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muc meeting minutes

December 4th, 2008

Municipal Utilities Commission


December 4, 2008

The Municipal Utilities Commission met on Thursday, December 4, 2008  at the Council Chambers, 305 Gay St., Cambridge, MD.   Mayor Jackson-Stanley convened the meeting at 6:30pm.

Present:            Mayor Jackson-Stanley

                        Charles Prahl- MUC Commissioner

                        Glen Ford-MUC Commissioner

                        Andy Pasden-MUC Commissioner

                        Rex Marshall-MUC Commissioner

                        Gary Newcumb-Mgr. MUC

                        Carrie Hall-Asst. Mgr.- MUC

                        Kevin Johnson-Asst. Superintendent-MUC


Mayor Jackson -Stanley asked for approval of the expenses for the Month of October 2008 in the amount of $201,014.73. 

Mr. Newcomb said he wanted to mention Ck#19271 to PKS $6,000.  This is a partial billing for the 2008 Audit for FY-08.   Ck #19284 to Davis Bowen & Friedel Inc. is the balance owed for the Master Plan update.  The Master Plan Update and Water Model is not a budgeted item. It is an expenditure with funds coming from impact fees collected during the past few years.  Ck#19296 to Comptroller is reimbursement of flush tax for the quarter. Ck#19335 to Utility Service $44,795.52 is for tank maintenance for Fletcher Ave, Woods Road and Nathans Ave ground storage tank. 

Motion  to approve expenses for October 2008 was made by Mr. Pasden, seconded by Mr. Prahl.

Expenses for the month of November 2008 in the amount of $95,445.95 were submitted for approval.

Mr. Newcomb  mentioned ck#19395  $8,117.00, Anderson Fence Co. - This is the fencing around the new building on Brohawn Ave..

Motion to approve the expenses for November 2008 was made by Mr. Pasden, seconded by Mr. Prahl. Passed.


Motion to approve the minutes for October 2008 was made by Mr. Prahl, seconded by Mr. Pasden, passed.

Jenkins Creek Area- Fire Flow

Mr. Newcomb informed the Commission there was a delay and we have not received the information from Davis Bowen & Friedel.  We have conducted a couple of hydrant flow tests in the area.  We will have the information at our next meeting.

MUC Authority

Mr. Newcomb said at the last meeting, we discussed the billing.  The MUC has been allowing the Owners  to mail the bills to the service address c/o the tenants.  Today  the MUC received an opinion by City Attorney,  Mr. Collison.  Mr. Collison stated  "Because the bills issued by MUC include sewer and landfill tipping fees, both of which are bills from the Commissioners of Cambridge, it is his opinion that any change in billing policies or procedures would require the approval of both MUC and the City Council. Accordingly, upon the approval of both, the MUC and City Council, the billing policy could be amended so that all water/sewer bills will only be titled, issued and mailed to the owner of record of the property being served by water/sewer."

Mr. Newcomb said he would like to proceed to have board approval to send all water bills to the owner of the properties.

Mr. Prahl made a motion that MUC refer Mr. Collison's opinion to City Council with the recommendation of the billing to go to the owners of the properties.  Seconded by Mr. Marshall. Unanimous.

Mr. Pasden asked if that would require public hearings at the Council level?

Mayor Jackson-Stanley said she would feel more comfortable and felt the Council would want to have a public hearing.

Audit FY-08

Mr. Newcomb stated everyone should have received a management letter.

Concerning the preparation of Financial Statements, he did not like the wording.  He was told by the auditors that if you do not have a CPA on staff, then the wording applies.  The only CPA in the City is Ed Kinnamon and he does not do his adjusting entries.  We rely on that information coming from the Auditors every year. 

If  you notice, there is a line item called depreciation.  We do not budget depreciation.

It has always been our opinion that if our expenditures do not exceed our income less the depreciation , we had a good year.  We are at least operating in the black. 

Mr. Newcomb stated it was a good audit, they found no problems.

Mr. Newcomb summarized the results of the audit to the Commission.  Overall, he was pleased with the amounts based on the budgeted totals. 

One item he wanted to address is the Bank of New York's $3,859.00 write off which they say was an expense.  We will be drafting a letter for explanation.

Mayor Jackson-Stanley said she will be happy to sign that letter as soon as it is drafted. She also would like an explanation.

Mr. Newcomb stated income is as expected, expenditures were as expected, in most categories.  He was pleased.

Mr. Pasden stated, he has worked with budgets for many years, he was pleased with

Mr. Newcomb's budget.

Mr. Newcomb read a letter from the auditors advising the City to contact the Bank of New York requesting a full refund for expenses they wrote off after the City Account was closed.  There is a possibility of us getting a refund.

Vehicle Purchase

We have in the budget to purchase a new vehicle.  The Station operators vehicle is not usable.  He would like to purchase a vehicle thru the government contract.  Any budgeted item over $5,000. will be brought to the Commission.   We will have proposals at the next meeting. 

Motion to purchase the new truck was made by Mr. Pasden, seconded by Mr. Prahl.  Passed.

Disposal of old Vehicles

Vehicles # 42, 45, 41 & 55 need to be disposed of. 

My question is how do we want to dispose of these trucks.  We need to take them off the inventory and insurance.  Mr. Newcomb said he waiting for disposal because he thought at one time the City was planning on having an auction to get rid of excess equipment and furniture. 

Mayor Jackson-Stanley said she would ask Mr. Kinnamon about it first and then we can decide on how to dispose of these vehicles.

Mr. Pasden said he would like to make a motion for Mr. Newcomb to dispose of these vehicles as best he sees fit, if the city has no immediate plans for an auction. Seconded by Mr. Ford. Passed.

Budget FY-10

Commissioner Sydnor has requested all Budgets be submitted in January 2009, however  our budget is normally approved by the MUC Board, it is not necessarily on the same time frame as the other departments in the City.  Mr. Newcomb asked if, at our January meeting, the Commission would like to have a proposed budget available or would they like to have a budget meeting to discuss items to consider.  His recommendation is to bring to the board, a list of, or status of things for our Stations which will need to be addressed in the next couple of years.  We could then have the Board's input on priorities to be included for next years' budget.  After this, it would be February before we would have a budget for MUC to look at.

Superintendent's Report

Mr. Johnson reviewed the superintendent's report for Mr. Molock in his absence.

He reviewed street openings, new services and pumpage.

Mr. Newcomb mentioned, the work we did on Camper St saved the City, approximately $10,000. 

Mr. Pasden  noted the unaccountable water is up over 20%.

Mr. Newcomb basically briefly reviewed the monthly consumption reports and the general ledger balances thru October and November 2008.

Mr. Newcomb said November is the lowest billed amount of consumption that he could remember.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:11pm.

I hereby certify that the aforegoing is a true accounting of the business of the MUC during the regular meeting held on December 4, 2008.  In so far as I am personally aware.

Jane W. Dorman