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City Council Minutes

January 10, 2000

January 10, 2000

Cambridge, Md.

The City Council met in regular session at 7:00 p.m. with Mayor David J. Wooten presiding.  Those Commissioners in attendance were: Commissioners Vickers, Watkins, Saunders, Swafford and Rice. Commissioner Saunders led in a prayer.

Mr. Collison advised that at 5:00 p.m. this evening, the Council met in closed Executive Session with regard to a legal matter.

Commissioner Watkins moved to approve the minutes of the January 3rd Council meeting; seconded by Commissioner Vickers. Motion carried unanimously.


Commissioner Rice reported on behalf of the Street Lighting Committee:

Chemayne Henry / 917 Peachblossom Avenue - requested that a light be put back up that had been there previously. A determination was made by the Committee that the light be reinstated and Commissioner Rice put the recommendation in the form of a motion. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Watkins and it carried unanimously.

Kim Elzey / Race and Muir Street to Race and Washington Street - This section of Race Street has the old mercury vapor lights as opposed to the sodium vapor lights. With the exception of the corner of Cedar Street (which will be redone anyway), the Committee recommended that the City "look into upgrading those and that, within the plan, they should be done within the next seven weeks..."

Commissioner Rice proposed that they be done, "and it's in the works..."


Mr. Collison advised that the public hearings scheduled this evening will give everyone an opportunity to speak, either for or against. The Council will receive testimony this evening and render their decision at the next regularly scheduled meeting on January 24th.

Sherry Stoker came to the podium and indicated that she wanted to put a day care center on the corner of Woods Road and Roslyn Avenue. Currently there is a 60' x 80' steel building at this location that her husband owns and which he had previously used for his welding business. She stated that she has been doing day care in her home for three years and there is a big need for day care for newborns. This day care center would hold approximately 80 children and she will be hiring 15 people and plans to be open from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (only closed on holidays).

They will be serving breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner "which most day care centers around here do not." To her knowledge, there is only one day care center locally that takes newborns.

Ms. Stoker then referenced a plat which had been submitted to Planning and Zoning indicating that lot no. 1 would be entirely fenced in "and behind the building is all going to be parking."

She added that she has spoken with Ken Bush, Fire Marshall, who is looking at the plans. The Child Care Administration has been to the building, "and he absolutely loves it" and she has sent in her intent to open up the day care center. There will be six classrooms; one classroom for 6 week olds; one for 18 month olds; two for 2 year olds; one for 3 and 4 year olds and one for 5 year olds. She has also spoken with Randy Whaples about handicapped codes and "we're meeting all the codes."

Mr. Collison wanted Ms. Stoker to understand that if Special Use Permits are granted, they only apply to the specific site and "also to you as an individual." He added, for everyone's information, that this property is commercially zoned.

Mr. Pritchett advised that the Planning and Zoning Commission heard the argument on December 7, 1999 and recommended approval. On December 27th the first ad was placed in the Daily Banner for the Public Hearing and on January 3, 2000 the second ad was placed.

Mr. Collison then asked Mr. Pritchett what the vote was from the Planning and Zoning Commission and he responded, "unanimous... in favor of."

Commissioner Saunders understood that this building was for sale. Ms. Stoker advised that they do have it for sale but they haven't been able to make up their minds as to whether to do a day care center or to sell it because they want to "get a place in the country." They are currently waiting on prices from three different contractors to convert the building. One price was outrageous, "so if we get prices like that back, the place is for sale."

Ms. Stoker stated that she had spoken to Mrs. Tyler who owns property adjacent to the building and said "she'd love to have the children there." Mr. Collison added that any approval Council gives is only regarding zoning and "you'd have to comply with all other Health Department and State licensing."

With no one speaking in favor or in opposition, Commissioner Watkins moved to close the Public Hearing; seconded by Commissioner Vickers. Motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Azam of 308 Mill Street is applying for a special use permit for off-premises sale of beer and wine at the old Seven-Eleven location on Meteor Avenue.

Mr. Collison asked what his hours of operation would be and he responded, 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., seven days a week.

Mr. Pritchett advised that the Planning and Zoning Commission heard this request on December 7, 1999 with an outcome of 3 to 2 voting in favor of passing the Special Use Permit. The first ad was placed in the paper on December 27, 1999 and the second ad was placed on January 3, 2000.

Commissioner Saunders stated that County Commissioner Nichols has been working with Mr. Azam to make sure he understands the procedure, "and I just want to thank him for that. "

Commissioner William Nichols came to the podium and stated that a hearing was held in front of the County Commissioners about a month ago. It passed 5 to 0 and he met all the criteria of the County. Mr. Nichols added that he researched Mr. Azam's past history at the store he currently operates and he is "squeaky clean."

With no further comments, Commissioner Watkins moved to close the Public Hearing; seconded by Commissioner Vickers. Motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Collison advised that the proposed amendment would eliminate the need for a separate public hearing before the City's Planning and Zoning Commission for any amendments to the Critical Area Regulations. If approved, the amendment would only require one public hearing which would be before the City Commissioners. As it is now, both bodies are required to have public hearings.

Mr. Roby Hurley, Critical Area Circuit Rider for the City, came to the podium and indicated that the City is seeking an amendment to the Critical Area Program which is a support document to the Zoning Ordinance "to correct burdensome and conflicting language." The language occurs in Section 1, Page 32, Number 2 and is entitled "Amendments in the Critical Area." The language requires a public hearing to be held at the Planning Commission level which is in contradiction to the Zoning Ordinance which does not require a public hearing by the Planning Commission.

Mr. Hurley said the new Number 2 would read as follows:

The Planning Commission shall review, then forward proposed amendments with recommendations to the City Commissioners.

A public hearing was held on November 2, 1999 by the Planning Commission and there was no public comment. Mr. Hurley stated that "if approved tonight, the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Commission will hear the City's amendment at the February 2nd meeting following which the City can formally adopt the change . "

Mr. Collison asked the Director of Public Works for comments and Mr. Pritchett advised that the Planning and Zoning Commission did hear this on November 2, 1999. The first ad for tonight's public hearing was placed in the paper on December 27, 1999 and the second ad on January 3, 2000.

Commissioner Saunders asked Mr. Hurley to explain what area the text amendment is related to and what impact it will have "as for the good of the community."

Mr. Hurley stated that this amendment essentially involves the amendment procedures whereby any change to the Critical Area part of the City's Critical Area Program is to be changed. That amendment process involved two public hearings... the City's normal procedure only involves one public hearing and this was contradictory and burdensome language. The public still has the comment period during the Mayor and Commissioners' level including the advertising and everything associated with that so it does not take anything away from the public in terms of their interaction with any amendments to the Critical Area part of the City.

With no further comments, Commissioner Watkins moved to close the Public Hearing; seconded by Commissioner Rice. Motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Hurley then asked if he could pass on "one note of good news on the related subject." On December 1, 1999, the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Commission approved a request by the City under its refinement system. The City had requested restoration of growth allocation which developed due to the realignment of the tidal wetlands on the Hyatt site. Nineteen point 78 acres was restored to the City's growth allocation bringing the total to 23.77 acres. Negotiations continue with Public Works Department and the County "to hopefully maybe get some more acreage for our bank account."


Mr. Collison advised this is a request made by Timothy Moxey, trading as Moxey's Market, to amend Section 20-10 of the City Code, C-1 Neighborhood Commercial District, "nor to permit the sale of bottled or propane gas as a permitted use or activity in a C-1 District."

Neither Mr. Moxey nor a representative were present so Mr. Collison proceeded with the Public Hearing since it was advertised.

Mr. Pritchett advised that Planning and Zoning recommended approval of the text amendment request on September 7, 1999. Council accepted the recommendation on September 14th. The first ad was placed in the Daily Banner for public hearing on December 27, 1999 and again on January 3, 2000. The location is 301 Choptank Avenue and is currently zoned R-3. It is a non-conforming use operating as a C-1.

Mr. Collison asked Mr. Pritchett what the Planning and Zoning Commission's vote was... "the motion was passed 3 to 1."

Jeff Hurley, Fire Chief for the City of Cambridge, came to the podium to speak in opposition to the request. Chief Hurley indicated that it's the Fire Department's position that this would be better covered on C-2 zoning. If the Council decides to grant the zoning change for non-conforming use, "it's our recommendation that the number of full cylinders be limited... not to exceed 200 pounds of propane at one time."

Commissioner Saunders stated that she is not comfortable with this being in a close neighborhood with children and older people.

Commissioner Vickers shared that even though most homes may have a barbecue and have one tank, "but there's not an accumulation of those tanks in one area the way there would be when there is distribution or sales of them." He added that the only reason the store is operating is on a grandfather clause and he believes it is very unusual to make any upgrade on anything that operates under a grandfather clause. Mr. Pritchett indicated that "a non-conforming use is not acceptable to expand the operation."

Marjorie Hull, President of the West End Citizens Association, 1301 Hambrooks Boulevard, came to the podium. She then asked for the location of the market and was advised 301 Choptank Avenue. Mr. Collison stated that the request is to amend all C-1's so it would apply to any C-1 location within the City. Ms. Hull said, "the West End Citizens Association is definitely against this." She added that when you go by this specific location, particularly after school is out, there are children running around there, there are people smoking and it is a heavily traveled route because it is a one-way out of the west end towards the center of the City.

Portia Johnson, 700 Cornish Drive, was next to speak. She asked, "if you are getting ready to rezone and when you get to that area and it's going to be zoned something different, and you give this gentleman what he wants, what happens then? That's something for you all to think about."

With no additional comments, Commissioner Vickers made a motion to close the public hearing; seconded by Commissioner Swafford. Motion carried unanimously.


Commissioner Saunders advised that she had made contact with several people over the weekend from the area, "and if you will allow them, some of them would like to provide some additional information that we didn't already have." She then turned the meeting over to County Commissioner Jay Newcomb.

Commissioner Newcomb, District One, said this is in the area that he serves as county commissioner. This relates to problems that the citizens are having with their sewer in the Madison, Susquehanna, Woolford area. They came to the previous board with the petition that was handed out this evening to try to get some help in the area for their problems. The previous board had approved $8,000 for a feasibility study... "which was done and completed."

At that point, they needed to get a letter of support from the City. The present board did give their support "and we have done correspondence back and forth with the City Council for this." Commissioner Newcomb stated that the City Council had approved a motion regarding Commissioner Saunders request to hold three meetings. There were two meetings held in Church Creek and the third was a public work session in the County Commissioners' meeting room. He added, "all the meetings were held and there was no opposition at either one of the meetings."

The City had also requested that they be allowed to tour the area in question and this has been done. All the information requested by the City has been provided and tonight the County is seeking a decision from the City "so we can go on to the next step."

Mr. Bill Forlifer, Dorchester County Health Department's Director of Environmental Health, came to the podium and stated that the Health Department supports this project for several reasons:

1) the area is a failing septic system area and has been designated as such in the County's Water and Sewer Plan for approximately 20 years;

2) the soils in the area are very difficult for septic systems. They are predominantly high water table, poorly drained soils with water tables at the ground surface or very close to it during the winter;

3) most of the lots in the area to be served are small lots and don't have sufficient room on them to put in even the minimum required septic system in place.

They do repairs in these areas on septic systems and they are generally called "Band-Aid repairs" and are not expected to last the full service life of a septic system. The only reliable long term solution that they see is sewer service in this area.

Commissioner Saunders entered into the record a letter from Harrington & Merryweather dated January 10, 2000 to County Commissioner Jay Newcomb. The letter indicated that "the line would be installed via government grant funding and citizens using the service will defray the expense of hookup. The service would be available to all properties along Taylors Island Road, together with properties on outlet County roads."

The letter went on to state, "since the line would service properties outside the City limits, the City Council must consider applicable law in determining the propriety of undertaking such a venture."

Commissioner Saunders also read in the letter, "the Court of Appeals has decreed that a municipality is proper in extending a sewer line to an area with failing septic systems so as to promote the health and well-being of the community."

She then made a motion, with a contingency that depending on the findings of the study that the Health Department says needs to be done that we go ahead and grant this to these citizens. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Watkins.

For discussion, Commissioner Rice said "as long as the motion agrees to looking at the study, make the determination on size and make the determination on whatever adjustments need to be made to the existing agreement for payments, collections, etc. and have those items as contingencies, I can certainly look at it. A blanket statement saying we're going to do it without looking at of these things, I can't buy that."

Commissioner Saunders stated that based upon the 30 day study that Mr. Forlifer says would need to be done, based upon the three findings of that study (#1, if they find that because of the soil composition of the area, they're not conducive to septic systems; #2, because a lot of the properties are so small, they won't hold the mound system and #3, because it is a sewage health hazard), "my motion was, and still is and will always be, that after the 30 day study, if these are the findings of the State Health Department and whoever else is doing the study, that we then grant these people permission to hook up with contingencies and they can include the Commissioner's comments that he made as well..." Commissioner Rice stated, "you are a lot clearer right now than you were the first time you said it, that's why I brought it up."

Commissioner Rice indicated that he represents the people who pay City taxes and he doesn't want them to be stepped on in this issue. He added that when the study is done, he hopes it does not look at this as the only solution to their problem... "it can be a lagoon system as well" and he doesn't feel that the citizens of Cambridge should be used as the cheapest solution.

Commissioner Vickers read a statement that he had prepared and said, "I think we need to take time to make sure that this help is going to be available to all County residents, not certain areas." He feels there needs to be an in-depth engineering study of the entire area requesting help "and all other areas whose septic systems are failing and would need to hook up in a relatively short period of time." He further stated that he doesn't feel a 30 day study "would even touch the problem."

Commissioner Swafford then confirmed his understanding that there are three municipalities within Dorchester County that already have sewer systems... Hurlock, East New Market and Secretary. He indicated that he just wanted to look at populations in the City of Cambridge versus "what we already have in the Sanitary Districts versus the percentage of our sewer plants that are being used."

In response to a suggestion made by Commissioner Vickers that a public hearing should be held to receive input from the citizens of Cambridge before Council makes a decision, Commissioner Saunders stated a public session was held at the County Commissioners building because they expected a large group of people. It was advertised and "widely publicized" to give the citizens of Cambridge the opportunity to say "we don't move forward." Both she and Commissioner Watkins were in attendance.

Commissioner Watkins reiterated his support of the project and said , "I see no reason why, if it's of no cost to us, I cannot see why we can't do it..."

Mayor Wooten added "I feel like there is no way that it could be a negative impact on the City" and he also reiterated his support.

Motion then carried 4 to 1 with Commissioner Vickers opposing.

Commissioner Vickers addressed one more question to Commissioner Newcomb and asked "why we're not looking at the whole picture" because over the past three years since he has been Commissioner, people from the Horns Point area have requested to hook up. If you get passed that, there are areas like Toddville and Crapo that also need help. He admits this is just the beginning of it, but "we have to have a bigger, grander plan than just 190 some houses..." He feels that the County has a lot of work to do yet.

Commissioner Saunders then made a motion for the City attorney to draw up some guidelines that the City can adopt so that in the future, "we will be having guidelines like Oxford has." Motion was seconded by Commissioner Vickers. Commissioner Rice indicated that anything other than that needs to be annexed. Motion carried unanimously.

Portia Johnson came to the podium and indicated that she was invited to the meeting in Church Creek to listen to the problems the people were having and hopes the situation can be corrected as quickly as possible.

Commissioner Newcomb asked when they can expect the letter of support to proceed so Commissioner Saunders made a motion that the City attorney draw up the appropriate letter and request that the Mayor sign it on behalf of the Mayor and Council. (Commissioner Saunders then read a draft of a proposed letter of intent as submitted by Mr. Collison.) Commissioner Watkins seconded the motion. Commissioner Rice feels some limitations should be set (i.e., that the City won't accept anything into their system after they reach a certain maximum "to protect our growth"). Motion carried 4 to 1 with Commissioner Vickers opposing.

William Jackson, President of the Human Relations Committee, came to the podium and stated that he was truly glad to see the City Council reach out and be willing to help these people. He indicated that the City can grow in other ways, other than land acquisitions. The City can grow by caring and helping people and he thanked the Mayor Council for their efforts.


Commissioner Swafford stated that last week a motion was made to forward the bids for the Empowerment Center to the Department of Public Works. They have reviewed them and have given their recommendation.

In reviewing the minutes from that meeting, Commissioner Swafford indicated that Commissioner Saunders had advised "that when you're dealing with a bond bill, bidding is different." Even though a recommendation has been received from DPW, Commissioner Swafford then made a motion that (1) we do not accept the lowest bid and we do accept the bid from Glenn P. Ruark, Inc., reasons to be forthcoming and (2) that this be forwarded to the Department of General Services for their final approval. He said that one of the main reasons he would ask Council to award the bid to Glenn Ruark even though their bid is approximately $20,000. higher, it is advisable for the City to look at the financial impact that it would create for Dorchester County and the City with this particular group employing almost 100a local people; motion was seconded by Commissioner Vickers.

Commissioner Saunders advised that all three bids would need to be sent to the Department of General Services with DPW's recommendation and then Mr. Pritchett would need to justify why he made his particular recommendation.

Commissioner Rice asked "do we have the legal ability to make that recommendation based upon what the Commissioner said." Commissioner Saunders advised that their job tonight is to agree or disagree with the recommendation coming from Public Works. They would then send all three contracts to the State with a letter attached to each justifying why one would be more acceptable to the City in hopes that the State would agree. Motion carried 4 to 0 with Commissioner Saunders abstaining for legal reasons because she is connected with this project..."but I am 1000% in support of the project."


Commissioner Saunders said she had misread this workshop request when it was previously submitted because "the information was circled differently than what the Department Head had asked the person submitting it to circle."

She then made a motion that the workshop request be approved; seconded by Commissioner Swafford who stated that he also didn't understand the original request because it had a couple of parts to it "and I was under the impression that it was the other part which wouldn't pertain to this particular department." Motion carried unanimously.


A request was received from the library that the Council, through the Police Department, provide volunteer counselors of the "Tax Preparation Assistance Program" with parking permits to be used from January through April along Spring Street and the Courthouse block of High Street. Commissioner Watkins made a motion to pass this on to the Police Department; seconded by Commissioner Vickers. Motion carried unanimously.


Commissioner Saunders stated that on December 7th she spoke with Bryon Johnston at another public meeting about the request he had made in his October 25, 1999 letter.

Mr. Johnston, reporter for the Star Democrat, came to the podium and stated that on any given night, an agenda item could have supporting information that would help Council to render their decisions. He asked that the public, including the press, be allowed to look at this information prior to the meeting "so that when they come to the meetings, not only can they follow what you folks are talking about, when time is given, comments could be made before Council makes a vote. Commissioner Saunders stated that there are some things covered under the Sunshine Law that would not be available.

For the purpose of discussion, Commissioner Saunders made a motion that any public information, that is not covered under the Sunshine Law or Council's Executive Session, be made available to the public, as well as to the press, prior to any meeting when an issue is on the agenda to be discussed. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Vickers. Commissioner Rice said he feels it is only fair that the press would need to pay for copies requested just as the public does. Commissioner Vickers added that, "as much concern as you show for information, I wish you could convince your paper people to put the agenda in there." Motion then carried unanimously.


Mr. Jack Irvin, Chief Executive for Toolwrights, came to the podium to discuss the narrative that was submitted to Council about the acquisition of the company. They are trying to expand the company and he came before Council this evening seeking a tax abatement to help them to spend money for additional jobs and equipment.

Commissioner Rice suggested that this be referred to Mr. Kinnamon to come back next week with a report relative to the Standard Operating Procedure and whether or not Toolwrights meets the criteria set forth in that procedure. He put this in the form of a motion and it was seconded by Commissioner Saunders. The fact came up that Mr. Kinnamon would be incapacitated for several weeks and Commissioner Rice indicated that Mr. Pritchett could finish the report if Mr. Kinnamon couldn't. Commissioner Swafford asked if the report could be done within two weeks. Motion carried unanimously.


Commissioner Swafford made a motion to approve the Budget Amendment for Rescue Fire Company; seconded by Commissioner Vickers. Commissioner Rice indicated that this is for the switch for the generator. Motion carried unanimously.


Commissioner Swafford made a motion that Council approve all of the budgeted expenditures over $250; seconded by Commissioner Watkins. Motion carried unanimously.


Commissioner Rice had two items to discuss but asked that they be deferred until the City attorney is present. (Mr. Collison had to leave this evening's meeting early and was not present when this came up.)

The items were the revised Ethics Code and procedures for the conduct of meetings.


Commissioner Saunders read aloud a letter dated January 6, 2000 that she received from Attorney Raymond H. Simmons, Jr. The letter stated that he was in receipt of a letter from Mr. Cleveland Rippons (through Mr. Robert Collison) asking for additional action to be taken regarding his client, Daniel Swafford.

Mr. Simmons indicated that nowhere in Mr. Laws' findings did he make any statement or conclusion regarding Section 13-2 and "therefore there are not facts of record which would provide any legal basis for the relief requested by Mr. Rippons."

The letter was read to be part of the record and was then passed on to Mr. Kinnamon with a request to pass it on to the City attorney.

Commissioner Saunders then asked that word be passed on to Gail Dean for the good job she did on the "Letter to the Editor" in the January 7, 2000 paper... "Has Cambridge Learned it's Lesson."

The article did state that certain information about the properties involved and who owned them was not made public during a press conference on July 14, 1999 and Commissioner Saunders did indicate that the information was handed to the press at that meeting indicting the properties involved for the new Public Safety Building. She went on to say, "at that time, if anybody disagreed with what we were doing, that would have been their time to speak there."

Commissioner Saunders discussed problems at the Carlton Court complex with regard to recent complaints by tenants and the promise of management to provide all current tenants renovated units similar to the model. She then read aloud a letter sent by her as Council President and addressed to the owners of the property.

Commissioner Rice interjected that in all the years he has served on Council, the commitment has been to either have liveable housing or vacant lots. The City has obviously tried to work with the owners to correct these problems and if nothing is happening, the Housing Department needs to proceed with condemning any unlivable units.


Ms. Portia Johnson came to the podium and read aloud a prepared statement regarding the Main Street Program presentation that was made on January 3rd. She stated that "a young man gave his life, not for a few but for all, that life can be better for mankind... we should be doing the same for all of the citizens in this community."

Comments were then addressed to Mayor Wooten regarding his comments last week on the City's land deal. In closing, Ms. Johnson said, "don't attempt blackmailing me by removing me from any boards I set on. My record shows 100 plus percent I give for this community."

Mayor Wooten responded by saying, "I expressed how I felt, I should have expressed it sooner... I'm legitimately wrong there, but being a team player doesn't mean that you agree with everything that you don't agree with and I have expressed some differences of opinion when I had one, and I'll do so next week and the week after and so on and so forth. As far as blackmailing you by removing you from a board, I don't have any intention of removing you from a board. I appointed you to a board because I thought you would do a good job and you have." The Mayor went on to say that he will express his opinion whether it agrees with those behind this table or not.


Marjorie Hull came to the podium to discuss the agreement made earlier this evening with regards to the openness of information to the public. In the past, she has paid for copies of the agenda. She requested the possibility of 20 agendas be made available to the public upon coming to a Council meeting.

Commissioner Saunders made a motion that not more than 20 agendas be available beginning at the next regular meeting. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Vickers who indicated that a complete agenda is printed in The Daily Banner each week. Motion carried unanimously.


William Jackson advised that the annual dinner meeting of the Human Relations Committee is scheduled for Tuesday, February 1st at Reverend Miller's Church on the corner of Washington and Race Streets at 6:00 p.m. He extended an invitation to the Mayor, Council and their spouses. New officers will be appointed that night.


Gage Thomas, acting President for ARC, announced that there will be a public information meeting with regards to the Main Street Program on Wednesday, January 12th at the library. It is open to any organization or individual and he then extended an invitation to the Mayor and Council to learn more about the program. They are looking to get the letter of intent as they prepare for the public hearing on January 24th. Commissioner Rice asked how soon Council can expect the updated version of their booklet. Mr. Thomas said he would get one right away.

With no further business, Commissioner Rice made a motion at 9:05 p.m. to adjourn; seconded by Commissioner Saunders. Motion carried unanimously.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and accurate account of the Council meeting of Monday, January 10, 2000 insofar as I personally am aware.

Edwin C. Kinnamon, Clerk-Treasurer