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HPC Minutes

March 26, 2015

The Historic Preservation Commission met on Thursday, March 26, 2015 at the Council Chambers, 305 Gay Street, Cambridge, Maryland.

Commissioners Attending: Patricia Weichmann, Chairperson; Ron Berman, Gaver Nichols and Sharon Smith.

Other representatives or staff attending: Anne Roane, City Planner

Ms. Weichmann began the meeting and took a roll call of members in attendance. She spoke to all those whom needed to be sworn in.

Consent Agenda:
Ms. Roane spoke that there is no case number for this item. 202 High Street wants to replace the front porch flooring with in-kind tongue and grove materials. All others like the railings, columns and others are staying the same, they are just replacing the rotting flooring. No one here tonight to speak on this.

Mr. Nichols made a motion to go ahead and move on this Consent Agenda for 202 High Street and the second came from Ms. Smith. All in favor and motion carried.

Regular Agenda Items:
Case HPC#37 FY 2014-2015 for 314 Willis Street for a request of an emergency replacement of a temporary front door.

Ms. Roane spoke that the owners of the property could not be here tonight and they closed on this property last week. They approached her last week with three items that needed immediate attention. First was to move the electrical box on the front of the structure to the side or other location, so that it will be hidden. Second was to remove the mailbox, because it was falling down. The third was to install a temporary front door that would secure the property. They are completely committed to restoring the property and retiring here in a couple of years. They will be coming to Cambridge on the weekends to work on the house.

They will be coming in a couple of months with a complete application. The door is needed to strictly secure the property, just temporary.

No one here tonight to speak on this agenda item.

Closing the public session was made by motion from Ms. Smith and seconded by Mr. Berman. Motion Carried.
Mr. Berman spoke that he visited the site and showed picture of the door. The door that is on the house now is a mess and any door that they replace it with will make a difference to secure it. We should be flexible about this door and let them put one on.

Ms. Weichmann asked Ms. Roane if there is a time limit for this replacement. Ms. Roane expressed that six months should be enough time for them to replace the door and start.

Mr. Nichols asked that we call it a temporary construction entrance, since they will be under construction for a while and will have to file permits. He suggested a six month plus a six month extension if required.

Ms. Roane stated that the owners will be coming back with a full application.

Mr. Nichols made a motion to approve the application as submitted for a temporary construction entrance door for the term of six months and allow the staff some recognition to the applicant. Motion seconded by Ms. Smith. Motion carried.

Case HPC#38 FY 2014-2015 for 106 Glenburn Avenue, Mr. Dean Goodwin, for a request for a 12'x14' addition to the rear of the building.

Ms. Roane spoke that the applicant sent in the elevations of the building and photos. They will match the rest of the house with the same siding. The contractor for the job is here to answer any questions for us tonight. The owner is Dean Goodwin also here tonight.

Mr. Richard Johnson and his business are located at 4870 Old Ocean Gateway, Vienna. He is the general contractor of this addition. It will contain a full bath and a laundry room, which is currently in the basement of the home. It will be a 12'x14' addition with an A style roof and shingle, brick foundation and aluminum also to match. There may also be a window in the addition, with six over one style.

Mr. Nichols spoke that he drove by the home today and can say that you will not see the addition from the street. Mr. Johnson responded that it would look like it was built with the home with no separated entrance with the new addition.

Motion to close the public session was made by Ms. Smith and seconded by Mr. Nichols. Motion carried.

Mr. Berman made a motion to approved as submitted and seconded by Ms. Smith. All in favor and motion carried.

Case HPC#39 FY 2014-2015 for 905 Locust Street, Mr. Gary Pulz the applicant wants to replace three tab shingles with architectural shingles.

Ms. Roane spoke that the applicant wants to replace the shingles on the house, which was built in 1882.

Mr. Pulz has been restoring this home since 2004 and has taken off the aluminum siding and underneath was the original clapboard. He has a roofer whom specializes in historic buildings and roofs to do the job.

Mr. Berman asked if the homes around his have the same architectural shingles. Mr. Pulz commented that the neighbors do have the similar style.

Motion to close the public session was made by Ms. Smith and seconded by Mr. Nichols. Motion carried.

Mr. Berman made a motion to approve as submitted and seconded by Mr. Nichols. All in favor and motion carried.

Case HPC#40 FY 2014-2015 for 309 Belvedere Avenue applicant requesting to replace the rear deck.

Ms. Roane spoke that there is an existing deck that the applicant would like to replace with Azek materials and replace the railing with vinyl. The photos, sample materials and spec sheet for the posts are here tonight. Mr. Mark Mills will be representing Glenn P. Ruark, Inc. at 3003 Ocean Gateway, Cambridge, they will be the general contractor for this project.

Mr. Mark Mills spoke that they will be taking an existing deck and downsizing it. It was made of wood and is rotting and the applicant wants to put new finishes. His company actually refreshed the front porch of this home with Azek and the deck is not visible from the front of the home. The Azek boards will be screw to the framing.

Ms. Smith asked about the shorting of the deck, what will be placed in the area. Mr. Mills stated that the decking will not be replaced in that area; it will just be yard space again.

Mr. Nichols asked about the 4x4 railing with a PVC cap. The picture details show that the railing and the connection to the post is not clear. Mr. Mills spoke that there are different ways to make the connection.
The finish deck will also have vinyl lattice around the base with trimming.

Ms. Smith asked if the tree is to be removed in the deck. Mr. Mills spoke that it is in the deck right now and the old deck is 28'x 18' to 16'x18' and stay the same style just shorter.

Mr. Nichols asked if there was an alley behind the house. Mr. Mills a grace alley.

Ms. Weichmann spoke that even though this is not seen from the front of the home, it is still in the Historic District and must come to us for review.

A motion to close the public session was made by Ms. Smith and seconded by Mr. Nichols. All in favor and motion carried.

A motion was made by Mr. Nichols to approve the application as submitted with clarification to the point that a poly-rail system as illustrated in railing pamphlet, with the 5 ¼"x 6' Azek deck boards with hidden fasteners and the lattice work around the deck will be vinyl with vinyl trimming. Motion was seconded by Ms. Smith. All in favor and motion carried.

Administrative Follow-ups:

Ms. Roane spoke to the Commission, that at last meeting Ms. Jane Devlin was here tonight to represent the West End Citizens Association. The Wallace Building is located on the Dorchester County Library lot and they will have a full application coming forward soon. Ms. Devlin is here tonight to get some direction.

Ms. Jane Devlin spoke to the Commission about the Wallace Building and they have started the demo of the interior and her contractor is on hold right now for this. The building itself is less than 500 square feet. The West End Citizens Assoc. has a lease on the building until 2021 and it has been used for many things in the past. They have a Preservation Easement with the State of Maryland, for an interior and exterior and that it has to be opened 52 days out of each year.

Some of the issues that have come up are; the size of the building and if they have to do any ADA renovations like the bathroom.

Mr. Nichols asked for the length and width of the building. Ms. Devlin stated 20'x23', with the windows placed at the same space from each corner of the building. So if we have to extend the bathroom it will come through the middle of any window. Mr. Nichols asked what the building be used for when everything if finished. Ms. Devlin commented that it will be a meeting space/ office space. The library asked that we put a bathroom in the building, it was installed back in the 1970's or 80's. Mr. Nichols spoke that there is a building code that deals with existing buildings that might allow their design team to get some relief.

Ms. Weichmann spoke to a Ms. Raines and they talked about an access to the building and that there could be a way to put a path to the building. If West End could get an agreement with the library for the use of their parking lot and handicap accessible bathrooms, that would be a ADA accessible program with for the area. This Commission cannot give a waiver, because of the Federal laws. It is still on the same lot as the library, the building has 10 feet around the building with their lease. There is also a very old tree on the site. You need to show that it is an ADA program shared with the library and the cost exceeds the 20%, then you do not have to do it. Please work with Mr. Robert Collison and see what there is to do next.

Ms. Roane spoke about the area around the building and the grading of the land. This is an historic building and there is old Gingko tree on the lot. Mr. Nichols asked if there can be a way to put a display outside the area talking about the building or even in the library. Ms. Devlin stated that the Federal regulations talked about that if it is a very difficult site to access.

Under the Maryland Historic Trust, one of the grants is the Capital Program and the other is Maryland Heritage Authorities, which is why we do have a Preservation Easement with the State on the building.

Ms. Devlin asked what is she to do next from tonight's meeting, if she proves this case and get the library into some type of agreement and shows that we are sharing the ADA accessibility on a municipal level. Where does she start? Ms. Weichmann stated that she would be starting with the City Attorney, Mr. Collison, then get an estimate from the architect to see if the cost or design and how that will affect the area around the lot to get to the Wallace Building. Show that there is a shared agreement with the library on the ADA accessibility.

Ms. Weichmann asked about some of the items inside the building like the fireplace. Ms. Devlin commented that the fireplace will be non-working, but the chimneys need to be restored. The front porch needs to be restored and also the front steps.

A motion to close the meeting by Mr. Nichols and seconded by Mr. Berman. All in favor and motion carried. Hearing no further comments, Patricia Weichmann, Chair thanked everyone for attending and for their participation.

Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted, Michal Dixon, Secretary 1, DPW


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