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City Council Minutes

April 24, 2000

April 24, 2000
Cambridge, Maryland

The City Council met in regular session at 7:00 p.m. with Mayor David J. Wooten presiding.

Those Commissioners in attendance: Commissioner Vickers, Watkins, Saunders  Swafford, and Rice.

Mr. Kinnamon led in the Lord's Prayer.

Commissioner Watkins moved to approve the minutes of the April 10th Council meeting; seconded by Commissioner Rice.  Motion carried unanimously.


There were two bids submitted as follows:

1)        Dome Corporation of North America   (Saginaw, MI) -- $59,733.00

2)        Brooks Storage, Inc. (Beecher, IL) -- $68,800.00

Commissioner Rice made a motion that these bids be referred to the Department of Public Works for review and report back to the Council with their findings; seconded by Commissioner Vickers.  Motion was carried unanimously.


Mr. Kinnamon read the proclamation aloud.  Commissioner Watkins made a motion for the Mayor to sign the proclamation.  Seconded by Commissioner Vickers.   Motion was carried unanimously


Dr. Hiers came forward and made a presentation on Sailwinds what is all about and presented the budget.  Dr. Hiers explained about the RFP process. They have been in touch with the Maryland Port Authority since they are the ones that own the property.  The RFP is sitting at this point, but he feels if the County, City and the community get behind this project, it will help tremendously.   Commissioner Saunders asked whom the letter goes to and the specifics that should be in the letter.  The letter should be addressed to the Governor and should just specify that the County and City are behind the Sailwinds project. 

Commissioner Saunders made a motion that a letter on behalf of the Council and the Mayor should be sent to the Governor and the Commissioners receive a copy.  Seconded by Commissioner Watkins.  There was discussion in reference to the in kind or cash but Commissioner Saunders only wanted a letter of approval for Sailwinds to go to the Governor.   Commissioner Saunders amended her motion so that the County and City could send a joint letter if the County so inclined.  If the County doesn't then the Mayor will send the letter.  Commissioner Watkins seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

Commissioner Saunders asked to make a comment.  She told Dr. Hiers that with conversations she had with her continuants because of him she has started to open her mind about Sailwinds.  She pledges to do what she can do to help with Sailwinds.

Commissioner Vickers brought up a question concerning the cost of the fans in the amount of $5,000.   He wanted to know if they were individual fans or something else they had in mind.  Dr. Hiers said the place becomes pretty unbearable in the summer months.  Commissioner Vickers recommended for them to look for a roof mounted fan and not the floor fans. Dr. Hiers thanked everyone for letting him speak. 


Commissioner Saunders said Jackie Vickers had called her and she would be unable to attend.  She asked that the Commissioner of the Ward where Pleasant Day is located would receive the proclamation, which is Commissioner Swafford. 

Commissioner Watkins made the motion that the Mayor should sign the Proclamation.  Seconded by Commissioner Rice. Motion was carried unanimously.

Mr. Kinnamon then read the proclamation aloud.


Jerry Cox, her husband, came forward.  He explained that they have a new tour boat and they wanted permission to load and discharge passengers at Long Wharf on occasion.  This would be done on weekends and some evenings, they have no set schedule. 

Commissioner Saunders asked David Pritchett since this was the second request,if there was a specific place that would not interfere with those who have paid for their slips and is safe for the people fishing that could be designated for this request.  David Pritchett said depending on the boat size; there are some considerations to think about.  It will cut down on the fishing.  Anything coming in on a non scheduled basis normally is not a problem, but, we will have to start doing it on reservation basis so there is no conflict with two tour boats wanting to come in at the same time.  Mr. Pritchett brought up the fact that Council had approved a similar request and the people wanted to post a sign advising of sail time.  He doesn't see a problem with non-scheduled intermediate boat stops as long as DPW is informed.

Commissioner Rice brought up that David might need to look into this further. There was some discussion in regard to the legal aspects of this.  Attorney Rob Collison suggested that he and David Pritchett get together to look into the legalities, since there are other operations that are located at Long Wharf and space is limited at Long Wharf.

Commissioner Saunders then made a motion to follow Rob Collison's advice that he and David Pritchett get together and table this until May 8th. Seconded by Commissioner Rice.  Motion was carried unanimously.


Mr. Kinnamon read the proclamation aloud.  Commissioner Saunders made a motion for the Mayor to sign the proclamation. Seconded by Commissioner Swafford.       Motion carried unanimously.   George Enders reminded everyone that the Elks would be having a hoop shoot and soccer shoot.  It is a good way for the youth to win scholarship money.


David Pritchett stated that there was only one bid received from BFI. The Department of Natural Resources was contacted, and it was in keeping with the amount that they had expected in the funding.  Their recommendation was to accept the bid from BFI Corporation, which was in agreement with D.P.W. 

Commissioner Vickers made a motion that the bid be awarded.  Commissioner Watkins seconded the motion.  Motion was carried unanimously.  David Pritchett wanted it known for the record that the amount was $7,928.00.


Commissioner Vickers explained that we started out with fourteen proposals that have been narrowed down to three.   Council could decide and award the bid or the three could be interviewed.   Commissioner Vickers requested that the three contractors be interviewed. 

Commissioner Saunders asked if the fire chief was on the committee.  And Commissioner Vickers stated that he was.   Commissioner Vickers and David Pritchett would also be involved.

Commissioner Vickers made a motion that they interview the three contractors.  Seconded by Commissioner Saunders.   Commissioner Saunders said she felt they were moving along in the right direction, Mr. Kinnamon has the information about the site.  Motion carried unanimously.

The question was raised how far apart were the bids they are:

  • $12,000.00
  • $19,000.00
  • $29,000.00 

Commissioner Saunders asked if there is a time limit of when they will be doing the interview.  David Pritchett feels that this could be done and arranged within the next two weeks.


David Pritchett stated that there was only one bid received on this also.  It is not in keeping what they are looking for in several aspects and it was DNR's suggestion along with DPW's they have a rebid on this.

Commissioner Saunders made a motion to have a rebid on the dredging of Great Marsh.  Seconded by Commissioner Vickers.  Motion was carried unanimously. 


Commissioner Vickers said he thought this was a good idea a few months ago, since he was trying to limit it to R-3 and R-4 and not having much luck.  The other Council members don't think it is such a good idea and he will stop pursing this at this point.  What he would like to do now, with help, is to keep moving on the comprehensive zoning plan making sure that everyone gets input into it.  He trusts if we are faced with some development problems in the City between now and when something new is added, that he can count on his fellow Council members to work on that.

Commissioner Vickers made a motion to withdraw the temporary building moratorium.  Commissioner Rice seconded.   Motion was carried unanimously.


Mr. Kinnamon brought up in his memo that Toolwright came before Council on January 10th to request tax abatement.  At that time there was a motion made for Mr. Kinnamon to check everything out.  He went over their application and gave Council a copy of ASOP#17.  Mr. Kinnamon feels that Toolwright has complied and Mr. Kinnamon provided a copy of everything for Council. 

Commissioner Rice said that they have provided three jobs.  The application says that five is the requirement.  Mr. Kinnamon questioned if it was an existing business or a new business.  Mr. Kinnamon treated it as an existing business, but Toolwright said it was a new business because they had sold, depleted and liquidated the business in Salisbury.  Then they took the name back.  Considering that they are a new business as they claim, they must have fifteen (15) full time employees at the time that they make the request.  At the time that they applied they had twenty-one (21).  When they closed the business in Salisbury and moved here they simply combined the two.

Commissioner Rice made the suggestion to check with the attorney, to verify if they are a new or an existing business.  

Commissioner Rice made a motion to turn this information over to the attorney so he may make a decision.  Commissioner Watkins seconded.  Motion was carried unanimously.


The Mayor read the letter in front of the Budget Books.  Included was the Preliminary General Budget Fund and Sewer Budget Fund for 2001.  The General Budget Fund totaled $7,785,475.  The Sewer Fund Budget totals $7,318,489.  These budgets include several on going projects, which are multiple year projects.  While some funding for these projects are in the way of grants, the majority is not.  The City is continuing to search out grant funds for these projects. 

The Budget presented does reflect merit increases for those employees who qualify.  No provision for a cost of living increase adjustment has been made at this time.

Commissioner Rice made a motion that they were presented with the budget.  Seconded by Commissioner Watkins.   Motion was carried unanimously. 


Commissioner Swafford made a motion to accept that financial statement for March of 2000.  Commissioner Watkins seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.


Teresa Booze requested to have a pony at her daughter's third birthday party to be held at Great Marsh.  Commissioner Swafford said it is against the city ordinance to have farm animals in the City limits. Commissioner Saunders made a motion to allow the pony rides as long as the area was cleaned up.  Commissioner Watkins seconded the motion.  Commissioner Swafford asked about the liability, for example, if the pony kicked someone.  Commissioner Saunders wanted her motion to stand with the provision that Mr. Wheeler gets the legalities to Mr. Collision.   If Ms. Booze is willing to sign the wavier, that we allow this to go on.  Commissioner Watkins kept the second.  The motion was carried unanimously.


Robert Vigorito requested to use Great Marsh for this event.  Commissioner Saunders asked if Mr. Vigorito had contacted Mr. Pritchett and the police department as yet.  Mr. Pritchett stated that he had finally been contacted last week, and that the park has been reserved.  He did hold a meeting with some department heads. 

Commissioner Saunders made a motion that due to what she has head for department heads and the temperament of this individual over the past three years after everything that has been done for him, she wants him to put in writing what he exactly wants and is looking for.  There have been problems in the past, not from visitors but from the coordination.  The DPW, Fire Department, Ambulance and the Police Department should meet with him and work everything out ahead of time.  Commissioner Rice seconded the motion.  Motion was carried unanimously.

Commissioner Saunders then made a second motion that this is in the hands of David Pritchett within the next two weeks.  Seconded by Commissioner Swafford.  Motion was carried unanimously.


David Pritchett said Mr. Rolston approached the DPW with several issues. Some of them were building issues. One was a request to remove the large tree out front with the stipulation that he design the sidewalks such that he will plant two smaller trees.  He wants to do two curb cuts. With the small one, the City gains a parking spot.  The City could take care of the small curb cut and Mr. Rolston will absorb the cost of the larger entrance to the parking lot. 

Mr. Rolston stated he will replace all the sidewalks in the front with mostly new brick, and in doing so he would like to create another spot for a dwarf tree so it won't grow so big.  Then he will continue the sidewalk on to where they had to put the sewers in and make that an all brick sidewalk.   He wants a curb cut to go into the walkway where the cars can't get in they really don't want cars to go in there.   They are going to put a raw clam bar back there and there will be tables in the back.  There is no reason to have the curb cut anymore, plus the fact that it is painted yellow.  By removing the curb, it will add another parking space on High Street.  He asked permission to put two dwarf trees in to balance out the appearance of his building. 

Commissioner Saunders asked Mr. Pritchett if he had any problems with any of the information.  He did not.   Commissioner Saunders made a motion that if everything meets Mr. Pritchett's approval that Mr. Rolston is allowed to move forward with this very good project.  Seconded by Commissioner Vickers.  Motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Rolston then made sure that the City then would change the curb so he can put the sidewalk back, but he will be responsible for the Locust Street side.  There is a meeting set up for Thursday, with the architect, Mr. Rolston, and the City Engineer at 9:00 a.m. to further go over these and other issues.  Because of the curb cut going between his property and Mr. MacSorley's, he needs to have Mr. MacSorley's permission.  Mr. Rolston will be sending him a letter.

Commissioner Saunders thanked Mr. Rolston for the jobs he has made available.  He is looking for more help.  She also, understands he has a fine chef and they are looking for people to train in the service business.

Mr. Rolston stated that he has hired a manager and he and his wife are living on Choptank Terrace.  He has interviewed a Chef who is moving here from Baltimore with his wife and two children.  His bakery lady will be moving here with her children from New York and he will be working with the employment division because when they are finished they will be employing about 50 people.  He will be talking to Mr. Kinnamon about the tax abatement.


Mr. Pritchett stated that any facility that has over 50 boat slips must have a pump out. Our unit broke over 4 times last year and was down for a period of over six weeks.  We are having a lot of trouble keeping it in operation and keeping it in parts.  It is 100% funded by the DNR and we have their approval to go forward with a bid for this.

Commissioner Saunders moved to allow Mr. Pritchett to move forward to send out bids for new pump out equipment.  Seconded by Commissioner Swafford.   Motion was carried unanimously.


Pastor Nelson of Holy Temple of Deliverance requested a noise variance for the 2nd Annual Community Gospel party at the Cosby Avenue Park on July 15, 2000. 

Commissioner Saunders stated it starts at mid day and ends by 7:00 p.m.  She made a motion that once he gets the exact times to Mr. Pritchett or. Kinnamon that he is allowed to move forward.  Seconded by Commissioner Watkins.  Motion was carried unanimously.


Robert Benson requested permission to build an additional home on Abbaco Road. Commissioner Saunders moved that this be referred to Planning and Zoning.  Seconded by Commissioner Rice.  Motion was carried unanimously.


Commissioner Saunders made a motion to allow the American Heart Association to use Great Marsh Park for the Heart Walk.  Seconded by Commissioner Rice.  Motion was carried unanimously.


Commissioner Saunders questioned the fact with elections coming and certain people not being on the board, she felt that we should wait until after July 13th.   She suggested we table this.  Commissioner Watkins seconded.  Commissioner Vickers made a motion to print something out on the computer to set on the table to use temporarily.  Commissioner Swafford seconded.   Motion was carried unanimously.


Commissioner Saunders made a motion to refer the issues of 406 E. Appleby Avenue back to Traffic and Safety.  Seconded by Commissioner Rice.  Motion was carried unanimously. 


Commissioner Saunders stated that the disk Gage Thomas promised is at City Hall. Oden Wheeler Risk Manager conducted L.G.I.T. and he presented them with the City's position in regard to the sponsorship.   Mr. Wheeler said there would be no additional cost for liability insurance, since this would be a committee under the direction, of the Mayor and Commissioners. Once most of the preliminary plans are in place, we should have a meeting with the L.G.I.T. staff.   This meeting would be to review any and all plans so L.G.I.T. can review them and possibly make some recommendations, i.e. if outside vendors are utilized, the vendors should set up there own stands up so if something happens they are liable not us.  Within a day or two of the event they would do a site visit and L.G.I.T. would make any suggestions that they see may be hazardous.  They are seeing no problems if it is sponsored under the Council, but they want to make sure we proceed with caution and keep them involved at all times.  Commissioner Saunders made a motion that the City set aside $10,000 for seed money that we would receive back from the Seafood Feast-I-Val Committee and the City assume, for this one-year only, sponsorship of the Seafood Feast-I-Val with all committees (scheduled for August 12th) being supervised by Mr. Bruce McWilliams.  Commissioner Watkins seconded the motion.  Everyone agreed that this event is good for the City and Dorchester County.  Motion was carried unanimously.  Commissioner Saunders told Mr. McWilliams he should have started work yesterday. He replied we really never stop.  Mr. Gage Thomas said he would run labels for them.  Commissioner Saunders told Bruce to talk to Mr. Kinnamon about the help from City Hall.  Commissioner Saunders made a motion that we allow Ms. Kathy Foster to be arm of this committee on behalf of the Mayor and Council.  Seconded by Commissioner Watkins.  Motion carried unanimously. Mr. Gage Thomas offered the Chamber Headquarters until they can find a site to use for their meetings. 


Rental Management made a request to have sidewalks repaired at Parkside Village Apartments on Greenwood Avenue and Leonards Lane. Commissioner Saunders explained that this management company is out of Salisbury is not up on what our codes are. Mr. Pritchett stated that DPW is responsible for the curbing and some of that may need repair.  But, the sidewalks are their responsibility.  The Department of Housing has done an inspection with a letter sent informing them of this.  The letter should contain the deadline date for the repair now that we are aware of this.  Mr. Pritchett has not heard anything back as yet from that correspondence.


Commissioner Swafford made a motion that we approve both of these budget amendments.  Commissioner Saunders seconded the motion.   Motion carried unanimously.


Commissioner Swafford made a motion that we approve all budget expenditures over $250.  Commissioner Vickers seconded the motion.  Motion was carried unanimously.


The Mayor brought up that the Board of Zoning Appeals has appointments that expired on April 12, 2000.  This Board is going to be needed in the next week or so for an appeal.  The Board consists of Howard Willoughby, Rufus Sampson, Ken Edgar and Gorton McWilliams. The Mayor asked for the Council's authorization to reappoint these individuals. Commissioner Saunders made a motion to keep the same members of the Board of Zoning Appeals.  Seconded by Commissioner Watkins.  Motion carried unanimously.


Commissioner Vickers attended a meeting last week with Sterns and Wheler and contractor L. A. Merle it was discussing the parties involved and the deadlines and construction for the Bio- Nutrient Removal for the Cambridge Treatment Center. In the very near future we are going to have to vote and look for that $14 million dollars.  Federal Government and State Government require this and we have to be up and running in a couple of years. Mr. Pritchett explained that we are expecting aide in the vicinity of between $5.8 and $6 million dollars so, we have to furnish the rest. 


As the oldest City Council member Commissioner Watkins shared that the disposal of human waste has been the most expensive thing through the years that we have had to contend with.  He indicated that he is not surprised with the cost involved.


Commissioner Saunders addressed a letter sent to Redmond Johnston and Associates.  The Planning and Zoning Commission asked that your firm attend the next meeting on May 2, 2000 for the purpose of giving the Commission a presentation on the status of the City's Zoning process and a proposed timeline for its completion.

Commissioner Saunders then referred to a letter from Gage Thomas from ARC requesting assistance from the City towards the printing of the 2000-2001 visitor's guide. The City will give $2,000 to them to help with these guides and we have the funds in the budget

Commissioner Saunders made a motion on the sign for Mr. Randy Collins that we stop any further action until we find what other boats may have an interest in using Long Wharf.  We don't want to have a whole lot of signs on such a beautiful site.  Commissioner Rice seconded the motion.   Motion was carried unanimously.

The Fifth Annual Family and Youth Festival sponsored by the City of Cambridge, Mayor and Council and the Dorchester County Commissioners will be held May 13, 2000 11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. in the block of Muir and Race down to the Parking lot of Craig's Drug Store we will stop right at the parking lot.  We will have a new addition this year we have some power lifters and Mr. Watkins is challenging them.  Mr. Dave Ryan should get his champions to part of the festival.  We will still have the Scales and Tales, Touch Tank, and games for the small children.   They are hoping Delegate Addie Eckart may come sing Amazing Grace. 

Commissioner Saunders made the motion to have an executive session after the meeting to discuss two personnel issues.   Commissioner Rice seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.


The Mayor brought up that this Family and Youth Day is good time for everyone.

The Mayor was pleased when the City and the County received the designation as a desirable area to retire in.   This came about because everyone in the City and County and the Community has been working for the betterment of our City and County.


Commissioner Swafford made a comment that he has read a lot in the paper about the Mayor not having any powers.  He has been on the seat for four years and doesn't remember taking any powers away from the Mayor.  If it was taken away it had to have been done by another Council.  It was his understanding that you gave the powers up.  He questioned the Mayor on this. The Mayor told the paper that in 1995 there was particular department in the City that was having three appeals a day. Sitting in appeal after appeal after appeal making no progress whatsoever and he asked the Council in 1995 to take that authority back.  They did that at his request. The only thing that has been taken away from the Mayor was the personnel thing and the Mayor gets to vote in case of a tie, and sign proclamations and that is all.  The total administrative authority of the City is not vested in the Mayor. It is vested in the City Council.  Commissioner Swafford then asked has it ever been any different.  He thinks that the General public will think he has no power at all. 

Commissioner Swafford then announced that due to personal reasons he will be withdrawing from the election for fourth ward Commissioner.


Commissioner Saunders asked if there was any other municipalities belonging to MML that has a weak Mayor strong Council and the Mayor was not sure.

Commissioner Watkins added the Mayor has always had the same powers as our present Mayor but the Mayor had always been able to have his influence and make his comments and been listened too.  He feels the Mayor has made a tremendous influence to the Council.

Commissioner Vickers stated that the Mayor's vote is used to break a tie and if they let the Mayor vote you may have a tie many times.

The Mayor said that if the Mayor is going to be designated as Chief Executive authority of the City regardless whether it is he or someone else, that individual should have the executive authority. The Mayor of Cambridge does not, has not and in all likely hood will not they have the executive authority.  He feels that whoever follows him should have that authority.


Commissioner Rice proposed that we go back to a staggered election process. Three seats would run for the normal four-year term while the other three seats would run for a six-year term.  Each seat thereafter would be a four-year term.  This would result in three seats being contested every two years.  He then requested that this be put on the agenda for the May 8th meeting.  He gave his proposal to Mr. Kinnamon to make copies available to each Commissioner.

Commissioner Rice also proposed to reinstate the Office of Mayor specific powers.

This will be discussed further at the May 8th Council Meeting.


David Pritchett came forward for the Dockmaster at the Yacht Basin who has initiated that the Cambridge High School art class paints a compass rose on the concrete leading into the Municipal Building.  There is no cost to the City.  Shirley McWilliams will donate all the materials necessary.  It would be approximately a 10-ft radius. David Pritchett thinks it's a nice idea and wanted the Council's permission to allow the students to do this. 

Commissioner Saunders made a motion to allow this to be done under Mr. Pritchett's complete direction.   Commissioner Swafford seconded the motion.  Motion was carried unanimously.

On eight different occasions this summer we have a Cruise Ship booked that will be touring the Chesapeake Bay and other areas.  This ship is 185 feet long, and mooring will be leased by the foot like any other boat.  He doesn't have the dates but he will get them to the Council. 

Mr. Marshall started work at the pedestrian mall on Saturday.  This is part of his scout project that was approved by Council

Mr. Pritchett is working on grant money to replace all the signs in Cambridge, which total 327.    We picked up the first 117 at no cost to the City.  They are the high intensity signs.   The other ones will be ready in two or three weeks.  It will take quite awhile to install since some need new posts. 

He then made reference to his letter requesting reimbursement for the emergency snow removal.  In which he requested from the emergency management team reimbursement in the amount of $15, 360.00. The total cost they are eligible for is up to 75%, there are no guarantees, but if you don't ask you won't get it.  The paper work has been completed and gone forward. Commissioner Saunders and Commissioner Watkins both thanked him.

Regarding a previous request form the Lutheran Mission Society about using showers at the Yacht Basin.  David contacted the YMCA and they will be happy to accommodate them.

The Mayor also wanted to thank Spicer Bell and the school for their offer to help out with this project.


Portia Johnson, 700 Cornish Drive came to the microphone with several issues.  The first was for Traffic and Safety.  Cars are parking at the yellow curbs making it difficult to see traffic coming.  Commissioner Saunders told her this is a police matter and she needs to see Chief Russell Wroten.

The next question was on the proposals that Commissioner Rice spoke on. She wanted to know if the public would have input.  Commissioner Rice addressed this by saying they would both require Charter amendments and require a public hearing.  They would also be the option of having a public referendum.

She then spoke about Mr. Atkinson who made a statement in the paper regarding the Citizens Police Board that had been disband.  Portia was on the Citizens Police Board. The Citizens Police Board felt that they and the Human Relations Board were doing the same work.  It was decided to incorporate both of these boards together. 

Commissioner Saunders brought up that she thought Mr. Atkinson was talking about The Police Board.


Delegate Eckardt came forward to speak on some legislative issues:

She spoke on the Prescription Plan for those seniors that were impacted by the Medicare CareFirst Plan.  They got this the last week,  $40.00 a month, a co-pay and $1,000 benefit and she thinks CareFirst will be handling this. ( it was difficult to hear Delegate Eckardt.).

She will be continuing to work on Wastewater Treatment issues.

Commissioner Saunders asked about HB995 concerning the Lead Paint Abatement for rental properties who voted for and against this bill.  She would like to have the information for Saturday morning, Delegate Eckardt said she would be in touch with her. 

Commissioner Saunders than announced that there will be a meeting this Saturday at the Council Chambers at 10:00 a.m.   The Maryland Department of the Environment will be here about lead paint abatement and fees for rental property.    HUD will discuss grants and low interest loans for the landlord.  Department of Housing and Community Development will be here with some applications that landlords can take with them, and also they have pass through money.  There are landlords working as a committee for better housing.  She invited Delegate Eckardt to attend.

Gage Thomas came forward to say that the Maryland Chamber of Commerce would be holding a Legislative Wrap-up on Tuesday, April 25, 2000 from 8:00a.m. to 10:00 a.m. to go over all the Legislation for this year.  It will be held at the Canvasback Restaurant and Equipment. There is a $12.00 fee to cover for the food.  

The parking lot next to The Place on Race Café has been reconfigured and he thought it was going to be one way in and loop around to the left and back out the alley.  A new Do Not Enter Sign has been put back there and it makes it confusing. 

Mr. Pritchett asked if Mr. Thomas was saying that the sign is preventing traffic from coming in off of Race.

Gage then explained you turn by the Place on Race and back towards the Municipal Parking lot turn left behind Chuck Kelly's building and then your first left would be another alley.  He thought traffic was to loop one way in and one way out.  Mr. Pritchett will look into that.


Mrs. Townsend came to the microphone to talk about the Harriet Tubman celebration. (it was very difficult to understand Mrs. Townsend.) .  They are just about ready and hope all will attend this event.  She invited the elected officials to this celebration.   She wants to make sure that everything goes well and they have received a lot of support from Washington and Baltimore but nothing replaces the support of Cambridge and Dorchester County.

Commissioner Watkins stated that it is time to do more since Harriet Tubman was born here and he will help in any way and make sure that her name is kept in high regard

Commissioner Swafford said his family has always supported Harriet Tubman Day and will help in any way he can.

The Mayor also offered his help in any way possible for the three-day celebration.

With no further business, Commissioner Saunders made a motion to adjourn, at 9:15 p.m.; seconded by Commissioner Vickers.  Motion carried unanimously.

I hereby certify that the forgoing is a true and accurate account of the Council meeting on Monday, April 24, 2000 insofar as I personally am aware.

Edwin C. Kinnamon, Clerk & Treasurer