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HPC Meeting Minutes

August 18, 2011

The Historic Preservation Commission met on Thursday, August 18, 2011 at the City Council Chambers, 305 Gay Street.  Chair Kathy Manicke called the meeting to order at approximately 7:00 p.m. Ms. Manicke began the meeting by taking roll call and swearing in persons to testify.

Commissioners Attending: Kathy Manicke, Chair;  Brian Roche, Vice Chair;  Farrell McCoy ; Dormaine Green;  Jay Corvan, Alternate

Absent:  Katie Clendaniel

Other Representatives Attending: Daniel L. Brandewie, City Planner II; Commissioner Frank Stout, City Council Liaison

Ms. Manicke noted there was a quorum present.  This Commission consists of five appointed members and an alternate based on qualifications adopted by the City Council.  Mr. Corvan is our alternate and the rest of the members are permanent members. 

Mr. Brandewie said he had two changes to the agenda.  One change is to vote on a vice chair at the end of the meeting. Since Mr. Young resigned, they have no vice chair.  The second change is there is an additional request for administrative approval; he has added 1007 Locust Street for consideration.  He would like that to be presented to the Commission and have that officially recognized as part of the agenda. 

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:   May 19, 2011; July 27, 2011 

Ms. McCoy moved to approve the May 19, 2011 minutes as presented.  Mr. Corvan seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.

Ms. McCoy moved to approve the July 27, 2011 minutes as presented.  Mr. Corvan seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.


Consent Agenda    There were no consent agenda items.

HPC # 9-12, 124 Vue De Leau Street, Nancy Belden owner, Stewart Bradley, contractor, requests to frame in an old door in the rear of the façade that will be replaced with siding; removal of one window on the rear façade and replace with a new French door; installation of a 12' x 19' deck on the ground surface and re-siding on the rear façade.

Mr. Brandewie provided an overview of the project and noted staff has no objections.

Ms. Manicke asked if any one wished to speak for or against the project.  No one did.

Mr. Corvan moved to close the discussion.  Mr. Roche seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.

Ms. McCoy moved to accept this application as submitted.  Mr. Corvan seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously. 

HPC # 10-12, 205 Oakley Street, Stephen Fitzgerald, owner, Bob Wright, the applicant's representative, requests to install 16" on center metal roof, a Fabral product, on the residential dwelling.    

Mr. Brandewie provided a brief overview of the application.  He noted that he left a small sample of the metal roof at the office.  Given the fact that we have not had a similar request like this recently, he did obtain feedback on the application from staff of the Maryland Historic Trust.  This has been provided to the HPC members, the applicant and owner.  Their comments were not supportive of putting a metal roof on this prominent four square style house and that they should produce evidence that metal was used on the house; otherwise it is a change of material.  Mr. Wright reported that that there appears to be a layer of cedar shake shingles on the bottom layer covered by two layers of asphalt shingles.  Staff concurs with these comments but has suggested that perhaps the rear addition and rear porches may be appropriate to consider for a metal roof. 

Mr. Wright said this roof is a heavy gauge metal; it is energy efficient.  This roof is rated for 150 mile an hour winds; it is a beautiful roof.  The color is like a new shiny copper penny.  Mr. Fitzgerald, the owner, has made a significant investment in the property. 

Ms. Manicke read the historic guidelines and said roofing materials on historic homes should replicate or be compatible with the materials used on the existing structure.  Replacing a shingle roof with a metal roof does not follow their guidelines.

Mr. Brandewie noted that Mr. Wright has recommended HPC members look at other examples on metal roofing applications in Cambridge, and cited the metal roof of the Family Dollar that has this style roof.  If Mr. Wright is willing to table the application, this would give more time for HPC members to consider the matter.  Mr. Wright said they are agreeable to tabling it and look to doing the work in an October timeframe.

Commission members discussed that they would like to look at it the site and other examples again.  Ms. Manicke said she would like to table this because this will set a precedent in the district if they allow this to happen.   

Ms. Manicke asked if any one wish to speak for or against the project.  No one spoke.

Mr. Roche said metal was historic at one point; asphalt wasn't, it is a representation.  The Commission should consider the metal material itself is potentially more valuable to the district than requiring asphalt.  Mr. Corvan said he agrees, but it has to be applied in the correct manner.

Ms. Green said her concern is not that the material is metal, her concern is the color.  Mr. Brandewie said he will circulate the metal sample around to the Commission before the next meeting if they choose to table it.

Mr. Corvan moved to table this application.  Ms. McCoy seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Wright asked if the Commission is in favor of the porch roof having the metal roof.  Originally what they talked about was that the metal roofing be on the porches, the front porch and the porch in the back. 

Ms. Manicke said she is inclined to allow the porch roof because that was typical in this community.  Ms. McCoy said she would be eager to have them consider it in cedar.  Mr. Wright said he has a month before he comes back.  He said he will get three more pictures.  Mr. Roche said he is inclined to permit the metal roofing on the rear addition and the porch.  He would like to see a sample of the copper roof.  Ms. Green said she was going to wait for further discussion. 

Mr. Corvan said he is in favor of seeing the porch done in a metal turned roof with the hips very thin.  He could actually see the upper level being metal as well, but he does not entertain the idea of asphalt shingles going up on the upper level and then metal on the foyer. 

Presentation on Pine Street Neighborhood Historic District D-390; Letter of Support Requested - Jim Duffy

Mr. Duffy made his presentation and provided an overview of the effort to hire the consultant, Mr. Paul Tuart, to study the historic Pine Street community.  This report will serve to nominate an area along High, Pine, Race and Washington Street, often referred to as Old Ward Two, to the National Register of Historic Places.  The area has a rich history in the African American business community and during the Civil Rights movement of the 60's.      

Mr. Brandewie said since the Historic Preservation Commission's (HPC) is not a certified local government, the City Administration nor the governing body plays a formal role in this nomination process.  Main Street may submit the nomination report to Maryland Historic Trust (MHT), Peter Kurtze is mentioned as the administrator.  The report also lists the names and addresses of all of the property owners.  They notify the owners and tell them of the nomination and give them an opportunity to object to it.  They have a public meeting and they can turn it down.  There is no requirement of owners to consent to the listing only the opportunity to object.  If there is a majority of objections, it would be forwarded to the governor's consulting committee on the national register.  This Commission can act by motion to write a letter of support for the nomination.  He thinks that would be a benefit to the process and show unity and interest in the community. 

Ms. Manicke said as a historian and English teacher, she would be willing to draft the letter and send it to the Commissioners for their comments and suggestions.  Mr. Brandewie said the nomination report, even if it is approved, does not bring that district under historic district overlay zoning.  There will be no control exercised by the HPC over any aspect of this communities work, exterior improvements, etc.  HPC would not be involved in oversight.  The HPC members endorsed the idea of writing a letter of support.

Mr. Brandewie noted that he had been contacted by a property owner, David Thatcher (filed by Andrew Smith, contractor) on a minor repair to a porch roof at 1007 Locust Street.  This is to replace existing asphalt shingles on an upper front flat roof and replace it with vinyl sheathing-not visible from street.  He is asking if the HPC would consider granting administrative approval for this, even though this is a change of material.  There appears to be no immediate emergency with the existing roof although there is visible evidence of sagging along the roof line, possibly from previous damage.

Ms. Manicke said they are going to vote on whether the Commission wants to have them return with an application and go ahead and accept administrative approval. There was no one else to speak on the matter from the public.

Mr. Corvan moved to close the discussion.  Ms. McCoy seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.  HPC members noted that this was a change of material and they desired more time to look at the site.  There was some consensus not to authorize this for administrative approval.

Ms. McCoy moved to approve the request for administrative approval at 1007 Locust Street.  Mr. Corvan seconded the motion.  The voting was:  Mr. Corvan no, Ms. Manicke yes, Ms. McCoy no, Mr. Roche no, Ms. Green no.  Motion does not carry. 

Mr. Brandewie said he will bring it back next month. 


Other Business

Election of Vice Chair

Mr. Brandewie stated that with the resignation of Mr. Gary Young, the HPC has no Vice Chair.  He also recommends that in the new by-laws there by a second vice-chair.  This will support a chain of succession and provide guidance on who should chair the meeting when no officers are present.   

After discussion, Ms. McCoy nominated Brian Roche for vice-chair.  Mr. Corvan seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Revisions to Guidelines and Administrative Approval: Mr. Brandewie gave a brief overview of the proposed changes.  Ms. Manicke said they will meet next time to go over all of this and get ready to vote on this at the next meeting. 

Mr. Corvan said he has been over the Denton Pattern book and he found interesting diagrams and procedures in there that he would like to get copies out to the next meeting to Mr. Brandewie so that they can consider it and get into a discussion.  He would like to talk to Bill Cassidy about how Denton has worked through this and what kind of feed back they have had. 

Mr. Roche asked if a question on owner occupancy, renter or income producing status could be put in a check box on the application because it gives the Commission an idea of the potential future of the property.  Mr. Brandewie said a related question is if it is a rental, how many units are in it and how long has it been vacate.  Mr. Roche said it would provide information on the intent of the owner as to whether they are going to live there. 

**Enforcement Update - Mr. Brandewie

Mr. Brandewie said he has not taken any enforcement actions over the past month so there is nothing really new to report.  There are some outstanding violations out there though.

Mr. Corvan moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:41 p.m.  Ms. McCoy seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously. 


Respectfully submitted,

Daniel L. Brandewie
City Planner II