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HPC Minutes

November 20, 2014

The Historic Preservation Commission met on Thursday, November 20, at the Public Safety Building, 8 Washington Street, Cambridge, Maryland. Mike Russo, Vice-Chair, began the meeting at 7:05PM and took a roll call of members in attendance.

Commissioners Attending: Mike Russo, Ron Berman, Sharon Smith.
Commission Members with Excused Absence: Patricia Weichmann

Mr. Brandewie noted that Dormaim Bromwell Green submitted her resignation by email this morning to staff.

Other representatives or staff attending: Dan Brandewie, City Planner. Commissioner Jackie Vickers.

Opening Statement, Oath Administered-Persons Wishing to Testify
Mr. Russo administered the oath to all those wishing to testify. Staff reported that all items had been properly advertised and there were no changes to the agenda.

Approval of Minutes:

August 21st, 2014 Regular Meeting
September 18th, 2014 Regular Meeting
October 16th, 2014 Regular Meeting
October 30th, 2014 Work Session
November 6th, 2014 Work Session

Mr. Brandewie reminded HPC members that there were several sets of minutes to approve.
Mr. Berman requested that they be addressed at the end of the meeting.

Consent Agenda: No items were reported on the consent agenda.

Extension/Continuation Cases

HPC#16_FY 2014-15, 812 Locust St., Miloud (Tony) M. Amenzouy (owner)-replace seven existing wood windows with replacements window. Mr. Brandewie provided background to this case. Staff and Mike Russo revisited the site and inspected the windows. Staff is recommending that the HPC drop the requirement that the side windows by a composite window but allow the three upper right façade windows to be the vinyl replacements as specified with the further recommendation that they contain the outside grid patterns. There were no comments from the public. After further discussion among HPC members, Mr. Berman noted that the proposed vinyl one over one replacement windows are not facing the primary façade and are consistent with the other windows as previously approved. He moved to approve the three upper one over one replacement windows as submitted; second by Sharon Smith. Motion carried.

HPC#21_FY 2014-15, 300 Oakley St., Nancy P. Patterson (applicant): replace one existing, wood, single pane window in bathroom with double hung vinyl. Mr. Brandewie stated that he have visited the property after the last meeting on the subject and was invited in by Ms. Patterson to examine the window. It was not operable but it was repairable. Ms. Patterson would like to carry this over to next month while she gets estimates for its repair. There were no comments from the public. No action needed.

HPC#22_FY2014-15, 720 Glasgow St., Laurie Sanford (applicant): replace 4 existing wood windows with vinyl replacements windows. Mr. Brandewie noted that the HPC previously tabled action on this request to allow the owner to evaluate replacement options and to consider addressing all the windows on the front façade and not just the lower windows.

Ms. Sanford noted that the windows are in poor condition, one sash blew in the other day from the wind. There are sufficient grant funds to do five windows including all the windows on the front façade. There were no additional comments from the public.

After further deliberation, Sharon Smith moved to approve the replacement of five existing wood windows with Anderson Silverline fitted windows. Second by Ron Berman. Motion carried.

Regular Agenda Items

HPC#27 FY 2014-15, 523 Race Street-Brohawn and Wise, Virginia Brannock (applicants-owners) request to tear down commercial building (shed-barn) in rear. Mr. Brandewie provided the staff report. This building appears to be in severely dilapidated condition and was not recognized in the Nomination Report for the District. It appears to have been constructed after 1918 according to the Sanborn maps. Dan and Virginia Brannock testified that it was beyond repair and they have been ordered by the City of Cambridge to demolish the structure or repair it. It was once a sewing factory. There were no additional comments from the public.

HPC members concurred with the condition of the property in that it was beyond repair and that it had minimal value as a contributing structure in its current condition. Sharon Smith moved to approved the request for the demolition; second by Ron Berman. Motion carried.

HPC#28 FY 2014-15, 527 Race Street-James Mark and Laura Simmons (owners-applicant) request to install 7 ft. chain link security fence. Mr. Brandewie provided the staff report. This application is tied to the one just heard in that the owners will have a gap of about 115 feet in their property if the above referenced shed is allowed to be removed. He noted that some of the properties around this site are outside the historic district boundaries. Their request is to allow the installation of a 7 fence metal or chain link fence to match the existing fence. Mr. Mark Simmons testified as to why they needed a fence for security and how long it has been the remaining fence segments have been on the property. There were no comments from the public. After further discussion, Mr. Ron Berman moved to approve the request as submitted; second by Sharon Smith. Motion carried.

HPC#29 FY 2014-15, 307 Gay Street, City Commissioners of Cambridge (owner) Gant Brunnett, Architect (applicant) request to approve renovation plans for old City Hall.

Mr. John Brunnett provided an overview of the project. His architectural firm is under contract to provide renovation and remodeling plans for the City Hall complex at 307 Gay Street. He proceeded to preview a number of planning documents and illustrations for this project. They would be replacing the windows with an aluminum clad Pella window to match the historic grid patterns of the original windows. A composite PVC material would also be installed as part of the window replacement project. The present windows are not original to the building. The City if moving forward with the replacement of the flat roof with a membrane roof, not visible from the street. They would remove or demolish a 1965 brick square addition in the rear of the building. The exposed walls would have new replacement doors and windows as appropriate in the original portions of the walls. They would be rebuilding the one roof in the rear and replacing it with standing metal seam roofing material. The City would be replacing the existing aluminum garage doors the doors over the fire truck entrances doors with a historical door that would have windows but be non-functional. Period lights on the buildings would be restored and replicated. The tower is in relatively good condition but needs scraped and painted. He reviewed the redesign of the parking lot and landscaping plan. Brick pavers would be installed in various locations to allow ground water absorption.

Mr. George Hyde, City Engineer responded to questions about if grant money is involved and deadlines. There is no permanent deadline for the work but they can't retain the services of the architectural firm for a lengthy period of time.

Commissioner Vickers requested that the HPC give consideration to table the application in order to allow for more public comment.

Discussion followed about some aspects of the design. HPC members requested additional information be brought back on the materials to be used for the standing seam metal roof and on the nature of the PVC products to be used. They concurred with the need to allow the public additional to consider and comment on the plans. Mr. Berman suggested that more thought be given to incorporate into the design the importance of the building as the Cambridge Rescue Fire Department HQ for so many years." Sharon Smith moved to table the request; second by Ron Berman. Motion carried. It was further recommended that notice to the provided to the public that additional comments are welcome on these plans and that the HPC will hear this application again at their December 18th meeting.

Conceptual-Informal Review

Administratively Approved/Routine Maintenance:

Mr. Brandewie noted the following work applications on the agenda were approved administratively. There were no questions on the items.

HPC Admin#18_Fy14-15, 215 Willis St., Frank Cooke, replace shingles on small shed with like-kind shingles. Administratively approved, October 15th, 2014.

HPC Admin#19 Fy14-15, 410 Race St., T. Hale (applicant) replace 2' x 12' wall sign in front signboard area. Approved Nov. 6th, 2014.

HPC Admin#20 FY14-15, 115 Willis St., Arnella Trent (owner) replacement of like-kind shingles on small rear addition and on small accessory building in rear yard. Approved Nov. 6th, 2014.

HPC Admin#21 FY14-15, 507A Poplar St., Sarah and Michael Baugh (applicant) install decal sign on interior of storefront window. Approved November 12th, 2014.

HPC Admin#22 FY14-15, 312 West End Ave. Michael Swann, (applicant) replace like kind shingles on portion of main roof. Approved November 13th, 2014.

Enforcement Update

1. 221 Choptank (Satellite Dish-ongoing with other property code violations). A member of the public inquired about this. Mr. Brandewie noted that this may have been added to the agenda by mistake in that this has been resolved.

Other Business

Mr. Brandewie stated that he had prepared a summary of comments received from the public to date. He distributed copies and said they would be emailed out tomorrow.

Mr. Berman made a motion to extend the deadline to receive public comments to Dec. 31st. Second by Sharon Smith. Motion carried on a 2-1 vote with Mr. Russo voting against the motion. It was requested of staff to give notice to the public on the extended deadline.

Mr. Russo asked HPC members how they wanted to proceed with the minutes. Mr. Berman asked that no action be taken on them as some of the members were not in attendance at some of the meetings; and he requested more time to review the minutes from the workshops.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Daniel L. Brandewie, City Planner II

Signature: Mike Russo Vice-Chair_____________________________________
Date: _____________2014.