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MUC Minutes


Municipal Utilities Commission


September 24, 2015

The Municipal Utilities Commission met in regular session on Thursday, September 24th, 2015 at the Municipal Utilities Commission conference room at 410 Academy St., Cambridge, Md. Mayor Victoria Jackson-Stanley convened the meeting at approximately 5:30 pm.

Present: Mayor Victoria Jackson-Stanley

Norma Alschbach-MUC Commissioner

Glenn Ford-MUC Commissioner

Joe Brooks-MUC Commissioner

Andy Pasden-MUC Commissioner

Jane Dorman-MUC Water Resource Administrator

Kevin Johnson-Superintendent-MUC

Ed Bramble-Asst. Superintendent-MUC

Absent: Mr. Steve Williams


Expenditures for the month of August 2015 in the amount of $84,508.97 were submitted for approval.

Motion to approve the expenditures was made by Mr. Pasden, seconded by Mrs. Alschbach.



Minutes for the MUC meeting of August 27th, 2015, were submitted for approval.

Motion to approve minutes with corrections was made by Mr. Brooks, seconded by Mr. Pasden.


Vac-Tron Purchase Update

Mrs. Dorman supplied the Commission with pictures showing them the new Vac-Tron in service and informing them of how much more efficient the staff can be when performing various jobs.

Mr. Johnson and Mr. Bramble thanked the Commission for the purchase of the Vac-Tron.

Truck Purchase Update

Mrs. Dorman supplied the Commission with pictures of the new truck and informed them of how pleased they are.

Holiday Schedule Update

Mrs. Dorman confirmed the date with the Commission for the Christmas/dinner meeting to be held at the Yacht Club on December 10th, at 6 pm. The meeting will cover both November’s and December’s meetings.

End of Year Financial Discussion

Mr. Pasden discussed the financial changes and the purpose statements for MUC reserve accounts. He informed the Commission the goal is to update and identify reserve accounts for future needs of the MUC infrastructure.

A motion to rename and redistribute reserve accounts and approve the purpose statement for these accounts was made by Mr. Brooks, seconded by Mrs. Alschbach.

All present at the meeting unanimously voted in favor of the changes.


Nathan Ave. Property

For information purposes only. Property owner on Nathan Avenue inquired about purchasing a small portion of land adjoining city’s property. A motion is not required at this time.

Mrs. Dorman will inform the Commission of any new updates as they arise.

Routine Sampling-Report & Update

Mrs. Dorman informed the Commission of a routine sample being returned. It came back from the lab and we followed proper procedure by taking samples upstream and downstream and they all came back ok. She explained that this could be caused by many different reasons’ including mishandling of the container by the operators and the lab.

Superintendent’s Report

Mr. Johnson reported on the pumpage and billing for the month of August 2015.

Mr. Bramble reported of street openings and unmetered water for the month of August 2015.

With no further business, a motion was made to adjourn at approximately 6:14 pm.

Respectively submitted

Chris Donovan