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HPC Meeting Minutes

May 19, 2011

The Historic Preservation Commission met on Thursday, May 19th, 2011 at the City Council Chambers, 305 Gay Street.  Chair Kathy Manicke called the Special Work Session to order at approximately 6:00PM. 

Commissioners Attending: Kathy Manicke, Katie Clendaniel, Brian Roche; Jay Corvan, Farrell McCoy.

Absent: Gary Young, Vice Chair.

Other Representatives Attending: Daniel L. Brandewie, City Planner II; Commissioner Frank Stout attended the regular meeting starting at 7:00PM.


Special Work Session:

Mr. Brandewie provided an updated draft that was discussed last summer allowing staff at the Department of Public Works to approve minor items administratively, or in house based on the feedback provide in the Building/Contractor's Task Force report.  Additional changes were made.  Mr. Brandewie asked the members to review additional HPC guidelines for other administrative approval categories.

The regular meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.  Mr. Brandewie presented a revised agenda and requested HPC action to approve the new agenda.  Farrell McCoy motion to accept the revised agenda, seconded by Brian Roche, motion carried. 


APPROVAL OF MINUTES:    Due to the length of the agenda, action on the minutes from the March 17th, April 21st and May 3rd Special Called meeting was deferred to the end of the meeting. 



HPC#21-11, 702 Church Street, Michael & Beverly Robinson, replace porch columns, general repairs to porch.  Mr. Brandewie gave the staff report.  A picture of a standard wood fence was shown purchased from Lowes.  It is somewhat close to matching balusters and rail style of the existing porch.  The applicant patched a portion of the porch ceiling with an unacceptable material.  Discussion followed.  There was no one else to speak in favor or against the application. 

Mr. Corvan motioned to approve the railing with the top rail and cap to match.  The ceiling material that was installed is not acceptable; the applicant should replace this with a like kind material.  Sample to be provided to staff.  Farrell McCoy seconded the motion.  Motion carried. 

HPC#31-11, 206 Choptank Ave. - Dorchester County Council: request to demolish residential structure.  Mr. Tom Merryweather, Attorney for the County Council addressed the Commission.  It is their intent to put the house up for auction and they would prefer not to have the HPC's denial of their demolition request carried for a year on the property.  The County's request is that the application be withdrawn and decision rescinded.  HPC members noted that if the period of enforcement is dated from the time of application, there is not a full year to wait when another request can be filed.  Members believed that their action should have no impact on the ability of the house to be sold.  No one else spoke in favor or against the application. 

Katie Clendaniel motioned to rescind the HPC's previous action to deny the demolition request filed by the County.  Seconded by Jay Corvan.  Motion failed to pass with four members voting no on the motion; the Chair, Kathy Manicke abstained from voting.  Motion failed.  The denial of the demolition request shall remain in place.  A new owner would have to file a new request from the date of application.

HPC#42-11, 207 High Street, Vestry of Great Choptank Parish-601 Church St., filed by William Douglas Robbins: to erect a 6 ft. vinyl coated fence around two sides of new cemetery addition.  This case was tabled from the meeting on April 21st, 2011.   Richard Eckert presented a sample picture of an alternative metal fence.  The previous submission was a coated chain fence.  This fence, while at a higher cost is acceptable to the Church's Board of Directors.  Discussion followed about the location of the fence and site plan.  It would be located on two sides of the new cemetery.  Frank Cooke, a resident of the District spoke in favor of the request.  HPC members commended the applicants for working to come up with a better fence more suitable with the historic character of the church property.  There was no additional public comment.

Jay Corvan motioned to approve the applicant's request to install the alternative black aluminum fence (Hamilton fence design as submitted) in the locations shown on the site plan (two sides).  If caps are used, a sample is to be provided to staff for further review.  Farrell McCoy seconded the motion.  Motion carried. 



HPC#47-11, Delmarva Community Services: review of design of bus shelters, locations to be determined.  Mr. Santo Grande presented a bus shelter design under consideration by their office.    They are requesting approval of the basic design.  They have an example also showing a railing built into the shelter design.  They are under a tight deadline to order the shelters due to the grant.  They do not have locations specified but would seek further HPC input on this matter.  Two residents, Ms. Claudia White and Frank Cooke expressed concerns about giving approval of the shelters without knowing their locations.  Discussion followed.  There was no one else to speak in favor or against the application. 

Jay Corvan motioned to approve the shelter design with the fence design element but the locations to be determined with further input from the HPC.  Farrell McCoy seconded the motion.  Motion carried. 

HPC#48-11,  300 Choptank Ave., Brian Ivers: to install upper level porch railing (balusters, rails and posts) above two porches with new decking material located on rear of house.  Mr. Ivers stated that he would like to make these two porch areas safer with the installation of a fence product on the upper porch floors which open up to two apartments.  He presented sample sketches and pictures of the existing porches.  Discussion followed.  No one else spoke in favor or against the application. 

Jay Corvan motioned to approve the application with the stipulations that the upper porch rail and balusters  match the appearance of the porch railing on the existing front and side porches; and that the corner posts be padded out to add additional thickness to match the existing porch rail columns.  Brian Roache seconded the motion.  Motion carried. 


HPC#49-11, 527 Poplar St., (new "Jimmie and Sooks" restaurant location), filed by JC Glazer LLC-Tim Wright: replace front awning with like material and reinforce undercarriage of awning; replace flat roof on rear one-story service building addition; construct treated wood fire escape to 2nd floor on side of building; remove brick and install two fire-rated steel doors on 2nd floor and one on first floor on side of building; remove siding on rear of building to expose brick; install security light in rear parking lot area. Paint or install sign on rear side of building.  Staff noted that some of this work has been started.  The Building Inspection Department had already issued a permit for some of the work, without consultation with the HPC, and the applicants were proceeding on that basis.  Mr. Tim Wright presented an overview of their plans and the progress on this remodeling effort.  Discussion followed.  There was no one else to speak in favor or against the application.

Jay Corvan motioned to approve the application as submitted with the recommendation that the applicant's consider alternative door styles instead of the steel doors: it may be possible to obtain a one hour fire rated wood door on the side entrances.  This would be a better historical match as opposed to a steel door.  Any additional lighting and fencing on the side of the building for outdoor dining would have to come back to the Commission.  Farrell McCoy seconded the motion.  Motion carried.    


HPC#50-11, 208 Oakley St., Doug Pyle: install pool, fencing and decking, brick pavers in rear yard area; remove pressure treated deck in rear; remove shed; re-install baluster and railing on front porch-repair/replace damaged porch floor boards to correct temporary repairs.  Doug Kyle presented his application and reviewed the site plans.  Staff recommended the pavers match in style to the existing pavers next door and that the applicant check on the fence location with respect to any alley easements in the rear.  No one else spoke in favor or against the application.  Discussion followed.

Jay Corvan motioned to approve the application as submitted with the recommendation that further fence styles be submitted to DPW staff for review.  Farrell McCoy seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


HPC#51-11, 1100 Travers St., Stephen Dail: install new 8' by 12' prebuilt shed in rear yard area.  Mr. Dail presented his application.  The shed would be minimally visible from the street.  No else spoke in favor or against the application.  Discussion followed.

Jay Corvan motioned to approve the application as submitted, seconded by Farrell McCoy.  Motion carried.


HPC#52-11, 207 West End Ave., Frank Cooke, construct room addition in side-rear yard area, modify roof line, add vinyl siding to match existing, replace 2 over 2 windows to match, install gutters-down spouts, repair column bases and porch flooring as needed.  Mr. Cooke presented his application with two options for the rear addition and modifications to the roof line.  The modified roof design is a work in progress but is needed to improve an interior space problem.  This addition appears to be non-historic.  Discussion followed. 

Jay Corvan motioned to approved Option A with for the rear addition.  Soffit vents if installed should be reviewed by staff prior to installation.  If design changes are made, it should be further reviewed by the HPC.  Katie Clendaniel seconded.  Motion carried.



Mr. Brandewie reported on the following items that were reviewed and approved for routine maintenance:

218 West End Ave.  John Mills: replace and repair damaged porch floor boards with in-kind 3.5 inch t/g flooring and replace fascia boards.  Approved as routine maintenance on 4-29-11.

100 Choptank Ave. Robert Evans: replace section of front porch flooring with 3-4" t/g wood replacement boards, replace wood front steps with in kind replacements.  Approved as routine maintenance on 4-27-11

308 Oakley St., Grace United Methodist Church: replace shingles on shed with in-kind 3 tab, repair damaged boards on bottom siding.  Approved as routine maintenance on 5-9-11

203 Mill St., Otis Lloyd: rebuild side porch with in-kind material, repair roof and replace shingles with in-kind 3 tab over side porch.  Approved as routine maintenance on 5-9-11

211 Oakley St., Brad McCready (contractor): to clean, re-tuck front porch brick foundation; replace small section of brick foundation, on side of house. Approved as routine maintenance on 5-11-11.

412 Race St., Karen Fishell: "The Country Store Gallery", change in sign lettering on existing sign face.  Staff has given preliminary administrative approval to this sign change and is asking the HPC if they have any objections to this.  The Commission had no objections to this sign change. 



303 Choptank St., City of Cambridge: request renewal of Certificate of Approval (COA) for demolition of residential unit. (COA-32-09, approved on Feb. 19th, 2009).  Delay in demolition due to lack of City funds.  Mr. Dale Price presented the application.  The HPC acted to approve this demolition request approximately three years ago but with limited funds, the City could not take action on taking the property down.  They now have resources available and would like to move forward with a contract to remove several blighted properties in the City.  The property is in dilapidated condition and has a number of property maintenance violation fines and liens have been placed on it.  Photos taken approximately a year ago show the structure leaning.  Mr. Brandewie noted that he researched the minutes on this case when it was presented to the Commission in 2009 and noted the minutes had very minimal with no discussion on the building's condition.  He also noted that Mr. Corvan and he conducted a site inspection of the property a few days ago. Aside from the potential structural concerns with the building, the rear and front porch appear to be in very poor condition.  Discussion followed.  Members asked if there was any structural evaluation done on the building or if the Code Enforcement staff has inspected the interior of the structure.  Mr. Price said that they had not been inside the building and to his knowledge no structural report had been done on the building.  He noted that denial of the request seems contrary to the efforts by the City to remove these blighted properties.  This has been a problem property for many years.

Frank Cooke, a resident of the area, noted that there was speculation that the owner deliberately let the property deteriorate in order to buy the corner commercial property, and possibly combine the properties.  No one else spoke in favor or against the application.  Ms. Manicke closed this portion of the meeting.

HPC members noted that without additional information on the history of the property and no information on the structural condition of the property they were uncomfortable with approving the demolition request.    

After further deliberations, Mr. Corvan motioned to approve the renewal of the demolition request in order to vote on the matter.  Farrell McCoy seconded.  Motion failed with a three members voting no and one vote in favor of the motion.  Mr. Corvan, Ms. Clendaniel and Ms. McCoy voted against the motion; Brian Roche voting in favor of the motion.  The Chair, Ms. Manicke did not vote. 

It was noted that the minutes of the previous meetings will be deferred to the June meeting for HPC action.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 p.m.                


Respectfully submitted,

Daniel L. Brandewie
City Planner II