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HPC Minutes

March 12, 2015

The Historic Preservation Commission met on Thursday, March 12, 2015 at the Council Chambers, 305 Gay Street, Cambridge, Maryland.

Commissioners Attending: Patricia Weichmann, Chairperson; Mike Russo, Vice-Chair, Gaver Nichols and Sharon Smith.

Other representatives or staff attending: Anne Roane, City Planner

Ms. Weichmann began the meeting and took a roll call of members in attendance. She spoke to all those whom needed to be sworn in.

Consent Agenda: Motion to approve the Consent Agenda by Mr. Russo and seconded by Ms. Smith. All approved the Consent Agenda.

Regular Agenda Items
Case HPC#32 FY 2014-2015 for 5 West End Avenue was advertised as 5 Willis Street by accident.
Applicant has requested permission to install hand rails on the front of their home on the steps.

Ms. Roane spoke that Cynthia Smith of 5 West End Avenue and would like to have hand rails like the neighbors (picture) installed on her front steps.

Ms. Cynthia Smith spoke that her house had never had hand railings. The previous owners remodeled the front porch with vinyl columns and railings and did not put in any hand railings on the steps. It is a 1918 Victorian home made of brick and wood.

Ms. Weichmann would like to have further information like some pictures of the home present and past.
This case will be tabled until the next meeting, also need samples of materials to be used on this railing.

HPC#34 FY 2014-2015 for 400 Race Street. An application to restore existing façade by Mr. Doug Kyle from 210 Oakley Street, Cambridge.

Ms. Roane spoke that the building was formally the Doris Mae's Restaurant on the corner of Race and Gay Streets. Mr. Kyle would like to restore the front of the building and install two apartments above the store. The application as well as Mr. Kyle's historic application with the State, photos and very detail information on what he is proposing is including. He has gotten through the State process and he is ready to move on this project. Tonight he is asking for the approval of the renovations of the façade, strip the existing roof shingles and install new, remove and repair exterior paint, replace windows, interior repairs and etc.
Mr. Russo asked if this had come to us before? Mr. Kyle stated yes, but not for any approvals.

Ms. Roane continued with plans of the building renovations.

Discussion on the plans of the building:
• 1860 original building
• 1950 addition was a shingle roof and was asked if he would use a metal roof in place.
Mr. Kyle responded he would use metal as suggested.
• Entrance to the building from the rear alley.
• Painting to exterior yellow and add the brown and other colors.
• Materials would be replaced with wood.
• One apartment on the third floor.
• Two apartments on the second floor.
• First floor to become a store again.
• Stairwell in the back of the building.

Bring the building back to its original form, by replacing the roof system. Leaky Pete's next door has just a small door to enter from the front. HPC will review the awnings for the building and table it for a later date.

Mr. Russo motioned to close the discussion and seconded by Ms. Smith. All approved.

Mr. Nichols asked that the metal roof be used, pre-painted. Is it possible to get a sample of the roofing materials with the seam?

Mr. Russo asked about exterior lighting. Mr. Kyle spoke on the corners only and pendant light over the front door.

Mr. Russo made the motion to approve Case HPC#34 FY 2014-2015 of 400 Race Street with the contingencies of obtaining a roof sample and seam from the manufacture, on approval of what the interior spec sheet is going to be, and signage that may be used and putting a metal roof on the addition. Motion seconded by Ms. Smith.
Ms. Weichmann amended the motion to also add that the approval of an awning the applicant will have to come back to us at a later time.
Motion passed by all.

Case HPC#35 FY 2014-2015 of 112 Willis Street to replace front porch flooring and hand rails.

Ms. Roane spoke that this was before the HPC once before. The material on the floor is wood and is rotting and wants to replace with Azac material and the railing will be salvaged and replace with other wood.

Mr. Kevin Hill with Hill-Kimmel Contracting and applicant wants to replace the porch floor with a tongue and grove Azac material (sample).

Motion to close the discussion by Mr. Russo and seconded by Ms. Smith. All approved.

Mr. Nichols asked that the railing in the picture exists now with the two columns and they will just be stripped and painted. Mr. Hill responded that the railing will be replaced on the left side of the door and it will be replicated by material from a neighbor's home. Mr. Nichols continued that in the building code, do you think they will make you raise the existing railing to meet the height requirement? Mr. Hill replied that if it being replaced with like kind, it would not need to be. The railing on the front steps will not be moved just stripped repainted. Mr. Nichols spoke that the railing will not be level with the existing railing. The column bases will also be replaced with like kind.

The band boarding will not be replaced at all around the porch.

Ms. Smith made a motion to approved the application as submitted.
Mr. Russo added that the condition that the hand railings up the front steps, to adjusting the height and seconded by Ms. Weichmann. All approved motion carried.

Case#36 FY 2014-2015 of 543 Poplar Street. Request to restore the façade at the Four Corners Building.

Ms. Roane spoke that this application of a commercial property and has been vacant for a long time. It has been purchased and looked over by Mr. Jay Corvin to restore the façade, put in a restaurant and have some apartments on the upper floors. The City DPW Staff met with Mr. Corvin to go over the plans following the last meeting. The Commission has the application, the elevation; sample materials and the plans are here.

Mr. Corvin spoke to the Commission with a power point program; he is a local architect and resides at 219 Tar Bottom Mill Road in Trappe, MD. He is representing the 543 LLC Groups that is the owners of the two properties of 543 Poplar St. & 312 High St.

The owners are intending to get this project forward and hoping to get a Maryland Historic Tax Credit.

The presentation of the power point:
• Building is in the Historic District of the corner of Poplar/High/Locust Streets.
• GIS map of to see the zone on the map.
• Google map of the property/ showing the replaced roof
• Sketch of buildings
• Apartments on the second & third floors
• Zero set-backs for this property
• Pictures of the different sides of the buildings.
• Ceiling heights are unusual they go higher for each floor.
• 1885 Masonic Temple
• The original store front is not as it is now
• 1930 picture of the building
• 1960's photo of before the addition on the back
• 1885 photo of the court yard and building
• 1896 still no garage in the back of the building.
• Interior photos of recent years.
• Photo of the roof area
• Added building in the back of the property that will house the AC unit.
• Need to repoint a lot of the back sections of the building brick work.
• Exterior of the building showing the 3D aspects of the front of the building.
• Dumpster space in the rear of the building.
• Usable alley way
• Photo of membrane roofing and to repair some other roofs with corrugated.
• 1970's photo of old MUC building.

Needs to find a window distributor and will get back to the Commission.

Kevin Hill stood and said that he was in support of this renovation project.

Mr. Nichols stated that the HVAC looks a little busy and is there other second elevation project that is in your mind to make this project better. Mr. Corvin wants to get rid of the lattice brick and use something else.

Mr. Nichols continued that he appreciated the presentation and it is a labor of love to restore buildings, it will be an asset for the City.

Close the Discussion of the meeting with a motion from Mr. Russo and seconded by Ms. Smith. Motion carried.

A motion was made to approve the application from Case#36 FY 2014-2015 of 543 Poplar Street with the following amendments, awning, dumpster location, screening for the HVAC unit, window framing and the window store framing and the walkway street landscaping which all need to come back before the Commission to be reviewed by Mr. Russo. Motion seconded by Ms. Smith. All in favor and motion carried.

Ms. Roane asked to talk about the next meeting to change the schedule for Thursday, March 26th.

Ms. Devlin spoke to the Commission, representing the West End Citizen Association that they are working on the Wallace Building next to the Dorchester County Library on Gay Street. This is an 1852 building and will be working on cleaning it out and will come back to this Commission with further information. We may need an ADA compliance and we are coming to you prior to submitting an application. The issues that we are having is that if a ADA compliance bathrooms is needed then the wall will be located directly in a window no matter where we place it and also the accessibility issue.

She has a map and a 1970's plan of the area of the end of the block to be submitted tonight. They have reviewed the Federal regulations and now are reviewing the State regulations and they have a gotten some funding. This project has been pending since 2006 and it has taken a year to get the preservation easement and the Maryland Historical Trust has an easement for the interior and the exterior, plus they are supplying a lot of funding from grants. The Federal regulations do show that they will give waivers and flexibility for items, also with the State regulations. This building is on the same lot as the library and from the sidewalk up to the building is a four foot grade difference. With the landscaping issues, the large Gingko tree on the lot is now considered one of the oldest in the State of Maryland.

She will get a memo to Ms. Roane about their plans.

A motion to close the meeting by Ms. Smith and seconded by Mr. Russo. All in favor and motion carried.
Hearing no further comments, Patricia Weichmann, Chair thanked everyone for attending and for their participation.

Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted, Michal Dixon, Secretary 1, DPW


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