Commissioner Cephas asked if Jeff Paxson is saying he can guarantee the same identical rents for 40 years. Jeff Paxson said he can guarantee the income target which means 60%, 50%, 40% and 30% of the median income. He can guarantee the same promised income targeting that they promised CDA for 40 years based on Dorchester County. Based upon those incomes, the computed rents for those incomes will not exceed 30% of the person's income. He will guarantee that. It is regulated by the State. The rents could go down based on the caps. The motion to approve the extension of the PILOT from 10 years to as long as the project remains affordable passed 4:1 with Commissioner Cephas opposed. Jeff Paxson said they can include in their agreement a reporting system to the City.

Douglas Worrall to Discuss a Grant Writing Seminar Presented by the Mid-Shore Community Foundation-Douglas Worrall said their organization makes distributions to organizations throughout the mid-Shore. They distribute hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. The distribution is in response to grant requests. They would like to assist some of the smaller organizations with learning how to write a grant request. He is requesting that Council alert the organizations that they know of that may benefit from this. The seminar will be held on April 26th at 4:30 pm at Delmarva Community Services. The fiscal year for the foundation is June 30th. There are a number of funds, including the Todd Fund, which distributes somewhere in the range of $300,000 to $400,000 to people of Dorchester County, has $93,000 left. They are meeting next week and will probably spend it at that time. The new funding cycle will not start until June 30th. There are other funds.

Commissioner Sydnor asked if these funds could benefit any of the organizations that come to the City requesting funds. Ed Kinnamon said they very well could. Commissioner Sydnor asked that the information be made available to them so they can participate. He will send a copy of the flyer to each group.


Approve Formal Finding-of-Fact on Amendment to PWRD Master Development Plan for Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Resort-Rob Collison asked that this item be deferred to the next meeting.

Recommendation of Award for Comprehensive Plan Consultant-Anne Roane, City Planner, said Article 66b of the Maryland Annotated Code requires that municipalities update their comprehensive plans every 6 years. Our update is overdue. It should have been updated in 2004. The City has budgeted funds to hire a consultant to rewrite the plan. Planning and Zoning sent out 30 RFP packages in December. Eleven consultants came to a pre-bid meeting. In the end, they received six proposals. One did not include a price so they were disqualified. The staff reviewed the five proposals and narrowed their selection down to three based on criteria that were outlined in the RFP. The three consultants were interviewed by staff and Jerry Burroughs, Planning Commission Chairperson. Of the three, they have recommended Jakubiak & Associates. His team met the criteria hands above everybody else and they would like to award them the contract. They have done a tremendous amount of work on the Eastern Shore.

Jerry Burroughs said during the interview period they talked to each group. This particular group was more impressive with what the Planning Commission is looking forward to with Cambridge as far as architectural concerns, planning and zoning, the zoning map, the zoning laws, etc. They were more onboard with what we have in mind for Cambridge. Anne Roane said they seem to have a real understanding of the issues facing Cambridge as far as growth and infill. Their approach is very sound and very well thought out. Mayor Rippons requested a broken down estimate. Anne Roane said George Hyde reviewed the proposals and is much more comfortable with this group. The interviews were roughly two hours each. All the groups were nationally known. The amount of the contract is $149,000. The City has had $150,000 in the budget for this project for two years. She would like the City to award the contract and then negotiate it. It will not be more than that.

Commissioner Cephas asked who did the interviews. Anne Roane said she did along with Jerry Burroughs, George Hyde, Janice Henderson, and Greg LeBlanc. They read the proposals, ranked them, held interviews, and then ranked the interviews. Mayor Rippons reviewed the proposals and attended part of one interview. Commissioner Knox asked if they could put a deadline on the final report. Anne Roane said it is already in place and the company understands it.

Mayor Rippons asked about the status of the traffic study. Anne Roane said they were supposed to go before the Planning Commission in February. They are now scheduled for May 3rd. If they do not produce the document by that time, they will not be paid any more. They have been notified of this in writing.

Commissioner Sydnor made a motion to award the contract. Commissioner Knox seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Christ Rock Annexation Update-Anne Roane said it is her understanding that the annexation has met the 45 days. The grant applications were submitted to the Maryland Department of the Environment for the water and sewer extension. She received notification that they are reviewing the application. The State Planning Office is reviewing the application for Priority Funding Area designation. They will be meeting with the State planners next week on a variety of issues. Rich Hull, who has been designated the Secretary of the Maryland Department of Planning, is from Salisbury. He is very much aware of Christ Rock and the issues there. He is in favor of making this happen. She will be meeting with Joyce DeLaurentis on Wednesday to see where they need to go to move forward. Things are moving in a positive direction.

Mayor Rippons asked about Madison/Woolford. Anne Roane said she is not involved with that process. It is strictly engineering and did not involve zoning, annexation, or grants. George Hyde would be able to give Council an update. Anne Roane said she will provide Council with a written update for their next meeting.

Recommendation to Award Bid for Window Blinds for Public Safety Building-Ed Kinnamon said Bob Phillips provided three bids for the window blinds from local businesses. The lowest bid with cloth tapes was Hubbard's Custom Blinds in the amount of $11,433. Bob Phillips said you usually see cords on blinds to raise and lower them. The cloth tapes actually come down the outside of the blind. It is better quality and looks a lot nicer. Ed Kinnamon said the difference in price between cords and cloth tapes was about $2,000. Commissioner Cephas made a motion to award the bid to Hubbard's Custom Blinds with the cloth tapes. Commissioner Travers seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Request from Richardson Maritime Museum for a Variance from the Noise Ordinance for Their Creekside Boat Show on May 4th from 12 pm to 8 pm; May 5th from 10 am to 7 pm; and May 6th from 10 am to 4 pm on Their Property on the Corner of Hayward Street and Maryland Avenue-Commissioner Sydnor made a motion to approve the request. Commissioner Brooks seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Introduction of Resolution to Impose $750 Impact Fee on Waterfront Units and $250 Impact Fee on Boat Slips to Cover Cost of Fireboat-Mayor Rippons said an impact fee is assessed against new construction. The people who have existing properties will not be included in any concern as it relates to the impact fees. Rob Collison said this will apply to waterfront units. Rescue Fire Company has determined that there is a critical need to acquire and maintain a fireboat. There are certain waterfront units that require this. They are proposing that there be a $750 impact fee added to the existing impact fees of the City for waterfront units. The units that abide upon the waters of the City, as determined by the State Fire Marshal or other authority having jurisdiction, that such a unit would require the use or need of a fireboat. The resolution also provides for a $250 impact for new boat slips within the waters of the City so fire safety can be provided by the fireboat. Commissioner Knox asked if this includes the slips in the marina. Rob Collison said it would be for slips that have not had building permits issues for yet and for units that use and occupancy permits have not been issued for. The only exception would be Deep Harbour. They agreed that they would participate.

Commissioner Sydnor asked about the number of projected new units. Rob Collison asked Chief Jeff Hurley the number of units in the equation used to determine the dollar amount sufficient to generate the necessary funds. Chief Jeff Hurley said they looked at the waterfront units when the Deep Harbour Project came about and the number of units that could be serviced from the water. Also they had the City's consultant give his opinion. He recommended between $1000 and $1250 per unit. They looked at the units that were not able to be protected by getting the engines around properties and where there was a significant impact on water flow capabilities from our hydrant system. This will help protect the current waterfront also. Right now they run somewhere in the neighborhood of about 40 calls per year. They have a 23-foot fireboat with a 500-gallon per minute pump on board. The fireboat anticipated for the City is capable of 1850 gallons per minute minimum flow. It will also provide a 5-inch pump with the same number of gallons per minute with supply engines and provide additional water flow if we have a fire in the water sections of the City. They have received funding to cover in total at this point about $386,000 of the cost, not including what this resolution would eventually bring in. Everything is slowing at this time so they don't anticipate development like it has been but it covers us for the future. The anticipated cost when they started the project approximately 3½ years ago was $450,000. Now the anticipated cost is $600,000. They are trying to do a count on the amount of current slips. They are asking in this resolution or in a future resolution that there be a $5 to $10 per slip per annum to be paid into a fund to help maintain this craft or replace it in the future. This is something that is definitely needed with the amount of boating traffic picking up. The next closest fire boat is in Oxford. Commissioner Knox asked about developers who were going to donate some funds. Chief Hurley said there is a donation of $168,000 based on the units from Deep Harbour. Commissioner Sydnor asked how much development is left on the waterfront. Chief Hurley said some of the properties that are not developed yet are the Yacht Maintenance property; the property where the old gas company was; the Cherry Street property; the Point property; property between the hospital and the Hyatt, etc. There is still quite a bit of waterfront. They still don't know what is going to happen to the Cambridge Country Club but that is in our first due area and so is  the Hambrooks area. Commissioner Cephas asked if any of the waterfront units have had a fire in the past three years. Chief Hurley said they have. There has not been a major fire. They handled it with the water tanks on their equipment and the current hydrant system. Oxford's boat was called in last week when the plane crashed. They have also been here for other water emergencies. Commissioner Knox asked if the County was going to contribute to this boat. Chief Hurley said probably as much as they contributed toward our new hazmat unit. They could certainly ask. Commissioner Knox asked if all the development plans for these waterfront developments are approved by Rescue Fire Company. Jerry Burroughs said they are. Chief Hurley said they are now. There was not a sign-off place for RFC or MUC until 2004. Several major developments got through that probably should not have been approved. Rob Collison said the $10 would not be an impact fee; it would be a slip tax. Chief Hurley said they are estimating that it would be in the neighborhood of 800 slips. Commissioner Knox said his concern is that if the City and County continue on with the impact fees and taxes, they are going to put themselves out of business. Folks are getting a big surprise when they get their tax bills. If we are not careful, we will tax the citizens who are here out of Dorchester County and nobody else will come here. Chief Hurley said he agrees. Commissioner Knox said he is concerned about all these fees from the City, County and the State.

Commissioner Sydnor asked about the impact fees paid by the Trenton Street project. Mayor Rippons said they came in before the impact fee was structured. Commissioner Sydnor said they are going to utilize the service and will not participate in any of the fees other than what the agreement is with Beazer. Rob Collison said he thinks Deep Harbour has agreed that it would apply to all the units that the Fire Marshal deems necessary-existing and new. The Fire Marshal could assign that responsibility to an RFC representative. Chief Hurley said payments will be made for all the slips that were put in the Deep Harbour marina in addition to the slips they will build in the future. They will pay the City all at one time. Rob Collison said the project such as Harbour Haven will be exempt because they have their use and occupancy permits.

Commissioner Brooks said if we are not going to have a clear statement as to what is considered as waterfront units and you just have one person making the determination of what is a waterfront unit, she has a problem with that. She thinks you need to have something in writing that states what the City of Cambridge deems as a waterfront unit. Commissioner Knox asked if the property was to change hands and the owner was to add a slip, would they be subject to any penalty. Mayor Rippons asked Chief Hurley to establish a definition of a waterfront unit.  Rob Collison said public comment will be taken at the next meeting.

Request for Rezoning for 8 Parcels on the South Side of Washington Street and East of Goodwill Avenue (Map 303 - Parcel 3952, 3953, 3954, 3956, 3957, 3959, 3960, and 3961) from I-1 (light industrial) to GC (general commercial) and Request for Rezoning of 9 parcels on the Eastern Side of Race Street between Muir Street and Cemetery Avenue (Map 303 - Parcels 4767, 4768, 4765, 4764, 4763, 4762, 4761, 4760, and 4759) from NC4 (neighborhood conservation ) to GC (general commercial)-Commissioner Knox made a motion to refer the requests to Planning and Zoning. Commissioner Travers seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Request to Go to Bid for Turnout Gear for Rescue Fire Company-Commissioner Brooks made a motion to approve the request. Commissioner Travers seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Approve PO 4192 - Hubbard's Custom Blinds & Framing Gallery - Blinds for Public Safety Building - $11,433-Commissioner Cephas made a motion to approve the purchase order. Commissioner Brooks seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Approve PO 4290 - Kenneth Hurlock - Toolbox for RFC - $9,500; Approve PO 4398 - Tetronic - Pager Replacement for RFC - $16,280; Approve PO 4301 - Masimo Corporation - Carbon Monoxide Detectors for CEMS - $15,000; Approve PO 4369 - Automated Computer Concepts - Firewall System, Software, and Service Agreement for CPD - $4,067.50-Rob Collison asked that the purchase orders indicate when the purchases are exempt from the bid process. Commissioner Brooks made a motion to approve the purchase orders. Commissioner Cephas seconded the motion. The motion passed 4:1. Commissioner Knox said he was opposed to the $9,500 toolbox.

Approve Budget Amendment for CPD-Commissioner Brooks made a motion to approve the budget amendment. Commissioner Sydnor seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Approve Financial Statement for February 2007-Commissioner Sydnor made a motion to approve the financial statement for February 2007. Commissioner Travers seconded the motion. Commissioner Sydnor asked about the big problem with the sewer fund. Ed Kinnamon said money will be coming in for Phase IV of the combined sewer separation project. The City fronted the money. The motion passed unanimously.


Mayor Rippons said City Hall has been receiving calls about spring clean-up week. He asked Greg LeBlanc to formulate a date. Commissioner Brooks said they usually do the east side of the City on one Saturday and the west side on the next Saturday. Spencer Bradley will have records indicating when it was done in the past.

Commissioner Sydnor said the City is spending quite a bit of money on computer software and service. At some point we need to begin looking at connecting all the computers together through a server where we can get site licenses for individual computers. That would cut down on the amount of service we would have to do on the computers. We could get a service contract for the individual computers and also service for the file server. We need to begin pulling all of our computers under one mainframe. Ed Kinnamon said the City discussed doing some modernization like that. The public safety building will have a central computer. There is no sense in doing it at City Hall now since it will be gutted; however when we all get in that building, he will consider doing it. Hopefully that will be in a few years.

Commissioner Cephas as for the status on the property on Truman Street owned by Alice Wongus. Rob Collison said he will give it to him this evening.

Commissioner Brooks asked for a date for moving into the public safety building. Chief Malik said they do not have a firm date. Bob Phillips said progress has slowed a bit. They are in daily negotiations with the general contractor and the subcontractors as to who is going to make the repairs that need to be made. They are still trying to decide what is an appropriate and correct long-term repair rather short term fixes. Hopefully after some of the discussions this past week, things should come together a little better. After everybody can decide on the appropriate way to make these repairs, then they can get on with finishing it. A scientific wild guess would be several months from now. It should be shorter. Commissioner Brooks asked how far behind schedule they are. Bob Phillips said he believes the original timeframe was September 2006.

Commissioner Brooks said she believes a grant came through the City for Deborah Johnson to have some kind of office in Cambridge to formulate the idea of the lead paint issue and get it out to the citizens of Cambridge. As of this date, she doesn't think there is any representative based in Cambridge to give information to the citizens who may benefit from this program. She asked for an update on the program for the next meeting.

Commissioner Brooks said it is her understanding that for the first time in DPW, we have a female who has been hired on street maintenance driving the sweeper. If it is true, she thinks it would be nice to recognize her. She asked that someone from the newspaper be contacted to take a picture of the female who has been hired in a job that has been held by men all these years.

Commissioner Travers said he thinks Council should really think hard on how they spend the taxpayers' money before they sign the budget this year. They have given money away on several instances that he is not sure they should have given away. He thinks they should tighten up their belts before they approve the budget.

Ed Kinnamon said at the last meeting Council asked him to look into the scaffoldings uptown on various properties. Dale Price has been working with the property owners and provided him with a list of the properties with scaffolding. Only one had acceptable measurements. One property removed their scaffolding. Rob Collison said notices will be sent to the property owners because they need to come into compliance or ask for a variance. This will be done by the property maintenance group at public works. Commissioner Knox asked about construction trailers and roll-offs that are left on the street. Chief Malik said they respond when someone calls about them. They then contact the owner to have it removed if there is a problem. They discussed the issue with the parking on Poplar and High Streets. He is not sure about the trash containers. They get permission from DPW but he is not sure if there is a time period involved or if they can leave them there indefinitely. Mayor Rippons asked the citizens to let Chief Malik know if it is being usurped.

Ed Kinnamon said a property owner just up from the area they are talking about would like to have permission to use a scissor scaffolding and also to have a dedicated vehicle parking in front of the building. Steward Bradley, a local contractor, and Donna Campbell, the owner of 535-537-539 Poplar Street requested permission to block off the sidewalk in front of the building for general maintenance. The sidewalk is 8-ft 10-in. Either the lift or the staging is going to take up 7-ft because the cornice work comes out so they will not be able to be tight against the building. The lifts are 7-ft wide and it will take up 8-ft. Staging might take up a little less. He is hoping to be out of there in less than one month. He would also like a dedicated parking space to park his tool van. If that is impossible, he understands and will park elsewhere. Commissioner Brooks said they will have to make some kind of provisions for handicap-assessable vehicles which would have to come down the sidewalk into the street and then back up. Mr. Bradley said the whole thing would have to be blocked off for basically everybody unless they were able to direct them into the street using caution tape. He can construct a platform that is level with the curb. Mayor Rippons asked Mr. Bradley to contact Oden Wheeler at City Hall and discuss it with him. Mr. Wheeler will make a recommendation to the Council about his considerations. Commissioner Knox asked about the scaffolding they use in large cities that the pedestrians can walk under and still be protected. Mr. Bradley said his total concern is safety. If they can do without walking in that little area for 30 days, he doesn't think it will hurt. There is a public access alley that goes behind the Water Company building and back up to High Street which anybody can use. Commissioner Sydnor asked if they could work on the building at a time when there is not as much foot traffic. Commissioner Brooks said if they block off a section of the street for people walking then they may not be able to grant the contractor an additional space for dedicated parking.

Commissioner Sydnor asked about the "no parking" signs put up on the right side of Schoolhouse Lane. He asked if this was reviewed by the Traffic and Safety Committee. Chief Malik said this discussion came up before. It is a safety issue. If people are allowed to park all over there when the clubs are open, the fire trucks and ambulances cannot get through. A police car cannot even get in there. That is why they asked Public Works to put the signs there. Commissioner Brooks said the signs on Schoolhouse Lane have not been there for the last nine years on that particular side. For any homeowner on that side of the street, you are saying they cannot park in front of their house. She can understand Chesapeake Court. Before any sign is erected in the City of Cambridge, it should come through Traffic and Safety and they should meet about it and then Council should vote on whether or not a sign should be placed in a certain area. Chief Malik said he will review where the signs were placed. Some may have been put up where they were not intended to be put up. Their concern is getting an ambulance or fire truck down the street. They would not be able to do it on a Friday or Saturday night. Someone will die because of it. That is why some of the signs were replaced. Commissioner Brooks said it is a one-way street. On Chesapeake Street it is fine. There is nothing there. It goes all around to Bethel. There are no houses on Schoolhouse on that end. Commissioner Sydnor said there are signs that go around to the corner and then there are "no parking from here to corner" signs which would include all of Bethel.

Greg LeBlanc said the Groove City Jazz and Blues Festival will be held on May 12th. It is free to the community.

Dee McDonald, Executive Director of the YMCA, said they will be hosting their 5th Annual National Healthy Kids Day this Saturday. They will be hosting a fun run for children and would like a small road closure on Somerset Avenue for about one hour (10:00 am to 11:00 am). She has already discussed this with Lt. Pat Doyle. Jude Apple described the various run routes for the different age groups. Chief Malik said the routes are fine with the Police Department. Commissioner Knox made a motion to approve the street closure as outlined by Lt. Doyle. Commissioner Brooks seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Gage Thomas, owner of 543 Poplar Street, said the scaffolding and the associated temporary inconvenience is the cost of progress. A month or two is not a lot of time to get a lot of this historic restoration done. He will need scaffolding sooner or later. He has 8-ft on Poplar Street and 11-ft on High Street. Instead of looking at how much someone takes, they can look at how much they leave. A door for ADA compliance is 3-ft so he would try to get at least 4-ft left to include any obstructions like trash can, light posts, etc. That is part of the problem that Ms. Campbell had is getting around a light post. As far as the trailers, he thinks the construction companies are trying to be cognizant of the merchants. They had a situation of abuse by a construction company a month ago. They have since moved. The trailer that was left there only had rubble; there was nothing flammable. It was not parked in the handicap space. He apologized for the trailer. They try to get that stuff in and out as quickly as possible so it doesn't cause a problem.

Portia Johnson-Ennels said there are a lot of abandoned cars in the Second and Third Wards which have been there for more than two years and have not been cited to have them removed. She thinks it is time for Council to put their foot down and enforce it. Mayor Rippons suggested sending a list to DPW to help expedite it. Two new property maintenance inspectors were hired last week. Another gentleman will be starting in two weeks. They are looking for one more person.

With no further business, Mayor Rippons adjourned this portion of the meeting at 8:45 p.m. I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and accurate account of the Council meeting Monday, April 9, 2007, insofar as I personally am aware.


                                                                                    Edwin C. Kinnamon

                                                                                    Clerk & Treasurer