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P&Z Minutes 8-4-2015

August 4, 2015
Planning & Zoning Commission
August 4,2015

The Planning and Zoning Commission for the City of Cambridge met on Tuesday, August 4,
2015 at 6:00 p.m. at the City Council Chambers, 305 Gay Street, Cambridge, Maryland.
Commissioners in Attendance: Bill Craig, Chair; Marshall Rickert, Vice-Chair; Mary Losty,
Hubert Trego, Chan'Tay Nelson and Jerry Burroughs, Eugene Lauer
Others in attendance included: Patricia Escher, City Planner; LaSara Kinser, Planning and
Zoning Assistant; Frank Cooke, City Council Liaison and Robert Collison, City Attorney
Chairman Bill Craig opened the meeting and called for a moment of silence.
Regular Business
P&Z#8 FY 2014-15, Arby's, 2731 Dorchester Square
Staff reviewed the background of the case and the developments in the case since the last
application. The case was represented by the owner Lester Black, the contractor Chris Walter,
and the landscape architect George Corey. Mr. Corey presented the landscaping site plan
including the additional information requested at the last meeting and explained its various
components. There was no public comment on the landscaping site plan.
Mr. Walter, project contractor, presented information regarding the fa<;ade materials, colors,
texture etc. as previously requested. He presented a sample of the proposed texture of the wall.
There was discussion on the placement of the colors on the building. Mr. Rickert asked for
clarification regarding the structural changes to the building fa<;ade. Ms. Losty asked for further
clarification on the color placement. Mr. Walter presented a picture of the proposed white brick
pattern. Mr. Trego asked for clarification on any changes to the signage-Mr. Walter explained
the sign poles will be painted but there will be no other changes to the signage. Discussion
followed regarding the most appropriate shade of red to use for the metal band and fa<;ade colors.
Mr. Walter asked for clarification regarding the materials, specifically the staff recommendation
of hardy plank instead of driveit planking. Ms. Escher explained that Arby's has used hardy
plank on other stores, and considering the reduced amount necessary, it should not be difficult to
use. There was discussion regarding the potential difficulty of maintenance of the hardy plank.
Mr. Craig summarized the discussion: the approved colors were those indicated on the staff
recommendation and that staff suggested the use of hardy plank instead of driveit (Mr. Walter
disagreed.) Further discussion ensued regarding the use of hardy plank by Mr. Lauer, Mr. Black,
Mr. Walter and Mr. Craig.
Mr. Burroughs made a motion to approve the colors that were discussed for the building and the
addition of the Hardy Plank or its equivalent as the material used where there is dark brown as
indicated on page 5 of the Arby's Cambridge, Maryland Color Selection Submittal and to cover
any fa<rade changes, Seconded by Mr. Rickert. The motion was passed unanimously.
Mr. Rickert made a motion to approve the landscaping plan as submitted and note that staff has
reviewed it as asked for in a previous meeting. Second by Ms. Losty. The motion passed
P&Z# 10 FY 15-16, Text Amendment Application
Staff reviewed the background of the application, which is to amend the UDC section 4.2.3 (A)
5, Daycare, Home which mistakenly references section 4.2.3.(B) I commercial uses in the NC
districts. Staff recommends that the Planning and Zoning Commission make a recommendation
to the City Council to correct the error in the text. Mr. Cooke raised concerns regarding whether
or not the reference is in error. Mr. Rickert explained the reasoning behind the initial inclusion
and why the reference should be removed. Further discussion ensued regarding concerns about
the residency requirement included in the cross reference. Mr. Collison pointed out that it is
possible to add language requiring home daycares to be owner occupied as a part of the text
amendment. The recommendation would be to remove 4.2.3 (A) 5 (i) and replace it with 4.2.3
(B) I (a). Further discussion points were the fencing text amendment currently moving through
Council, procedures for reviewing daycare applications, parking requirements, the conversion of
the application to a special exception, state daycare inspection requirements.
Mr. Rickert made a motion to forward the recommendation for a text amendment to the City
Council with the changes as discussed, second by Ms. Losty (?). The motion passed
Ms. Escher brought for discussion a memo with the suggestion to propose a new agenda format
which would replicate the City Council agenda and include the approval of minutes, and the
addition of a consent agenda, the distinction between unfinished business and new business, and
the addition of a place holder for discussion items. Several questions followed regarding the use
of the consent agenda. Further discussion included the advertising of the agenda in the local
Ms. Losty suggested that when unfinished business cases are heard, the relevant section of the
minutes of the previous meeting be included with the materials sent to Commissioners before the

Mr. Rickert suggested that staff include a recommended motion as part of the report.
Mr. Lauer suggested the inclusion of the text of the UDC in the packets. Ms. Escher responded
that the new copies of the UDC would be distributed as soon as possible.
Mr. Lauer asked for hard copies of the updated zoning maps.
Mr. Trego asked for more information on projects happening in the City.
There was brief discussion on the zoning of medical marijuana, which will be discussed in
further detail at the September 1, 2015 meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission.
July 6, 20I5-Ms. Escher pointed out the necessary corrections to the minutes: Ms. Losty was
incorrectly labeled absent, Mr. Lauer asked for the date of the annexation of 1506 Glasgow
Street to be listed in the minutes; Mr. Rickert was incorrectly labeled as Mr. Marshall.
Ms. Losty moved to approve the minutes as amended, second by Mr. Lauer. The motion passed
Mr. Burroughs motioned to adjourn the meet, second by Ms. Nelson. Meeting was adjourned at
7:22 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
LaSara Kinser, Planning and Zoning Assistant