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  • City of Cambridge Maryland
  • City of Cambridge Maryland
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  • City of Cambridge Maryland
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muc meeting minutes

January 26, 2012

Municipal Utilities Commission


January 26th, 2012


The Municipal Utilities Commission met on Thursday, January 26th, 2012 at the Council Chambers, 305 Gay St., Cambridge, Md.  Mayor Victoria Jackson-Stanley convened the meeting at approximately 6:30pm.


Present:            Mayor Victoria Jackson-Stanley

                        Andy Pasden-MUC Commissioner

                        Norman Alschbach-MUC Commissioner

                        Glenn Ford-MUC Commissioner

                        Steve Williams-MUC Commissioner

                        Gary Newcomb-MUC Manager

                        Carrie Hall- MUC Asst. Manager

                        Sylvester Molock-MUC Superintendent

                        Greg LeBlanc- DPW Asst. Engineer



 Mr. Newcomb briefly went over some of the major expenses for the months of September, October, November and December 2011.

September in the amount of $133,316.43, October in the amount of $205,923.07,  November in the amount of $89,789.79 and December in the amount of $145,577.44 were submitted for approval.

 Motion to approve the expenses from September thru December 2011 was made by Mr. Pasden, seconded by Mr. Williams. Passed.


 Motion to approve the minutes of the September 29th, 2011 meeting was made by  Commissioner Alschbach, seconded by Mr. Pasden.  Passed.


Washington Street Contract

 Mr. Newcomb said at the recommendation of the Commission he advertised as we have previously done.  Five tank companies responded and also did on site inspections.

The end result was one bid from Utility Service.  After a discussion, approval to go ahead with a service contract from Utility Service in the amount of $70,569 @ year for four years with the renovations being done the first year was made by Mr. Pasden, seconded by Mr. Ford.   Passed. 


Well No. 4 - Station 7

 After 2,000 hours of pumping, and $6,000 in power cost, the water is still brown and test positive for total bacteria.  Unitech has been out to inspect and they have no answers. They feel that the earthquake could have caused this.   Mr. Newcomb notified the State and they have no record of any wells that were affected by the earthquake, not even in Virginia.  Unitech thinks it needs to be redeveloped.  They brought a proposal of $42,000.

There should not be any contamination unless ground water source is getting in.  We won't know anything until the pump comes out and use a camera to go down 960 ft. and check the casing and packing.   He told them that Unitech should have some sort of liability.  This is where it stands.  Unitech has been down this week but we have not heard anything else yet.

 Tech Park Water Line

 Mr. Newcomb informed the Commission that we would be making this payment of $3,005. quarterly for the next 20 years. This is the City's obligation for the extension of the water line to the Tech Park.  Next years budget we will include this item.  It was not included in the current years budget.  This is the only long term obligation the MUC has.

 Budget FY-13

Mr. Newcomb said with the maintenance of the system, equipment  etc., we will have to see a water rate increase this year. Our revenue is strictly based on water sales. This year we should meet our projected revenue.  Mr. Newcomb said Mr. Kinnamon said the City would need more sewer service funding next year. He said the MUC would be okay with a 5% increase.  He will prepare a budget to be discussed at a later date showing priorities and based on what the needs are for the City, see what that increase will have to be.

Utility Service Inspection Reports 

 Mr. Newcomb said each Commissioner has the copy of the inspections and it makes him feel good with the condition of our tanks. With the approval of the Washington St tank under contract, all of our tanks are under a maintenance agreement with the exception of the small tank at Glasgow St.

ISO Analysis for Fire Suppression Services

Overall, the gentleman said we are fortunate to have a good water system for fire protection.  He was impressed with our water model where most of the information came from.


Mayor Stanley-Jackson said Rex Marshall has resigned.  She did receive his letter.  She has contacted Robbie Hansen about finding a replacement.

Superintendent's Report

Pumpage is down which is normal for this time of year.

Mr. Newcomb summarized the budget projections which are where they are supposed to be for this time of year. 

Mr. Pasden questioned the amount of unaccountable water. 

Mr. Newcomb said we have done a considerable amount of flushing.  We have not done the year end analysis yet. 

Mr. Newcomb said he wanted to mention the State has implemented a no lead notice. Suppliers are not allowed to sell any material with lead. The State said we could not use what we have in stock, however they did not have answers for enforcement.  They have not established guidelines for enforcement so we will continue to do as we have in the past but will no longer be able to purchase brass w/lead in the future.

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:50pm by Mr. Pasden, seconded by Ms. Alschbach.



Respectively Submitted.

Jane Dorman