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City Council Minutes

July 24, 2006

The City Council met in regular session on Monday, July 24, 2006 Council Chambers. A quorum being present, Mayor Cleveland L. Rippons called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Those Commissioners in attendance were Commissioners Knox, Sydnor, Cephas, Brooks, and Travers.

Ed Kinnamon led in the Lord's Prayer. Commissioner Travers led in the Pledge of Allegiance. Commissioner Travers made a motion to approve the minutes of the July 10, 2006 Council meeting as distributed. Commissioner Sydnor seconded the motion. The motion was passed unanimously.


Frank Gianiny to Discuss Various Topics-Frank Gianiny began by reading the list of items he submitted for the agenda. He received a phone call from Commissioner Cephas saying that Mayor Rippons asked him whether Council should print what was submitted for the agenda. He wanted it exactly as he worded it; however it was not printed that way. Over the last six years people have been able to say exactly what they want. He asked Mayor Rippons why his information was left out. Mayor Rippons said it was not his choice. Mayor Rippons said on Thursday when they compose the agenda, it is reviewed by the City Clerk, the City Attorney, and the Mayor. Mr. Collison said it would be more appropriate if they group the four items together as it appears on the agenda. Commissioner Travers agreed to combine the items. Commissioner Brooks originally agreed but called back 20 minutes later and disagreed. Commissioner Knox was unavailable. Commissioner Sydnor called when Mayor Rippons was on the phone but could not be reached when he tried to return the call. Commissioner Cephas said he wanted to call Mr. Gianiny. Mr. Gianiny called Mayor Rippons. Before the votes were in, Mayor Rippons had to leave the office and asked Kathy Foster to get the rest of the votes, then call Rob Collison. The agenda was printed in the abbreviated form. Mr. Gianiny asked for clarification that Kathy Foster, a city employee, has the authority to accept votes from Commissioners. Mayor Rippons said that is correct. Commissioner Sydnor said he did not vote. Commissioner Cephas said he never voted. His comment was "print it". He never talked to Kathy except for one time when she told him the Mayor called. Mr. Gianiny asked if Kathy made this decision on her own. Mayor Rippons said she did not make the decision. Rob Collison said Kathy called him late on Thursday and she had not heard back from some of the Commissioners and had to fax the agenda to the press. He told her if she heard back from them after it was faxed, she could submit a revised agenda on Friday. Commissioner Cephas said nobody ever asked him about a vote. Kathy never asked him that. He doesn't know what she told the Mayor. He said Commissioner Sydnor said she never asked him. He was never asked to vote by anybody. Commissioner Knox said he doesn't think he really voted. Mr. Gianiny said several thousand copies of his agenda were distributed along with the lawsuit.

Mr. Gianiny said an employee received preferential treatment when she signed non-conforming occupancy permits and was rewarded with a substantial raise. He asked if is because she is of the Caucasian race.

Mr. Gianiny said he received a phone call from a lawyer representing a woman in Cambridge. Everyone is in possession of a copy of the lawsuit. He read his declaration to the lawsuit. He met with the woman in an attempt to get the City to address building defects in his parents' new home. He was told by a City employee that there was no sense in getting a stop work order for the development because it would decrease the value of his parents' home as well as the employee's home, which was located nearby. He said there was no sense complaining to the City Commissioners. The employee said that a City Commissioner wanted to promote an African-American female to the Assistant Director's position and then he made racial slurs referring to the female. He also told Mr. Gianiny that the employee had a doctor's letter in the file that reported that she had a condition that required a work accommodation but it was a glorified excuse to sleep in. Mr. Gianiny said he was shocked at what he was told and decided to report it to Commissioner Brooks. She asked him to speak to Commissioner Cephas. They invited Mr. Gianiny to report the information and more at the next meeting of the City of Cambridge. He gave testimony in two executive sessions. The employee said Mr. Gianiny must have misunderstood him. He never denied the information on the personnel file or the employee's condition. Commissioner Sydnor said he hopes that the records will speak for themselves. Under the advice of their attorney and the issues that may proceed from this, he cannot comment. Mr. Gianiny said he was invited to come back to provide more information at another executive session. He said the employee told him his parents' home would go down in value if they placed a stop work order on the development; however, the house was sold for more than what his parents bought it for. He reported to the Council what he heard from the Department Head. When the Council voted that the Department Head resign or be fired, the vote was 3 to 2 in favor of resignation. Mayor Rippons voted against termination blocking the action. He does not know the female employee. He met her once in March 2006 when they were introduced. They have never spoken about the foregoing.

There are multiple counts in the lawsuit. He hopes LGIT does not settle this case. He wants it to go to court so they can expose the Mayor, the things he has done, and the Director of Public Works. He is not qualified and is a racist just like the Mayor. Several thousand copies of the lawsuit were passed out. There were multiple code violations at Long Boat Estates. He read a transcript from the Daily Banner concerning an unresolved issue stemming from a clash between the Department of Public Works and a new homeowner. He also read an article from the Star Democrat stating a Cambridge official was accused of making racial statements. He had a note talking about mistakes that inspectors made. Rob Collison asked that the comments not be made about personnel-only City business. Mr. Gianiny discovered several problems with his house since the occupancy permit was issued including drainage problems, furnace problems, gas line ruptures, no ducts in the master bedroom and bathroom, and improper ventilation. Lennar, the developer, was at the house 48 times to check on the huge violations. He asked Commissioner Brooks if it is true that there are problems in Long Boat Estates and violations. Rob Collison said Mr. Newcomb was an independent inspector who was hired. He has completed various inspections and the information has been forwarded to Lennar Homes for their response. The City has not seen that response yet. Mr. Gianiny asked about the status of the builder who built his home. Commissioner Brooks said it is an on-going process. The City hired Jim Newcomb to inspect four of five of the homes. That was just the beginning. According to his report, he found some things that he felt need more questions and needed to be looked into further. His concerns have been forwarded to Lennar Homes for their opinion. It is her understanding that when they get a response from Lennar, it will then be forwarded to DPW for their consideration. The issue with Lennar is an on-going issue. They are still investigating it. Mr. Gianiny asked about the work status at the development with Lennar and asked if there was a stop work order. Commissioner Brooks said she believes there was. Rob Collison said Council has asked that until Lennar responds to information in the reports, that no new building permits be issued. Mr. Gianiny said he doesn't believe they would shut down a community and stop work on all these homes if it was a minor problem. When he was here they said they would not be issuing any new occupancy permits nor any building permits. He said there is no more on-going building at that development. Commissioner Brooks said that is correct with the one developer. Mr. Gianiny said the Fire Chief says that there are violations. The manufacturers' installation instructions were not followed. There were code violations at the time. He provided occupancy permits signed by City employees. The homes have illegal occupancy permits. A good majority of the building permits issued and stamped "approved" are very illegal also.

Mr. Gianiny said certain white employees are receiving preferential treatment. Looking at the salary schedule, a white female employee who is a Code Enforcement Officer ll and who happened to sign all the previous occupancy permits that were illegally signed, was receiving $30,090. Now she is receiving $36,893. He said Mayor Rippons told a reporter that he thought that the employee who is now suing the City got too much money. She has a higher degree of education than the Director of DPW. Mr. Gianiny said Mayor Rippons did not make a comment about the Code Enforcement Officer II. He believes it is preferential treatment of a Caucasian employee.

Mr. Gianiny spoke on the definition of racism. Racism is a Federal offense. He believes Mayor Rippons is a racist.

Mayor Rippons said the Charter allots 20 minutes to everyone who wishes to speak to Council. Mr. Gianiny said that is why he had four items on the agenda. Commissioner Cephas said Council has a short agenda and most of the items will not take long. Mr. Gianiny said he has been speaking for an hour. He will need from 15 minutes to 40 minutes. Commissioner Sydnor said considering that he had four items on the agenda and it was not made public and Council will allow 20 minutes for each item, they should allow him to use the rest of the time. Council took a short break at this time.

Mr. Gianiny asked about Commissioner Knox's business, Brooks Barrel Company. Rob Collison advised Council not to respond to any questions. Mr. Gianiny said it was Commissioner Knox who brought forward to take away Mayor Cleveland L. Rippons' personnel powers. He said somehow the City is going to annex to the right and to the left of Commissioner Knox's business property. If it goes the right way, they will leave him out.

Mr. Gianiny said he will be returning to Council on August 15th. The meeting will be held at another location because there are several hundred people coming from Washington DC, Baltimore, and Annapolis. He would like to talk about the Trenton Street project at the next meeting. He asked how much Beazer Homes was paying in impact fees on the project. Mayor Rippons said they are not paying a fee. Mr. Gianiny asked who was putting in the roads. Mayor Rippons said the developer is putting in the road improvements. Mr. Gianiny asked if it was true that the City did not pay for any revamping of Trenton Street or any of the other streets out there. Mayor Rippons said to his knowledge, they did not. Mr. Gianiny said there were several MOUs on this property. He asked Rob Collison about the boat slips and Beazer Homes. It is his understanding that the City entered into a lease agreement with Beazer Homes for approximately $18,000 a year. Rob Collison said he thinks it was $180,000 for a period of time. It was for the pre-existing boat slips on Trenton Street. The new slips are at the expense of the developer. They created a marina after dredging areas. Mr. Gianiny said there is no impact fee on Beazer Homes and then the City gave away some of the most valuable property there is which is water. Mayor Rippons said the slips that Beazer has are not anything that came from the City's volition. It is his understanding that the slips are not in Beazer's possession at this time. They are with the other developer who in turn sold his interest in the residential portion to Beazer Homes. The lottery system they have will give them rights-not to those slips that the City yielded-but to the ones that were permitted by EPA. Rob Collison said MDE permitted the dredging of the marina they created. Mr. Gianiny said that has nothing to do with money. He asked how they could allow this huge development to come to prime waterfront property and not put an impact fee on them. Rob Collison said at that time there was substantial discussion to create and revise the PWCD. When the American City Rouse Company created that district in the early 1980s, the only requirement for a riverwalk was in front of non-residential development. Everything was residential. The only thing that was created after that requirement was Snappers as far as non-residential buildings. You have a very piece-meal river walk. Commissioner Lee Weldon chaired a committee that was looking to change that to require a 12-ft-wide riverwalk across any development project in the creek. There were a substantial number of property owners who came to Council with general objections. Security was one reason. The Beazer Project (different developer) was negotiating at that time. The rationale for not imposing an impact fee was that they dedicated and committed a 12-ft-wide riverwalk that will forever remain a public sidewalk. It covers the distance from Cedar Street up to the Trenton Street Tractor property. Mr. Gianiny said at Long Boat Estates the impact fee for a couple hundred homes is well over one-half million dollars. Basically that was tangible. The City gave away hundreds of homes at the Trenton Street project and they received some pressure-treated lumber for a boardwalk. At Long Boat Estates they received over one half million dollars and a good portion of that money is coming back to the City. At Trenton Street, nothing goes back to the community. Nothing goes to help the people at risk. Nothing goes back to the City other than some 2x4s. Rob Collison said you have to remember the timing of this project. It was the first one to come to the City. If the City had to buy all of Deep Harbour's waterfront property to construct a riverwalk, the City could not afford it. Mr. Gianiny said he thinks he would have hired a professional to re-negotiate this deal. Hopefully they have all learned from this. People are moving to the City of Cambridge. They need to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Mr. Gianiny presented Mayor Rippons with nickels and asked what it represented when he lived on Hooper Island. It will go to court and people will testify about it. Mayor Rippons said he had no idea what Mr. Gianiny was talking about. Mr. Gianiny referred to racial slurs used against African-Americans. He asked if Mayor Rippons ever received any tangible items, kick-backs, or cash from any developer, builder or business proprietor in the City of Cambridge. Mayor Rippons said he did not. Mr. Gianiny said he is coming back with help. He said Mayor Rippons is corrupt, crooked, a racist and has no business being here. Mr. Gianiny referred to $50,000 he received at the Country Club. Mayor Rippons said he did not know what Mr. Gianiny is talking about. Mr. Gianiny said a City official contacted the FBI and consulted with numerous lawyers. He said Mayor Rippons is going to Federal court. He doesn't think the Mayor will have the people stand up for him that he has in the past. He said they agreed in a personnel session that he would be coming back on August 15th. Commissioner Cephas confirmed the date. He hopes LGIT does not settle with the young lady. He hopes it goes to court. He said he asked for Mayor Rippons' resignation during the personnel session just like he asked for David Pritchett's resignation.

Mr. Gianiny said he would like to talk to Commissioner Travers personally. Commissioner Travers asked Mr. Gianiny to bring out anything that he knows about him. Mr. Gianiny said he believes Commissioner Travers will be behind the Mayor in court. He thinks Commissioner Travers has something to do with the Trenton Street project also.

Ed Stivers to Discuss Trenton Street Project-Ed Stivers said he came to Council a few years back before the Trenton Street project got started. He asked for certain things. He thought they were fair and simple. It hasn't happened. In the process of doing the Trenton Street project, they have come up right next to his building with a fence. They have blocked the side that he needs for fire safety. A few weeks back there was a dumpster fire next to the townhouses. If he needs to get a fire truck to that side of the building, they can't get there. It needs to be corrected very quickly. He doesn't know if his insurance company is going to give him a problem or not. He is going to come back to City Council if he can't carry the fire insurance and he will ask the City to insure the building. He sees so many problems and he doesn't know how people aren't seeing them. He has vines growing up the side of his building. He doesn't want them there. He can't get in there because he has to enter on Beazer's property to do anything with them. Beazer is not the nice neighbor they said they would be when they had the original meeting. If he wanted to back tractor-trailer down there to get to the side door to load a piece of equipment, he would have to drive through about six townhouses because they have the door blocked. This is quite unfair and he doesn't know how it has happened. There are a lot of environmental issues which he cannot discuss at all. Many of them are probably serious issues and much more serious that what is involved with his piece of property. He gave the Council a fact sheet. He needs to know who had the authority to issue the building permits and the occupancy permits. He said the City has to depend on the County for a health inspector in regards to environmental and health issues in construction of new homes. Rob Collison said road construction and stormwater management would be the City's Department of Public Works. If he is talking about a commercial facility with environmental or food service, that would be the County Health Department. Mr. Stivers asked who you go to if they are building on toxic ground and it is residential. Rob Collison said it would be the responsibility of the purchaser and the developer to do the various testings. If it is brought to the City's attention, they would notify MDE. The City does not take soil samples. Mr. Stivers asked if they should get approval to build from the Department of the Environment before they start to build. Rob Collison said there are no regulations that he is aware of that would actively require that they do some environmental testing. If it is discovered, MDE will be called in and determine who was the source of the contamination. Mr. Stivers said after what he has experienced in the last two or three years, if the City needs to change their Charter or whatever they need to do, they have some serious, serious, very heavy financial problems right now that may be coming at them. He will gladly talk to them in confidence about it. Some of the other things that he has uncovered are unbelievable. He will let them know what he knows about the creek. It scares him. Rob Collison said they will have to look at what was constructed and compare it to what was approved by Planning and Zoning to see if there was a deviation and see what restrictions Planning and Zoning could have put on the site plan. Mr. Stivers said there is a lot of contaminated ground. He asked if an environmental test was done where they are building the new fire department. Mayor Rippons said Phase 1 was done and it is dependant on those results if they need to go to Phase 2. Rob Collison said it is in a buyer's best interest to do it. The City does not require it. Commissioner Brooks said we can require it and make it part of the City Charter. Rob Collison said he can look into it and consider it at a future meeting. Mr. Stivers said there was supposed to be a parking lot near his building so he would have access to his door. He has spent a lot of his money defending himself. He needs the vegetation off his building and he doesn't want to go on their property. He wants to know about the building permits-when they were issued, who signed them, what kind of inspections were done on this property, etc. He is going to court on Thursday. He heard a rumor the other day that they forgot to dig up a fuel tank. He asked why they build a condominium 10 to 15 feet away from the sewer pumping station that stinks. The pumping station overflowed a lot in the past few years. He offered to point out little things to Council if they would come to the site. He wants to move forward. He would like to sell. He even talked about giving it to Habitat for Humanity. The environment has serious problems and it involves the health of children. He found out about it by accident.


Discussion and Decision on Proposed Abandonment of Road Bed of a Portion of Eutaw Street Between Governors Avenue and Goldsborough Avenue-Rob Collison said the City held a public hearing on this matter during the last regular session. There was no opposition to the request by some property owners in that area. Commissioner Sydnor made a motion to consider the property as excess property, the City no longer needs it, and to authorize the abandonment of that portion of Eutaw Street. Commissioner Travers seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Request from Maryland Rural Development Corporation for the City of Cambridge to Sponsor a Breakfast for a Community Development/Housing Summit at the Hyatt-Ed Kinnamon said Council received a letter from Gary Sawyer, Director of Community Services in Maryland. They are sponsoring a community development housing summit at the Hyatt. They are looking for funding to assist with the cost. They asked that Cambridge pick up the cost of the breakfast for 125 attendees at a cost of approximately $3,000. Council is invited to the summit. Mayor Rippons said that would be $24 per breakfast. Commissioner Sydnor said these folks requested funds during our budget hearings; however the City was not able to assist them. Commissioner Brooks said we don't have a housing counseling program in Cambridge. It is more for the people who are working and have to learn how to budget, etc. Because we don't have a housing counseling program and this is an opportunity for anyone from Cambridge to attend, she doesn't have a problem with sponsoring some of the breakfast. Mayor Rippons said he doesn't see the feasibility of taking taxpayers money for an event that is not sponsored by the City. He doesn't have any trouble if we send representatives to provide a stipend for their meals. There is quite a distinction between that and paying $3000 for 125 people to eat. Commissioner Brooks said the letter says all or part. Commissioner Cephas said he wishes they had a representative here before we take any action. Ed Kinnamon said he will request someone attend the next meeting.

Discuss Grants Management Guide-Ed Kinnamon said the City had been audited by the US Department of Justice for local law enforcement block grants. They stated they would like the City to have a grants guideline and provided one for us. He adapted it to our policy here. Commissioner Sydnor asked if it was a big deviation from the grants outlined in our Charter. Ed Kinnamon said he does not think so. It can be changed at any time. The document does what we do now. If we need to change something, we can adjust it. Commissioner Cephas made a motion to approve the guide. Commissioner Sydnor seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Request from Cambridge Police Department for a Noise Variance for National Night Out on August 1st from 4:00 pm Until 7:00 pm at the Visitor Center and from 7:00 pm Until 9:00 pm at the Dorchester County Pool-Commissioner Sydnor made a motion to approve the request. Commissioner Cephas seconded the motion. Commissioner Brooks asked if there was any particular reason why it is being held all the way out at the Visitor's Center. Chief Malik said they wanted to put it at two different locations. Originally they had it on Pine Street at the Empowerment Center. They were getting less and less people attending so they moved it to the pool which has been very successful. They wanted to have it at two different locations in the City. There is a lot of room at the Visitors Center to set up tables and they also kept it at the pool so the kids can use the pool and listen to the music. Commissioner Brooks said she knows quite a few children who attend the event at the pool but the walk to the Visitors Center is quite a walk. Chief Malik said they like to get kids from all parts of the City involved. Commissioner Brooks said she thinks the Visitors Center is quite a ways out. She doesn't have any suggestions for where else for the portion from 4:00 pm until 7:00 pm. Chief Malik said they will try it this year. If it is not successful, they will see what they can arrange next year. They tried to increase the time to get more people involved. The motion passed unanimously.

Introduction of Ordinance to Amend Section 4-37 of Chapter 4 "Buildings and Housing" to Reinstate Provisions Erroneously Omitted During Re-Codification-Rob Collison said this is a first reading so no action will be taken by Council this evening. The City amended the first paragraph of Section 4-37 and the intent was only to amend the paragraph. When the publication company received it, they had deleted everything else. This ordinance is housekeeping to re-instate those provisions (Subsections a, b, and c).

Approve Job Description for DPW City Building Official-Commissioner Knox made a motion to approve the job description. Commissioner Cephas seconded the motion. Commissioner Sydnor said under the minimum qualifications, the person must have a Bachelor's degree in planning, architecture, construction technology, civic engineering or a closely-related field and five years progressive experience in the design, construction and inspection of public commercial, industrial and residential buildings. There is also a statement about an equivalent combination of education and experience enabling the incumbent to perform the essential functions of the position may be considered. He asked if that is what we use now having experience equivalent to a certain number of college years. Mayor Rippons said it is to give as broad latitude as possible to the City when they are hiring. A candidate may come to the City with 40 years experience. Commissioner Sydnor asked for the grade classification for this position. Nobody was sure. Commissioner Knox rescinded his motion. This will be further discussed at the next meeting.

Approve PO 4023 - Michael Mayes - Battle Ridge Kennels & K9 Services - $6,500 for One K-9 Dog with Two Weeks Training and Lodging for Officer (Drug Forfeiture Money)-Commissioner Sydnor made a motion to approve the purchase order. Commissioner Cephas seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Approve Financial Statement for June 2006-Commissioner Sydnor made a motion to approve the financial statement. Commissioner Travers seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Rob Collison announced that the City Council will be meeting in a special session on Thursday, July 27th at 7:00 pm in the County Council Chambers to consider the final development plan for the Egypt Road project.

Commissioner Cephas made a motion to have the next Council meeting on Tuesday, August 15th instead of August 14th. Commissioner Brooks seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. The location of the meeting will be forthcoming.

Commissioner Cephas asked about the light on Cornish and Weaver. Ed Kinnamon said he got the pole number and called Delmarva Power. He will follow up with it.

Commissioner Brooks said she was approached by the woman who requested a light between Leonard Lane and Glenburn Avenue (Holland Avenue). They have still not received their light.

Commissioner Brooks made a motion that in the future Council will not lock the Council Chambers doors and they will be open at 6:00 pm. The personnel sessions will be held in the back room. Mr. Kinnamon can bring a hand held recorder. Commissioner Cephas seconded the motion. It was decided that the doors will be opened when Mr. Kinnamon gets to the meeting room.  The motion passed unanimously.

Commissioner Sydnor was contacted by Mrs. Cooper and she is having a drainage problem on Saunders Avenue. She has been trying to get someone to look at it. It is between Fairmount and Park Lane. Commissioner Cephas said he will look into it.

Commissioner Travers apologized to Mr. Frank Gianiny for using profanity.

Portia Johnson-Ennels said asked for a letter from the City concerning the Empowerment Center lease and the terms agreed upon on according during the April 11th City Council meeting. They have yet to receive it. They are no longer under any obligation to send reports to the State but they are under stringent restrictions by the City that actually interfere with their use of the building for the community. It needs to be resolved. They no longer need to be held hostage for something that the community worked together to get. If they are no longer obligated to make reports to the State of Maryland, they should be able to have more freedom for the use of the building. Rob Collison said that now that the grant was closed out, they wished to remove the semi-annual reporting period and make it annually and then extend the lease for the remainder of the term. Ed Kinnamon said he will work with Rob Collison on this item.

Portia Johnson Ennels said she needs representatives from some of the wards for the Housing Task Force. They have urgent business that they are trying to handle. She asked that the representatives be appointed by the next meeting which will be fourth Tuesday at 1:30 pm. Mrs. Stafford requested that she be sent notification by mail of the meetings. That would be appropriate.

Pastor George Wheatley of Jubilee Christian Fellowship said 40 years ago next July an outside man came here and brought friends from Washington, Annapolis, and Baltimore. He stood on the steps of the National Guard Armory and saw part of our City burn. He saw a precious Black gentleman run up to the steps and beg the fire department to come out because his house and his neighbor's house were on fire and they were loosing everything. The fire department tried to go out and they were stoned and shot at. It wasn't our local people that were the problem, it was a handful, a very few, misguided local people but the majority of them were the gentleman and friends he brought from outside. We have spent 40 years trying to get our City back together. Please don't let an outsider and other outsiders come in and tear our City apart and destroy some of the things we have accomplished through the years.

Patricia Johnson thanked the Chief of Police, Commissioner Brooks, Commissioner Cephas, and Commissioner Sydnor for attending their first annual Andrew Cornish Day on May 5th. The City worked with them to block off the street. Her nephew, Andrew, was shot one year ago on May 5th by City Police and they are trying to do something in a positive way. She will be back to the City next year to request that they block the street off again. It is all about trying to bring the community together-not trying to separate them.  

With no further business, Mayor Rippons adjourned this portion of the meeting at 9:28 p.m. I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and accurate account of the Council meeting Monday, July 24, 2006, insofar as I personally am aware.

Edwin C. Kinnamon, Clerk & Treasurer