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HPC Minutes

August 20, 2015

Historic Preservation Commission


August 20, 2015


The Historic Preservation Commission met on August 20, 2015 at the City Council Chambers, 305 Gay St.  Chairwoman Patricia Weichmann called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.  Ms. Weichmann began the meeting by issuing a welcome, taking roll call and swearing in persons planning to testify.


Commissioners Attending:

Patricia Weichmann, Ron Berman, Mike Russo, Gaver Nichols, Sharon Smith


Commissioners Absent:

Jackie Vickers--Council Liason, Janice Olshesky--Alternate


Other Representatives Attending:

LaSara Kinser—Planning and Zoning Assistant


June 18, 2015 Minutes: On a motion by Mr. Russo the minutes were approved as amended to correctly reflect that the request at 116 Glenburn was regarding the front, not the rear, steps; Second by Ms. Smith.


July 16, 2015 Minutes: On a motion by Mr. Russo the minutes were approved without changes; Second by Mr. Berman.


Consent Agenda

HPC Case #3 FY 15-16, 301 Gay St.

Staff reported that the application was heard last month, and part of the work intended to be approved was left out of the motion. There was no discussion.


Mr. Russo made a motion to approve the consent agenda, second by Mr. Berman. The motion passed unanimously.



HPC Case #50 FY14-15, 104 Willis St.

Mr. Tom Puglisi and Ms. Susan Morgan, the homeowners, made the case for the installation of ten solar panels on the right side elevation of the roof, between the dormer and the chimney. Mr. Lesser, their representative was also present. They presented additional photographs of the view from the street. Mr. Lesser, of Green Energy Systems, asked the board to consider the construction of a free-standing structure that would not be visible from the road, as an alternate plan in response to the staff recommendation that the Commission deny the application. There was no other public comment. After discussion by the Commission regarding the present guidelines, positioning of the proposed panels, the timeline for resubmitting the application, and the shape of the roof, the applicants asked the board to defer the vote in order to allow themselves time to amend the application and present it at the September meeting.


Mr. Russo made the motion to defer, second by Mr. Nichols. The motion passed 5-0.



HPC Case #2015-005, 1008 Glasgow St.


Ms. Debra Toni, homeowner/applicant, represented the application to replace 19 windows in the house/garage with six over one vinyl replacement windows. She explained the condition of the existing windows on each elevation of the house and the garage and what windows she intended to replace. Ms. Toni presented one additional photograph to the Commission. Mr. Nichols asked for clarification regarding the replacement of the trim. Ms. Toni explained that she intended to cap the windows with vinyl. Mr. Russo reported on his site visit. Mr. Nichols proposed the use of a 5/4 x 4 trim-boards, as opposed to the vinyl wrap, particularly on the front of the house. Discussion followed on that point. There was no public comment on the application. The board directed staff that in the future details regarding the trim, including a picture, be submitted.


Mr. Nichols made the motion for case HPC #2015-005 to approve the application as submitted, to allow the replacement of 19 windows, with six over 1 vinyl windows as delineated in the literature provided to the board, with two windows that will be eight over one with all windows to have grilles between the glass, and that the exterior trim may be wrapped vinyl on the two longest sides of the house, the rear and the garage, and that the trim on the front of the house be either plastic-clad, 5/4 x 4 piece of trim with the headpiece, flashing and sill to match, or that the existing trim/windows be repaired, second by Mr. Russo. The motion passed 5-0


HPC Case #2015-006, 111 Vue de Leau

Mrs. Gina Levy, homeowner/applicant, represented the application to install a two story deck, with the first story being 16x16 and the second story being 16x 12, with adequate railing. Staff presented further pictures taken during the site visit. Mr. Nichols asked for clarification of the post material. Mrs. Levy explained that the posts would be made of pressure treated 4x4s as indicated on the building permit application. Mr. Nichols suggested 6x6 posts. Discussion followed concerning the size of the posts, the railing shape and materials.


Mr. Nichols made a motion to defer the application, second by Mr. Berman. The motion passed 5-0.

HPC Case #2015-007, 604 William St.

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver, homeowners/applicants presented the application and provided a sample of Azek. Mr. Russo asked about the removal of the turned spindles. The Oliver’s clarified that they feel that the square spindles are more appropriate to the house. A discussion followed regarding the shape of the railing, the material, the shape of the steps. Ms. Oliver clarified that she would like to amend the application to say Azek, as opposed to brick stairs. There was no public comment on the application.


**Please note that due to technical difficulties, this is the end of the recording**


Ms. Smith made a motion to approve the application as submitted, second by Mr. Russo. The motion passed 4-1.

Informal Review

114 Choptank Ave, Ms. Love- Ms. Love came before the Commission seeking guidance regarding a historic shed in her back yard. She would like to tear down and replace the shed and replace it with a prefabricated shed for Pop’s Market. The house was built in 1918 and the shed may be original, but is in an advanced state of deterioration. Ms. Love and staff presented photographs of the building. The Commission advised that site visits by all of the Commissioners would be appropriate, and for Ms. Love to get an estimate of how much the cost of repair would be, in order to evaluate the efficacy of repair.



Other topics discussed were a proposed new HPC application, the upcoming Crab Feast (September 19), Window Seminar (October 17), and progress on the development of the Historic Preservation Awards program, scheduled to start by December 2015.


Motion to adjourn: Motion by Mr. Russo, second by Mr. Berman, and the Commission unanimously approved.  The meeting adjourned at 8:48 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,


LaSara Kinser

Planning and Zoning Assistant