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  • City of Cambridge Maryland
  • City of Cambridge Maryland
  • City of Cambridge Maryland
  • City of Cambridge Maryland
  • City of Cambridge Maryland
  • City of Cambridge Maryland
  • City of Cambridge Maryland
  • City of Cambridge Maryland
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muc meeting minutes

December 9th, 2010

Municipal Utilities Commission


December 9, 2010

The Municipal Utilities Commission met on Thursday, December 9th, 2010 at the Council Chambers, 305 Gay St., Cambridge, Md.   Mayor Victoria Stanley-Jackson convened the meeting at approximately 6:30pm.

Present: Mayor Victoria Jackson-Stanley

              Andy Pasden - MUC Commissioner

              Norma Alschbach-MUC Commissioner

              Glenn Ford -MUC Commissioner

              Gary Newcomb- Manager

              Carrie Hall- Asst. Manager

              Kevin Johnson- Asst. Superintendent

              Greg LeBlanc-DPW Asst. Engineer


Mayor Jackson-Stanley asked for approval for expenses for October and November 2010.

Mr. Newcomb wanted to mention a couple of vouchers for October.  Vocher #21028 for $46,619.08 to Utility Service Co was for the maintenance agreement for the Woods Road elevated tank, the Fletcher Ave and the Nathans Ave ground storage tank. Voucher #21057 in the amount of $189,658.00 to Uni-tech Drilling was for work on the new well at Nathans Ave.  Total expenses for the month of October is $380,738.06. The capital improvements  is the well, even though it is not included in the current years operating budget, it was approved as an expense by the MUC. 

For the month of November, Mr. Newcomb pointed out Voucher #21103 to PKS & Co. in the amount of $6900.00 is the balance of audit for  a total of 12,900.  Voucher #21117 to AC Schultes for $23,646.00 is the cost of repair to the well bolt assembly at Glasgow St.   It is back in service. We are presently not running.  Mr. Newcomb said he did look into having a ratchet assembly installed on the pump.  We talked about this for when the electric goes off, the water was dropping back into the shaft because the motor was running backwards.  That motor could not be fitted with a ratchet assembly.  We would have to purchase a new motor with a ratchet assembly. Travers electric, in the electrical controls, there is a delay and it will not come back on until it cycles thru.  This was very inexpensive, $300 or so to put it on to prevent it from happening again.  We now have a protection if we lose power, the same thing would not happen again.

Mr. Pasden asked, what are the two checks to Aramark for?

Mr. Newcomb stated they were for coveralls, uniforms, sweatshirts, etc.

Total Expenditures for November 2010 was $111,107.01

Motion to approve the expenses for October and November was made by Mr. Pasden, seconded by Mr. Ford.  Passed.


Mayor Jackson-Stanley asked for approval of the minutes for the MUC meeting of October 28, 2010.

Motion to approve the minutes was made by Mr. Marshall, seconded by Mr. Pasden. Passed.

Magothy Well-Station 7

Mr. Newcomb said the main reason for having the meeting was to talk about the Magothy Well. Mr. Newcomb said everyone should have a copy of an email from Mark Williams.

The contract for the well said it should deliver 5oo gal a minute or at least 70% efficiency.  It looks like we will not get 500 gals a minute, the well will meet the 70% efficiency.  Mr. Newcomb said he was hoping to have a proposal for the well pump to go into the well for this meeting, due to the fact of the lower specific capacity there will be a need to have a deeper setting well.  Mr. Newcomb had not received it until he stopped by the office on the way to the meeting. It was there.  He just picked it up a few minutes ago.

Their proposal would require a setting of 380', the contract was expecting 300', is substantially deeper. In our original contract, for 500 gal a min, the pump option was $37,860.  For 750 gal it was around $50,532.   This proposal that they have submitted  would be for a 75 horse, the same as the prior proposal, the higher horsepower would be required due to the deeper setting. We would still not get the flow   This proposal would be for $56, 875.  In looking at it, it does call for a stainless steel shaft.  We are close, and we are looking at an additional 80 ft depth. 

Mayor Jackson Stanley asked if he was requesting $5,600 more? We would be getting a Stainless steel shaft and a deeper pump setting?

Mr. Newcomb said yes.

Mayor Jackson-Stanley said it appears that we cannot leave the job half done.  Would we have to go into reserve funds?

Mr. Newcomb said we would be using reserve funds for capital improvements for this.  We were looking between 303,000 to 320,000.  There have been no change orders for any  of  the work which sometimes is the case.

Mr. Pasden asked can we get a bottom line cost for the whole project?

Mr. Newcomb said we had it up to $320,000, now it looks like $326,000.  He stated he does not see any reason for any piping change or electrical..

Mr. LeBlanc asked if they put in a smaller diameter pipe because of the volume?

Mr. Newcomb said no, all that is the same.  It is a 16" casing with an eight inch pipe. So basically we are going to have 75 horse 380' setting pump.  We will be getting what we would have on a 60 horse, 300 ft setting.

Mr. Pasden asked if it would cost us more to run it? 

Mr. Newcomb said operating cost would be more.

Mr. Pasden asked if we needed a motion to approve the additional money?

Mr. Newcomb said yes.

Mr. Pasden made the motion to approve the additional money for the necessary changes we need.

Commissioner Alschbach seconded the motion. All in favor. Passed.

Mayor Jackson-Stanley asked when do we think this will be finished? With the holidays, do we see any delays?

Mr. Newcomb said they may have some delays, but the well itself is complete.  They will order the pump.  They could not do the order until we agreed on the pump size.

Mr. Newcomb stated he will review this closely and I do know it was needed.

Audit FY-10

Mr. Newcomb said everyone was sent a copy of the audit.  Anyone have any questions.

Mr. Pasden said on page 4 and 13 it states the City no longer reimburses the Commission.

He stated he thought that was a temporary situation. This reads as though it may be permanent.

Mayor Jackson-Stanley said she did not read it that way.

Mr. Pasden said the phrase "no longer" appears to be on going and forever.

Mayor Jackson-Stanley said in her opinion, the vote this time was not a forecast of future decisions. 

Mr. Pasden asked why would the auditors use that terminology?

Mr. Newcomb said we did discuss this and in the City Code under section 1 it does state that the MUC will collect Sewer charge on behalf of the City at no charge.  That was established in the 60's.  It was changed some years ago at the request of the auditors to get some reimbursement for all of the other charges that have been added on since then.

He stated he told the auditors he would like to see something in the audit about this and in the future would like to see something come back.  He thinks we are looking at a couple of years before it does come back. He is hoping since we received nothing last year and nothing this year, this would be the end of it.  Without this, the rates would have to increase in the next budget year.

Mr. Newcomb said overall, it was a pretty good audit.

Mr. Marshall asked if we need a motion to change the wording on that?

Mr. Pasden said it is difficult at this point because the report is final but it is something  we will not forget quickly.

Mr. Marshall made a motion to accept the audtit report , seconded by Mr. Pasden.

All in favor, passed.

Station 8-Well pump #2

Mr. Newcomb said he discussed this during the expenditures,  but it is ready to go.

Superintendent's Report

Mr. Newcomb said back in November, there were a couple of new services. Two residential services and the new service for the New Tech Center was activated.  They also have an irrigation service. 

Total pumpage for the month of October , 52,925,000, billed consumption 45,405  with 14% unaccounted. Total money was $110,231.61.

Month of November  total pumped , 50,653,000 billed consumption of 45,234 with 11% unaccounted.  Total money was $108,350.35.

The billed amount for sewer for October  was $217,743.78 and November was $220,447.24.

The general ledger for October page 3 for Sales we should be at 33%  and most categories are what they should be.  The expenditures show nothing alarming.

Mr. Marshall asked on page 4, what is the fire lines?

Mr. Newcomb said they are the sprinkler systems.  You will not see that number change too much because we bill most of them at one time. Only change during the year would be if a new building comes up and turned on.

For the month of November, there was no change. With this we should be at about 42%.

Most of our numbers are good except for the municipals.


Mr. Newcomb said he included the inspection of the Woods Road tank.

It is included in our maintenance agreement.  This is just a visual inspection.

There are a few things we need to do to touch up.  The contractor should take care of this.

Mr. Newcomb said he wanted to let the commission aware of a significant leak we had Saturday, Dec. 4th.   The station operator contacted Mr. Molock because the extra pumps came on. We were still losing pressure.  It happened at midday.  We were getting concerned.  We received a call from the Police Dept that people on Tates Bank Road

Were getting a lot of water in their back yards.  At the same time, we got a call from the Hyatt at the Restaurant was noticing low pressure.  We had a 12" line split about 5 ft. and it was down on the line at the edge of the woods next to Tates Bank Rd on the golf course.  The amount of water we were losing, it had to show up. It was in an area we were able to isolate.  The only one that was affected was the maintenance shop at the Hyatt. We lost about 1.6 million gallons of water in a 9 & ½ hour period which is about 3,000 gals a minute.  It washed out a huge hole.  

What concerns Mr. Newcomb is that it is C-900 pipe which is the same pipe that cracked over to Leonard Lane.  Same contract put it in.

Ms. Alschbach asked is there any way we can check on the rest of that line?

No this has only been allowed on the new phase of the Hyatt.

We also found we have a leak in the roadway of Rt. 50. It is a 16" pine on the west bound lane.  I feel it is a joint leak.  3 years ago we went down on the joints and put clamps on them.

Mr. Leblanc asked how did we discover it?

Mr. Newcomb said, a little bit of ice forming on the side of the roadway.  As a rule the state will now allow a pipe in the roadway without a sleeve.  This goes back to 1047 and 1948 which was not required at that time.  The worst thing about Rt 50 is isolation of the roadway, the material  to get back to the way it was.   The State Hwy said they would be happy to assist in traffic control.  Next week we will be looking into doing this.

Mr. Marshall asked how long will it take to repair?

Mr. Newcomb said he hopes in a day.  We do get some help from State Hwy ( Jay Meredith).

Mr. Newcomb stated just this past week we added Mrs.Halls name to the authorized signatures at the office. The accounts in the City have always had four signatures.

With no public works director and Mr. Kinnamon being out a lot this year, getting two signatures as a problem.  This should ease this up a little.  When I am on vacation, Ms. Hall can sign in my absence.

With no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:13 pm with a motion from Ms. Alschbach, seconded by Mr. Ford.

Respectively submitted.

Jane Dorman