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MUC Minutes - 07-28-2016

July 28, 2016

Municipal Utilities Commission
July 28, 2016


The Municipal Utilities Commission met in regular session on Thursday, July 28th. 2016, at the Municipal Utilities Commission conference room at 410 Academy St., Cambridge, Md., Acting Mayor Donald Sydnor convened the meeting at approximately 5:30 pm.

Present: Donald Sydnor-Acting Mayor
Andy Pasden-MUC Commissioner
Glenn Ford-MUC Commissioner
Steve Williams-MUC Commissioner
Joe Brooks-MUC Commissioner
Jane Dorman-MUC Water Resource Administrator
Kevin Johnson-Superintendent-MUC
Ed Bramble-Asst. Superintendent-MUC


Expenditures for the month of June 2016 in the amount of $125,178.69 were submitted for approval.
Motion to approve the expenditures was made by Mr. Pasden, seconded by Mr. Ford.


Minutes for the MUC meeting of June 23rd., 2016, were submitted for approval.
Motion to approve minutes was made by Mr. Brooks, seconded by Mr. Pasden.

Reserves Update

Mrs. Dorman informed the Commission that she had moved $100,000. from the Contingency Account to Reserves for Water Mains per the meeting request dated June 20th. 2016.

Water Quality Reports

Mrs. Dorman informed the Commission that the Water Quality Reports have been completed.

Route 16 round-a-bout Update

Mr. Bramble informed the Commission that the MUC portion of the project is complete. He said the State expects to be completed by the fall of 2017.

Service Pump #2 Nathans Ave.

Mr. Bramble informed the Commission that they have replaced the service pump located at Nathan's Ave. He said that the pump was included in the grant and MUC will be reimbursed. He will also be tracking the electric usage and expects to see decrease in the usage due to the installation of the new pump.

Mrs. Dorman said at this time the funds for the pump will come directly out of the operating fund.

Fire Flow-Algonquin Area

Mr. Bramble informed the Commission that when Longboat was originally developed there was a 4" line that was supposed to be connected. MUC discovered the line had not been tied in. We tapped the line in the system and repaired leaks. This tie in alone increased the fire flow from 570 gallons per minute to 1176 gallons per minute.

Superintendent's Report

Mr. Johnson reported on the pumpage and billing for the month of June 2016, including three street openings. No new service this month.


Mrs. Dorman explained that we now have a new City wide purchase policy. All purchases are required to have a purchase order assigned. She will also begin the bid process for a New Meter Reading Vehicle.

With no further business, a motion was made to adjourn at approximately 5:55 pm.


Respectively submitted
Chris Donovan