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MUC Minutes -- December

December 9, 2016

Municipal Utilities Commission
December 9, 2016

The Municipal Utilities Commission met in regular session on Friday, December 9, 2016, at the Cambridge Yacht Club at 310 Mill St., Cambridge, Md., Mayor Victoria Jackson-Stanley convened the meeting at approximately 12:05 pm.

Present: Mayor Victoria Jackson-Stanley
Glenn Ford-MUC Commissioner
Andy Pasden-MUC Commissioner
Steve Williams-MUC Commissioner
Joe Brooks-MUC Commissioner
Megan Nabb-Holotik-MUC Commissioner
Jane Dorman-MUC Water Resource Administrator
Kevin Johnson-Superintendent-MUC
Ed Bramble-Asst. Superintendent-MUC
Sandra Tripp-Jones-City Manager
Public Members-(4)


Expenditures for the month of October 2016 in the amount of $111,110.48 were submitted for approval.
Motion to approve the expenditures was made by Mr. Brooks, seconded by Mr. Ford.

Expenditures for the month of November 2016 in the amount of $157,672.50 were submitted for approval.
Motion to approve the expenditures was made by Mr. Pasden, seconded by Mr. Brooks.


Minutes for the MUC meeting of October 27th., 2016, were submitted for approval.
Motion to approve minutes was made by Mr. Ford, seconded by Mrs. Nabb-Holotik.

Davis Bowens and Friedel Master Plan

Mrs. Dorman discussed the Master Plan. The original Master Plan in 2008 cost $83,183., in 2010 the updated model cost $4540.00 and to update our existing model the cost would be $4200.00. She also informed the Commission that another option was to revise the Master Plan with a cost of $8900.00, however they would have to update the model first bringing the total cost to $13,100.00.

The MUC Staff recommends we only update the existing model with the changes for $4200.00

Mr. Pasden asked where the funds to pay would come from. Ms. Dorman said she would use $3000.00
from engineering fees and the balance from miscellaneous.

Motion to update existing model was made by Mr. Brooks., seconded by Mr. Williams.

Ford Transit

Ms. Dorman informed the commission we now have the Transit in operation. Everyone had good comments on the graphics.

MDE Grant

Mr. Bramble informed the commission he is in the last stage of reports for MDE and expects to submit the final information in the next week or two.

Leak at Harbor Haven

Ms. Dorman informed the Commission that the work is completed by Retallack & Son and the invoice was paid in the amount of $36,000.00. She expects to receive an invoice for Masonry contractor, Landscaper and maybe to resurface parking lot for Harbor Haven. She will be submitting this to the insurance for some reimbursement.

The amendment to move the $90,000.00 was approved by City Council.

Rt 16 Bypass

Ms. Dorman informed the Commission that she had received an invoice from Retallack & Son for an additional $62,022.49 over the original invoice for $50,000.00 which has already been paid. Ms. Dorman and Mr. Bramble met with Retallack and Son to discuss the additional charges. After further review of each line item they were in agreement that all charges are justified.

Motion to pay the invoice to Retallack & Son in the amount of $64,022.49 was made Mr. Pasden, seconded by Mr. Brooks.

Oak Hill

Ms. Dorman informed the Commission that the City of Cambridge met with the residences of Oak Hill. She said they are in the process of hooking up to the City Sewer. The City has asked the MUC to come up with and adequate time line for the residence to hook up to City Water at no charge except for the meter cost.

Ms. Dorman said the cost of the meter is $350.00. However, they would have to pay a plumber to hook up on property side to the meter and have their well abandoned. The estimate she received to abandon a well would be approximately $500.00.

Ms. Dorman said MUC has already hooked up several residences and she thought (2) years would be an adequate time line. After the initial deadline, the price to hook to the City system would be $1500.00., plus the meter cost and they would still have the expense on the property side.

Ms. Nabb-Holotik thought we should coincide with the tax bill and give them until July 2018.

After further discussion a motion was made by Mr. Williams to have a deadline of July 2018 for no charge of connection except for the cost of the meter, seconded by Mr. Pasden

Superintendent's Report

Mr. Johnson reported on the pumpage and billing for the months of October and November 2016, including twenty-four street openings and two new services located at 418 Shepherd Ave. (Fire line tap) and 830 Ames Ct. (Fire line tap).

With no further business, a motion was made to adjourn at approximately 12:45 pm.

Luncheon followed.

Respectively submitted
Chris Donovan