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HPC Minutes

January 21, 2016
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Historic Preservation Commission


January 21, 2016

The Historic Preservation Commission met on January 21, 2015 at the City Council

Chambers, 305 Gay St. Vice Chairman Mike Russo called the meeting to order at 7:15

P.M. Mr. Russo began the meeting by issuing a welcome and asking for any changes to

the agenda. Ms. Kinser outlined proposed changes to the agenda. Ms. Smith made a

motion to accept the revisions to the agenda; Mr. Berman seconded the motion and it

passed unanimously. Mr. Russo then conducted the swearing in of persons willing to

testify and explained the order of business. Ms. Kinser announced the upcoming tax

seminar being hosted by the HPC and the upcoming HPC awards.

Commissioners Attending:

Mike Russo, Ron Berman, Sharon Smith

Commissioners Absent:

Jackie Vickers--Council Liaison, Janice Olshesky, Patricia Weichmann, Gaver Nichols

Other Representatives Attending:

LaSara Kinser—Planning and Zoning Assistant


December 17, 2015: On a motion by Ms. Smith the minutes were approved. Mr. Berman

seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Consent Agenda





HPC #2016-001 304 Gay St.: Mr. Edwin Howard represented the application and explained that

he wanted to install the fence for privacy, and because the existing chain link fence has

deteriorated to such a degree that it needs to be replaced. Mr. Howard indicated that he has

received permission from the adjacent property owners, and that there is a similar fence on Mill

Street. In response to the staff report, Mr. Howard indicated that he would be willing to modify

his fence, by moving it several feet back, to conform to the Cambridge Unified Development

Code. There was no public comment on the application. The Commission discussed the design of the fence and it period-appropriateness, its visibility from the road, and the repairs to the shorter

section of fence. Ms. Smith made a motion to approve the request as submitted. Mr. Berman

seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.


525 Poplar St:

Mr. Tom Robinson discussed with the Commission his intention to install signage at the

property, by mounting it on a wooden frame, so that the existing, historic, “Lednums”

sign is not damaged. Mr. Robinson outlined the potential shape, size, location on the

building, and materials of the sign he would like to install. The Commission provided

guidance on the lighting, suggesting goose-neck lighting or whatever was most consistent with the style of the building, and the windows on the second floor.



Judges for HPC awards

Staff explained the judging structure and asked for a volunteer to participate on the judging panel.

Patricia Weichmann was nominated, pending her approval, to represent the HPC as a judge for

the awards. The commission also discussed the judging criteria.

Potential dates for ethics training

Staff discussed a request from the Ethics Commission and asked for the Commissions opinion on

dates for an ethics training session.

Administrative Approvals

There were two administrative approvals, one for minor landscaping, and one for an in-kind roof replacement.

Enforcement Update

305 Mill Street: Staff provided an update on the enforcement measures taken, namely

that a fine has been sent.

Motion to adjourn: Motion by Mr. Berman, Ms. Smith seconded the motion and the

Commission unanimously approved. The meeting adjourned at 8:07 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

LaSara Kinser

Planning and Zoning Assistant