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City Council Minutes

April 22, 2002

The City Council met in regular session on Monday, April 22, 2002, in City Council Chambers.  A quorum being present, Mayor Cleveland L. Rippons called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Those Commissioners in attendance were Commissioners Bohlen, Watkins, Weldon, Atkinson and Travers.

Ed Kinnamon led in the Lord's Prayer.  Commissioner Atkinson led in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Commissioner Travers made a motion to approve the minutes of the April 8, 2002 Council meeting as distributed.  Commissioner Watkins seconded the motion.  The motion was passed unanimously.   


John Plaskon to Discuss Shore Alliance for Independent Living (SAIL)-Mr. Plaskon is the Executive Director for Crossroads Community, a non-profit organization serving the mid-shore region assisting consumers who have a mental illness recuperate from their illness and live independently in the community.  Several years ago a study was done to identify the capacity for independent housing that should be created in the mid-shore region.  A partnership was formed between Crossroads Community and Interfaith Housing Development Corporation called SAIL.  They have received a community block grant from the State and are trying to identify multi-family dwellings to purchase and renovate so their consumers can live independently in the community with their own lease, their own job, and their own selection of roommates.   They have been operating residential services in Cambridge for the past 5 years and have recently opened a day program. 

Bob Vigarito to Discuss EagleMan Triathlon-Mr. Vigarito is the race Producer/ Director of the Hyatt Regency EagleMan Triathlon to be held in Cambridge on June 9th.  The race has grown from 125 people in 1993 to an all time record this year of 1700.  Over 4000 people will be visiting Cambridge that weekend.  Last year the tourism department did an economic impact study and came up with a figure of $5 million for the local region.   He asked permission to serve beer to the athletes (adults).  Mayor Rippons said the City appreciates the economic benefit that the event brings and the way it makes Cambridge and Dorchester County look across the world.  He said the Council will review the issue of serving beer in the park and let him know what they decide.

Community Development Block Grant Award-Mayor Rippons said the Bayly Road area has been a safety concern for countless years.  Last year, Commissioner Atkinson took a special interest in the project.  Jim Michael was instrumental in writing a grant application.  Commissioner Watkins was also intensely involved in the process.  Last Thursday, Mayor Rippons and Commissioner Atkinson received a check for $517,000 from the State of Maryland to make Bayly Road the way it should have been for years. 

Cambridge Police Department-Commissioner Travers made a motion to remove the Captain's position, which was created in December 2001, and replace it with an additional Lieutenant 's position in the CPD.  Commissioner Watkins seconded the motion.   The motion was passed unanimously.

Mayor Rippons received a letter recommending the following promotions become effective April 22:

  • Detective Sergeant Wayne Bromwell to the position of Lieutenant
  • Sergeant Martin Herring to the position of Lieutenant
  • Detective Corporal Charles Bennett to the position of Sergeant
  • PFC Donald Johnson to the position of Corporal
  • PFC Louis Nichols to the position of Corporal

Commissioner Travers made a motion to honor the request and recommendation for the promotions.  Commissioner Watkins seconded the motion. Commissioner Weldon congratulated the gentlemen.  The motion was passed unanimously.  Chief Malik congratulated the men who were promoted.  He said they are worthy of their promotions and he is sure they are looking forward to the challenges that are ahead in their new divisions.  He also thanked their wives for supporting the men in their police careers.


Award Bid for Demolition of 505 Elm Street, 600 Washington Street, 407 Charles Street and 706 Lincoln Terrace-Jim Michael said six bids were received.  One was disqualified due to an incomplete bid document.  Therefore they are recommending that the bid be awarded to Jerol Moore Landscaping and Excavating in the amount of $20,975.  Commissioner Weldon made a motion to accept the recommendation of the Planning & Zoning Department to award the bid to Jerol Moore.  Commissioner Bohlen seconded it.  The motion was passed unanimously.

Award Bid for Furnishing and Maintaining Dumpster-Type Containers and Refuse Removal at Various Locations-David Pritchett said the Department of Natural Resources matches funds with the City for supplying dumpsters for the boating public.  They received one qualifying bid this year for a two-year contract for $13,875.  DNR will pay nine months of this.  The City budgeted $8,000 for this year.  The bid came in at $6,835 for this year.  The second year will be $7,040.  DNR recommended that the City accept the bid.  Commissioner Travers made a motion to accept the recommendation of the Department of Public Works to award the bid to BFI Waste Services LLC of Delmar, DE.   Commissioner Travers seconded it.  The motion was passed unanimously. 

Award Bid for Furnishing and Placing Approximately 2900 Tons of 1½" Thick Bituminous Concrete Overlay on Existing Streets- After doing some paving in the fall, the City has $152,000 remaining to go to bid.  They received five bids ranging from $119,577 to $140,850.  Commissioner Atkinson made a motion to accept the recommendation of the Department of Public Works to award the bid to American Paving/Kary Asphalt (Salisbury) in the amount of $119,577.  Commissioner Weldon seconded it.  The motion was passed unanimously.

Decision on Re-Zoning Request of Gloria Bailey for 411-413 Pine Street-Rob Collison said Council held a public hearing on this matter on April 8, 2002.  Gloria Bailey requested that her property be rezoned from R4 to C2 due to a mistake in zoning.  Commissioner Watkins made a motion to grant Ms. Bailey's request to change the zoning based on a mistake in the zoning.  Commissioner Travers seconded it.  The motion was passed unanimously.

Decision on Text Amendment to Eliminate Certain Permitted Uses in the I‑2 District-On April 8, 2002 there was a public hearing in regards to this text amendment.  It is being brought about by a request of the Commissioners of Cambridge when it was determined that Subsection (b)(2) of Section 20-14 of the City Code under the I‑2 Heavy Industrial District permitted a variety of permitted uses including junkyards, asphalt producing plants, fertilizer plants, and garbage incinerators that the Commissioners deem at this point not to be in the City's best interest or consistent with the City's comprehensive plan.  They propose to eliminate those as permitted uses in the I‑2.  Nobody spoke in opposition to the request.  Commissioner Atkinson made a motion to approve the text amendment to eliminate Subsection (b)(2) of Section 20-14.  Commissioner Watkins seconded the motion.  The motion was passed unanimously.

Decision on Text Amendment Regarding Conversion of Schools to Condominiums in the R-3 District-The public hearing on this text amendment was held on April 8, 2002 at the request of Richard Naing to the City's Zoning Code which would permit as a conditional use in an R3 district, the conversion of a school to residential condominiums or townhouse condominiums provided that such conversion complies with the minimum lot area requirement of 6000 sq.ft. for the first residential unit and 3000 sq.ft. for each additional unit.  Mr. Naing and his attorney, Mr. Merryweather, spoke in favor of the text amendment.  There were several residents in the area who were in opposition.  Commissioner Weldon said based on the Planning & Zoning Commission's approval of the 4500 sq.ft. additional units, he can ask for a motion to adopt the ratio and ask the builder to present any variances he might want to request beyond that.  He would like the City attorney to provide Council with a clear definition of condominium townhouses as it relates to an R3 zone.  He said his motion would be to approve a text amendment for 4500 sq. ft. as additional square footage with the information on the townhouse definition forthcoming.  Rob Collison said for clarification, the motion would be to approve the text amendment to permit the conversion of a school to residential condominiums or townhouse condominiums provided that the conversion complies with the minimum lot area requirement of 6000 sq.ft. for the first unit and 4500 sq.ft. for each unit thereafter conditional upon a clear definition of condominiums and townhouse condominiums.  Anything after this text amendment will not come back before the Council.  It will go to the Board of Zoning Appeals and the Historic Preservation Commission.  In granting variances or special exceptions, they are permitted to impose conditions.  Commissioner Bohlen seconded the motion.  The motion was passed unanimously. 

Second Reading and Decision on Ordinance to Amend Section 12-6 (Gambling) of the City Code-Rob Collison said it has come to the City's attention that the City Code outlaws all types of gaming and gaming devices.  Obviously there is an inconsistency between the State law which permits certain gaming such as Keno and permits certain fraternal organizations to have certain gaming devices in their facilities.  The State law supercedes the City's so in order to clarify this, this amendment would specify that the City's prohibition does not apply to any game, gaming device, or activity which is permitted by the laws of Maryland.  George Wheatley, a 36-year resident of the City of Cambridge residing on Bayly Avenue is concerned about the matter at hand with the term "gambling".  He is adamantly opposed to gambling in all forms.  He found out this was going to come up tonight through a phone call in the earlier part of last week.  He said if the Council is proposing to change the reading of the City Code to permit gambling, this is a major thing that would be brought into Cambridge.  He can see a lot of detriment to it and can't see anything positive.  He asked them that since this is of such major importance, would they please consider the possibility of putting it on a referendum and letting the citizens of the City decide.  Rob Collison clarified that what this would basically do. Right now we are in direct conflict with the State law that permits businesses to have certain gaming devices, like convenience stores having the Lotto or Keno.  Mr. Wheatley added in off-track betting and things of that nature.  Rob Collison said that is exactly right; State law dictates it.  The City has a law that says you can't do those things.  The State tells the local communities what can and cannot happen.  The State legislature controls what types of gaming or gaming devices are going to be permitted and are permitted within the State.  All this is saying is that we are outlawing everything in regards to gaming or gambling unless it is permitted by the State.  Mr. Wheatley asked if the citizens of Cambridge were against any type of gambling in the City, would we be forced to adopt the State Code.  Mayor Rippons said the State code supercedes the local jurisdiction. What is written in the City code would lose if taken to court.  Rob Collison said the only control the local jurisdictions have is on zoning.  For example, the OTB is permitted as a special exception in certain districts.  The State says it is permitted but the local jurisdiction can determine from a zoning standpoint where they should be located. 

Commissioner Atkinson made a motion to approve the amendment to Section 12-6 of the City Code.  Commissioner Travers seconded the motion.  The motion was passed unanimously.


Request by Chesapeake Resorts, LLC (Hyatt Resort) for Amendment of Annexation Resolution 00-10-Rob Collison said the Council had voted in March of 1998 for a 25-year tax abatement which was granted.  A request subsequently came for an additional 5 years in negotiations between the City and the developers.  It clarifies that the residential portion of the development is not titled in name of Chesapeake Resorts, LLC.   The tax assessment records show that the residential portion of the development is titled in the name of Chesapeake Communities, LLC.  As each residential lot is sold or as each unit is built and an occupancy permit issued, that unit is then taxed.  Commissioner Atkinson made a motion to approve the amendment.  Commissioner Weldon seconded it.  The motion was passed unanimously. 

Decision on Final Subdivision Approval for Cambridge West LLC (Parker Farm)-Rob Collison said under the subdivision regulations, the final approval would come back to City Council.  Jim Michael said the Planning Commission recommends a final subdivision for approval; it is up to the City Council to approve it.  Commissioner Watkins made a motion to approve the final subdivision for Cambridge West.  Commissioner Bohlen seconded it.  The motion was passed unanimously.

Public Comments on Proposed Disposition of a Portion of Trenton Street, Green Street, Fletcher Street and Railroad Bed-Rob Collison said the City was contacted by a developer for the Deep Harbour LLC development on the Arundel property asking us to relinquish use of a portion of Trenton Street between Green Street and Cedar Street, a portion of Green Street, a portion of Fletcher Street, and the portion of the railroad bed that the City acquired from the State in the 1980s (from Green Street to Cedar Street).  The notice of tonight's public comment section was published in the Daily Banner on March 29, 2002. 

Allen Fitzhugh from Cambridge Tractor Company on Trenton Street asked if the City ever took a traffic count on Trenton Street.  David Pritchett said State Highway looked into the traffic situation for other issues.  The Department of Public Works doesn't foresee a problem as long as they enhance other areas that would be the detour. 

Gage Thomas is the property owner of 7 Cedar Street which is bounded on the east by Fletcher Avenue and on the west by the railroad tracks right-of-way.  He said there was no mention of a portion of Green Street or Fletcher Avenue in the public notice.  Rob Collison said he believes that's correct, he doesn't believe any portion of Green Street is being transferred.   The advertisement was for Trenton Street and the railroad bed.  At the time they didn't have information on the others.  Gage Thomas asked if it is the developer's intent to get some or all of the others for ingress and egress.  Cedar Center is bounded.  The building literally sits right on Fletcher Avenue.  There are tractor-trailers coming in and customers for the insurance company park on either side of the street.  Rob Collison said tonight's session is for Trenton Street and the railroad bed between Green and Cedar. 

Sandy McAllister said Exhibit B to the MOU lists all paper streets they are talking about.  Rob Collison said Trenton Street is public property and is in use.  The railroad bed is City property.  He is not sure that Fletcher Avenue has been ever officially dedicated. Gage Thomas said they would get quitclaim deeds from the City.  Rob Collison said the question is whether or not it is actually public property if it has never been dedicated.    He will have an opinion on this next week. 

Gage Thomas said he thinks it should be considered as a package.  He is totally for the project he is only trying to protect his personal property rights.  It this group had not come forward and this was a typical abandoned property, the normal procedure is typically that half the property would go to the respective properties that are contiguous.  In his letter to Council, he asked for 5280 sq.ft. of a portion of the railroad tracks.  Rob Collison said there have been occasions where it has been done, and some when it has not been done.    He doesn't know of an ASOP that requires it.  The City is in negotiations with the developer on various considerations.  The developer is proposing public improvements in exchange for the City conveying the property.

Commissioner Bohlen said since the City owns the former Pennsylvania Railroad right-of-way, he does not consider it abandoned.  Its use has changed, but it is not abandoned.

Gage Thomas said he couldn't find a deed to the property in land records.  Rob Collison has a copy of the deed for the railroad bed.  It came from the State to the City in 1985 and he believes it was a $100,000 consideration.  Commissioner Bohlen said the Dorchester Delaware Railroad established the right-of-way in 1872. 

Gage Thomas said Mr. Stivers, owner of the Dorset Building, is directly impacted by the same situation.  He has a big roll-up door and won't be able to get to it depending on the use of what the developer does with the property.  He said the City came to them and said the building was over about 3 inches.  They had it surveyed and charged him the equivalent of about $200,000 an acre.  The same thing happened on Fletcher Avenue. They turned the City water tank back to the City for one dollar when it was sold in error.  Mayor Rippons said they will entertain anything.  Rob Collison said the letter from Mr. Thomas dated April 9, 2002 will become part of the public record. 

Mr. Stivers, owner of the Dorset Building, said the railroad siding along his building is important only from the standpoint that they have access to that side of the building if they need to do maintenance on the roof or if they have a fire and the fire department need access to get in there.  When he purchased the building, Mace Thomas told him that at some given point in time, when the property had been resurveyed, the building had been built either on or over the line and he had to buy a section of it from the City to incorporate those few inches. He is concerned that if it is not fenced off in some way that if they have to get up on the roof, they have access.  This time he would need something in writing that he can have access and you can bring a fire truck up there.  He needs emergency access.

Ken Usab said their parking lot would provide some access for emergency vehicles.  It won't be up against the building but it will be in close proximity.  They will want to do some screening on the side of the building with some trees and some vegetation to make it more attractive.  Mr. Stiver will meet with the developer on the property to discuss this further.

Sandy McAllister said Fletcher Street, Howard Street, and Green Street were identified from the original plan even if they weren't called out in the newspaper.  He asked that the MOU be considered with the additional consideration of those streets. 

Decision on Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Deep Harbour, LLC Development on the Arundel Property-Rob Collison submitted a proposed Memorandum of Understand that the developers have asked Council to consider.   He said the Council needs to be clear with regard to the proposed leasing of the Trenton Street slips and the rental thereof.  The developer would like to have the 28 slips that the City owns at the Trenton Street pier leased to them for a period of 99 years.  The developer is proposing a compensation for that lease in essence of $450 per slip for a period of 10 years.  David Pritchett said this item is new to him tonight.  He would have to look in to this but he has found no problem as proposed.  Rob said the amount, as proposed, comes to $126,000 spread over the 10‑year period.   The way it was drafted, the figure that was given as far as the $450 per year for 28 slips was a means by which the City could try to construct 28 new slips somewhere else to try to relocate the slip holders who are at Trenton Street.  David Pritchett said the cost would be heavily dependent on where they would be located because of whether or not it would require bulk heading.  It could be a three-fold difference.   Sandy McAllister said the $450 a slip was also in the context of the re-assignment to the City to further lease those slips.  Each of the 28 slips that would be built would also be available for rent to whoever wanted them.  David Pritchett said the City Engineer has looked into this, and under certain scenarios it does work out.  Given some other scenarios, it doesn't.   It is in the ballpark of what we would expect the compensation to be.  Commissioner Weldon said a number of commercial boat that use the pier to conduct their business and he is not comfortable entering into any agreements before we hear from them.  We need to work to avoid tension between the pleasure boaters and the commercial watermen.  He feels we should have a public hearing on how this is going to impact people doing business on that pier.  Rob Collison said it would be a lot more direct and consistent policy from the City if the slips are leased to the developer for 99 years at the prevailing rate at the municipal marina.  Sandy McAllister said from a marketing perspective, if the City were able to sell that pier, it would require refunding money to the Department of Natural Resources.  In order to market the slips as part of the development, the developer needs to have this.  Renting for 99 years is not an economical way to do it. 

Rob Collison said he believes the developer in this draft of the MOU specified that the public parking that they are proposing on the north side of Green Street would consist of 40 parking spaces for public use.   The developer at his expenses would construct all the streets within the development.  The City would not be responsible for maintenance or snow removal. 

Commissioner Weldon said he feels Council needs more information on both the abandonment of the paper streets and the transfer of the pier before they can make a decision.  He is totally in support of the project but he wants to make sure the paper trail is right.  He is particularly concerned about the public input on the pier.  David Pritchett said George Hyde didn't run into any problem that he thought wouldn't be easily overcome. 

Sandy McAllister said the developer has been very consistent in relaying to the Commissioners how important the pier is.  It is critical to their determination to move forward with the project.  All the marketing studies call for that facility to be available.  The MOU is a pre-empted document only to give assurance to the developers that over the next few days when they have to make some significant decisions or commitments that all the other things can be resolved over the amount of time they should be.  It isn't intended to be the final word except on the very important elements of the design.  He asked that the MOU be approved tonight and re-drafted with the help of Mr. Collison to omit the references to the three streets until a later time when the City can re-visit that issue.  The pier and the other items are very important and time sensitive. 

Commissioner Weldon made a motion to adopt the revised MOU with the omission of the street references as dictated.  Commissioner Travers seconded the motion.  Rob Collison asked about the slips.  Commissioner Weldon said they will accept the MOU accepting that the developer will be working with the City through the process of other notification review.  Rob Collison said Paragraphs 7 and 8 address the portions of Fletcher Street and Green Street.  In Paragraph 10, he needs to clarify if they are stating by signing this, they are saying they will lease it (the pier) to them for 99 years at the compensation of $126,000.  Commissioner Weldon said his understanding is that this is not binding and that there is still potential for negotiations.  Rob Collison suggested that if it is the general intent of the Council to continue negotiations of leasing Trenton for a period of 99 years at a rate to be determined, that is how he would recommend wording it. 

Commissioner Atkinson said we are not giving anything away.   Commissioner Watkins said he interprets the MOU as meaning that there can be some give and take.  Rob Collison said portions of it; however, Paragraph 10 is very specific.  If the MOU is approved as written, Paragraph 10 would not be subject to renegotiation.  

Commissioner Weldon withdrew his motion.  Commissioner Atkinson made a motion that the MOU as presented tonight be approved with Items 7 and 8 deleted.  Commissioner Travers seconded it.  The motion passed 4 to 1 with Commissioner Weldon opposed. 

Review and Approve Revised Job Classifications for CEMS and CPD-Bill Watkins said as a matter of clarification on the CEMS job descriptions, they require certain classes to have been completed to be hired.  The job description never broke it down to say you had to continue these certifications over the years to continue your employment.  It also never addressed who paid for the classes.  The City has been paying for the classes and requiring the employees to take them on their own time. The employees informed him that this is contrary to the rest of the world".  Everyone else pays for the classes and the time to go to "the class.  It is his consideration that the City pays them 24 hours a year of straight time which would equal 36 hours of compensation time to be used only for certified training classes approved by CEMS.   The part-time employees would only have the class paid for; they would not get paid for time.   Talbot, Caroline, and Wicomico Counties compensate their employees this way.  Commissioner Bohlen made a motion to approve the new job classifications for CEMS.  Commissioner Watkins seconded it.  The motion was passed unanimously.

Chief Malik said the revised job descriptions are for the Records Technician I and to add the job description of Records Technician II.  Commissioner Watkins made a motion to approve the job classifications for CPD.  Commissioner Bohlen seconded it.  The motion was passed unanimously.

Discuss Franklin Street Boat Ramp Improvements-David Pritchett said the Department of Natural Resources has been working with DPW along with George, Miles & Buhr as far as renovating and upgrading the Franklin Street boat ramp.  He is requesting to proceed further with the project.  DNR is funding the project 100 percent.  Mayor Rippons said hearing no disapproval, DPW is allowed to continue at this time.

Discuss Richardson Maritime Museum Request for In-Kind Services-David Pritchett said the museum is open to anything the City can offer them.  There are two areas that are realistic.  One would do the demolition of the small structure on their property.  The other option would be to do the curb, gutter, and sidewalk work when they are reading for their parking area.  Mayor Rippons asked that Council have more time to study this item.  It will be discussed further next week.

Request from Evelyn Townsend to Use Pavilions A and B at Great Marsh Park on July 27 for a Family Reunion-Commissioner Weldon made a motion to approve this request.  Commissioner Watkins seconded the motion.  Commissioner Weldon amended his motion to include a noise variance.  The hours will be from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm.  The motion was passed unanimously.

Approve PO 2191 (Chesapeake Sound & Communication, Inc.) for Compact Portable Radios -  $16,102 - CPD-Commissioner Travers made a motion to approve the purchase order.  Commissioner Weldon seconded it.  The motion was passed unanimously.

Review Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Airport Annexation-Rob Collison said during the meeting with the City and the County, the County did agree to annexation.  The City and County discussed both parties seeking funding.  Rob Collison said he will review this issue with the County.  Commissioner Atkinson read in the paper that the County approved an MOU. He said the City needs to get a copy of the document for the City's review.  

Approve Financial Statement for March 2002-Commissioner Travers made a motion to approve the Financial Statement for March 2002.  Commissioner Watkins seconded it.  The motion was passed unanimously.


Rob Collison asked for clarification on the MOU for the boat slips on the Arundel property.  He asked if it is correct that they do not need as part of the notice on the streets, a notice to regarding the boat slips.  Mayor Rippons said David Pritchett can notify them of the vote taken this evening. 

Commissioner Bohlen said it was his pleasure to work with Commissioner Weldon during the Third Ward clean-up on Saturday.  They spent about 5 hours working on the Pedestrian Mall downtown. 

David Pritchett said they removed 10.81 tons of trash during the Third Ward clean-up.  Commissioner Weldon asked DPW to consider on on-going schedule of having someone go through the Pedestrian Mall once a week for regular clean-up.  He thanked all the volunteers in the community who participated.

Commissioner Atkinson asked the press to mention the Fourth Ward clean-up this coming Saturday.

Commissioner Travers thanked Commissioner Atkinson for the job he has done on Bayly Road to help get the City one-half million dollars for repairs. 

Ed Kinnamon presented a request from R&R Arcade Rentals (Daniel J. Swafford, Sr.) to move the load and unload sign along side of his building to the spot closest to his front door.  He also asked for a handicap space across the street.  Commissioner Watkins made a motion to submit the request to Traffic & Safety.  Commissioner Bohlen seconded it.  The motion passed unanimously.

Mayor Rippons received a letter from Doug Ridley of the Dorchester County Ministerial Society thanking the City for the two police officers escorting the "Walk of the Cross" on Good Friday.   Personal reference is made to Sergeant Pat Doyle and PFC Louis Nichols.  They were professional and efficient as well as friendly, helpful, and respectful to the walkers.  Mayor Rippons asked Chief Malik to extend the well wishes of the City regarding their efforts.

Mayor Rippons announced the Economic Development Committee met today and requested consideration of signage.  Funds from the Legacy Program Grant will be available for this.

Dwight Cromwell, representing the Dorchester County Council for Senior Citizen Services, said they will be sponsoring a Senior Citizen Information Fair on Wednesday.  He requested City of Cambridge give-away bags for the seniors.  Council agreed to this request.

With no further business, Mayor Rippons adjourned this portion of the meeting at 9:17 p.m.  I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and accurate account of the Council meeting Monday, April 22, 2002, insofar as I personally am aware.

Edwin C. Kinnamon, Clerk & Treasurer