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City Council Minutes

September 26, 2005

The City Council met in regular session on Monday, September 26, 2005 Council Chambers.  A quorum being present, Mayor Cleveland L. Rippons called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Those Commissioners in attendance were Commissioners Knox, Sydnor, Cephas, Brooks, and Travers.

Oden C. Wheeler, Jr. led in the Lord's Prayer.  Commissioner Travers led in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Commissioner Travers made a motion to approve the minutes of the September 12, 2005 Council meeting as distributed.  Commissioner Cephas seconded the motion.  The motion was passed unanimously.   


Octavene Saunders To Discuss Eminent Domain and Lt. Governor Steele's Visit-Mrs. Saunders asked Commissioner Cephas how the sites were chosen for Lt. Governor Steel's visit.  She said she knows that the Lt. Governor asked to come to Cambridge and Vinnie from his office met with the Mayor before the schedule was finalized.  Commissioner Cephas said he didn't know.  Mrs. Saunders said every time something is brought up about Main Street, the one block of Pine Street that has six minority-owned small businesses is always left out.  She asked Mayor Rippons if there was a reason that he did not include Pine Street in the Main Street tour.  Mayor Rippons said it was not his decision. Mrs. Saunders asked if he had any say in the areas visited or if he was told where they would visit.  Mayor Rippons said he asked the Department Heads for suggestions on relevant areas for the Secretaries who would be attending.  Predicated on those suggestions and the sites Vinnie asked to visit, the tour was set up. Even then, some of the scheduled stops were eliminated because of the sharp time constraint.  Mayor Rippons said once they got to Main Street, it was turned over to the Main Street officials.  They designated where it would go.  Mrs. Saunders said then they were excluded by the Main Street officials.  Mayor Rippons said they were not excluded.  Mrs. Saunders said some citizens who are tired of being excluded have sent a letter to the Lt. Governor.  They have a Main Street block.  They have asked several times for the substation block to be kept clean and it has not been cleaned yet.  They will not continue to be left out.  Pine Street has a Main Street block with six businesses on it.  Recognize it and include it. 

Mrs. Saunders said she is very, very concerned because she has heard from Council about the property across the street.  Mr. Collison is doing research about eminent domain.  She has followed the Supreme Court case and a case in a city out west.  Eminent domain is getting out-of-hand.  It is mostly developers and government officials that are taking over private property so developers can develop under the guise of what is best for the community.  Instead of trying to take the piece of property across the street under eminent domain, we need decent housing here.  They should develop a plan like Baltimore City is working on and buy the property and let a low-income family or a moderate-income family buy the property at a reasonable price.  They can work with DHCD and HUD and develop it into a nice home for somebody.  Four parking spots don't mean anything.  Council should act on something to make eminent domain be stopped.  They are talking about assuming the property on Pleasant Street, some on Cedar Street, and Academy Street.  She asked them to put a stop to eminent domain until they learn more about it. 

Commissioner Cephas said he remembers the issue of eminent domain came up at one of the meetings with a developer.  He was strongly opposed to it then and he is strongly opposed to it now unless it is meaningful to the community.  If it is a necessity, then that is a different story. 

Commissioner Sydnor said when eminent domain was discussed, it was a little premature to use eminent domain when they could have simply used the laws they have on the books because of back taxes.  He would not like to see the city get involved in it at this particular time simply to take something from someone. 

Commissioner Cephas said when Liddy Garcia mentions Main Street, he reminds her that Pine Street is included.  He can't apologize for the Lt. Governor for excluding Pine Street.  If the City had anything to do with it, he could apologize for the city.  He understands that the tour had to be cut short.  We are not that far from Pine Street that maybe they could have gone from here.  Commissioner Brooks said she was on the tour.  She was given a telephone call late and was not asked if there were any parts of the city she would like Lt. Governor Steele to see. 

Portia Johnson-Ennels to Discuss the C-Safe Program-Mrs. Ennels has been active in the C-Safe Program (formerly Hot Spots) along with Captain Hutton.  It has been active in Cambridge for eight years.  They started out with one C-Safe area, Bay Country Apartments on Greenwood Avenue.  They have now added two more C-Safe areas.  Five years ago the State started cutting funds.  The only dollars they get now are for the police officers who work in the program.  The program was set to reduce crimes in the community and find activities for the people in the community.  This year they decided that they would ask the city for financial assistance.  All three of the C-Safe areas are in the city limits.  They are not obligated to go to the county for anything because it is not a county issue.  It is a city issue. This is one time only they will come to the city for funds.  They will try to raise money to keep the program on-going.  There are several groups that are part of C-Safe-namely, Cambridge Police Department, Dorchester County Health Department, Patrol and Probation, Juvenile Services, and the Teen Drug Court.  The people employed by those agencies, they cannot ask for money. 

Commissioner Cephas said he attended a C-Safe meeting for the first time several months ago. He was impressed and had no idea what went on or where the funds came from.  It doesn't look like there is any major source of funding.  Mrs. Ennels said the program covers 47 streets.  Jane Devlin said the West End Citizens Association was immediately contacted when their area was brought into the third section of the C-Safe zone and they have been actively working with the C-Safe team.  She has been attending the meetings and thinks it is wonderful because they are addressing a number of issues from the police side and also from the family side.  A lot of the items are fun programs for children to interact with adults and the police officers. 

Commissioner Sydnor said Mrs. Ennels said this will be a one-time request.  Mrs. Ennels said they will find ways to raise their money but they need a pot to start them off.  They have never asked for money in the eight years the program has been active.  Commissioner Brooks said she has attended several C-Safe programs.  Even though they may not live in a Hot Spot area, no child is turned away.  She thinks it is very important for the city to do something to stand behind our children.  This is just a small drop in the bucket for what we should be doing and should have been doing all along. They shouldn't feel bad about coming back another year.  We owe it to the children of Cambridge.

Octavene Saunders said C-Safe may have been active for eight years but she knows that the Hot Spot program has been around longer than that.  They worked without asking the city for money for almost 16 years.  She hopes the city will let them have the money this year and next. 

Commissioner Sydnor said the city donated $1200 during the last meeting to the Humane Society and he is quite sure they can do something to help the youth.

Commissioner Cephas said the summer programs the city made donations to were only able to cover a small segment of the community.  He is impressed with the large area C-Safe is covering for a year-round program.  Mrs. Ennels listed all the groups who participate.  Commissioner Cephas said he isn't holding them to their statement about not coming to Council in future years.  He is proposing to give them the same amount they gave the other programs.  That amount was $6,350.  Commissioner Cephas made a motion to give C-Safe the same amount they gave the other groups.  Commissioner Sydnor said because of the length of the program, he thinks the city should fund it in its entirety.  Commissioner Sydnor made a motion to fund the program in its entirely in the amount of $6,900. Commissioner Cephas seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Decision to Approve Ordinance to Amend PWCD Regulations-Commissioner Knox made a motion to approve the ordinance with some variations in the amendments concerning the setbacks and some of the building materials that will be used.  He asked for an amendment with the following: (1) Set-backs of 15 feet from the landside of the bulk heading for all structures not exceeding fifty feet in height; (2) Set-backs of 25 feet from landside of bulk heading for all structures greater than 50 feet in height; (3) Side set-backs of 10 feet for all structures not exceed fifty feet in height; (4) Side set-backs of 15 feet for all structures greater than 50 feet in height; (5) No flat roofs to be permitted; (6) No mansard roofs to be permitted; (7) No faux/fake mansard roofs to be permitted; and (7) a density of 18 units per acre.   Pursuant to granting a Special Exception, the permitted height for a hotel may be increased to 75 feet.  He would like a 25-foot set-back for a 75-foot building. Nobody seconded the motion.

Commissioner Cephas made a motion to compromise the set-back to 18 feet which will allow room for emergency vehicles to come through.  He does not want to put a foot limit on Special Exceptions, such as 75 feet. If someone wants a Special Exception, they should come before Planning and Zoning and Council and ask for a Special Exception.  At that time we will decided how high a building should be.  Commissioner Brooks seconded the motion for purpose of discussion.  Commissioner Travers asked what Planning and Zoning recommended.  David Pritchett said they recommended approval of the ordinance as originally drafted.  Commissioner Travers recommended waiting until Rob Collison returns and explains the whole procedure to them and what Planning and Zoning recommended.  Commissioner Cephas said he has no problem waiting for Mr. Collison to return.  He suggested a special meeting to deal with it and not wait until the next Council meeting.  Commissioner Brooks said she would like certain individuals to attend who were invited to a private special meeting where these things were discussed.  She thinks the individuals know who attended the meeting with Mr. Collison and a couple Commissioners.  She understands they came to an agreement which is nothing that has been stated here today.  If they have a special meeting she would do it with the recommendation that the individuals that attended a private meeting also attend the open public meeting.  Commissioner Cephas said they need to have the meeting soon.  He tabled his motion until that time.  Commissioner Brooks withdrew the second to the motion.  Mayor Rippons asked Oden Wheeler to contact Rob Collison, schedule the meeting, and advertise it.  He asked Council to let Mr. Wheeler know if there is someone they would like at the meeting.

John Ondrick said he understands the current moratorium runs out on October 16th.  He asked if there is any legal problem whatsoever putting this off for a day or two that would create a legal issue where the moratorium would go by the wayside and the first moratorium would come into place.  If they have to give two weeks public notice, they will run into a real serious problem.  Mayor Rippons said he doesn't think it would be a legal concern because Council can extend the moratorium to cover any consideration of an additional date.  He asked Mr. Wheeler to see that Rob Collison addresses that issue also.  Pat Barry, an architect working in town, asked that the notification of the meeting be done on the city's website. 

Decision on Ordinance to Increase Height in R3 Districts for Parcels Greater Than 20 Acres-Commissioner Cephas suggested combining this with the previous agenda item and discussing them at the same time. 

Council to Approve Final Segment of CPD Pay Increase-Commissioner Brooks made a motion to approve the item.  Commissioner Sydnor seconded the motion.  Mayor Rippons asked what the amount of the increase was going to be.  It is not in the budget.  Commissioner Brooks said it is not an increase.  All other city employees received a raise at one particular time. The city police raise was broken down into four different segments.  After breaking it down into four segments, it is causing a whole lot of confusion where they are not sure if they are being paid right.  To settle this issue, they have said to give them the remaining part of the raise that was approved for them.  No other city employee's raise was broken down into four quarters.  They should treat the police the same way.  They will get the remaining part of their raise that they should have received in July but Council voted they could not receive it until next July.  There is no increase from what Council said they would get.  Mayor Rippons asked if there are additional monies that have not been appropriated in the current fiscal budget.  Commissioner Brooks said there are additional monies that Mr. Kinnamon said there is no problem with.  Mayor Rippons asked what the additional amount would be.   It is not fiscally responsible to appropriate additional money when a budget has already been adopted. The other employees of the city did not get a double increase last year like the police department.  The other employees got a relative pay raise, perhaps above what the police department will be getting here.  If Council intends to put the additional phase from the next fiscal year (the fourth installment) in there this year, it will be an additional amount of money.  The Commissioners are the fiscal agents of the city taxpayers.  People are always asking him salient questions about their local taxes.  Commissioner Brooks said Mr. Kinnamon approved to do this.  There were at least 23 police officers there who heard Mr. Kinnamon approve this without it being an additional burden to our taxpayers.  He approved it and told them to go ahead with the motion.  They met with Mr. Kinnamon so they could get the approval of the City Clerk & Treasurer. Mayor Rippons said there is no way that a Clerk Treasurer can approve this.  He may give his opinion.  He cannot approve anything.  The amount here is in excess of $163,000 for this fiscal year.  Commissioner Travers asked what effect this would have on the police officers' income tax for this year.  Mayor Rippons said his understanding is that the total increase that was voted on earlier this year to be approved in the first stage would encompass a 26 percent increase for the police department.  Council considered that to be incrementally too big at one time.  It was suggested that it be four 6.5 percent increases.  The police department, like every other department in the city in the last fiscal year, got their step increase so everyone was equal.  However, in January of this year, the first stage went into effect.  In essence, the police department got a step and then they got a 6.5 percent increase in January for last fiscal year.  They were given two more increases for this fiscal year-one in July and one in January.  That was put together so they got a 13 percent increase for this year.  Therefore, they got a double digit increase last year and this year.  Now Council is asking to move the final installment of 6.5 percent to this year which will give the police department a 19.5 percent increase this year.  Commissioner Brooks said Council gave everybody else in the city a 15 percent increase in one year.  The police department has been long underpaid.  Commissioner Travers agreed.  Commissioner Brooks said the reason they made the motion for installments is so they can wait on the fiscal year.  After they made the motion, our payroll department has not been able to get their money straight.  The police, who serve each and every person with a smile on their face, have been working faithfully without having their money straight.  It is Council's responsibility to not only see that they continue to be protected by the police but to make sure that every city employee is treated fair and equal.  Commissioner Knox said that is why he suggested hiring an outside firm to address this issue so there would be no bias and everyone would understand what is going on.  His concern is an issue with the IRS.  It is also the concern of Ed Kinnamon and the consultants he contacted.  There are a lot of uncertainties here.  He thinks we need an independent agency to come in and look at the payroll situation so it will be straightened out and not be an issue for the taxpayers later.   Commissioner Brooks said what Mr. Kinnamon was opposed to was re-entering their money.  The suggestion was made to take the police department out of the payroll system, and then put them back in to try to correct the mistakes that have been made.  Mr. Kinnamon was opposed to that so the motion was not made. When you re-start it in January, hopefully, this system will correct itself.  They are continuing to be over-taxed by a system that is not able to tell them what is wrong.  That is people we pay everyday to do their job.  We are not asking them to take anything out.  They took Mr. Kinnamon's suggestion and moved onto the next page which says that this will begin immediately with the next payroll issued.  He suggested how the motion should be read. 

Commissioner Sydnor said they have been meeting on this issue during the last month.  Part of the problem that they found was that the system could not handle a 13-week period.  It was programmed for 26 weeks.  The problem arose when they tried to force the system to accept this raise.  He gave the example of a $1000 raise.  They had to force another $1000 in to cover that period of time for 11 or 12 weeks.  What happened was that instead of being taxed on $1000, they were also being taxed on another $1000 where they had to force the system in order for them to get the raise.  Instead of being given as a percentage, it was being given as a dollar amount and the payroll system could not handle that amount.  That is what we are trying to get straight at this particular time.  The police department has been very patient.  Auditors have looked at it and they still could not get it resolved.  That is why he seconded the motion.  Mayor Rippons asked about the supporting rationale about moving up next year's increase.  It has no relevance to that.  The problem is in the system.  Commissioner Sydnor said then Mayor Rippons is saying they should allow the police department to get a raise and yet bring home less than they brought home before the raise.  Mayor Rippons said all they have to do is ask for more dependents.  That way they will not take as much out.  Commissioner Cephas said the police raise issue started in November of last year.  He thought they were on the right track.  He found out a month ago that it is still not correct.  It depends on who you talk to.  Commissioner Brooks said there are officers who believe they have not been paid their correct overtime.  Some police officers have at least 600 hours.  She read a statement from Mr. Kinnamon saying a motion will need to be made instructing him to include the next and final segment of the planned police department salary increase.  The motion should read to at least include the following:  "This final salary increase segment for all sworn police personnel will begin immediately with the next payroll issued on September 30, 2005.  For clarity sake, this increase will be applied using the normal 26-week payroll process according to the Grade and Step applicable for the individual.  Also, there will not be additional amounts added for the purposes of "making-up" lost or otherwise to inflate the salary amount to be paid.  This does not, however, include any overtime pay, which will be included and paid according to policy."  Per our city auditors, the above motion should be read and made a part of the Council minutes.  She had this discussion with Mr. Kinnamon this morning.

Commissioner Knox also read a memo from Mr. Kinnamon concerning Commissioner Brooks' suggestion to remove all sworn police personnel from the payroll register and re-enter them as new employees.    A senior programmer at the software company greatly cautioned against him against doing this.  He wants to assure that the police department is getting the correct pay.  He assured them that the pay check that is received will have the same information as far as net pay, whether he removes everyone's name and re-enters all the information or not.  As City Treasurer and Finance Director he feels a need to recommend that we proceed without removing the employees and re-entering them.  To do this will only generate a price tag, which remains unknown at this time. He also has an e‑mail from Bill Smith, Senior Applications Development Specialist of Paragon Consulting Services, greatly cautioning against re-entering employees as they will be circumventing system safeguards and normal processing and will open the payroll up to numerous unforeseen problems.

Commissioner Knox said he has to rely on the Department Head's advice to make his decisions.  He has received a lot of advice and he has to heed with this advice.  He recommended having an independent body come in and examine the situation, evaluate it, and correct it as quickly as possible so they can move forward. 

Commissioner Sydnor said the information Commissioner Knox read is from Mr. Kinnamon who in a different memo is telling them to make a motion.  One point is that he wants them to leave them in the system and give them the raise from that particular point.  There will only be one W2 form by leaving them in the system. He is commenting on what would happen if we took them out of the system and start them as new employees.  That is not what the motion was for.

Commissioner Brooks said Mr. Kinnamon met with the police department on Friday to discuss this issue.  Each police officer agreed not to be re-entered into the system.  It was the consensus for the entire department.  They agreed with the latter letter which circumvents the first letter.  They agreed not to be re-entered but to put in what the total raise should be; do it the right way over 26 weeks.  All of that re-entering has gone along since January to try to make their money right.  They have put numbers into a system that did not know how to calculate this and as a result, we have a police officer who should be receiving one amount of money and is receiving far less than what he should be receiving.  The issue has not been resolved. 

Commissioner Knox suggested an independent agency. Dave Singelstad said Council decided to wait for Rob Collison's participation to make a decision on the PWCD amendments.  There are several different representations of Mr. Kinnamon's work here.  He thinks it might be helpful until he is here to make such a decision.  Commissioner Brooks said she thinks that is a good idea and rescinded her motion.  Oden Wheeler said Mr. Kinnamon informed Council last week that he had a commitment on Monday evenings and would probably not attend another Council meeting until December.  Commissioner Brooks said she does not think they should put the police officers off for three months.  They will reschedule the issue for the very next meeting.

Peg Wolff said when you have a non-profit organization, the Board of Directors is jointly and separately liable for any fiscal mistakes.   She asked if the City Commissioners are jointly and separately liable for any mistakes within the system. Commissioner Brooks said the Clerk Treasurer is liable if he entered the information and it is incorrect.   Peg Wolff said she thinks this is something the Council should consider. 


New Way of Life Club's Request to Sell Food from Now Through End of November on Pine Street-Mayor Rippons asked Oden Wheeler to see that the New Way of Life Club has a representative present at the next meeting or they can submit something in writing.

Request from Care & Share to Hang Banner on Race Street or in the Area of the Creek Bridge from November 15th to December 10th-Mayor Rippons said the city does not have jurisdiction over the creek bridge.  Commissioner Cephas made a motion to allow the banner to be hung over Race Street.  Commissioner Brooks seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

Council to Agree on USDA Loan MOU with the County for Technology Park Infrastructure Improvements-Commissioner Sydnor made a motion to approve the request.  Commissioner Travers seconded the motion.  Commissioner Sydnor said Alternative 1 and Alternative 2 in the MOU seem like the same thing.  Mayor Rippons said the draft the County submitted is incorrect.  He is waiting for a revision at this time. The motion passed unanimously.  

Appoint Member to Historic Preservation Commission-Commissioner Knox made a motion to appoint Grason Winterbottom to that position.  Commissioner Travers seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Appoint or Re-Appoint Members to the ADA Advisory Committee-Commissioner Travers made a motion to re-appoint Ms. Marva Sampson, Mr. Terry Brannock, Ms. Shirl Tarbox, Mr. Larry Jones, Ms. Octavene Saunders, and Ms. Jasmine Taylor.  Commissioner Brooks seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Request to Go to Bid for Municipal Marina Expansion-Commissioner Knox made a motion to approve the request to go to bid.  Commissioner Travers seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Request for Street Light for in Front of 102 East Appleby Avenue-Commissioner Cephas made a motion to refer the request to the Street Lighting Committee.  Commissioner Knox seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.  David Pritchett said he has been informed by Delmarva Power that due to the increased building all over the country, the lighting company is extremely backlogged.  It takes three to four months to get a light installed.

Financial Statement for August 2005-Commissioner Travers made a motion to approve the financial statement for August 2005.  Commissioner Sydnor seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Approve PO 3751 - Criswell Chevrolet - Trailblazer - Risk Management $21,160

Approve PO 3673 - Verizon Wireless - Service for On-Board Patrol Computers - $4,664.88 (Grant Funds

Approve PO 3671 - Lenovo - Laptop Computers for CPD - $11,064 (Grant Funds)

Approve PO 3667 - Maryland Police Supply - Computer Laptop Mounts for Patrol Vehicles and Power Adaptors - $3,070.20 (Grant Funds)

Approve PO 3669 - PMI - Evidence Tracker Software - $3,500 (Grant Funds)

Approve PO 573 - Criswell Chevrolet - 2 Full-Sized GMC 1500 Pickup Trucks for DPW - $22,800

Commissioner Knox made a motion to approve the Purchase Orders 3751, 3673, 3671, 3667, 3669 and 573.  Commissioner Travers seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Executive Session (Personnel) Directly Following Meeting-Commissioner Travers made a motion to hold a closed executive session regarding personnel.  Commissioner Brooks seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Mayor Rippons announced that the next Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 11, 2005.  Monday, October 10th is Columbus Day.

Commissioner Brooks referred Egypt Road to the Street Lighting Committee.  There is a concern that it is extremely dark in that area. 

Commissioner Brooks asked when the street signs will be installed on Choptank Court in relation to the deaf and handicapped children.  David Pritchett said the signs arrived today.  Jason Segar will contact Commissioner Brooks for the exact placement of the signs.

Commissioner Brooks said in the wake of the hurricanes we have had in New Orleans and Texas that have affected the entire United States, the Mayor ordered a mass evacuation.  It was a nightmare.  We have had simulated trainings in the Cambridge in case we have a chemical disaster or flood.  She asked Mayor Rippons if Cambridge has a plan in the event we ever have to have mass evacuation for our elderly, etc.  Mayor Rippons said it will be functional through Wayne Robinson of Dorchester County.  Their overall plan is for the entire county.  Commissioner Brooks asked him to get the information and bring it back to the citizens because the Mayor would call for a mass evacuation.

Commissioner Sydnor said the Chesapeake Utilities office is only open on Mondays and Fridays.  This is an inconvenience to some of the 2100 customers in Cambridge.  He asked that a letter be sent to the regional customer service manager to ask him to re-evaluate this schedule.  We will have upward of 6000 more customers with the new homes being built.  He asked that he be supplied with a copy of the letter.

Evelyn Townsend representing the Harriet Tubman Organization, said they are part of a plan to help different organizations.  They have been honored with a promise of money to repair their roof.  She has not received any communication yet and would like to know how they go about getting the project started and when they can expect their money.  They need help in selecting a company to begin the work.  Mayor Rippons asked who promised them the money.  Evelyn Townsend said she has been told that the project has been approved by the Council.  Commissioner Cephas said Ms. Townsend came to the budget hearings along with a number of other groups.  Mr. Kinnamon reviewed their request and had a number of concerns about some of the items.  It was mentioned that money was given at one time to help repair the roof but Ms. Townsend had no knowledge of it.  Either Natalie Chabot or Liddy Garcia said they were trying to help the Harriet Tubman Organization get money for the roof.  Ms. Townsend said it is her understanding that they were in favor of joining with the city to help make this happen.  Mayor Rippons said the city was going to help them with the application.  He said to the best of his knowledge, there has been no formal action by Council.  Commissioner Brooks said she believes Council said they would set money aside for certain organizations.  She asked Mrs. Townsend to give the city a proposal outlining what portion they need from the city and what portion the organization will provide.  Mayor Rippons said his understanding is that this type of project is something that could be funded by Heritage Tourism.  David Pritchett said this project would have to go to bid and then the lowest qualified bidder would be selected.  The city is forbidden to recommend a contract.  They represent everybody. Portia Johnson-Ennels asked if this project could come under Community Legacy.  Mayor Rippons said they could submit it.  Jane Devlin said she believes that the roof was submitted as part of the Maryland Heritage Area Authority grants in the end of August. 

Portia Johnson-Ennels said last year the cold weather shelter was at DCDC.  This is now under Shore Up.  They are not going to do the cold weather shelter.  She asked the Council to investigate is there is any way that they can help to make sure there is a cold weather shelter this winter.  Captain Les Hutton said it is his understanding that has been moved to the new facility in the Wesleyan Church.  Commissioner Brooks said Bethel Church has been utilized as an emergency shelter by the Red Cross.  They are working on trying to approve other shelters. 

Mr. Cornish asked if the city could change the traffic light at Gay and Polar Streets.  Commissioner Cephas said the Traffic Committee would make an investigation.

With no further business, Mayor Rippons adjourned this portion of the meeting at 8:43 p.m.  I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and accurate account of the Council meeting Monday, September 26, 2005, insofar as I personally am aware.

Oden C. Wheeler, Administrative Coordinator