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City Council Minutes

September 9, 2002

The City Council met in regular session on Monday, September 9, 2002, in City Council Chambers.  A quorum being present, Mayor Cleveland L. Rippons called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Those Commissioners in attendance were Commissioners Bohlen, Watkins, Weldon, Atkinson, and Travers.

Mayor Rippons asked for a moment of silence in honor of the upcoming memorial activities on September 11th.  Ed Kinnamon led in the Lord's Prayer.  Commissioner Atkinson led in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Commissioner Watkins made a motion to approve the minutes of the August 26, 2002 Council meeting as distributed.  Commissioner Weldon seconded the motion.  The motion was passed unanimously.   


Historic Preservation Commission-Commissioner Bohlen reported that the Commission met on August 15, 2002.  All members were in attendance to hear the following cases:

  • Daniel Swafford (518 Race Street) appeared concerning replacement of an existing tar and pitch roof with a Duro-Last Membrane roof. The request was approved unanimously.
  • Jane Shaw-Dailidenas (112 Vue de Leau St.)-requested to construct a 10‑ft x 16‑ft deck to the rear of her house and also to enclose the front porch with 6‑ft casement windows. The deck was approved; however, the enclosure of the porch was not. The Commission asked if she could return within 45 days to present another option instead of being denied.
  • The Richardson Maritime Museum (401 High St.) requested to demolish the old teller building in the parking lot. This was approved unanimously.
  • Commercial Development, LLC (1 Oakley St.) requested approval to build 24condominium units. After lengthy discussions and deliberation by the Board, it was determined in a 3:2 vote that the proposal was appropriate and it was approved.
  • Mr. James Willey came before the Commission requesting some help concerning his property at 1004 Locust St. He had a situation concerning lead abatement, window replacement, and other issues. It was decided that another meeting would be held for him on August 29, 2002. It is Commissioner Bohlen's understands that Mr. Willey got everything he needed.


Representative From an Out-of-State Firm to Present Plan for a New Business in Cambridge-Mayor Rippons said it gives him great pleasure to introduce Dennis and Ruth Newhard.  Dennis Newhard is the President/CEO of the Mushroom Canning Company.  On September 27th, they will become the new tenants of the Nabisco plant that will bring 76 jobs into our area.  Mr. Newhard said his company processes mushrooms.  They take the raw mushrooms and process them into canned products, frozen products, refrigerated products, etc.  They are an ingredient supplier to most of the large food manufacturers in the country.  The company has been growing over time and they expect that to continue.  This growth is the reason they are fortunate enough to be able to be looking ahead and are coming to Cambridge.  If everything goes as planned, by the end of September they will be the new owners of what was the Nabisco plant.

Council to Discuss Request from Dorchester County Commissioners to Permit Access to Sanitary District No. 4 for the New Terminal Building Located at the Cambridge-Dorchester Airport-Mayor Rippons asked for a spokesperson from the County.  Dr. Tom Flowers requested that the City Council permit access to the Sanitary District No. 4 for the new terminal building located at the Cambridge-Dorchester Airport.  They are asking for a response as soon as possible.  They are facing timing issues that require prompt attention and are hoping that the Council can respond with a decision by September 13, 2002 in order to allow the County to meet a critical deadline.  Mayor Rippons asked if they are requesting a 2‑inch line.  Dr. Flowers said that depends on whether the City wants a 2‑ or 3‑inch line.  The 3‑inch line would possibly allow some of the other houses to connect along the way.  They are asking for a 2‑inch line to the terminal.  Commissioner Atkinson said they sat with the County and he thought they had it all straight with a 2‑inch line temporary connection, to such time as they got water and sewer at Southside Drive.  Then everything fell through.  Dr. Flowers said the recommendations at the meeting in March included the following:  All members of the Burton family are consenting to come into the project by going across the Burton-owned property to the airport.  This allows both residential and industrial developments for the area. The airport must be annexed in order to facilitate the seeking of grants to pay for the infrastructure.  The annexation will not involve the property owners on Bucktown Road who do not wish to be annexed.  In the agreement to be developed by the City and County lawyers, the document will allow the new terminal to tie in with the sanitary district for immediate action and for a short-term solution to the sewage problem.  The cost of this hook-up is included already in the airport plans.  The City and the County will each look for joint funding of this project.   Dr. Flowers said they received the MOU from the City, which is quite lengthy including a condition outlining responsibilities for cost.  The County shall be responsible for all funding needed for the cost of extending water and sewer service to the airport property.   The parties agree that the line shall run from the Southside Avenue pumping station in an easterly direction across the Burton parcels to the airport property.  The water and sewer lines shall be sufficient for the servicing of an industrial road, park, or other similar uses.  The water and sewer lines shall be looped from the airport along Bucktown Road and connected to the other water and sewer lines along Route 50.  The City agrees to cooperate with the County in the application and securing of grant funding but otherwise shall not be responsible in any way for any costs of construction and installation of the water and lines. The City's sole financial obligation shall be the operation and maintenance of the water and sewer lines once they are constructed and installed to the City specifications. 

Dr. Flowers said they found out that the cost of the sewer, water, and road construction would amount to $3,528,500.  The MOU stated the County would have to pay all of these costs and they do not have that much money and could not find it.   They made requests to every agency including EDA and DBED.  The County said they could not extend all of that at one time so they asked for the smaller amount which was just a small line going up to the Bucktown sewer. 

Rob Collison said the draft of the MOU that Dr. Flowers is referring to was presented to City Council on May 10, 2002.  Before the annexation process can begin, there has to be a determination on how the ultimate costs will be paid.   In the public notices for the annexation resolutions, it must specify how the financing and payment of the extension of the services will be covered.  It was his understanding from the meetings that the City and County would work together on grant applications and at that time the County was in the driver seat with regard to Maryland One money and other funding sources.  After all the grant funding is taken into account, the decision still has to be made how any remaining funding will be divided.   Dr. Flowers said they could not locate $3 million for the water and sewer to go across the property.  At that time they said that they would actually put on-site a sewage treatment plant, which is foolish and wasteful.  They were hoping they could in some way have an MOU which did not bind them to $3 million at this time.  There is no way for them to do it.  Rob Collison said the City does not have $3 million either and this must be worked out before the annexation process begins.  Otherwise, they will find themselves two years down the road in the same situation.  The airport will be connected to a temporary system that probably would become permanent if there is no agreement between the two bodies.  Dr. Flowers said they are perfectly willing to search every avenue for doing what the original MOU said; that is, to take it across the Burton property.  They cannot come up with $3,500,000 so they decided that they would technically go with a stupid system of actually putting a sewer system on site but everybody knows that this area is notorious for actually getting water through the soil. 

Rob Collison said now would be the time to have that set in place.  The City will seek any funding sources possible and the County likewise.  In the end, whatever is left, they need to know the division between the two bodies so that they go down the journey of annexation, they will know how the costs will be divided in the end.  As it is now, nobody is agreeing to pay them.

Dr. Flowers said they as a county are perfectly willing to say that they will work in every way they can will EDA, DBED, and any other economic development organization to raise it.  They cannot say they are going to underwrite $3,500,000. 

Mayor Rippons said they are asking for the City to allow a temporary.  He asked for their definition of "temporary" and what would happen after that time if nothing comes to fruition.  Dr. Flowers said he thinks they understood it would be for two years but they do not know what group of County Commissioners will be there.   They cannot make a statement tonight that they can bind new Commissioners to this project; they can merely say they will work with the City and try to get it.  EDA said they couldn't finance the project because the terminal is not technically employing new employees.   Mayor Rippons said he talked to Mr. Noyes who said they could not run a system to the airport where there is no job creation.  If there is consideration of an industrial park that generates jobs, both the One Maryland money and EDA fund would and should be used to facilitate part of this $3.5 million. 

Mayor Rippons said they are asking what happens in two years if nothing has been facilitated.  Dr. Flowers said they would promise that they would work diligently to try to come up with exactly what he is saying.  Commissioner Payne said maybe two years is too short and they should ask for five years.  It's an environmental thing.  They can put a temporary system out there and nobody can predict how long it will last.  They will pay all the expenses to hook to the system, the expense to pump it into the City's system, and he doesn't see any problem that they want to hook into the existing system even if the situation was forever.  Rob Collison said the most recent case law (Oxford) said the Court of Appeals said cities should not extend city services if annexation is possible because you then open up the floodgates and you cannot turn anyone else down who is asking for that service.  He suggested a liaison body between the two groups to work out what the division of costs would be after the grant money comes in.  They can work it out during the two-year temporary period so they can begin the annexation process and begin the extension of sewer services so it can be completed in that time.   Mayor Rippons said he believes the One Maryland money sits with the State waiting to be appropriated.  The County cannot have access to it.  He has requested several times to have a joint meeting in consideration of economic development.  The City will probably allow it to happen because the City will look at the best interest of the entire community.  He asked for Council's consideration.

Commissioner Weldon said they are really bound by the case law that does not allow them to extend services without annexation.  He asked if there was any projection of how much these grants might cover and a breakdown of the costs.  David Pritchett said sewer alone would come to $1,093,000.  Water comes to just around $920,000.  He said it would take two years to complete the project if they started today.  Commissioner Weldon said it was his understanding that the grants could not be applied for until the annexation is in process.  Rob Collison said the critical factor here is job creation.  Commissioner Bohlen said when they had their first meeting (November 2000) with the County concerning this, there was a study that was to be done to look into the economic viability of the industrial park and job creation.  He said they have never seen the study and it has been requested a couple of times.  He said if they do something on a temporary basis, his simple solution if nothing has been worked out at the end of the time period, the system would be disconnected.  This would give impetus to make it right.  Commissioner Weldon said the people who pay City taxes pay County taxes too.  If the cost of the system is borne by the County, he is still paying for it and so is everyone else in the room.   Dr. Flowers said they agree with the MOU.  The only thing they disagree with is that they could not find the $3 million to carry the water and sewer over the Burton property.   The annexation is the City's own doing.  They have never said that the City can't annex.  All they are saying is that they could not afford to put the road, sewer, and water to this property.  It is a great idea.  He wishes they could do it.  The building will be finished in March.  If the City wishes, they can hold out and the County will have to put a sewage system on the property which neither the City or County wants.   They can't wait for two years to have it completed.  They have to have it so they can get the piping and fittings in the building to accommodate this 2‑inch pipe. One Maryland money has never been accessible to the County.  They keep telling the County they have two point something million in one kitty and one point something in another.  They are getting an industrial site with a shell building out there opposite the detention center, which will attract industry.  That takes care of the first part of the money.  If the County does not have the City's decision about this in a couple of weeks, then it will cost them $65,000 additional just to make the change order.  The County cannot just say they will borrow $3 million right now.  They just had the Maces Lane School, which is a tremendous amount of money.  Either the City allows the County to go with a 2‑inch line to the Bucktown station or they will put in a sewage system on site that every businessman knows is not a satisfactory arrangement.  Mayor Rippons said the County voted to put in the sewage system even though they said it is the worst thing to do. 

Rob Collison asked if the County could wait until September 16th for a vote so the Council can concur with himself and David Pritchett.  Dr. Flowers said they want the City to study it.  Commissioner Atkinson said when they first met with the County, the County told them they had $1.7 million of One Maryland money.  Dr. Flowers said that is for the building.  Mayor Rippons said it is not; that came to $2.2 million.  Dr. Flowers said another project has been sent in to DBED.  It is confidential and he cannot announce it now.  Rob Collison said the purpose of the meeting was to combine the expansion of the airport with the development of an industrial park.  At that time the County was awaiting the feasibility study.  They thought the airport was going to be the preferred site studied by the State.  It was his understanding that if it qualified and was the site selected, they could couple the expansion of water and sewer to the industrial park and use the One Maryland money.  Dr. Flowers said they did everything they could to find the money.  Rob Collison asked if the proposal is to develop an industrial park adjacent to the airport, would not the One Maryland monies pay for the extension of water and sewer to that new industrial park.  Dr. Flowers said it could qualify now and that is what they said.  They would be willing to try to work to get that kind of money available but not necessarily across the Burton property.  Mayor Rippons said he requested the report numerous times.  Last week they asked him to put it in writing.  Ms. Baynard called him today and told him it was before their attorney now to see if the County can release it to him.  She told him under the Public Information Act they have 30 days to entertain any request.  Rob Collison suggested that within the week Council meet with David Pritchett and himself because two years may not be enough on the planning stages.  They may be looking at three or four years.  The only way he can truly see this being temporary connection if in the agreement it states that if at the end of the three- or four-year period, there is no agreement and they do not agree to disconnect, that there be a significant daily financial penalty of some sort that the County would pay to maintain the connection. 

Skip Miller said several people are absolutely right.  This project goes back more than three years.  It goes back about six years when his father-in-law was still living.  The previous set of County Commissioners approached him about going across his property to serve the airport and provide an industrial park.  He wants to make full disclosure that he is the brother-in-law of Greg Burton and brother-in-law of Marty Burton (who are brothers of his wife, Bride) and his mother-in-law is Becky Burton.  They are the three people who own the property.  He does not have interest in it and his wife doesn't have any interest in it.  They approached him at the same time the State and the County were trying to work out the deal with the Hyatt and get land to build a new State hospital.  The County was going to buy 50 acres of that land.  They had a feasibility study done for that.  It was supposed to be the next State hospital, new County health department, and possibly a new hospital and medical park.  His father-in-law said he would give the right-of-way across the property to the airport if they bought the 50 acres and put the State hospital on it.  The 50 acres eventually ended up only 22 acres.  When the new County Commissioners came into office, they discussed it one time with Marty.  When the new City Council came in, they met with Marty, Greg, and him and discussed annexation and taxes.  If it were annexed, they would not have to pay increased taxes on it until it was developed.  Other than that, there has been no formal request to them or to his mother-in-law to see the details of whether the right-of-way is going to be donated because at the time the County was talking about purchasing 100 acres for an industrial time.  It is the only area in the County that could have water and sewer and rail side.  In April of 1999, Commissioner Flowers met with the City Council to discuss the airport and the need for water and sewer.  Mr. Miller asked why the County couldn't release a study paid for by the State.  He thought the feasibility study would provide costs for water and sewer.  He said the $1.7 million was to go to the purchase of the land of a new industrial park and to the beginning of the water and sewer. 

Commissioner Weldon said he likes Rob Collison's idea of delaying action for a period of time.  He agrees with Mr. Miller.  He is concerned that a State-funded document is being withheld from them.  Dr. Flowers said their lawyer instructed him to tell Mr. Collison that he is happy to work with him and give him any details and work closely with him in solving this. 

Commissioner Weldon made a motion that Council meet in closed executive session at 6:30 pm next Monday to discuss this item.  Commissioner Watkins seconded the motion.  The motion was passed unanimously.

Open Bids for Furnishing and Delivering One New Ocè 7055 Large Format Copier or Equivalent-Ed Kinnamon announced that Council received four bids:

  • Diacarlo Precision Instruments, Inc. (Salisbury) -- $7.750.00
  • Charrette Corporation, LLC (Beltsville) -- $7,125.00
  • Coastal Copy System (Salisbury) -- (1) $9,150.00 and (2) $7,970.00
  • Caron East, Inc. (Cumberland) -- $8,000.00

Commissioner Bohlen made a motion to refer the bids to DPW for their review and recommendation.  Commissioner Watkins seconded the motion.  The motion was passed unanimously. 

Proclamation for "A Day To Remember"-Ed Kinnamon read the proclamation and Mayor Rippons signed it.

Proclamation for "Freedom's Answer Day"-Ed Kinnamon read the proclamation and Mayor Rippons signed it.


Council To Discuss Request from Chief Sewell E. Winterhawk Fitzhugh for Financial Donation for the 10th Annual Native American Festival-Chief Fitzhugh said 10 years his people decided to do something to educate the public about the Native American culture.  To encourage people to come out, they did not want to make it an ultimate money project.  They try to keep their admission fees down as low as possible.  They cannot even begin looking for insurance until a month before the festival.  Their usual vendor is getting out of the business of providing insurance for special events.  Since they have been with the company for a number of years without any claims, they would be willing to write a policy with some exclusions for a fee that would double and then half again.  The insurance vendor that oversees Sailwinds would not accept the policy.  In talking to several insurance vendors, the cheapest amount of insurance to meet the conditions that Sailwinds vendor says they must have was $1400.  They have learned that the City has given a matching grant to the Powerboat Regatta.  They are asking for the City's help.  They have been completely self-sufficient outside of one grant from Preservation Maryland.  They have a vendor who has agreed to write a policy that will meet Sailwinds' requirements.  They have had donations totaling $475 in cash.  The have received items from 22 businesses for the silent auction. 

Commissioner Bohlen asked how insurance was handled for other events in the City; for instance Dorchester Showcase, which is held on a City street.  Rob Collison said it depends who the sponsor is.  The Dorchester Arts Center would have liability insurance for their event.  Commissioner Bohlen asked if the City could have the Native American Festival added as a rider on an existing City policy as an in-kind service.  Mayor Rippons said he would have Odie call LGIT to investigate this.  Chief Fitzhugh said to date, the lowest bid for insurance is $400.  This was to be faxed to Sailwinds today.   Chief Fitzhugh said he has to do something before Friday.  Commissioner Weldon made a motion to cover the $400 expense in anticipation of Odie determining if there is anything else the City can do.  Commissioner Bohlen seconded the motion.  Mayor Rippons asked how much the County was donating.  Chief Fitzhugh said he wrote a letter but did not get a response yet.  Commissioner Weldon said he would amend his motion to support 50 percent of the amount ($200) and ask the County to assist them equally.    The motion passed unanimously to give the Native American Festival $200.

Council To Discuss Donating $1000 Toward Fireworks Planned for Heritage Tourism Celebration (September 20th)-Commissioner Weldon said they have been successful in raising a considerable amount of money toward this project.  He feels being recognized as a Heritage Tourism Area is a momentous achievement.  His request was for $1000 from the Economic Development budget.  The total cost of the fireworks is $6000.  Hurlock and Vienna have contributed toward the cost along with the private sector.  Commissioner Weldon made a motion to approve the $1000 donation and congratulated the private sector for all the work they have put in.  Mayor Rippons said the City taxpayers would be paying more than the County.  Commissioner Bohlen seconded the motion.  Several citizens spoke in favor of the fireworks.  The motion to donate $1000 was passed unanimously.

Discussion on PWCD Amendment-Commissioner Weldon said that Council has been holding discussions about the riverwalk concept.  In light of other projects that have surfaced around the Creek, such as Deep Harbour, and since there has been such heated opposition among the property owners along the Creek, he is asking Rob Collison to start the wheels turning to introduce an amendment to the PWCD that would lift the requirement of a riverwalk-not only from the residential area, but from the commercial areas.  It has been demonstrated that not only is it not practical for those commercial establishments currently on the Creek, it is likely not to be as practical for future commercial development that might be maritime in nature.  Under the design guidelines, based on recent developments regarding the Point property, he would like to see the height limitation on the Creek, particularly on the Point property, restored to its original intent of 75 feet.  At a time there was a text amendment that was asked for by Gilman Development that never came to pass that lifted the height to 110 feet and it has become very clear that it was a mistake and needs to be corrected and restored to its original intent of 75 feet.  He would like this all included in the same text amendment.  Commissioner Bohlen added that the removal of this from the PWCD regulations does not preclude anyone from including a promenade on the waterfront from any future development; it simply does not require it.

Rob Collison said they must have a public hearing on this.  The earliest day possible will be September 30, 2002.  Commissioner Weldon made a motion to move forward with the amendment.  Commissioner Atkinson seconded the motion.  Rob Collison asked if the Council still wished to have the report on the riverwalk that was proposed to be made next week.  Commissioner Atkinson said this would cancel that need.  Commissioner Weldon said there is no need for it; the people around the Creek have spoken.  (There was no actual vote taken.) 


Council to Appoint Representative to Heritage Tourism Management Board-Commissioner Atkinson made a motion that Commissioner Weldon be appointed.  Commissioner Travers seconded the motion. Commissioner Weldon said he has been pleased to serve on the Committee for six years and he will be pleased to continue.  The motion was passed unanimously.

Request from Police Department for Noise Variance on October 5th Between the Hours of 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm in Front of the Cosby Avenue Station to Observe Crime Prevention Month-Commissioner Atkinson made a motion to grant the noise variance.  Commissioner Travers seconded the motion.  The motion was passed unanimously.

Council to Approve Resolution for Submission of Community Legacy Grant Application-Commissioner Atkinson made a motion to approve the Resolution.  Commissioner Travers seconded it.  The motion was passed unanimously.

Council to Discuss Job Classifications for Cambridge Police Department-Mayor Rippons said the job classifications were being put on the book.  Commissioner Bohlen made a motion to make the three job classifications active.  Commissioner Travers seconded the motion.  The motion was passed unanimously.

Council to Approve PO 02585 ($995,000) for the Acquisition of Property at 8 Washington Street-Commissioner Atkinson made a motion to approve the Purchase Order.  Commissioner Weldon seconded it.  The motion was passed unanimously.

Council to Approve PO 02509 Hertrich Fleet Sales ($40,566) for CPD- Commissioner Travers made a motion to approve the Purchase Order.  Commissioner Bohlen seconded it.  The motion was passed unanimously.

Council to Approve PO 02511 Wor-Wic Community College ($2,884) for CPD- Commissioner Bohlen made a motion to approve the Purchase Order.  Commissioner Travers seconded it.  The motion was passed unanimously.

Council to Approve PO 02512 Graves Uniforms ($3,942.70) for CPD- Commissioner Travers made a motion to approve the Purchase Order.  Commissioner Weldon seconded it.  The motion was passed unanimously.

Council to Approve PO 02495 Stearns & Wheler LLC ($190,000) for DPW- Commissioner Travers made a motion to approve the Purchase Order.  Commissioner Weldon seconded it.  The motion was passed unanimously.

Council to Approve PO 02497 ($18,000) for a Pick-Up Truck for DPW- Commissioner Atkinson made a motion to approve the Purchase Order.  Commissioner Bohlen seconded it.  The motion was passed unanimously.


Rob Collison said on Monday, September 16th, the Council will hold a public hearing on the proposed rezoning on property for the Deep Harbour Development.  This is only to consider the rezoning from PWCD to PWRD.

Commissioner Bohlen said all the festivities concerning the grand opening of the Hyatt were great-both at the facility and the parade.

Commissioner Bohlen said he submitted a memo to Council concerning the lighting fixtures for downtown.  Several weeks ago, Council was presented with two options concerning historic period lighting fixtures.  Time is becoming of the essence because to get some of the project started in a timely fashion, particularly with the pedestrian mall and Council needs to make a decision about what type and style of lighting to go with.  He supports the Halophane fixture.  At this time he would like to make a motion that Council proceed and accept the Halophane Granville light fixture as the standard light fixture of choice for the City of Cambridge.  Commissioner Weldon seconded the motion.    Commissioner Weldon added that the maintenance arrangement with conectiv is a main consideration in his support for that particular fixture.  In answer to a question by Mayor Rippons, Commissioner Bohlen said the maintenance would be approximately $18 a month per fixture.  David Pritchett said presently they are paying approximately $17 a month per fixture.  Commissioner Bohlen said his other consideration is that with a project like the Deep Harbor Project, the developer would run the conduit and put in the footers for the light fixtures then conectiv would install the fixture.  They will be standardized throughout the City.  David Pritchett said the initial downtown project from High Street all the way through to Race down to Muir Street is in the vicinity of 100 lights.  Mayor Rippons said that comes to $1800 a month.  Commissioner Weldon said it will improve the looks of downtown to increase the business traffic and the appearance of the property values and we will probably be making about $3000 a month in property taxes.  Mayor Rippons asked David Pritchett his consideration that the lights may be able to be purchased and not have the $1800 a month maintenance.  Commissioner Weldon made a motion that the Council President assume the Chair at this point.  The discussion continued about the $1800 a month vs. the cost of maintaining the lights if they purchased them.  It would cost to have a truck and crew going around every day changing light bulbs. 

Mayor Rippons said the motion on the floor is to go ahead and expend for whatever costs (unknown) ... Commissioner Bohlen continued ...that they adopt the Halophane fixture by Halophane through the conectiv agreement as the standard period historic lighting fixture for the City of Cambridge.  Commissioner Bohlen asked David Pritchett how many fixtures the City owns and maintains.  David said just the ones at Great Marsh right now.  Commissioner Bohlen said of all the streetlights in the Cambridge, we only own seven lights; the rest of them are tariffed fixtures.  Mayor Rippons said it is different because those fixtures are not the same maintenance consideration as the ones Council is looking at.  Conectiv is not a non-profit so they are making a profit on the lights.  The City could do the same thing in the Mayor's consideration.  Commissioner Weldon said the $18 includes the power that runs the lights.  Mayor Rippons said it is $3 a month.  Mayor Rippons called for a vote.  The motion was passed 4:1 with Commissioner Watkins opposed.

Commissioner Watkins expressed his appreciation to everybody who had something to do with welcoming the Hyatt on Saturday.  It was done is good style.

Commissioner Weldon echoed with Commissioner Watkins said.  Julia Davis did a tremendous job working on the City's behalf and put together a very nice event. 

Commissioner Atkinson said on Wednesday after the ceremony at Long Wharf in commemoration of September 11th, they will be dedicating three flagpoles and the flags that have been erected and paid for by the Dorchester Post 91 at the Memorial for World War II veterans.  Post 91 has allocated $10,000 to this project.

Commissioner Travers thanked Mrs. Davis also for doing an outstanding job on the parade.  He thought we had an excellent crowd on the streets.

Ed Kinnamon said he received a request from Sheets Flower Shop.  The owner of the building they are located in on Race Street is having the roof replaced. The construction work is blocking some of their parking area so they would like a parking spot on Race Street designated solely for their use.  Commissioner Watkins said the Traffic and Safety Committee will review this.

Mayor Rippons added his thanks to Mrs. Davis and her help for the parade.  Yesterday he attended a service with the Police Department, EMS, and RFC at Jubilee Christian Fellowship where they had a ceremony of worship to salute our local heroes.  At that time they presented $1000 to each of those three entities in support of their efforts with consideration that they wanted the people to know that when the bells go off and the sirens are heard, they are kept in prayer by this group.  It was a very moving service. 

Mayor Rippons said they met on the Empowerment Center.  Commissioners Watkins and Travers and he met with the Pine Street Committee.  The last word he got is that they will meet as soon as possible after the elections and get back with the City.  In essence, there is one thing holding up the opening. 

Mayor Rippons said prior mention had been made to a Washington Post article.  He thinks it behooves everyone to have a mass mailing to go out. Rotary is starting a letter-writing campaign.  He said if everyone writes a letter, they could bring the letters to City Hall and we will make sure it gets to the Washington Post.

Wendell Foxwell said he contacted the owner of the bicycle shop on Race Street about the unsightly debris in his front window.  Now they have a drape up with some antique chairs, a fishing rod and reel, a basket with some fish net over the top of it.  It depicts part of the industry of Dorchester County.  He called and thanked the owner for what he has done.

Joy Staniforth said on Sunday she was downtown and was appalled by the debris on the street.  Within one hour, the sweepers were there and it was completely clean.  She thanked the City.

Tony Thomas, representing Dorchester Showcase, asked permission to have beer on Saturday, September 21 at Long Wharf.  They would like to apply for a 1-day beer license.  Commissioner Weldon made a motion to approve the request.  Commissioner Atkinson seconded the motion.  The motion was passed unanimously.

Evelyn Townsend said she asked a couple of people if the Harriet Tubman building would be considered when the City was giving out donations or gifts to the people who are improving their property on Race Street. Their building is in disarray.  After the big rain, water came in and the ceiling is on the floor.  Commissioner Weldon said downtown is a targeted investment zone for Heritage Tourism.  Ms. Townsend said they are in dire need of help and they are a non-profit.  Commissioner Bohlen said they are eligible for matching grants.  Ms. Townsend said they are willing to work with anyone to make sure it happens. 

Mayor Rippons read a thank you note written by Chuck and Cathy Weber to DPW for the recent improvements they made to the curbs along Maple Dam Road.

Mayor Rippons read a thank you written by Jeff Powell to the Mayor and Council for sponsoring the Hyatt Parade on Saturday.

With no further business, Mayor Rippons adjourned this portion of the meeting at 9:02 p.m.  I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and accurate account of the Council meeting Monday, September 9, 2002, insofar as I personally am aware.

Edwin C. Kinnamon, Clerk & Treasurer