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HPC Minutes

September 17, 2015

Historic Preservation Commission


September 17, 2015


The Historic Preservation Commission met on September 17, 2015 at the City Council Chambers, 305 Gay St.  Chairwoman Patricia Weichmann called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.  Ms. Weichmann began the meeting by issuing a welcome, taking roll call and swearing in persons planning to testify.

Commissioners Attending:

Patricia Weichmann, Ron Berman, Mike Russo, Gaver Nichols, Sharon Smith, Janice Olshesky--Alternate

Commissioners Absent:

Jackie Vickers--Council Liason

Other Representatives Attending:

LaSara Kinser—Planning and Zoning Assistant


August 11, 2015 and August 20, 2015 Minutes: On a motion by Mr. Russo the minutes were approved as submitted; Second by Ms. Smith.

Consent Agenda



HPC #45 FY 14-15, 206 Glenburn Ave.

The application was represented by project architect, Mr. Tim Crosby, of 513 Court Lane. Mr. Crosby explained that the request was to modify the rear and replace two side dormers on the building. He showed a presentation with floorplans and renderings of the proposed work. Mr. Crosby also explained that the house was built with the second floor intended to be used as a second floor and how the additions to the building would modify the floor plan and the exterior alterations. Justification is that long term value of house is enhanced with modifications, which are symmetrical and enhance the architectural character of the house. There was no public comment on the application. The Commission discussed the application further, particularly the windows, siding materials on the new gable. Mr. Nichols made a motion to approve HPC #45 FY 14-15, 206 Glenburn Ave., in keeping with any staff recommendations and conditions put before the Board. The motion was seconded by Mr. Russo and passed unanimously.

HPC #50 FY 14-15 104 Willis St.

The application was represented by Tom Puglisi and Susan Morgan of 104 Willis St. and Ryk Lesser of Green Energy Systems. Mr. Puglisi explained the revisions to application, which has been amended to request approval to construct a covered deck in the rear yard, on which solar panels would be installed. There was no public comment on the application. The Commission asked questions regarding the dimensions of the structure, the roof shingles, the effect on the surrounding trees and whether any trees would be removed or trimmed, the purpose of the structure, the expense of the structure, the construction materials, the visual impact of the structure on surrounding neighbors, the yard coverage, visibility from the street, and the pitch of the roof. Mr. Lesser presented some building material samples. Mr. Nichols made a motion to approve HPC #50 FY 14-15 with all information as submitted and in keeping with staff recommendation for approval. The motion was seconded by Ms. Smith and passed 4-1.

HPC #2015-006, 111 Vue de Leau St.

The application was represented by Toby Todd of Dorchester Decking, project contractor. Mr. Todd explained that the request was to construct a two level deck where the first level is 16x 16 and the second floor is 16 x 12. There will be no stairs. They will use pressure treated 4x4s with stainless steel screws to construct the decks. Commissioners asked questions regarding the spindles, the use of paint or stain, the railing system and the span between the vertical support structures, the visibility from the road, the completeness of the application, the modifications to the application, the lack of railing on the first level, the use of pressure treated lumber. There was no public comment on the application. Mr. Nichols made a motion to approve HPC #2015-006 with the amended sketches which show the rear and side of the decking on the second floor with appropriate vertical supports tying to the railing system and the stipulation that the structure will be stained after curing. The motion was seconded by Mr. Russo and passed unanimously.


HPC #2015-009, 400 Race St.

The application was represented by Doug Kyle, owner of the property. Mr. Kyle explained that the clerestory windows had been recently discovered, and that the space will be converted from two spaces into one, so ADA compliant bathrooms are being installed, which is what necessitates the request to seal the door opening and the move of the window. The fence will also be replaced. The Commission asked questions regarding the position of the windows, the roof pitch and materials. There was no public comment on the application. Mr. Nichols made a motion to approve HPC #2015-009 following the staff recommendations and the design guidelines. The motion was seconded by Ms. Smith and passed unanimously.

HPC #2015-010, 406 Race St.

Due to the unexpected absence of the applicant, LaSara Kinser, Planning and Zoning Assistant represented the case. Ms. Kinser explained the request to install a sign, similar to what was there before, which would be 10’ long and made of gray metal. The Commission asked questions regarding the placement of the sign and its materials. Ms. Kinser asserted that the sign would be architecturally appropriate for the building. There was no public comment on the application. Mr. Nichols made a motion to approve based on section F.5 of the design guidelines for the district. Mr. Russo seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

HPC #2015-011, 824 Locust St.

Lyle Graham of Tiger Roofing, project contractor, represented the application. There was some discussion on the impact to the applicant when cases are reviewed retroactively. Mr. Graham explained the request to retroactively approve the installation of the metal roof in the rear of the building. Mr. Frank Cooke, of 303 Mill St., spoke in favor of the application. The Commission asked questions regarding the side building on the property where the roof was not altered. Mr. Berman made a motion to approve HPC #2015-011 as submitted. Ms. Smith seconded the application and it passed unanimously.

HPC #2015-013, 704 Travers St.

Rob Frampton, property owner represented the application. Staff indicated that work had already begun on the property, and that a stop work order had been issued until such time as the application could be approved by the HPC.  Mr. Frampton explained the request to remove and replace the porch flooring and install vinyl soffits and aluminum flashing at the headers. Public comment was made against the application, and specifically the use of pressure treated porch flooring, by Gordon Hill, of Choptank Ave., Brian Roche of 211 E. Appleby Ave., and Victor MacSorley of  102 Cherry St., St Michaels, MD and 102 High St., Cambridge. Mr. Frampton also presented material samples. The Board discussed the suggested current and previous materials and related appropriateness. Ms. Smith made a motion to defer the application until the next meeting to give the applicant a chance to revise the application and present new samples. The motion was seconded by Mr. Nichols and passed unanimously.

Informal Review

207 High St, Catherine Morrison

Ms. Morrison explained that there is a balustrade on the roof of the buildings porches, which is not original and which is in poor condition. The balustrade according to Ms. Morrison has damaged the roof and the porch roof beneath it. Ms. Morrison presented photos of houses of similar architecture that do not feature a roof-line balustrade. She would like to submit an application to remove the balustrade and not replace it. Commissioners asked Ms. Morrison about the research she has done on the house, when the balustrade was added. Mr. Victor MacSorley, project contractor, presented information including a sample of the deteriorating balustrade material and confirmed the lack of historic building material, such as nails. The Commission advised Ms. Morrison to come in for a meeting to further clarify the available documentation of the house and the balustrade.

113 Glenburn Ave, Brooks Bridges and Maureen Farrell

The application, HPC #2015-012, 113 Glenburn Ave. was originally intended to be heard, however, due to a technical error the case was deferred until the October meeting. Mr. Roche asked the HPC to consider having an informal review of the application and Mr. Bridges agreed. The application was represented by Mr. Bridges and Ms. Farrell, both of 116 Glenburn Ave. Mr. Bridges explained their justification for installing solar panels on the house, based on assorted guidelines, including the Secretary for the Interiors Standards. Ms. Farrell also discussed their justification for the project, namely that the road the panels would be visible from is not the main right of way, and the state incentives to install solar technology. Several members of the community made comments in favor of the applications including Frank Cooke, Bill George of 204 Belvedere, Grace Reed of 104 Glenburn Ave., Richard Bearman of 102 Glenburn, and Brian Roche. The Commissioners expressed their concerns to the applicants including the challenges of reviewing/approving applications without guidelines and suggestions to the applicant, such as the inclusion of 3D renderings in the application. Ms. Smith disclosed that she is a neighbor of the applicants and gave her opinion on solar panels, which is generally favorable as long as they are inconspicuous, as opposed to invisible. Further discussion included the visibility of the panels, the applicability to the panels to the other parts of the district, and the timeline for the federal tax credit.


Enforcement Update

305 Mill St. Staff asked the Commission to make a motion on whether or not the work done constitutes routine maintenance. Mr. Cooke provided public comment. Ms. Smith made a motion to not consider the project routine maintenance and to compel either an HPC application or removal of the railing system. Mr. Russo seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

321 Choptank Ave. Staff provided information on the violation and related enforcement activity.


Ms. Weichmann provided a reminder about the crab feast, the window repair seminar, solicited for comment on the documents sent out regarding the awards program and Staff provided an update on the new HPC application. Mr. Nichols asked the Commission to consider renderings as a mandatory document particularly where solar panels are concerned.

Motion to adjourn: Motion by Mr. Berman, Mr. Russo seconded the motion and the Commission unanimously approved. The meeting adjourned at 9:44 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

LaSara Kinser

Planning and Zoning Assistant