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City Council Minutes

March 13, 2000

March 13, 2000

Cambridge, Md.

The City Council met in regular session at 7:00 p.m. with Council President Octavene H. Saunders presiding.

Those Commissioners in attendance were: Commissioners Vickers, Swafford and Rice.

Commissioner Rice led in the Lord's Prayer.

Commissioner Saunders announced that Commissioner Watkins was not in attendance this evening due to the death of a close family member. As Vice-Chairman for "One Maryland" throughout the State, Mayor Wooten needed to attend their planning session and was also absent.

Commissioner Vickers made a motion to approve the minutes of the March 6th Council meeting; seconded by Commissioner Swafford. Motion carried unanimously.


Ms. Tyboria Banning, representing the Dorchester County Health Department as Minority Outreach Worker, came to the podium requesting to close Pine Street from Cedar to Cross Streets for "Prevention Day". This is the third year they are planning this event to educate the public about HIV/AIDS.

Commissioner Rice moved to grant permission provided the Police Department is notified about shutting off the streets; seconded by Commissioner Swafford. Ms. Banning advised that she has already spoken to Officer Doyle and he advised her that he would take care of that. Motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Collison advised this is with reference to last week's public hearing at the request of the Hyatt developers asking that a provision be added to allow valet parking spaces to be 8 1/2 feet by 18 feet instead of 9 feet by 18 feet. There was no opposition heard at the public hearing and Planning and Zoning recommended that it be approved. The ordinance was then presented for the Mayor's signature.

Commissioner Vickers made a motion to accept this; seconded by Commissioner Rice. Motion carried unanimously.


Commissioner Vickers referenced a letter received from Recreation and Parks requesting to hold their annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 15th at 11:00 a.m. with a rain date of Sunday, April 16th at 2:00 p.m.

He then made a motion to approve the request. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Swafford who indicated that the one that he had received approval for on April 22nd will now be combined with this one... "we're going to pool everything together and really have a large super-good Easter Egg Hunt this year." He indicated that DPW has been made aware of the change. Motion carried unanimously.


Ms. Adams stated that Mr. Kinnamon has requested that RFP's be sent for the City auditor. It has been three years and it is time again to solicit bids for the City's auditing firm.

Commissioner Rice moved to proceed with the process; seconded by Commissioner Swafford. Motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Pritchett advised that a letter was received from the State Highway Administration requested that Race Street extended and Washington Street be added to the City's snow emergency routes. They would still continue to do all of the snow removal, but parking would not be permitted.

Commissioner Rice feels the State should be able to control parking on State roads... "I don't know that we can." Mr. Collison believes that the City would have jurisdiction for snow emergency routes. Mr. Pritchett feels it is just a request for the Police Department to enforce the no-parking and to establish the signage. Commissioner Vickers then made a motion to grant the State Highway Administration their wishes; seconded by Commissioner Rice. Mr. Collision said that this would require a Resolution amending the code section. (Mr. Pritchett indicated that it falls under Standard Operating Procedure No. 12.) Motion carried unanimously.


Ms. Terry white advised that the fifth annual event is set for May 18th from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Sailwinds Park with a seafood supper at 4:00 p.m. Since there will be music, she has requested a noise variance. Ms. White then detailed what is being planned for the day.

Commissioner Swafford made a motion to allow the noise variance for the Senior Celebration; seconded by Commissioner Rice. Motion carried 3 to 0 with Commissioner Vickers abstaining.


Commissioner Swafford made a motion to approve all budgeted expenditures over $250. with the exception of Purchase Order #1389 which will be re-introduced next week; seconded by Commissioner Rice. Motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Pritchett advised that the first pre-construction meeting was held on March 9th with regards to the Empowerment: Center.


Commissioner Rice thanked Rob Collison for the information regarding the downtown loan issue. without response, there will be liens placed on the properties.


Commissioner Vickers was curious to know if any problems have arisen since the policy was changed with regards to sending Housing citations first class mail instead of certified. Commissioner Swafford indicated he would also like to know.

Commissioner Saunders asked Mr. Pritchett to pass this comment on to Mrs. Camper's department and request an informal response.


Mr. Collison stated that pursuant to Council's approval last week allowing the Cambridge Yacht Club to use certain facilities of the City, he has submitted, for the Mayor's signature, a Hold Harmless Agreement. The Cambridge Yacht Club, as sponsor for the sailing regatta, would hold the City harmless and indemnify them for any damage or injuries which would result from their use of the crane.

Commissioner Rice moved to authorize the Mayor to sign the agreement; seconded by Commissioner Swafford. Motion carried unanimously.

He then referred to his memo regarding the temporary moratorium for which a public hearing was held last week and asked Council how they wished to proceed. Commissioner Saunders indicated that this would need to be placed on the agenda before specific guidelines could be drafted by the City attorney. She then requested that this be put on the agenda for the next regularly scheduled Council meeting.

Mr. Collison then referenced his memo as a follow-up to Commissioner Rice's concerns from last week regarding sidewalk issues. Commissioner Saunders asked if the Housing Department took any action with regards to the sidewalk where the woman fell? Mr. Collison said he would forward his memo to Mrs. Camper.


Commissioner Saunders advised there is a personnel meeting scheduled at 7:00 p.m. next Monday.


Ms. Janice Banks, 1505 Stone Boundary Road, Cambridge, came to the podium. She indicated that she had come to the City last October to find out why she was not allowed to volunteer as an E.M.S. medic and feels she has been discriminated against.

Commissioner Saunders stated that since this is a personnel issue, "it would not be prudent for us to handle this publicly but your concern is noted and we will have the attorney speak to Ms. Windsor and we will have the attorney get back to the Council." Ms. Banks indicated that she is addressing the whole Cambridge E.M.S. system and wants to know why minorities are not allowed. She feels it is not a personnel issue, because she is willing to volunteer and not be paid.

Commissioner Saunders interrupted Ms. Banks when she started making personal statements against the Director. Ms. Banks was allowed to generalize and give her opinions. Mr. Collison suggested that Ms. Banks receive a response following the personnel meetings next week from the Mayor and Council.

Commissioner Swafford expressed to Ms. Banks that the Council doesn't want her to think that they don't want to talk about this, but the City has policy procedures that need to be followed... "and we will follow up on this and you will receive a written response."

Ms. Banks wanted to bring this to the City first before going forward to ACLU and NAACP.

Commissioner Rice indicated that the City cannot condone any discrimination "based on anything other than ability to do the job.,,

Commissioner Saunders stated that a personnel meeting was held last year and it was up to the director of the project to respond back to Ms. Banks. Ms. Banks claims she never received a response... "I would not have been here if I had a response."

Commissioner Saunders then made an announcement inviting everyone to Cambridge Day on Saturday, April 8th on Gay Street from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The celebration will introduce everyone to the various City departments and their function. There will be giveaways, handouts, prizes, raffles, games, bicycle rodeo, McGruff and safety seat checks.

With no further business, Commissioner Rice moved to adjourn at 7:30 p.m.; seconded by Commissioner Swafford. Motion carried unanimously.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and accurate account of the Council meeting of Monday, March 13th insofar as I personally am aware.

Heidi R. Adams, Executive Assistant