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HPC Minutes

August 21, 2014

The Historic Preservation Commission met on Thursday, August 21st, at the Council Chambers, 305 Gay Street. Brian Roche, Chair, began the meeting at approximately 7:00PM and took a roll call of members attending.

Commissioners Attending: Brian Roche, Will Dennehy, Mike Russo, Dormaim Bromwell Green.
Commissioners Absent: Ron Berman, Patricia Weichmann
Other representatives or staff attending: Dan Brandewie, City Planner.

Brian Roche noted that a quorum is present. He asked if there were any changes to the agenda and if all items were property advertised.

Mr. Brandewie stated there was one change to the agenda. The application for 206 Choptank has been added to the Continuation-Extension section of the agenda. This is a carryover application from a previous meeting. The HPC properly moved to accept the revised agenda. Mr. Brandewie confirmed that all items have been properly advertised.

Mr. Roche administered the oath to all persons desiring to testify.

Approval of Minutes:

Will Dennehy moved to approve the following minutes; second by Mike Russo. Motion carried.

July 10th, 2014
July 24th, 2014
July 31st, 2014
August 7th, 2014
August 14th, 2014

Consent Agenda:

Mr. Roche asked if there was anyone in the audience or on the Commission who had any concerns with these cases or had any objections to approving two applications as part of the consent agenda.

Mrs. Claudia Cooke, owner of the property at 207 West End spoke up and requested that she be allowed to discuss HPC# 08. She stated that she had some concerns with the fence.

The HPC acted to remove HPC#08_FY 2014-2015, 209 West End Ave., from the consent agenda and add it to the Regular Agenda items.

Hearing no further discussion, Will Dennehy moved to approve the following item as part of the consent agenda; second by Mike Russo. Motion Carried.

HPC#10_FY 2014-2015, 114 Choptank Ave., Cynthia Love (owner): to construct 13 ft. by 18 ft. wood deck in rear yard area.

Mr. Roche asked if there were any objections to reviewing HPC # 08, ahead of the Continuation Agenda items. There were none.

HPC#08_FY 2014-2015, 209 West End Ave., Will and Keely Patton (owner): construct a 6 ft. wood fence in rear yard area (after the fact).

Mr. Brandewie provided an overview of the case. This is an after the fact fence installation. The property owner has installed a 6 ft. wood fence in the rear of the property. He applied to the Board of Zoning Appeals for a minor variance to allow the right rear corner to remain at 6 ft. in height (forward of the rear of the house). The Board of Zoning Appeals denied the variance request. The owners are here tonight seeking HPC approval. They will bring the fence into zoning compliance upon approval by the HPC. Staff notes that this was installed due to a concern with a loose dog in the area as the owners have a small child. Otherwise, the fence appears to be of high quality and meets the Design Guidelines.

Mr. Patton spoke briefly to the Commission and acknowledged the facts of the case as presented by staff.

Mrs. Claudia Cooke, owner of the rental property next to this house spoke of the concerns with the fence remaining at 6 ft. in height. They believed that it negatively affected their property. They had no objection to the fence if it were to be brought into compliance.

There were no other comments from the public and Mr. Roche acted to close the public hearing. After further discussion, and hearing no objections from the Commission, Mr. Roche called for a motion. Mr. Will Dennehy moved to approve the application for the fence, subject to it being altered to meeting zoning requirements; second my Dormaim Bromwell Green. Motion carried.

Extension/Continuation Cases

HPC#56, FY 13-14, 400 Race St., Epicurean II, Doug Kyle (owner), Arcus Design Group, (architect): general exterior repairs-replacement of windows, installation of metal roof, façade repairs. Staff noted that there was no new information on the case.


HPC#05_FY 14-15, 206 Choptank Ave., Tim Crosby (owner): restoration and rear addition to house.

Tim Crosby and Dillon Crosby provided final conceptual drawings of the restoration and new addition at 206 Choptank with 3D views and renderings as developed from Sketch-Up software. Tim Crosby elaborated on the design with modifications made to the connection or hyphen as it is known between the existing house structure and new addition. In keeping with the Secretary of Interior Guidelines, this addition will be clearly distinguishable but consistent with size, massing, and detail. Discussion followed. There were no comments from members of the public and the HPC closed the public hearing.

Brian Roche reviewed the Secretary of Interior standards and the HPC's Design Guidelines as it applied to the project. In his estimation, the design is in compliance with these guidelines. Mr. Will Dennehy noted that it is a bold step and that he believed it also complies with the guidelines as noted. The massing is consistent. The materials on the new addition and fenestration will be compatible. Overall, he stated that Mr. Crosby has done a good job with the design. HPC members concurred with this assessment.

Mike Russo moved to approve the preliminary concept drawings with the understanding that more detailed constructions drawings will be forthcoming with more information on materials to be used. Second by Dormaim Bromwell Green. Motion approved unanimously.

Regular Agenda

HPC#09_FY 2014,-2015, 602 William St., Bonnie Malkus (owner), Eric Willey (applicant): to construct a 16' by 13' deck in rear yard area. Staff provided an overview of the project and showed photographs of the rear of the property. Mr. Brandewie noted that the Board of Appeals will be hearing this application on Tuesday to consider a variance request for the location of the deck. He also reported that the owner has received three letters of support from neighboring property owners, although one neighbor has requested that no additional stormwater run-off come onto his property if the deck is built. Staff does not believe this is an issue; the property drains in the opposite direction from Mr. Mills' property. Staff has no objections to this design and use of alternative materials as it is located in the rear and is not visible from the street.

Eric Willey, contractor stated that this, deck will use composite deck flooring and composite/vinyl railing components. They would also be using PVC or composite band boards. One reason for the deck is to provide more safety for the applicant as she exits her rear door, as opposed to stepping down immediately to the brick patio. There were no additional comments from the public and the HPC acted to close the discussion.

HPC members discussed the rail connections and recommended a less obtrusive rail connector. Mr. Willey agreed with this. Mike Russo moved to approve the design and use of alternative materials with the further recommendation that the rail connections be the least obtrusive type and that if lattice is installed at the below the deck floor to the ground elevation that it be framed and not tacked on to the structure. Will Dennehy seconded the motion. Motion carried.

HPC#11_FY 2014-2015, 127 Vue De Leau St., Theresa Hillier Hine (owner): reconstruct front porch; replace roof, repair chimney. Mr. Brandewie provided a staff report and noted that the applicant, through email correspondence, indicated that they could not attend the meeting. The majority of this work is to restore and rehabilitate the front porch which is in a severe state of deterioration. The application also involves installing a new roof on the porch and on the rear addition using dimensional shingles. The main body of the house's roof appears to be in sound condition. Staff does not recommend installing a ridge vent without more information. There were no comments from the public and the HPC acted to close the discussion.

HPC members concurred that a ridge vent is not needed if there were to be no additional vent openings into the attic and that the Commission has discouraged ridge vents. They requested that the applicant be informed of the "hot roof" approach (insulating the roof rafters) as contained in the draft design guidelines. After further discussion, Will Dennehy moved to approve the application with the exception of the ridge vent. If the applicant wishes to pursue this, then more information needs to be submitted to the HPC for further review. Second by Mike Russo. Motion carried.

HPC#12_FY 2014-15, 2 Oakley St., Mary Saltzman-2 Oakley St. LLC (owner): replace 7 metal windows with replacement windows (one unit of a multi-unit apartment complex). Staff provided background information and pictures of the apartment complex. This is a multiple unit two story brick apartment complex, located next to waterfront off Oakley Street. It is considered a non-contributing building, believed to be built in the 1950's. The new owners would like to rehabilitate the units as they become vacant. The windows are a metal variety showing significant deterioration. They are proposing to use vinyl windows and will match the design of the existing windows. Staff recommends approval and with further consideration given that as the owners move forward with other replacement windows, staff be authorized to approve window replacements upon review of the product and installation.

Ms. Mary Saltzman, the new owner discussed the application. They are proposing to replace the windows in only one unit. They will be repointing the brick work in a number of places on the exterior of the apartments. Joseph Del Grosso, representing the window manufacturer discussed the proposed specifications. The new windows will match the existing windows and that the divided lite will be a simulated divided lite or muntin. The openings of the windows will not be changed. There were no comments from members of the public and the HPC acted to close the discussion.

HPC members concluded that it would not be practical to install metal windows back into units. They further concluded that the structure is considered a non-contributing structure and that the HPC can show greater leeway.

After further discussion, Will Dennehy moved to approve application with the requirement that the grills consist of simulated divided lites for the two-over-two replacement windows; that there are no changes to the size of the window openings; and that staff is authorized to approve additional window replacements as needed, upon review of the specifications and plans (for consistency with the current HPC review and approval of the application). Second by Mike Russo. Motion carried.

HPC#13_FY 2014-15, 718 Glasgow St., Barbara Mills (owner), Ed Phillips (applicant): replace 3 tab shingles with metal roof or architectural shingles on house. Staff provided an overview of the application and showed photographs. There are deteriorated 3 tab shingles on the house. The applicant is seeking to install either a metal roof or possibly dimensional shingles. Staff is not in favor of the one ribbed metal roof material but the alternative may be appropriate. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Phillips, representing the owner, indicated that their preference is to use dimensional shingles at this point. There were no additional comments from the audience. HPC members acted to close the discussion. Members suggested that neither of the two metal roofing products were recommended for use on this house. Mike Russo moved to approve the use of dimensional shingles as submitted in the application. Second by Dormaim Bromwell Green. Motion carried.

HPC#14_FY 20014-15, Long Wharf Park, Rotary Club-Jeff Hubbard (applicant): landscaping and sidewalk replacement project near fountain. Mr. Brandewie stated that this is an application filed by the Rotary Club to replace sidewalks and install landscaping, on behalf of the City of Cambridge. The work is centered on the fountain and new monument at Long Wharf Park. Jeff Hubbard provided an overview of the work and reviewed the drawings. The work largely replaces the sidewalks around the fountain with brick pavers and extends this to the new location for the WWI monument. The project also will result in improved lighting and installation of a sprinkling system. The pavers are suggested to be one of two varieties. Discussion followed. Mr. Brandewie asked if additional sidewalk extensions are planned in order to provide a connection to the new restroom and the lighthouse. Mr. Hubbard stated that this extension is not being considered as part of their project. There are no sidewalk extensions in place in its present condition. Mr. Brandewie stated that if landscaping is put in around the monument, he would advise that the landscaping be compatible with pedestrian traffic to the new lighthouse and restrooms; otherwise, it will likely be trampled.

Frank Cooke and Claudia Cooke spoke in favor of the project and noted that this project doesn't use public funds. Mr. Cooke noted that he is not representing either Council or the Board of Zoning Appeals. There were no additional comments from the audience and the HPC acted to close the discussion.

Will Dennehy noted that the landscape treatment helps with regard to his objections to the monument project. The landscaping and pavers will help tie the monument and fountain together. He further recommended that the Dakota style pavers be used. He moved to approve the project as submitted with the recommendation that Dakota pavers be used. Mike Russo seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Administratively Approved/Routine Maintenance:

HPC members had no comments on six applications administratively approved by staff. These included:

HPC Admin #3 FY 14-15, 101 Choptank Ave.
HPC Admin #4 FY 14-15, 104 Willis St.
HPC Admin #5 FY 14-15, 420 Race St.
HPC Admin #6 FY14-15, 105 Glenburn Ave.
HPC Admin #7 FY14-15, 410 Race St.
HPC Admin #8 FY14-15, 705 Church St.

Enforcement Update

Mr. Brandewie provided an update on enforcement issues as noted on the agenda. There were no questions.

Discussion followed about how to move forward with the Guidelines. It was recommended by members to not conduct a workshop on August 28th.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 9:00PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Daniel L. Brandewie, City Planner II

Signature: Brian Roche, Chairman Date: _____________2014.


Note: These minutes were approved at the meeting of the Historic Preservation Commission meeting on _________, 2014.