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City Council Minutes

November 9, 1998

The City Council met in regular session at 7:00 P.M. with Mayor David J. Wooten presiding.

Those Commissioners in attendance were: Commissioners Rice, Watkins, Saunders, Swafford and Vickers.

Mr. Kinnamon led in the Lord's Prayer.

Commissioner Watkins moved to approve the minutes of the November 2nd City Council meeting; seconded by Commissioner Vickers. Motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Kinnamon opened and read the bids received:

1) Architectural Engineering Services, LLC

Salisbury Maryland


 7% of the gross construction cost or a lump sum of $21,000.00 (whichever is less) 

2) Ciamcitto Architects

Salisbury Maryland




Design Atlantic Limited

Salisbury, Maryland



design phases $14,704.00

 bidding phase 1,050.00

 construction administration 5,251.00

 structural engineering consultant 2,000.00



4) Jerry Corvan, Architect

Trappe, Maryland




Commissioner Saunders made a motion to refer the bids to the Department of Public Works for recommendation by next Monday; seconded by Commissioner Rice. Mr. Pritchett advised that the architects informed him in the pre-bid hearing to closely compare that they will be giving and offering different services as they interpreted the City's needs. If their bid was low, they may not have included something the City wanted. Motion then carried unanimously.


Mr. Kinnamon proceeded to read the proclamation proclaiming November 11 to December 11, 1998 as "Maryland Jobs for Veterans" days.

Commissioner Watkins made a motion to authorize the Mayor to sign the proclamation; seconded by Commissioner Saunders. Motion carried unanimously and the proclamation was presented to Mr. Earl Gardner.

Commissioner Saunders then requested that all the Veterans in the room stand for a round of applauds.


Mr. Pritchett advised that, pursuant to Section 20-15B of the City Ordinance for the PWCD, this Public Hearing pertains to a request for rezoning of the property at 208 Maryland Avenue. The request is to add C-R (Commercial Retail) as a permitted use for this property. This property is currently zoned R only (Residential). The applicant proposes a bookkeeping business to be utilized in the structure and the Planning and Zoning Commission has made a unanimous recommendation for approval. Notice of the Public Hearing was published in the October 23rd and October 30th issues of The Daily Banner. Neighboring property owners were notified on October 29th and the property was posted on November 4th.

Ms. Griffith came forward to state that she is planning to have a bookkeeping and tax preparation business. There will be sufficient parking in the rear of the property and their clientele is basically by appointment only. Normal hours of operation would be from 9:00 A.M. until 4:30 P.M., except during the eleven weeks of tax season.

With no one speaking in favor or opposition, Commissioner Rice moved to close the public hearing; seconded by Commissioner Watkins. Motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Pritchett referred to his memo giving his recommendation to award the bid to Dorchester Service Associates in the amount of $10,335.00 who was the second lowest bidder. Commissioner Rice moved to accept the recommendation; seconded by Commissioner Vickers. Due to the large difference in the bids received, Commissioner Vickers stated that he would work with Mr. Pritchett on this matter. It was decided not to go with the lowest bidder since they did not meet some of the specification and meeting requirements. Motion then carried unanimously.


Commissioner Swafford moved to refund the permit fee. This was brought about by the previous Council and Mr. Kinnamon has encumbered money for this. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Watkins and carried unanimously.


Commissioner Swafford made a motion to adopt the new grading permit, plan review and reinspection fees as submitted by Mr. Pritchett; seconded by Commissioner Rice. Commissioner Watkins asked what the grading permit entails and Mr. Pritchett advised that in the event that someone is clearing or disturbing a land area, these are the fees that would be charged. The fee would vary depending on the square footage.

Regarding the Stormwater Management Plan Review, Commissioner Rice feels this fee doesn't even cover the cost due to the time and effort involved in doing the review.

The reinspection fee pertains to failed inspection or incomplete work on anything that required a permit for construction.

Commissioner Vickers suggested that, possibly in the future, a fee could be included for a variance. occasionally, everything could be set in place and when construction is to start, it is realized that "they got to take three foot off from this or three foot off from that." This would then require an engineer's second survey. Mr. Pritchett said he would check with the City's engineer to get his opinion on this.

Motion carried unanimously.


Mayor Wooten requested David Pritchett, Public Works Director, to explain some details of the City's snow removal policy which was revised in November, 1997.

Mr. Pritchett advised that when there is a forecast of 41' of snow or more, the responsibility to declare the existence of a snow emergency falls upon the Mayor. It is then the responsibility of the Director of Public Works for the removal and plowing of the snow. The Chief of Police is responsible for the movement of traffic and the removal of vehicles from snow emergency routes.

Public Works is stocked up with salt and the spreaders are on the trucks at this time since icing can occur any time from this day forward. The plows are put on 24 hours prior to a predicted large snowfall.

Commissioner Saunders brought up the fact that after many homeowners shovel their driveways, the plow comes through and blocks it up again. Mr. Pritchett stated that this can be alleviated by coming in the right direction with the plow although this does depend also on the type of storm.


Mayor Wooten asked Council's approval to reappoint Elvin Hess and Otto Cheesman. Commissioner Saunders made a motion to approve the Mayor's appointments; seconded by Commissioner Watkins. Motion carried unanimously.


Commissioner Rice made a motion to authorize the Mayor to sign the resolution; seconded by Commissioner Watkins. Motion carried unanimously.


Commissioner Swafford moved to approve the budget amendment; seconded by Commissioner Rice. Motion carried unanimously.


Commissioner Swafford moved to approve all the budgeted expenditures over $250. that were in Council's books; seconded by Commissioner Watkins. Motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Pritchett referred Council to his memo regarding in-kind services for Pleasant Day Adult Care Center.

Commissioner Saunders made a motion to encumber the labor from the Public Works Department for the items on his list and Mr. Pritchett can schedule the work to be done; seconded by Commissioner Watkins. Motion carried 4 to 0 with Commissioner Vickers abstaining.

Mr. Pritchett then stated that a couple of the City's sanitation workers have asked permission to put the newest garbage truck into the Christmas parade. Commissioner Saunders moved to grant permission; seconded by Commissioner Watkins. Motion carried unanimously.

His final request was to schedule a meeting with Stearns & Wheeler (who is working on the BNR study for the treatment plant) so they can personally address the Council with their status and any options that may exist which would need to be decided by Council. Commissioner Saunders made a motion to schedule this meeting prior to next Council meeting; seconded by Commissioner Vickers. Motion carried unanimously.


Mr. Kinnamon advised that he had received a request to look at the unsightly trees growing in the median strip of Edlon Park. Commissioner Saunders moved to refer this request to Traffic & Safety; seconded by Commissioner Watkins. Motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Kinnamon then advised Council that he has attempted to get a credit back towards the City's tipping fees by sending letters and making phone calls to the County but has still not gotten a response. The City has held up payment and the County is now sending us late notices. Commissioner Saunders made a motion to refer this to the City attorney to get his advice before making a vote on how to proceed; seconded by Commissioner Swafford. Commissioner Saunders said that to the best of her knowledge, the County has only excused the amount of tipping fees for one piece of property on Pine Street with regards to revitalization. Motion then carried unanimously.

A reference was made by Mr. Kinnamon to a letter received today from the Director of the Department of Social Services regarding his concerns on the potential inadequate number of parking spaces at their new location. The Director wanted to know if Council had any guidance or assistance to provide. Mr. Pritchett advised that the parking lot was designed for the number of spaces that the State gave .... there was no reduction.

Commissioner Saunders feels that if their employees park on the street, the City is not going to relax their parking regulation of the 2-hour limit because "the State dropped the ball."


Commissioner Swafford referenced a memo he had received from Major Maloney regarding problems with some Police Department vehicles and requested that Mr. Kinnamon put this on next week's agenda. Commissioner Saunders made a recommendation also to remind Major Maloney to get a report to Council before Christmas regarding the two motorcycles that are not in use.


Commissioner Saunders referred to a letter received from the Human Relations Committee requesting that Council consider having a member of the Human Relations Committee serve as a representative on the Police Advisory Board. She advised that this board was disbanded due to lack of citizen participation.

The Police Board, which is entirely different, is chaired by the Mayor along with two Commissioners. Their meetings are open to the public (unless there is a personnel issue to be discussed) and any member of the Human Relations Committee who wished to attend can do so.

Commissioner Saunders then referenced Mr. Collison's memo regarding the demolition of property located on Pine Street and motioned to have this put on the agenda for the next regular Council meeting; seconded by Commissioner Rice. Motion carried unanimously.

On another note, she addressed the negativity expressed in the paper by a "false prophet" with regards to Pine Street. "Any part of our community that is upgraded, regardless of what the population color of the skin is, means that our community is working together to be better for everybody." There has never been anything done on the Pine Street project that was done behind closed doors. "We are trying to work to make this whole City better."

Commissioner Rice added that this Council has been for economic development in the City and "we don't care what part of the City you're talking about. When one part of our City wins, we all win."


Commissioner Watkins moved to send a letter to Mrs. Thelma Cornish thanking her for the time she has served on the Human Relations Committee as her term has now expired. Motion was seconded by Commissioner Rice and carried unanimously.


Commissioner Vickers stated that the City's legal fees for the "sewer suit" is swiftly approaching $100,000. That is a lot of money that could do utilized in better ways for the taxpayers.


Ms. Judy Moody, Activities and Planning Chairman for the Human Relations Committee came forward to request that Saturday, August 21,.1999 be reserved at Great Marsh for the "Great Cambridge Cookout". She further requested a noise ordinance variance between 3:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. Commissioner Saunders moved to grant her request; seconded by Commissioner Vickers. Motion carried unanimously.

Gage Thomas came forward and apologized for not making last week's meeting. Commissioner Saunders advised that the requests regarding Christmas decorations, noise variance, etc. that he and Wini Roche had asked for were all approved last week.

Mr. Joe Stoker was present to address a rubbish notice and citation, which he had received on his property at 1107 Roslyn Avenue. After his explanation of all the circumstances surrounding this citation, it was determined that he should request that this be sent to District Court to let the Judge decide.

With no further business, meeting adjourned at 8:18 P.M.

I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and accurate account of the Council meeting of Monday November 9, 1998 insofar as I personally am aware.

Edwin C. Kinnamon, Clerk-Treasurer