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City Council Minutes

May 23, 2005

The City Council met in regular session on Monday, May 23, 2005 Council Chambers.   A quorum being present, Mayor Cleveland L. Rippons called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Those Commissioners in attendance were Commissioners Knox, Cephas, Brooks, and Travers.

Ed Kinnamon led in the Lord's Prayer.   Commissioner Travers led in the Pledge of Allegiance.   Commissioner Travers made a motion to approve the minutes of the May 9, 2005 Council meeting as distributed.   Commissioner Cephas seconded the motion.   The motion was passed unanimously.     


Constant Yield Tax Rate-The public hearing was advertised in The Daily Banner on May 16, 2005.   Ed Kinnamon said the constant yield tax rate is calculated by the Department of Assessments and Taxation.   It represents the real property tax rate for the coming year that would generate the same amount of revenue that was generated during the current tax year.   As assessments increase, the constant yield tax rate decreases.   A tax rate at or below the existing tax rate is a tax increase if it is higher than the constant yield tax rate.   When a taxing authority plans to impose a real property tax rate that is higher than the constant yield tax rate, it must advertise the tax increase and hold a public hearing.   If the taxing authority plans to set a real property tax rate at the current level, but above the constant yield tax rate, it must be advertised and a hearing must be held.   The Commissioners of Cambridge do propose to increase real property taxes.   For this tax year beginning July 1, 2005, the estimated real property assessable base will increase by 8.29 percent from $515,999,627 to $558,783,189.   If the City of Cambridge maintains the current tax rate of 0.726 cents per $100 of assessment, the real property tax revenues will increase by 8.29 percent resulting in $310,609 of new real property tax revenue.   In order to fully offset the effective increase in assessment, the real property tax rate should be reduced to 0.67 cents-the constant yield tax rate.   The city is considering not reducing this real property tax rate enough to fully offset increasing assessments.   The city proposes to adopt a real property tax rate of 0.726 cents per $100 of assessment.   This tax rate is 8.36 percent higher than the constant yield tax rate and will generate $310,609 in additional property tax revenues.  

Nobody from the City Council or the public asked to speak.   Commissioner Travers made a motion to close the public hearing.   Commissioner Knox seconded the motion. The motion passed 4:0.

Annexation Resolution A-2005-02 - Tax Map 30, Parcel 88 (15.9 acres on the north side of Maryland Route 343)-Rob Collison reported that the certificate of publication states that the public hearing was advertised in the Daily Banner on April 26, 2005 and May 3, 2005.   Notice of the public hearing as well as notice of the proposed annexation was forwarded via certified mail on May 2, 2005 to the Dorchester County Council, Dorchester County Department of Planning and Zoning, and to the Maryland Department of Planning.  The city has not received any comments from the Department of Planning.   They received a letter from Steve Dodd, the Director of Planning and Zoning, with regard to both of the proposed annexations.   They find that Annexation Resolution A-2005-02 is consistent with the county's comprehensive plan and they have no objection to the proposed annexation.   By State statute, Rob Collison asked if anyone from the Maryland Department of Planning or the county who wishes to be heard first.   Nobody from those two organizations asked to speak.   Rob Collison said the proposed annexation has been requested by the appropriate number of property owners and registered voters.   The parcel of property, located on Tax Map 30, Parcel 88, is 15 acres more or less.   The owners are Barbara Palmer and Justin Palmer.   The proposed zoning is R‑3 (multi-family residential).  The costs of any and all of the public infrastructure and any and all improvements are being borne by the developer and applicants.   The city will not incur any expenses in regard to any of those items.  

Ryan Showalter appeared on behalf of Barbara and Justin Palmer, the owners, and MHA Financial Group, the contract purchaser of the group.   He said the parcel is almost exclusively surrounded by existing municipal boundaries.   The property is mapped by the city's comprehensive plan as a parcel specifically identified for annexation.   The county's comprehensive plan also designates this as part of the town's adjoining areas for growth as annexation to the city. The proposed zoning is R-3 which is the same zoning as you find on both sides of the property.   The contemplated land use is a series of approximately 70 townhomes in the front with access off of Washington Street.  To the rear of the property, they are proposing an affordable senior (55+) apartment facility.   It is not assisted living.   The program will move toward using a series of tax credits and financing to allow these units to be rented at a rate that is affordable for seniors.

Commissioner Cephas questioned Mr. Showalter on the rent.   Mr. Showalter said the apartment building will have one and two bedroom apartments.   The rate structure will be based on the tenants' income but it is anticipated that it will range somewhere between $250 and $675 per month.  

Nobody asked to speak for or against the project.   Anne Roane reported that the Planning and Zoning Commission recommended approval for the annexation in the R‑3 zoning.   Once the annexation is approved, it will go through the subdivision review process for site plan review. Commissioner Knox made a motion to approve Annexation Resolution 2005-02. Commissioner Travers seconded the motion. The motion passed 4:0.

Community Development Block Grant Application for Extension of Sewer and Water to the Christ Rock Community-The public hearing was advertised in The Star Democrat on Thursday, May 19, 2005.   Anne Roane said the city is applying for a grant from the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development.  The grant will help supplement the construction costs for the addition of water and sewer lines to the Christ Rock community.   They are pursuing annexation at this time.   The city has applied, on their behalf, to the Maryland Department of the Environment for another grant and should hear on the status of that grant in July.   All of it is contingent on annexation.  The city is seeking $212,678.  The total cost of the project is $682,512.  The city will contribute in-kind services through the administration of the grant.  

Mayor Rippons reported that the city received a letter signed by 12 residents of the Christ Rock area requesting that the city move ahead at this time.   David Yost, 2361 Church Creek Road, agrees with the city water and sewer.   He was wondering about the gas.   He asked why it has to be annexed in order to get these grants.  The documents that he has read say it is still available without annexation.   Mayor Rippons said the utilities are owned by the city.   The city will not allow the extension unless they are mandated.   There was a mandate placed on the city by the State to extend the services to Church Creek.   The city policy states that any time a parcel of land is contiguous to the city and it can be annexed, they will seek to have annexation as a requirement.   Every other taxpayer pays their taxes to have the services.   There is no rationale behind someone else being afforded the luxury to have those services without paying their fair share.   Mr. Yost said paying for the water and sewer counts for paying for the services.   Mayor Rippons said there are other services.   For years, when the system was put in, the citizens of Cambridge continually paid for the installation of those services through their taxes and they paid for water and sewer.   Mr. Yost said he knows there are grants available without being annexed to help pay for it.   He disagrees with the city annexation.   He moved out there because it is a rural area and he wants it to stay a rural area.   With city water and sewer, he calculated his property taxes will go up $1000 a year-that is too much.  

A property owner in Christ Rock, said she understands the rationale that they discussed.   She asked if they knew that there are people who live on one side of the road who are in the city and pay taxes and don't get all the city benefits.   There are people in Christ Rock who want to be annexed for the sole purpose of those benefits.   As far as she is concerned, there is a health issue because with improper septic systems and water systems, they are having access to poor plumbing.   She is not too sure if they have to be annexed.   If it is a health issue, and the Department of the Environment comes in, they could get both.   She has no problem being annexed for full services.   She wouldn't want to pay taxes and only receive half services.   There are people who have lived in Christ Rock since the 1970s who have been paying city taxes and do not have full benefits.   Mayor Rippons asked Ed Kinnamon to check into this.   An unidentified speaker said many of the people's income qualify for the program.  They are eligible for a Community Development Block Grant.  

Nobody else asked to speak.   Commissioner Brooks made a motion to submit the grant application to the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development and to approve the resolution.   Commissioner Travers seconded the motion.   The motion passed 4:0.


Opens Bid for Furnishing and Placing Bituminous Concrete Overlay on Designated Streets-Ed Kinnamon reported that the city received four bids:

  • Delmarva Paving Company (Seaford, DE) - $212,140
  • George and Lynch Inc. (Dover, DE) - $200,550
  • David A. Bramble, Inc. (Chestertown, MD) - $205,750
  • Pennsy Supply, Inc. (Delmar, MD) - $204,912

Commissioner Travers made a motion to refer the bids to the Department of Public Works for their review and recommendation.   Commissioner Cephas seconded the motion. The motion passed 4:0.

Open Bids for a Trailer for Rescue Fire Company-Ed Kinnamon reported that the city received three bids:

  • M&M Auto Sales of Waldorf, Inc. - $11,167.50
  • Creighton Trailer Sales (Mardela Springs) - $11,115.00
  • Brooks Ramsey Motors and RV Center (White Marsh, MD) - $8,980.00

Commissioner Travers made a motion to refer the bids to Rescue Fire Company for their review and recommendation.   Commissioner Cephas seconded the motion. The motion passed 4:0.

Representatives from the Bay Country Festival to Request a Variance from the Noise Ordinance for their Event from June 30th through July 4th from 4:00 pm Until 11:00 pm   and to Request a Carnival Permit and the Fee to be Waived for Their 501(c)4 Organization-Paul Myers and Dori Weber appeared to answer any questions.   Mayor Rippons said this has been a continuous event for the past 11 years.   Commissioner Travers made a motion to approve the requests.   Commissioner Knox seconded the motion. The motion passed 4:0.   Mayor Rippons reported that this organization has listened to the community in regards to entertainment, rides, and almost every consideration on their schedule.   He thanked them for the work their volunteer organization does and what they bring to the community.

David Hines, Cornerstone Assembly, to Request Permission to Have a Bake Sale at Long Wharf on July 4th-Commissioner Cephas made a motion to approve the request. Commissioner Travers seconded the motion. The motion passed 4:0.

Octavene Saunders to Discuss Land Acquisition and Disposition-Mrs. Saunders asked about the process and status of seeking to purchase the property on the corner of Park Lane and Leonard Lane for affordable housing.   Ed Kinnamon reported that he sent letters to the listed owners of record of those properties.   The only contact he has received was Chesapeake Utilities and they discussed their plans for their property.   That is the only property owner he heard from.

Mrs. Saunders said an allegation has come to her attention of a possible ethical impropriety committed by a City of Cambridge elected official.   Supposedly the property on the corner of Cedar and Race Streets is being negotiated with a selected individual without giving others the opportunity to present their project, design, projected costs, etc. to the City Council.   According to Commissioners La-Shon Brooks and Gilbert Cephas, the Mayor broke a tie vote recently pertaining to the above property.   Immediately after the vote, according to the two Commissioners, the Mayor introduced a written letter from the Fawcett-Magee group for the same property to discuss purchasing the property.   The Commissioners asked the Mayor why he didn't read the letter before the vote.   Both Commissioners told her that the Mayor said it would not have made a difference.   Tony Easter also told her at a group meeting last week that he tried to present a development plan for the same property and the Mayor, according to Mr. Easter, refused to let him present his plan to the Council.   Ms. Saunders said if all of the above is correct, she is asking for an ethic investigation into this issue.   She is also requesting the findings be made public under the Freedom of Information Act.  It appears to her that any elected official should be held to a standard that allows for level playing fields when it comes to acquisition, development, and use of public-owned properties.   She understands from the two Commissioners that there was a vote taken.   It was a tie vote and the Mayor broke the tie and voted one specific person to be negotiated with to develop and purchase this property.   She feels that this is public property and public money.   In the past, much issue was made about the public not knowing about this specific piece of property.   She is asking for an Ethics Committee investigation.   She handed her letter to Rob Collison.

Rob Collison said the city has an Ethics Committee that is required to investigate any allegations and all of their findings are public.   He said the members are Jane Devlin, Greg Meekins, and Grason Eckel.    For clarification of the process, the public minutes of the executive session indicated that the Council selected a development project to proceed with negotiations.   By the State law and our Charter, we have to have a public hearing before anything is finalized.   Mrs. Saunders said she is questioning that if there was a letter of interest, before the Mayor introduced this developer, why wasn't the letter introduced and also why wasn't Mr. Easter allowed to show his presentation.   Mayor Rippons said there was an RFP and responses came in.   He asked Council if they saw a presentation by Mr. Easter.   They responded that they had.   Ms. Saunders said Commissioner Cephas was present last week at the meeting when Mr. Easter said he was not allowed to address Council and Commissioner Cephas said nothing.   Commissioner Cephas said Mr. Easter wanted to come back again and was not allow to.   Mayor Rippons said the statement that the Mayor denied access to Council by Mr. Easter is erroneous.   Ms. Saunders said she will not be satisfied until the Ethics Committee looks at all of it.   Mayor Rippons said he has no trouble with them looking at it.

John Plaskon, Mid-Shore Roundtable, to Discuss Their Programs for the Homeless-Laurie Jordan appeared to discuss the programs.   She said this is a collaborative effort in the five-county region to make long term plans to put an end to homelessness in the region.   They have been meeting for 4½ years now and brought $1.7 million in new funds from HUD into the area for long-term housing. They are looking into trying to get other funding and other resources to support their mission.   They are currently made up of mental health providers, local DSS, church groups, and housing and planning.   She is appearing before Council so they are aware of the program in case they need government backing for DHCD funds or other State funds.   She asked that if Council hears of projects that are going to help the homeless, that they send people in their direction.   Mayor Rippons thanked her for their efforts.

Representatives from African Americans United to Save Our Youth Summer Program to Discuss Their Program-George LeCompte, Director of the African Americans United to Save Our Youth Summer Program, said their program is housed at Bethel AME Church.   Shortly school will be out and our children will need some concrete programs and activities.   For the past 12 years, Bethel AME Church and African Americans United to Save Our Youth have provided a facility to house a summer youth program. They have been receiving grants from the Maryland Forward Summer Youth Program; however, the State Department of Education will not be funding any programs this year.   They have been serving over 150 children for the past 12 years providing nutritional meals and also cultural and educational activities and trips.   Mr. LeCompte asked if there is any way possible for the city to help our youth by finding resources or leading them to resources so they can have these programs.   The church has provided their facility for free.   The program is open to all youth of the community.  

When the program started about 13 years ago, the State provided $10,000.   Then it was cut to $7,000.   For the past 5 or 6 years, it has been $5,000 or $6,000.   There are two components to the program. There is a nutrition program under the School and Community Summer Food Services which is an extension of the school lunch program.   They are reimbursed for the meals based on the number of children that are served.   They are talking about $10,000 or better for the activities, field trips, cultural programs, educational programs, etc. The project is scheduled to start on June 27th and will run through August 8th.  

Commissioner Cephas said he is familiar with the program because he helped them out.   It is a good program.   It will be a major problem with the funds being stopped throughout the State.   He thinks if the city could give half of the request, the county should be willing to give the other half.   Commissioner Brooks said that sounds good to her also.   Mr. LeCompte said after the funds were cut to $5,000, they were able to get $1,000 from the Elks 223 and around $700 from the American Legion.   They were able to stretch the funds to serve the kids.   This year they are contemplating that they will need $10,000.   He is sending letters to the service groups in the community.   Mayor Rippons said he thinks it is Council's privilege to fund half of what their needs will be.   He asked Mr. LeCompte to come back with the other organizations' considerations.   Mr. LeCompte thanked the Council.   He gave Council a schedule of their activities and a copy of the letter from the State.


Debbie Ellis (5330 Bucktown Road) Request for Approval for Temporary Connection to Sanitary District No. 4-Rob Collison said Council approved the temporary connection during the last meeting.  The issue tonight is about the reimbursement, if any, Council wishes to give Ms. Ellis in light of what they have to pay to the Sanitary District.   Commissioner Knox asked if Council would reimburse the sewer hook-up fee in the way of the impact fee.   Commissioner Cephas said Ms. Ellis and Mr. Lednum reacted on what was told to them by Planning and Zoning and Council.   He doesn't feel they should be penalized for mistakes made by others.   They did everything they were told to do and now they can't move into their house.   He doesn't blame them for seeking some type of relief from the city.   The city should share some of the responsibility.   He doesn't feel the connection fees are enough for the city to assume.   Mr. Lednum said he talked to Doty Sewer and Drain who handles all the Sanitary District's work.   The total cost would be $7,005.   Commissioner Knox said they will be entitled to the 40 percent tax break that the other residents in the area receive.   Mr. Lednum said there will also be an extra expense for water.   They paid the city a total of $6,488.05 so far.   Commissioner Knox said if the city waived the impact fees, they will have a $1500 hook-up fee eventually.   They are receiving a 40 percent tax break now because the services are not there.    He suggested reimbursing the impact fees and waiving the hook-up fee that will come eventually.   They will still have some out-of-pocket expenses.   The city would reimburse the $4500 fee now.   The balance they will receive in the form of their tax credit.   Later, the hook-up fees will be waived.   Commissioner Cephas said he is not disagreeing but he has another way of looking at it.   Opposed to waiving any fees, they should pay fees like anyone else in the area.   What they should do is pay the monies that they occurred as a result of the city making some wrong recommendations.   They should pay the hook-up fees and the impact fees when the time comes.   He feels very strongly that they should be given the $7,005 to get their services so they can move into their house.   Rob Collison said when the annexations were going on, they estimated that the cost per individual user would be about $3,500.   Had the city completed and extended the water and sewer connections in time, they would have paid $3,500 for the connections.   Mr. Lednum said it was his understanding from Mr. Pritchett when they paid for the permit, their impact fee, and their $750 sewer-tap fee, once the pipe was laid, they didn't have to pay any more.   He never brought up another $3,500.   Rob Collison the hotel, the apartment complex and another large user were each paying $120,000.   The balance came up to between $3,000 and $3,500 for the various residents.   There was a discussion to spread this over a period of years.   Mayor Rippons said the extension of the utilities will cost the city just over $400,000. It will be pro-rated to every end user.   That is where the fee will come in.   The amount will be spread over a period of years-maybe 20 years.  

Rob Collison said if they pay $7,000 to connect to the Sanitary District now, they may elect not to connect to the city system later on.   They would then continue to pay the extra $50 per year.   Commissioner Brooks said she can see reimbursing them for the trouble that they have had with the city. However, once you get the services, she doesn't see the need for the 40 percent reduction in property taxes because they are opting to go with the other services.  

Debbie Ellis asked if she will make the decision to connect to city water and sewer once it is out there or if it will be mandatory.   Rob Collison said he thinks they will consult her at that time.   Commissioner Brooks made a motion to waive the $4500 impact fee and the property owner will pay 100 percent of the property tax. Rob Collison suggested deferring the second part until the city meets with the sanitary district.   Commissioner Brooks revised her motion.   She made a motion to waive the $4500 impact fee.  Commissioner Travers seconded the motion.   They will continue to get a 40 percent reduction in taxes until all services are run out there.   Commissioner Brooks said this means they should be getting a reimbursement for $4500.   Commissioner Cephas said he feels they should get $3500 to help toward their expenses of $7000 and then the impact would fall in line anyway.   He doesn't think it is fair for them to pay $7000.   Waiving the 40 percent doesn't do anything for them now.   The motion to reimbursement Debbie Ellis in the amount of $4500 passed 4:0.

Discussion to Proceed on Lighting Project for Poplar & Race Sts. And Cannery Way-Ed Kinnamon gave Council a memo requesting permission to proceed with the project prior to July 1.  The item is budgeted in the FY06 proposed budget.   There is a timeline on the grants toward this but they need to move now instead of waiting until after July 1.   The contractor is willing to take a letter of intent as opposed to a purchase order.   Commissioner Travers made a motion to allow Mr. Kinnamon to issue a letter of intent for the project.   Commissioner Cephas seconded the motion. The motion passed 4:0.

Cambridge Community Development Corporation / Center for Poverty Solutions to Request Site Control of the Schoolhouse Lane Properties for Their Housing Project-Mayor Rippons said this item is postponed at this time.


Request from Cambridge Country Club-Jeff Hubbard spoke representing the Country Club as a Board Member.   Cambridge Country Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.  The club was established in 1927 and has been providing recreational activities and social activities for Dorchester County and Cambridge residents ever since that time.   Cambridge Country Club has a failing septic system.   They have been working diligently with the Dorchester County Health Department to find a replacement system on site.   No available sites came up during testing.   When the city turned over the Horn Point land to the University of Maryland, they built two large holding ponds for their sewer service.   The ponds failed-they filled up with water and overflowed.   The State of Maryland built a sewer line from Horn Point to get into the city system near the cemetery.   They have negotiated with the University of Maryland to join into this system at their own expense.   The city has an agreement with Horn Point to accept the sewage from the University's needs.   They have negotiated an amendment to that agreement so they can flow into Horn Point.   They will build a sewer line across the golf course and tie into the pump station at Horn Point which will then enter the city system. They are asking the city to modify their agreement with the University of Maryland and have the Cambridge Country Club become a third party to that agreement.   Rob Collison said if they do not have a letter from the State forcing the city to take them in, the city would have to develop a policy outlining the circumstances that would permit this.   In essence, this would be granting connection into the sewer system without the criteria that we have been exercising in the past.  Mayor Rippons asked if they have sought annexation with the remaining neighbors.   Mr. Hubbard said they have not sought annexation at this point.   They felt they were so far away from any contiguous land at this point that there would be so many neighbors involved.   Rob Collison asked if they could get a letter from MDE saying that the city must take them in due to public health concerns.   Mr. Hubbard said they will provide that letter.    There would be no infrastructure cost to the city.  

Discussion on "RFP" for parcel for Development of Affordable Housing-Rob Collison said after the discussion on Leonard Lane development, he drafted an RFP and asked if Council had any amendments.   He said he assumes Council would like a minimum of 30 days' response time and suggested July 1.   Everyone agreed with the RFP the way it was drafted.

Request from St. Paul's UMC Church (Maryland Avenue) for a Variance from the Noise Ordinance for Their Community Outreach Block Party on Thursday, May 26th from 6:00 pm Until 8:00 pm and Permission   to Block Off their Alley-Commissioner Travers made a motion to grant the request.   Commissioner Cephas seconded the motion. The motion passed 4:0.

Approve Resolution to Amend ASOP #2 Travel Policy-Commissioner Knox made a motion to approve the resolution.   Commissioner Cephas seconded the motion. The motion passed 4:0.

Approve PO 518 - Mid-Atlantic Waste System - $5,138.37 Emergency Repairs for Garbage Truck #17-Commissioner Travers made a motion to approve the purchase order in the amount of $5,138.37.   Commissioner Cephas seconded the motion.   The motion passed 4:0.

Approve Financial Statement for April 2005-Commissioner Travers made a motion to approve the financial statement.   Commissioner Cephas seconded the motion. The motion passed 4:0.

Approve Budget Amendment - DPW-Commissioner Travers made a motion to approve the budget amendment. Commissioner Cephas seconded the motion. The motion passed 4:0.

Request from Main Street to Block Streets During Their Main Street Events-

Commissioner Cephas made a motion to approve the request.   Commissioner Travers seconded the motion. The motion passed 4:0.


Anne Roane said they have three zoning ordinance amendments they would like to have introduced.   Rob Collison said there will be a public hearing on Monday, June 13th at 7:00 pm.

The first is an ordinance to provide for an increase in the permissible height of multi-family residential uses within the R-3 (multi-family) residential districts from 45 feet to a maximum of 70 feet if the parcel is greater than 20 acres in size.  

The second ordinance establishes procedures and requirements for the consideration and execution of development rights and responsibility agreements between the city and developers which is authorized and permitted by Article 66B Section 13.

The third ordinance comprehensively amends the City of Cambridge Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Program and the Critical Area Regulatory Provisions of our Zoning Codes.   It will, in essence, amend Article 7 and Article 18 Sections 370 and 371.

The Planning and Zoning Commission met on these three proposed ordinances and amendments and recommended approval.  Copies will be available at City Hall and the Department of Public Works.

Anne Roane said she has been meeting with the Mr. Don Bibb, Director of the Easton Housing Authority.   They have had a very successful project on affordable housing.   Mr. Bibb has developed a Power Point presentation about this development and has agreed to give that presentation to the Council and the Planning Commission on Thursday, June 2, 2005 at 7:00 pm in City Council Chambers.  The meeting is open to the public.

Commissioner Brooks asked Ed Kinnamon to please consider looking at Boundary Avenue.   There is a large piece of property near the bowling alley that nobody is doing anything with and could be a possible site for low-income housing.  

Commissioner Brooks asked Rob Collison about the Ethics Commission.   Ed Kinnamon said two or three years ago Council appointed three members with staggered terms.   Rob Collison said they only meet as needed.   Commissioner Brooks asked for an update on who the members are and when their terms expire.

Commissioner Cephas said he understands the Human Relations Committee is inactive.   He suggested sending those members a letter indicating that they should become active.   His records show that the last person's term expired in October 2002.   He thinks the committee should be reenacted.  

Commissioner Cephas said it has been brought to his attention that since 1993, there has been water constantly on the street on Weaver Avenue and Cornish Drive.   It has been brought to Council's attention on many occasions.   He suggested asking Mrs. Jones to come forward with some ideas or a presentation at the next meeting.   

Octavene Saunders said when she was on Council, she was the representative on the Human Relations Committee and she always went to the meetings. When the prior Council came on, the Committee stopped meeting.   They could not get a member of the Council who was willing to come out for evening meeting or help to coordinate the weekend activities.   She said each Council has its own ideas on how they want the committee to work.  

Commissioner Knox said we all lost someone who was very dear to him and he had the privilege to sit next to this person.   We have a very large building going up.   Commissioner Knox made a motion to name the building the Edward E. Watkins Building.   Commissioner Cephas seconded the motion.   The motion passed 4:0.

Rob Collison announced that the deadline for anyone interested in filing for Ward 2 Commissioner is this Friday, May 27th at 4:00 pm.

Brian Showalter said it occurred to him that the annexation he spoke about earlier also includes a proposed annexation agreement.   He assumes implicit in the vote to approve the resolution was also to approve the annexation agreement.    Rob Collison said it won't become effective for 45 days.   He can't recall there being any issues.   If there are issues, he will address them before then.  

With no further business, Mayor Rippons adjourned this portion of the meeting at 8:30 p.m.   I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and accurate account of the Council meeting Monday, May 23, 2005, insofar as I personally am aware.


Edwin C. Kinnamon, Clerk & Treasurer