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City Council Minutes

September 10, 2007

Cambridge Maryland SealMINUTES

Council Meeting

September 10, 2007


The City Council met in regular session on Monday, September 10, 2007 in Council Chambers. A quorum being present, Mayor Cleveland L. Rippons called the meeting to order at 7:20 p.m. Those Commissioners in attendance were Commissioners Knox, Sydnor, Cephas, Brooks, and Travers.

Ed Kinnamon led in the Lord's Prayer. Commissioner Travers led in the Pledge of Allegiance. Commissioner Knox made a motion to approve the minutes of the August 27, 2007 Council meeting as distributed. Commissioner Cephas seconded the motion. The motion was passed unanimously.


Open Bids for EMS Turnout Gear and Medical Equipment-Ed Kinnamon reported that Council received two bids for medical equipment. They were from:

- Stryker EMS Equipment (Portage, MI) - $10,937

- Singer Associates (Easton, MD) - $12,287.04

Council received one bid for EMS gear:

- Singer Associates (Easton, MD) - $23,860

Commissioner Cephas made a motion to refer the bids to CEMS for their review and recommendation. Commissioner Travers seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

The Cambridge Boys, Sponsored by Trinity Inspiration, to Request Permission to Use Great Marsh Park for a Car Show and Other Events on September 22nd from 2:00 pm Until 6:00 pm and Noise Variance for Those Hours-Nobody was present to speak. Neither the Council nor Captain Les Hutton could remember this event being held in the past. (Note from typist: see Page 1911)

David Fang, MHA Financial Group, to Request Local Contribution for Their Proposed Development-David Fang requested a letter of support and local contribution in the form of a PILOT and a reduction in the road impact fees during the last Council meeting. There was a question as to the length of time that the project would be held as affordable rental and then converted to home ownership. Conversion to home ownership is not now being considered. There will be deed restrictions and representations made to the State that the project will be held as affordable rental for a period of not less than 41 years. The funding application is due next week. Mayor Rippons said the road impact fee is separate and unique in that it accounts for anybody who would utilize the road. He asked for the validity of asking for a reduction in the fee. The residents of this building would be having the same impact on the road. David Fang said most people in Cambridge might also be using the bypass at one time or another. Mayor Rippons said it is an impact fee for new construction for new impact on the road. David Fang said the reason for the request is that the rents in this project are going to be from $389 to $775 on units that are costing about $150,000 to build. Every cost savings helps the developer keep the rents as low as possible. On top of the other impact fees that are being charged, the senior project received a reduced impact fee and so it seemed to make sense because of the special use to help make a contribution to keep the rents as low as possible.

Commissioner Brooks asked if the Cambridge Club Apartments and the proposed development on Bayly Road received any reduced impact fee. Ed Kinnamon said he did not recall them receiving a reduced impact fee but he would have to check. Commissioner Brooks said she is pretty sure Cambridge Club Apartments received reduced impact fees. She is sure that the one proposed for Bayly Road also asked for a reduction. Commissioner Cephas said several meetings ago, Commissioner Sydnor proposed increasing the impact fees by $750. Now Mr. Fang is requesting a reduction by $1000 per unit. He asked how many of the 84 units will be in the first phase. Mr. Fang said in the first phase it will be 46 units. Commissioner Cephas asked how many will be rented for $389 per month. Mr. Fang said right now to make the numbers work, there would be 5 units at $389; 5 units at about $100 more; and of the balance of 36 units, 18 or 19 will be in the mid $600s, and the balance will be in the mid $700s. They are all the same unit. At the last meeting he said he indicated that the thought at the time was to eliminate the garage and have a first floor dedicated for a person who is disabled. The more they investigated it, the less it made any sense. Right now they are planning that 5 of the units will be handicapped accessible with a wheelchair lift in each unit that would go to all three floors. Commissioner Brooks said the bypass road impact fee is in addition to the other impact fees and Mr. Fang's organization will be paying all the other impact fees that everybody else is paying. Mr. Fang said when they signed the public works agreement, it was going to be a maximum of $3500 per unit. They are asking for it to be $1000 per unit. They recognize they will be paying the remaining impact fees. Commissioner Brooks said the remaining impact fees are $4500 so Mr. Fang's organization will be paying $5500 per unit. Rob Collison said he is also asking for the PILOT credit to be $200 per unit per year. Commissioner Brooks said that is because the State has increased what the PILOT has to be. Mr. Fang said that is to get the maximum points in the funding round. Commissioner Sydnor made a motion to approve the reduction of the bypass road impact fee to $1000 per unit and a real estate credit of $200 per unit per year. Commissioner Brooks seconded the motion. The motion passed 4:1 with Commissioner Cephas opposed.


Discussion and Vote on Rezoning 3 Parcels at the South Side of Washington Street and East of Goodwill Ave. - Map 303, Parcels 3952, 3953 & 5670 - Current Zoning is I-1 (Light Industrial) - Proposed Zoning is GC (General Commercial)-Rob Collison stated that Council held a public hearing on this matter during the last Council meeting. The Planning Office recommended that this rezoning be approved based on a mistake. The parcel current holds a car wash and restaurant. In its current zoning, these are not permitted uses. This rezoning is to correct that mistake. Commissioner Sydnor asked about grandfathering in the uses. Rob Collison said any expansion would not be permitted and he thinks they are looking to expand the car wash. Commissioner Knox made a motion to approve the rezoning. Commissioner Travers seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Discussion and Vote on Rezoning 10 Parcels on the East Side of Race Street Between Muir St. & Cemetery Ave. -Map 303, Parcels 4769, 4768, 4767, 4765, 4764, 4763, 4762, 4761, 4760 and 4759 - Current Zoning is NC-4 - Proposed Zoning is GC (General Commercial) - Rob Collison stated that Council held a public hearing on this matter during the last Council meeting. This is the 500 block of Race Street. It came to light during some in-fill development with regard to some retail business not be permitted in NC4. Anne Roane said they were looking at the maps adopted in 2003 and realized that the block was zoned NC4. Prior to the 2003 zoning, it was zoned commercial and has functioned as commercial. They believe it was a drafting error or a mistake in the mapping. There are apartments on the corner of Muir and Race Streets located above the buildings. Commissioner Brooks had asked her to determine the square footage. Without getting into the buildings, based on the aerials, the approximate square footage of the second floor apartments is roughly 14,000 square feet and the storefronts encompass about 37,000 square feet. It was not uncommon for commercial buildings to have been built with apartments above them. Commissioner Brooks said the numbers seems a little off. She said they have 2 floors of apartments just over the top of 500/502/504 Race Street. Anne Roane said there are not apartments along the entire link. They are approximate figures based on scale. The apartments are permitted in General Commercial. Rob Collison said there are a certain number of retail establishments that are not permitted in NC4. Commissioner Brooks said they stated before that this was a mistake. It does not sound like it was a mistake; it sounds like they want to change it so they can get more businesses to come in. Right now, everything has been permitted in that area from Planning and Zoning. Rob Collison said that is the problem. What was previously there at the time of the rezoning is not permitted in an NC4 district. Anne Roane said that is the problem. Rob Collison said you would have a real problem if the funeral home or another business in the block wants to expand. It is a non-conforming use in an NC4 zone. It would create some hardships. The apartments are permitted in a General Commercial so they would not have a problem expanding. It would allow the normal retail and offices that are there to continue or expand. Commissioner Sydnor asked about the zoning on the other side of Muir Street. Anne Roane said it is General Commercial. Commissioner Brooks said then that little area is the only area on Race Street in the business district that is NC4. Anne Roane agreed. Commissioner Sydnor made a motion to change the zoning to General Commercial. Commissioner Travers seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Discussion and Vote on Rezoning 4 Parcels on the South Side of Muir Street - Map 303, Parcels 4774, 4773, 4772 and 4771 - Current Zoning is NC-4 - Proposed Zoning is GC (General Commercial)-Rob Collison stated that Council held a public hearing on this matter during the last Council meeting. This is the area on the south side of Muir Street between Race Street and Academy Street. It would be between the arcade building and the ice cream shop. The property owners came to the Planning and Zoning Commissioner and requested this change. They are intending to upgrade the properties and put in retail establishments and possibly apartments. They felt it was mistake to maintain the NC4 zoning. There was also a change with the addition of the ice cream shop. Portia Johnson-Ennels said the filling station was the only commercial business and everything else was residential. She asked if they are doing this for one property owner. Rob Collison said he thinks it was two property owners but three structures. The owner of the ice cream shop is proposing to have a coffee shop next to where the ice cream shop is which is where the garage was. Mr. Cannon recently purchased the other buildings and is hoping to make them commercial establishments. Portia Johnson-Ennels asked if he was removing all the residential uses. Rob Collison said he did not say if he was going to have any apartments incorporated with the retail. He did not delineate. Anne Roane said at this moment, no plans have been submitted as far as how that area might be redeveloped. If plans are submitted to redevelop those parcels, they would have to go through the review process and reviewed by the Planning and Zoning Commission and it would be posted and advertised as such. It is a request by the property owners. The Planning Office does not know what the future intent is on those parcels. Portia Johnson-Ennels questioned why Council would give them this change and then it could be 20 years before they decided to do anything. Rob Collison said this arose relating to another case. The property owners said they would like the City to include these properties. The Planning Commission said it makes sense because it is in the retail area. Portia Johnson-Ennels said the majority of the parking on that side of the street belongs to the young man who owns the Arcade Apartments. The other parking belongs to the City of Cambridge. She asked if they looked into additional parking. Rob Collison said they do not know until they see what the proposed use is going to be. If it is a restaurant, it would require more parking than an office. That is when they will look at use and site-specific issues as the proposals come in. The off-site parking will be determined by the use or if they have apartments. They get some credit if they are within a certain number of feet of a municipal lot. The Planning Commission said it would make sense to have a designation that would permit both retail and apartments as opposed to having a designation as it currently is that does not allow business or retail. Commissioner Sydnor said there are 3 residential structures there. If they want to do something with 2 of the buildings and 1 wants to remain residential, it will still be in compliance. Rob Collison said if it is currently a single-family home, it could continue and would be grandfathered in. It could not be vacant or dormant of that use for more than 90 days. It can transfer. Apartments are permitted in General Commercial. Commissioner Brooks asked if their property taxes would be any different. Rob Collison said he believes the assessor would look at the use. If it is residential, they would look at other residences in that area. If the building next door sells as a business, they would look at the sale as a potential for the value to change. Commissioner Brooks said then their property taxes could go up. Rob Collison said this request was coming from the property owners-not the city. Commissioner Knox made a motion to approve the rezoning as requested. Commissioner Travers seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Discussion and Vote on Map Amendments: Expansion of the Current PWCD (Planned Waterfront Community District) Boundaries to Include Properties in an Area That Extends from the Existing Boundary Along the West Side of Cambridge Creek to Academy Street, Then South to Cedar Street and North to Muir Street-Rob Collison stated that Council held a public hearing on this matter during the last Council meeting. There was some opposition and concerns stated during the public hearing as reflected in the minutes. Council can proceed with a vote to approve, deny, or to defer. Commissioner Cephas said he prefers to move forward. Commissioner Knox said he thinks that before they expand the current PWCD, they should wait until they have their comprehensive plan done so they can have some guidelines on where they want to go and how they want to go about it. No action was taken.

Discussion and Vote on Proposed Text Amendments: The Designated/Permitted Land Uses Will Also Be Removed From All of the PWCD District. All PWCD Land Uses Will Be Permitted on Any Parcel Throughout the District-Rob Collison stated that Council held a public hearing on this matter during the last Council meeting. Commissioner Knox said he does not really like the language of this amendment. Rob Collison said a meeting was held at the library and much discussion took place during prior Planning and Zoning meetings. Some of the Commission members thought that if you do not have any permitted designations, you create greater flexibility to come in and see some creative designs and plans. Some developers who were present at the meetings said they would prefer to have some guidance by the Commission whereby the city assigns permitted uses within the parcels. There was some division on the issue. The motion was made that evening to remove them. Commissioner Knox said his concern with removing them is that the Creek has been developer-driven in his opinion. We have to have 'teeth' in the PWCD to make sure we have residential, which we have plenty of now. We need to have commercial in there and most importantly, we need open space for the citizens who live here already. He feels that approving the land uses it would be like letting a horse out of the stable without a bridle. The city would be loosing control. The Creek is too vital to us to give up that control. Rob Collison said if the city would like to have guidance and provide direction as to how they would like to see the PWCD developed, he thinks they would be more inclined not to approve this and have consultants preparing the comprehensive plan look at the uses. If it is the city's desire to have less residential and more mixed-use and/or commercial and open space, then that is what they would designate on the various parcels. Commissioner Knox said there were some commercial projects that were to be on the Creek that he has not seen yet. Commercial projects create jobs. He suggested either tabling this until after the comprehensive plan is adopted or refer this back to Planning and Zoning for further review and consideration as well as receiving more public input into the Planning and Zoning phase so the city has a clear and definite understanding of the direction in which we want to go. No action was taken.

Discussion and Vote on Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment - Request to Amend Section 230(3), Table 1 - Uses Permitted in Residential Districts to Permit by Special Exception in the NC (Neighborhood Conservation) Districts, as a "Commercial, Office & Service Use the following: "Café and Corner Stores"- Rob Collison stated that Council held a public hearing on this matter during the last Council meeting. He believes this issue arose from staff looking at the Neighborhood Conservation Districts. For instance, Hyser's was a non-conforming use. If it was vacant for more than 90 days, nobody could buy it and re-open it as a neighborhood café. This would rectify that situation. It would be done as a special exception so there would have to be a public hearing. If a proposed use would create unreasonable traffic, noise, congestion, and problems for the neighbors, the special exception would not be approved. Anne Roane said there was not any objection from Planning and Zoning. Commissioner Knox made a motion to amend Section 230. Commissioner Travers seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Second Reading and Vote on Ordinance for Comprehensive Revisions to Chapter 4 of the City Code Entitled "Buildings and Housing"-Rob Collison said Council had previously approved the 2006 International Building Code and Property Maintenance Code. Even before when had the BOCA Code, the Housing Staff has to modify or amend certain chapters of the codes to reflect the city. That is what they have done with the various sections. Because we have a totally new property maintenance and building code, we are repealing Chapter 4 as it currently exists and replacing it with the new one. There is also a separate ordinance that would create a new section which is the prohibition of temporary storage containers. The proposal would have them permitted for a period not to exceed 15 days. They should not be placed on any public right-of-way street or sidewalk without the consent of the Commissioners. That could be granted for not more than 48 hours.

Commissioner Sydnor said there was some language concerning the number of automobiles stored and also lots for someone licensed for up to 100 vehicles. He asked if this would be grandfathered in for a lot that already exists and was approved for more than 100 automobiles. Rob Collison said there is a provision that permits up to 100 vehicles for automobile and assembly businesses and licensed impound lots. They would be permitted for up to 100 vehicles. If they are a licensed impound yard, they may store up to 100 vehicles. They would have to remove any in excess of the 100 vehicles. If Council wishes to have a grandfather provision, they can defer voting on this tonight. Commissioner Sydnor suggested tabling the vote.

Commissioner Brooks questioned the 15 days for the temporary storage boxes. If someone is making major renovations to their home and they need the storage for their furniture, it may take longer than 15 days. She asked if there is a provision to extend it beyond 15 days. Rob Collison said 15 days is the maximum. Commissioner Brooks said she asked that this be reviewed also. Commissioner Knox said he thought that Mr. Johnson said that there probably would not be any problem if an individual had a box for 15 days and then came to DPW and asked for an extension. Steve Johnson said he agreed that they would probably extend it but there would be a limit as to how many extensions were granted. Rob Collison suggested adding language that upon good cause showing, permission could be extended for an additional 30-day period based on hardship. Rob Collison said the problem is that people are using these items instead of buying a storage shed.

Commissioner Knox asked if there are any provisions for the roll-off containers and how long they could be in someone's yard or on a city street. Steve Johnson said he thinks it is something that the city should consider.

Monroe Smith said when Commissioner Sydnor was referring to a yard with 100 vehicles, it applied to him. Commissioner Sydnor said Rob Collison would add language so anyone having a business prior to this could be grandfathered in. Rob Collison said the way it is written is that it would permit a licensed impound yard to have up to 100 vehicles. He will make amendments to the text and Council will vote on it at the next meeting. No action will be taken this evening.

Portia Johnson-Ennels asked if there would be a public hearing on the changes. Rob Collison said technically they have to hold 2 readings on an ordinance. Council can vote at the next meeting because they will have had 3 readings with minor amendments. Portia Johnson-Ennels said these amendments are not minor amendments. They are very serious. Rob Collison said legally they can say that tonight's reading would be the first reading. It would be up to Council. They are taking public comment now and will probably take public comment during the next meeting. There is not a requirement for a formal public hearing. They have not done it in the past except for text amendments and zoning.

Jamal Pinder asked if the A-boxes and the roll-off boxes are the same type of boxes. Rob Collison said the roll-off containers are dumpsters for refuse. Jamal Pinder asked if they were saying that someone could only keep it on their own property for 15 days or if they were saying it could only by on city property for 15 days. Rob Collison said the temporary trailers (A-boxes) would be on private property. They would not be getting a permit. If you were going to put a detached storage shed on your property, you would need a permit. Because these A-boxes are portable, they do not require a permit. A lot of people have them in their front yards and the neighbors are complaining. They are supposed to be temporary. Jamal Pinder said a buddy of his had one in his front yard for 3 months. The contractor had originally told him he could move into the house within 1 month. Things happened and it was extended to 3 months. He asked if the gentleman would have any leeway because it was in his yard. Rob Collison said as proposed, he would have up to 15 days and he would have to ask for permission after that. Commissioner Brooks said an additional 30 days can be granted beyond the 15 days. If someone is making a major renovation to their home, her concern is that it could take longer than 15 or 30 days. There should be a procedure that the city follows that is fair for everyone. Rob Collison said they will have to show a hardship. If the resident can prove that he is having work done and the house is not livable and he has no place to put the furniture, that would be a hardship. Commissioner Knox asked how it would be monitored. He asked if the homeowner would be required to notify DPW. He suggested a permit with no fee so DPW can monitor it. Charles McFadden said someone needs to consider the neighbors. Neighbors who are living next to the boxes and dumpsters are having problems going around them. The dumpster on Travers Street was awful. It was there for months. If it is a major construction project, they should rent a storage unit.

Committee Appointments:

- Board of Zoning Appeals-Mayor said Council will wait on this committee.

- Ethics-Mayor Rippons recommended appointing Charles McFadden and reappointing Mr. Melvin Jews. Commissioner Cephas made a motion to approve these appointments. Commissioner Sydnor seconded the motion. The motion was approved unanimously.

- Housing Authority-Mayor Rippons recommended reappointing Dwight Cromwell, David Wooten, Fred Landy, Carlton Stanley, and Elaine Stafford. Commissioner Sydnor made a motion to accept this recommendation. Commissioner Knox seconded the motion. The motion was approved unanimously.

- Housing Board of Review-Mayor said Council will wait on this committee.

- Municipal Utilities Commission-Mayor Rippons said there is currently 1 vacancy and recommended Lawrence White, an engineer, be appointed to replace Judd Vickers. Commissioner Sydnor asked about the other vacancy. Mayor Rippons said he is not filling that vacancy now because Mr. Newcomb is talking to several people and will give him a recommendation shortly. He is asking that Chuck Prahl and Rex Marshall be reappointed. Commissioner Sydnor said he thinks Council should approve all of them at the same time. He gave Mayor Rippons a recommendation for an individual on that Board. He knows that there is an individual on the Board who would like to step off because of other activities that have occurred in their positions.

- ADA Committee-Mayor Rippons recommended reappointing Marva Sampson, Larry Jones, Shirl Tarbox, Octavene Saunders, and Terry Brannock. He recommended appointing Ashera Dotson to replace Jasmine Taylor. Commissioner Sydnor made a motion to approve the recommendations. Commissioner Cephas seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Update on Paving East Side of High Street Between Washington Street and Bradley Avenue-Steve Johnson said the city has $300,000 in the FY2008 budget for resurfacing roads. At the last meeting, Council voted to resurface the remaining side of High Street between Washington Street and Bradley Avenue. The estimate is about $40,000. They can take the $40,000 from the $300,000 in the budget and pave High Street. Commissioner Cephas asked if that meant that some other streets would go undone. Steve Johnson said at the moment that is what it will mean. Commissioner Sydnor said it would unless they find the funds to put back in there. He asked when the other paving will take place. Steve Johnson said he is not sure. He will have to get with the contractors and see what their work load is like for the remainder of the good weather. He would not make it wait on purpose but he cannot commit to a construction date. Commissioner Sydnor said he is quite sure he and Mr. Kinnamon can find this funding.


Request from Wal-Mart to Place 10 Storage Trailers on Their Property for the Upcoming Christmas Season-Commissioner Travers made a motion to approve the request. Commissioner Cephas seconded the motion. Rob Collison reminded Council this would only be for 30 days and then they would have to come back to Council. The motion passed unanimously.

Request from Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay to Display Fireworks on Monday, September 17th Beginning at Dusk for Approximately 15 Minutes-Commissioner Cephas made a motion to approve the request. Commissioner Brooks seconded the motion. Jamal Pinder asked what this is for. Mayor Rippons said there is an private entity that is visiting the Hyatt. The Hyatt provided their insurance certificate and hold harmless agreement along with the name of the company who will display the fireworks. The event is coordinated with the fire department. They have done this before. The motion passed unanimously.

Discuss Main Street Kiosk-Commissioner Sydnor said it seems that by working through the Department of Public Works, this would cost $500 or less. Mayor Rippons said an outside contract would cost $500. Initially, if they got an independent contractor it would cost $1,800. There are some functions that DPW cannot perform. The rest they can do in-house. Main Street is asking the city to cover the cost. Commissioner Knox made a motion to approve the request. Commissioner Cephas seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Change Job Description for Assistant Code Enforcement Officer-Mayor Rippons said Steve Johnson has provided this information to Council. Commissioner Sydnor said this would be a Grade 6 Level 1 position. Steve Johnson said he was told that if he were to fill it at a Grade 6 Level 2, he would be able to do it with his own authority but if he wanted to make it any higher, he would have to get permission from Council. Commissioner Sydnor said Level 1 would be $22,305. He asked what Level 2 would be. Mayor Rippons said it would be about 6% higher or somewhere around $23,500. Commissioner Sydnor asked if this was the part-time position. Steve Johnson said he was told that at one time it was established as a full-time position and then it was changed and filled as a part-time summer hire. Because he is unable to get qualified applicants for Code Enforcement Officer I position, he would like to re-establish the position as Assistant Code Enforcement Officer in order to create an entry level position to give people time to become a qualified Code Enforcement Officer I. He would give them 2 years to gain construction experience so they could qualify to become a Code Enforcement Officer I. At the moment they get another 2 years to become certified. He thinks the second 2 years is too long. He will be asking to reduce that time to 1 year. Commissioner Sydnor asked about the computer skills needed for this job. Steve Johnson said basically in high schools these days, students are exposed to the use of computers. This is important to what our people do in the office. We have a program where they enter data, print out reports, and this is how they keep track of the work that they do. Commissioner Sydnor made a motion to approve the change in the job description. Commissioner Travers seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Introduction of Ordinance for Amendment to Dog Control Regulations-Rob Collison said at one time the Humane Society regulated animal control in the city. Several years back that changed and now the county monitors it. Carol Embrey has done a lot of work on this. Her goal is to improve specifically the treatment of dogs and this would make it standard throughout the county and municipalities in which the county is enforcing and administering the dog control requirements. Hurlock has already adopted the regulations. It would basically use the county's regulations. Since the county enforces it, it will be a lot easier for their animal control officers to know that the city's regulations are the same as the county's regulations. The city has other provisions in our code dealing with other animals. Comparing the two, we do not currently have provisions regarding potentially dangerous dogs and dogs that are deemed to be dangerous. The regulations stipulate that if a dog is dangerous or deemed to be dangerous, the owner must complete dog obedience training. There are provisions relating to the treatment of animals. They shall be properly secured with an appropriate leash or restraint and given proper ventilation. He said Carol Embrey is extremely knowledgeable in this area and put in a tremendous effort and a lot of hours and work into it. Mayor Rippons thanked her for her efforts. Commissioner Knox commended her as well. They talked on this many times. Her dedication is unquestionable. Carol Embrey thanked everyone for their time. Rob Collison said at the next meeting they will have the formal second reading and vote. At that time Council will have resolution which will establish the fines and penalties. The animal control officers will issue a city citation and they will be designated by Council to be the issuing authority.


Rob Collison said he and Mayor Rippons spoke with the Maryland Department of the Environment and have scheduled a work session on Monday, September 17th starting at 6:00 pm. This is in regard to the proposed clean-up and MDE-approved actions for property owners along the Creek, particularly the former utility site which would be just east of Cherry Street behind the police station. The proposal is to do some significant environmental clean-up. They will outline the actions to be taken and the proposed future uses for the property.

Mayor Rippons suggested that Council ask Dan Beall to attend the work session to discuss alternative funding that may be available to the city. Council agreed. Mayor Rippons asked Steve Johnson to contact Mr. Beall.

Commissioner Knox thanked the members of the Veterans' Recognition Committee for their event at Sailwinds. They did a wonderful job.

Erica Wongus, representing the Cambridge Boys, sponsored by Trinity Inspiration, requested permission to use Great Marsh Park for a car show and other events on September 22nd from 2:00 pm until 6:00 pm. She requested a noise variance for those hours and said they will be selling baked goods, lemonade, and possibly other items. The car show is to help them raise funds for the building they are trying to get for a sales/retail/kitchen and they are dealing with disabled children. The events are to keep the people busy during the car show. Ed Kinnamon said they should talk to the Heath Department about the sale of food. Erica Wongus said she has already spoken to them. Commissioner Cephas made a motion to grant the request. Commissioner Sydnor seconded the motion. Commissioner Knox said he does not have any problem with the noise variance but during the last event that was at the park, he received numerous calls from all the amplification. The police department received calls as well. He supported the motion on the condition that there would be no amplification of the noise. Ms. Wongus said they will keep it quite. They do not intend to have music at this time. If they do, she knows that is a very serious situation. They will keep it down. The motion passed unanimously.

Rob Collison announced that Council met in executive session at 6:00 pm to discuss to discuss personnel and legal maters.

Commissioner Sydnor asked about the schedule of the public safety building. Steve Johnson said they are on schedule. They anticipate that the public safety building will have substantial completion on October 13th which is what they stated earlier. That will be followed by a total turnover about 2 weeks later (October 27th). Something that may impact those dates is the concrete floors are curing slower than they anticipated and it cannot be painted with the epoxy coating that they are going to receive until they have cured.

Commissioner Cephas apologized for his cell phone vibrating twice. His father is in intensive care and he is expecting a call any minute to make some major decisions.

Ed Kinnamon said he received a request from the Chesapeake Bay Association, sponsor of the boat races in front of the Hyatt, for permission on Saturday, September 22nd and Sunday, September 23rd between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm for the services of EMS and Rescue Fire Company during Summer Send-Off. It has been done in the past. Commissioner Knox made a motion to approve the request. Commissioner Travers seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Ed Kinnamon said the city received a request in July requesting the city to abandon some property at the end of Killarney Road. Rob Collison was going to advertise it next week but it was brought to his attention today that in 1987 the Council had already done that. He researched the meeting minutes and found where it was done. Rob Collison said there is documentation that shows that the Council held public hearings on the proposed disposition. It is just the right-of-way or paper street. The final vote was taken on December 7, 1987.

Ed Kinnamon said he received a request today from Portia Johnson-Ennels to have 'no parking' signs erected on Cornish Drive. Portia Johnson-Ennels said she lives in the 700 block of Cornish Drive which is a dead end. About 2 years ago, she asked the city to erect a 'dead end' sign. The problem they are having now is that people are using the street as a driveway. At times they are not able to get up the street. There are 2 people on the street who are disabled and with the way people have been parking, an ambulance will not be able to get through. She asked that a yellow line be put on the curb on one side because at times they park all the way across the street. She talked to Mrs. Jones of the Housing Authority and got no reply whatsoever. Commissioner Brooks made a motion to refer the request to the Traffic and Safety Committee. Commissioner Sydnor seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Commissioner Sydnor said he has been looking at our meeting minutes and all the minutes that have been kept. He talked with Kathy Foster and Ed Kinnamon and he would like Mr. Kinnamon to look at lap-top computers for the Commissioners. He thinks it would be more efficient because some of the minutes and other things can be scanned into the computer. He has a stack of paper at home and once they get so large, he tries to recycle the paper. This would be a better way to keep track of information that he may need and will be able to have ready access to it. The price of lap tops has decreased considerably and basically Council need something that could operate on Microsoft Word which is what Kathy is using and has some type of stick memory where she can just download it on the stick memory. Council can put it in their laptops and bring it up at Council meetings or whenever it is necessary.

Portia Johnson-Ennels asked Rob Collison about the nuisance ordinance. Rob Collison said it is in the drafting stage. He will get it back on track.

Portia Johnson-Ennels said there was an item on the agenda that was not discussed. Mayor Rippons said the matter was discussed in executive session and has yet to be resolved. It has been tabled at this time.

Jane Devlin said the appointments were not made for the Housing Board of Review. She received a packet at her house stating that there was a meeting next Wednesday night. Mayor Rippons said the provisions in the city charter states that if someone's term has expired, you are there until Council acts on it. All of the current members are still in place. The Board will meet as scheduled.

With no further business, Mayor Rippons adjourned this portion of the meeting at 8:45 p.m. I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and accurate account of the Council meeting Monday, September 10, 2007, insofar as I personally am aware.


                                                                                    Edwin C. Kinnamon

                                                                                    Clerk & Treasurer