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HPC Minutes

March 17, 2016
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Historic Preservation Commission


March 17, 2016


The Historic Preservation Commission met on March 17, 2016 at the City Council Chambers, 305 Gay St. Vice-Chairman Mike Russo called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M. Ms. Kinser provided information about the HPC awards program. Mr. Russo began the meeting by conducting roll call and issuing a welcome. Mr. Russo then conducted the swearing in of persons planning to testify and explained the order of business.

Commissioners Attending:

Mike Russo—Vice Chair, Sharon Smith, Gaver Nichols, Janice Olshesky

Commissioners Absent:

Patricia Weichmann, Ron Berman, Jackie Vickers--Council Liaison


Other Representatives Attending:

LaSara Kinser—Planning and Zoning Assistant


February 17, 2016: Mr. Nichols made a motion to approve the previous minutes with no changes, Ms. Smith seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.


Ms. Kinser asked for changes to the agenda to remove 1101 Travers St. from the agenda, and to include two informal reviews for 306 Glenburn Avenue and 310 Gay Street.


Consent Agenda

HPC #2015-013, 104 Willis St.:

Ms. Smith made a motion to approve the consent agenda which was seconded by Mr. Nichols and passed unanimously. There was no discussion and no cases were removed.



HPC #2016-005, 706 Locust St: The applicant/property owner, Mr. Jonathan Wemple represented the application and gave a presentation on his request to replace the jalousie windows in the rear of the house with Anderson 100 composite double-hung windows, including his timeline for future projects at the property, and his material selections. There was a discussion regarding the existing windows on the whole property, their features, and whether or not they are original. There was no public comment on the application. The Commission discussion included the profile of the caps on the windows and the materials of the proposed windows. Ms. Olshesky asked for further information regarding the door replacement. Mr. Nichols made a motion to approve the application. Ms. Olshesky asked to add a modification that the Commission imposes a condition, that the top trim/cap of the new windows be different from the existing windows to clearly articulate the difference. Ms. Smith seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.


HPC #2016-010, 314 Willis St: The applicants/property owners, Mr. Thompson and Ms. Widli represented the application and gave a presentation on their requests to rear windows, side-rear door, rear steps, rear non-historic chimney, electrical service/ refrigerant line, and their plans to construct a fence in the front yard, to replace the windows and siding, and to install window boxes. There were further questions regarding the fence design, picket or black metal, and the proposed three openings on the side and rear, as well as the true architectural style of the house. Mr. Nichols made a motion to approve the application, with the condition that the three openings on the side and rear come back to the Commission for further study. Ms. Olshesky added to the motion approval of the second story window, and Mr. Russo added approval of the fence. Ms. Smith seconded the application and it passed unanimously.


HPC #2016-011, 302 Glenburn Ave: Ms. Barbara Stockton, property owner, represented the application requesting approval to replace nonfunctional jalousie windows with vinyl eight over eight double hung windows. Ms. Olshesky pointed out that the rest of the windows were six-over-six. Ms. Stockton indicated that existing openings are too large for six-over-six windows and that she is not able to do the required construction to make the openings smaller. There was sustained discussion on this point. There was public comment by Mr. Charles McFadden. Ms. Stockton agreed to defer the case until an emergency meeting could be scheduled, in order to further investigate the possibility of using six-over-six windows. Mr. Russo made a motion to defer the case, Mr. Nichols seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.


HPC #2015-012, 411 Muse St: Mr. Mike Coombs represented the application requesting approval to replace the roof of the house with membrane roofing and to replace the siding with hardie board siding with Azek trim. There was further discussion on several parts of the application and project. Mr. Coombs asked for guidance regarding the proposed materials. The Commission provided suggestions on roofing and siding materials and overall design. Ms. Smith made a motion to approve the emergency removal of siding and waterproofing of the entire building, and to defer the decision for finish materials until the applicant can provide further detail and to remove the existing deteriorated roofing and install TPO membrane roofing. Mr. Nichols seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.


104 Willis St:

Tom Puglisi requests guidance regarding potential changes to an earlier CoA. The applicant has been approved to construct a canopy in the rear yard, in order to install solar panels on the property. After further consideration however, the applicant would like to change the request and instead construct an addition to the rear of house, where the solar panels would be installed and would not be visible from the street. Perry Atkinson, project contractor, presented construction drawings to the Commission. There was discussion regarding the view from the street, where the addition meets the side wall of the house, the type of windows that should be installed in the addition and the roofing materials. The Commission directed the applicants to submit a formal application.

310 Gay St: Dan Thibeault presented plans for informal review regarding modifications to an existing garage addition to the District Court House. Mr. Thibeault explained that the modifications are necessary in order to provide more secure parking for the district court judge. He presented plans to the Commission. The Commission advised the applicant to include a site plan as part of the application, submit contextual information for the rest of the building, and consider lighting conditions and greenery and to consider the infill materials for their relation to the rest to the building when bringing a formal application.

306 Glenburn Ave: Ed Anderson presented for informal review his plans to re-surface the driveway, where there exist two concrete strips, with a concrete pad; replace the curved brick walkway with a straight concrete walkway, the Commission suggested installing brick over the concrete in order to reduce weeds and to provide a site plan; install a porch on the front entranceway, the Commission directed the applicant to provide plans and elevations of the porch with the formal application, as well as material specifications; and to install a hardie board knee wall around the side porch . The Commission directed the applicant to submit elevations of the porch with the formal application.



Administrative Approvals

There was one administrative approval of in-kind porch repairs

Enforcement Update



There was a discussion concerning the specificity of applications and directing staff to make sure dimensions are present for applications.

Mr. Charles McFadden asked the Commission to schedule ethics training. The Commission decided that the ethics training would take place at 6pm on May 19, 2016 ahead of the 7pm regular HPC meeting.

Motion to adjourn: Motion by Mr. Russo, Ms. Smith seconded the motion and the Commission unanimously approved. The meeting adjourned at 10:11 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


LaSara Kinser

Planning and Zoning Assistant