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MUC Minutes

January 26, 2017

Municipal Utilities Commission
January 26, 2017

The Municipal Utilities Commission met in regular session on Thursday, January 26, 2017, at the Municipal Utilities Commission conference room at 410 Academy St., Cambridge, Md., Mayor Victoria Jackson-Stanley convened the meeting at approximately 5:30 pm.


Present: Mayor Victoria Jackson-Stanley
Glenn Ford-MUC Commissioner
Andy Pasden-MUC Commissioner
Steve Williams-MUC Commissioner
Joe Brooks-MUC Commissioner
Megan Nabb-Holotik-MUC Commissioner
Jane Dorman-MUC Water Resource Administrator
Kevin Johnson-Superintendent-MUC
Ed Bramble-Asst. Superintendent-MUC




Expenditures for the month of December 2016 in the amount of $236,913.64 were submitted for approval.
Motion to approve the expenditures was made by Mr. Williams, seconded by Mr. Pasden.




Minutes for the MUC meeting of December 8th., 2016, were submitted for approval.
Motion to approve minutes was made by Mr. Brooks, seconded by Mrs. Nabb-Holotik.


Oak Hill Water Connections

Mrs. Dorman informed the Commission that the water lines are complete and ready for those who wants to hook up to City water. She has established a time line and drafted letters that will be sent to the Oak Hill Residents in the very near future advising them of the time frame and any additional cost for hookup. Mrs. Dorman said this will only be offered to the residents who have a structure on their property.

Mrs. Dorman will continue to inform the Commission of any future updates and or changes that may arise.

Municipal Utilities Commission Audit Report


Mr. Pasden pointed out some of the important things of the audit, saying it was an excellent report.

1. Independent Audit Report: Management is responsible for the financial presentation of the report.
2. Opinion: In our opinion, the financial statements referred to as present fairly, in all material respects, the respective financial position of the Commission.
3. Opinion: The other supplementary information is the responsibility of management and was derived from and relates directly to the underlying accounting and other records used to prepare the basic financial statements.
4. Internal Control: Internal control over financial reporting.
5. Financial Highlights: The Commission's combined net position.


The Commission gave congratulations to the MUC management and recognizing it to be a team effort.

Superintendent's Report

Mr. Johnson reported on the pumpage and billing for the month of December 2016, including seven street openings and one new fire line service located at 906 Washington St.

With no further business, a motion was made to adjourn at approximately 6:00 pm.


Respectively submitted
Chris Donovan