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HPC Meeting Minutes

April 19, 2012

The Historic Preservation Commission met on Thursday, April 19th, 2012 at the City Council Chambers, 305 Gay Street.  Chair Kathy Manicke called the meeting to order at approximately 7:03 p.m.  Ms. Manicke began the meeting by taking roll call. 

Commissioners Attending: Kathy Manicke, Chair; Brian Roche, Vice Chair; Farrell McCoy, Katie Clendaniel  

Absent: Jay Corvan was not present. Dormaim Bromwell-Green was not in attendance.

Other Representatives Attending: Dan Brandewie, City Planner II

Ms. Manicke presented the opening statement.

Oath Administered-Persons Wishing to Testify: Kathy Manicke administered the oath to all persons wishing to testify.

Approval of Minutes:  After review, Farrell McCoy moved to approve the February 16th, 2012 minutes with one correction to the spelling of Mr. Bollman.  Seconded by Katie Clendaniel.  Motion carried.

HPC members noted corrections needed with the use of the term "motioned"; it should be "moved".  After discussion, Farrell McCoy moved to approve the minutes of the March 15th, 2012 minutes with corrections; seconded by Brian Roche.  Motion carried.  

Consent Agenda: 

HPC#41-12, 207 Mill St., Larry Hunt, install 4 ft. wood picket fence, partially remove chain link fence.   Mr. Brandewie noted that this item is being requested for consideration under the consent agenda.  Ms. Manicke asked if there was anyone in the audience or on the Commission that had any objections to acting on this application as a consent agenda item or if they wished to speak on the case.  There were no objections. 

Farrell McCoy moved to approve the application as submitted; second by Katie Clendaniel.  Motion carried: 4-0 in favor. 
Regular Agenda Item

HPC#45-11, (Amendment) 204 Belvedere Ave. William K. George, install four (4) additional photo-voltaic solar panels on remaining areas of rear roof.  Request is to amend original application previously approved-also associated with HPC#44-11.  Mr. Brandewie reviewed the history of this application noting that the HPC approved the original application for electric and hot water solar panels several months ago.  This request is to amend the original application with the addition of four (4) additional panels in the same general location.  Mr. George provided background information on this case stating some space was not utilized on the roof due to various reasons.  They now seek to install four (4) additional solar electric panels on the rear roof in these unused spaces.  He provided a history of the case and an overview of the lessons they learned in this application.  No additional testimony was forthcoming from the public on this case.  Motion made and seconded to close the public discussion.  Motion carried.   

Katie Clendaniel moved to approve the application as submitted noting that the installation of the solar panels in both the original application and this request were consistent with recent Secretary of Interior Standards on sustainable development.  Seconded by Farrell McCoy.  Motion carried: 4-0 in favor.

HPC#36-12, 6 Oakley Street, Jim Linthicum reviewed the following items:  (1) replace garage doors on accessory building with wood sliding door.  He showed the HPC members a sliding garage door rail that will be used for the two sets of wooden garage doors.  There were no objections from HPC members on this item.  Mr. Linthicum then reviewed item (2): a proposal to install two concrete driveways in front of accessory building off Hambrooks and off Oakley Street. Mr. Brandewie noted that there are concrete driveways in the vicinity of each proposed drive but it would be more historically correct to keep the driveways in gravel and this would be consistent with the gravel alleyway next the garage on Hambrooks. Presently the proposed driveways are in grass.  Mr. Linthicum noted that with the slope of the one driveway, there may be gravel washing off into the street.  He then reviewed his application for: (3) replace twelve (12) existing windows and storm windows (6 over 1) on various floors of the main house with vinyl replacement windows.  He noted there is damage to proposed windows and would be utilizing parts from some of the windows to restore the others.  The proposed windows, with the exception of the two sets of upper dormer windows would not be facing Hambrooks or Water Street.  He reviewed the proposed specifications for the windows, an Anderson A series window with exterior and interior grids with matching lights.  He reviewed item the next two items: (4) install black iron handrail on side porch; (5) install white corner gutter.  He provided a sample picture of a black round handrail that he would be using.  Discussion followed about the type of gutter to be used.  Commission members stated that they had no objections to the use of ogee gutter for this particular style house.

Mr. Geoff Barger then spoke next and noted that he had been turned down for his proposed replacement vinyl windows and these proposed windows at this address were not "like kind" and that maybe he shouldn't have used Branden Spear has a contractor.  He will be coming back to the HPC with his application.  Ms. Manicke reminded Mr. Barger that we were not here to revisit his case and that this is the only case before the HPC tonight.

There was no one else to speak for or against the application.

HPC members noted that the proposed windows are a better match to the existing windows in terms of design and dimensions.  They will have exterior and interior grids or muntions and they appear to be a vinyl clad wood.  Mr. Roche also noted that parts of the existing windows will be salvaged to restore the others.  Mr. Roche stated that he and Dormaim Bromwell Green had visited the house with staff prior to the meeting.  While it was difficult to determine the level of deterioration to the windows because they could not get inside, the applicant has presented close up photographs of deterioration.  Commission members also stated that they had no objections to the round railing and the use of ogee style curb as it was consistent with the pattern of the house's eave supports. 

Farrell McCoy moved to approve the application based on the information presented and for the rationale as stated by Mr. Roche for the windows, seconded by Brian Roche. Motion carried: 4-0 in favor.

HPC#37-12, 306 Mill Street, Pat Condon: request to allow permanent removal of 12' chimney located on front right side of house damaged during recent storm event.  Mr. Brandewie reviewed the history of this case noting that the chimney was blown down during a recent storm event.  Mr. Condon reviewed his application.  His preference is to not to rebuild it because of the potential danger of it falling into a room with the height and weight of the chimney being a consideration.  It does connect to an existing fireplace.  The remaining portion of the chimney inside the house would remain.  He has replaced some asphalt shingles on portions of the roof in the vicinity of the damaged chimney but has left the chimney area open with a temporary covering.  He no longer has the original bricks on site and believes it would be cost prohibitive to re-use the existing bricks and have to remove the mortar. 

Several members of the public spoke for and against the application, including the following: Mr. Wright, Mr. McFadden, Mr. Gordon Hill and Mr. Tim Crosby.  Points brought up included: the existing chimney was not prominently visible from the street since it is one way and partially hidden from vegetation.  Another member of the audience noted that the street view from the car; however, is not the only view to consider and the bricks can be re-used with mortar removed.  Discussion followed about whether the chimney could be rebuilt at a lower height.  Or if a faux or fake chimney were to be rebuilt in place, would it look right.  A member of the public noted that the new chimney could be rebuilt at this height and meet building code requirements but that the board could consider that with the remaining portion of the chimney in place, it could be rebuilt in the future.  After hearing all public comments, the HPC moved to close the hearing to public discussion.

HPC members noted that the removal of the chimney is contrary to the guidelines; however, they noted mitigating circumstances in this case.  Mr. Roche noted that testimony was presented by the applicant that the roof joists at the location of the chimney were now spliced together and if a chimney were to fall at this location again, it may go through the roof into a bedroom.  The chimney is somewhat minimally visible from the street.  The remaining chimney under the roof line would remain allowing a chimney to be rebuilt at this location. 

Upon deliberation, Mr. Roche moved that the chimney be allowed to remain down based on the findings as just mentioned and as requested in the application.  Seconded by Farrell McCoy.  Roll call vote:  Farrell McCoy-Yes; Katie Clendaniel-No; Brian Roche-Yes; Kathy Manicke-Yes.  Motion carried: 3-1 in favor.  Katie Clendaniel voted no on the application.

HPC#38-12, 209 Oakley St., Paul Schulze, Jr. remove/demolish accessory building in rear, replace porch roof, replace window in rear with sliding door.  Mr. Schulze presented testimony on his application.  He noted that it was their intent to repair the garage several years ago but the garage was additionally damaged by falling tree limbs recently.  Additionally, an addition to the garage that added to in the back took away some structural support members off the roof.  They had requested at one time to build a rear addition and deck but had no funds.  The sliding door on the house was approved as part of this original application at one time.  The shingles to be used on the front porch match the existing shingles on the house.  Mrs. Schulze presented testimony that the additional exit was needed for fire escape purposes as an opening in the house to the rear porch addition was generally not acceptable.  Mr. Schulze was asked if he knew if the window in the rear to be replaced with the sliding glass door was original to the house.  He stated he did not know. 

Brian Roche noted that he and Dormaim Bromwell Green visited the site with staff prior to the meeting and confirmed that the garage appears to be beyond repair.  They could not ascertain if the existing window was original to the house but it appeared to be original.

No one else spoke in favor or against the application.  HPC members moved to close the discussion.  Members noted that they would need more information on how the house is configured in the rear and what landing they would be proposing.  More information is needed on the condition of the window which appears to be original.

After deliberation, Farrell McCoy moved to approve the demolition of the garage and for the repairs of the porch roof.  She recommended tabling action on the installation of the sliding door until more information is provided as noted by members.  Seconded by Katie Clendaniel.  Motion carried 3-0 in favor with Kathy Manicke not voting.

HPC#39-12, Long Wharf Park, Heart of Chesapeake Heritage Area: request to install Harriet Tubman historical byway marker.  Ceres Bainbridge and Amanda Fenstermaker with the Visitor's and Convention Bureau provided background information on the proposed byway marker which is funded by a grant.  Ms. Fenstermaker noted that the location was originally located next to the walk going to the lighthouse but concurred with the staff recommendation on shifting it to the quadrant on the right, adjacent to the Roosevelt structure.  There application is time sensitive.  Charles McFadden spoke on the need to preserve the vista or view of the river.  Additionally, two members of the public spoke on the issue.  The concerns centered around: (1) why the marker should be placed at Long Wharf-what is the historical basis; (2) Could the marker be shifted to the left to keep in more in line with vertical lines of the ship masts; (3) the importance of preserving the view of the water.

After additional discussion, the HPC acted to close public testimony.  Katie Clendaniel requested that additional information be presented on the nature of the grant guidelines that is funding the by-way marker.  She believed there is not enough information to fully understand the grant requirements as to its design and location and that issues raised by the public should be addressed.  Katie Clendaniel moved to table the application with the concurrence of the Visitors and Convention Bureau, seconded by Farrell McCoy.  Motion carried.  After further discussion, the Commission offered to conduct a Special Called meeting on May 3rd to consider action on this request and requested staff to make the necessary arrangements.  (Note: this meeting was later rescheduled to May 10th). 

HPC#40-12, 1105 School Street, Sharon B. Smith: request to install proposed rear porch and deck extension, remove existing 19' x 12' shed.  Ms. Smith provided background information on the project.  Mr. Brandewie noted that the application incorrectly stated that the 19' x 12' shed would be removed. The applicant is proposing to remove the attached small structure to the house which covers a basement entrance door.  There was no one else to speak in favor on in opposition to the request.  HPC members moved to close discussion-motion carried.

Farrell McCoy moved to approve the application as submitted.  Seconded by Katie Clendaniel. Motion carried: 4-0 in favor.

Mr. Brandewie noted that the following agenda item was added to the agenda due to nature of the emergency repairs that are needed.  He noted that for the record that this application was not advertised in the paper but a placard was posted on the building.  He requested that the Commission formally act to approve this item to be placed on the agenda.  Farrell McCoy moved that the application be included on the agenda; seconded by Brian Roche.  Motion Carried.

HPC#42-12, 501-505 Poplar St., Novo Corp., request to replace deteriorated asphalt shingles with slate like CertainTeed asphalt shingle replacement on main part of building. Repairs consider to minor emergency due to leaks.  Brent Summers provided background information on the request.  The existing shingles on the building are very old and deteriorated.  They are causing a leak.  They have a potential tenant to move in shortly if they can do the roof repairs and commence with drywall.  He proved a sample of the roofing material which gives the appearance of a slate like flat material.  He noted that the existing shingles were not original to the structure.  Tim Crosby spoke if favor of the application.  There was no additional testimony.  The Chair moved and it was seconded to close public discussion. Motion carried.    

After deliberation, Farrell McCoy moved to approve the application as submitted; seconded by Brian Roche.  Motion Carried: 4-0 in favor.

201 Mill Street, Mill Street School-Adaptive Reuse (aka-Golden Shore Christian School) Presentation by Tim Crosby, AIA. Information Purposes Only. 

Mr. Tim Crosby provided a PowerPoint presentation on the proposed renovation of 201 School Street, known as the Golden Shore Academy School.  A copy of this PowerPoint has been made available to members and is available at the Department of Public Work.  He reviewed a site plan and the overall design scheme.  There was no one to speak in opposition or in favor of the request.  Commission members spoke positively of the design approach.  Mr. Crosby noted he will be presenting additional information next month. 

Inactive Docket/Continuation Cases

HPC#42-10, 120 High St., Farrell McCoy (Jay Corvan, Architect), revisions to rear upper door/porch-railing and new door proposed.  Farrell McCoy recused herself from the Commission as she is the applicant.  She provided a new sketch of an upper porch overhang in the rear of the house where the stairway was removed.  There was no one to speak in favor or in opposition to the request.  The Commission acted to close public discussion. 

Katie Clendaniel moved to approve the application; seconded by Brian Roche. Motion carried: 3-0 in favor. 

Administratively Approved/Routine Maintenance:  Mr. Brandewie offered to review any of the items.  There were no objections.

Other Business

Request for Appointment of Subcommittee for Pine Street Summer Studio-presentation by Tim Crosby.  Mr. Crosby provided an overview of a summer studio project focusing on the historic area associated with Pine Street.  He requested that two members of the HPC be appointed to a subcommittee to review the work of the students.  Katie Clendaniel volunteered.  No further action taken. 

Given the length of the meeting there was no further discussion.  Ms. McCoy moved to adjourn the meeting at approximately 10:30PM.  Ms. Clendaniel seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.                  

Respectfully submitted,

Daniel L. Brandewie

City Planner II