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Hpc Meeting Minutes

October 12, 2012

The Historic Preservation Commission met on Thursday, October 18th, 2012 at the City Council Chambers, 305 Gay Street.  Ms. Kathy Manicke called the meeting to order at approximately 7:00 PM and began the meeting by taking roll call.


Commissioners Attending: Kathy Manicke, Chair; Brian Roche, Vice Chair; Katie Clendaniel; Dormaim Bromwell Green.  Absent: Farrell McCoy

Other Representatives Attending: Anne Roane, City Planner;  Jackie Vickers, Council Representative.

Ms. Manicke presented the opening statement.

Oath Administered-Persons Wishing to Testify: Ms. Manicke administered the oath to all persons wishing to testify.

Approval of Minutes: July 19th, August 16th, Sept. 20th, 2012 (no action requested-minutes are unfinished).


Consent Agenda:

HPC#15-13, 216 West End Ave. Ronnie Burkelew, (owner), installation of 6 ft. wood dog eared fence in rear yard area.

Ms. Manicke asked Commissioners or the public if there were any objections to having this case heard as a consent agenda item.  There were no objections.

Ms. Katie Clendaniel moved to approve the consent agenda item for Case No. 15-13 to install a 6 ft. wood fence as specified in the application.  Seconded by Dormaim Bromwell Green.  Motion carried.


Regular Agenda Items

HPC#16-13, 600 Williams St., Andre Duerinckx, (owner), Tiger Roofing, Inc. (applicant), installation of asphalt slate like shingles to replace architectural shingles.  A representative from Tire Roofing (name not provided) provided a sample of the shingles.  He noted that the roof appeared to have slate at one time as the upper dormer siding is slate.  The existing shingles are in a deteriorated state.  There would be no venting provided in response to a question by Ms. Manicke.  No one else spoke in opposition.  The HPC acted to close the discussion.

Katie Clendaniel moved to accept the application as submitted; seconded by Dormaim Bromwell Green.  Motion carried.


HPC#17-13, 311 Oakley St., Tade Gerischer, (owner), window replacement of fire damaged windows and porch repairs.  Ms. Manicke asked if there was anyone in the audience wishing to speak on this topic.  There was no one.

Ms. Manicke noted that since there was no one to speak on this case it would be moved to the end of the agenda.


HPC#18-13, 104 Willis St., Elizabeth Fuller, (owner), replace existing windows with vinyl replacement windows.   Ms. Fuller stated that her windows had been sealed shut on the inside.  She stated she had consulted four contractors.  Only one contractor noted that they could be repaired but at great expense.  She showed pictures of the exterior of the windows.  Mr. Joe Delgrosso with Eastern Shore Windows provided a sample of the window to the HPC noting the windows come in both external simulated divided lites and internal grids.  The existing windows are two over two for the most part.  The proposed windows would provide a narrow profile between the upper and lower sashes for more glass exposure.  Ms. Fuller stated that there were several homes in the neighborhood, with the exception of the one next door that have vinyl windows.  Mr. Delgrosso stated that some damaged sills would have to be covered with a wood textured aluminum material.

David Thatcher spoke in favor of the windows.  He noted that houses tend to be appraised higher when considering replacement windows or siding.  They reduce heating costs.  Prices vary depending on the quality of the window ranging from $177 to $616 for vinyl clad aluminum windows.  He also stated that former HPC decisions in the past have been inconsistent and that internal or external grids were not a factor.

Cheryl Campbell, owner of three houses on West End, noted that housing conditions are discouraging in her neighborhood and supported the applicant's efforts to improve the quality of the home.

Robert Wood, 105 Willis Street, noted that 106 Willis Street is in a state of gross repair and supported the applicant.  He requested that reasonable consideration should be made for the windows.

Laura Hoffer, owner of a house on Choptank Avenue, spoke in favor of the applications, noting some vinyl windows look really cheap, some you can't tell the difference between wood and vinyl.  Improved information on what people can expect when they buy these homes would be beneficial.

Brian Souders, 904 Locust Street, supports the replacement windows.  Things that would be for the betterment of the neighborhood should be encouraged.

Elizabeth Fuller stated that she looked at other others, such as on High Street, but her budget could not afford that high of expense.

Brian Roche commented that the lack of clarity in the Guidelines sometimes makes it difficult to make judgments in cases like these but the HPC can consider the overall cost of the project as a factor for the good of the neighborhood.  He expressed concern over the lack of physical evidence on the cost of repair versus replacement but we are taking the applicants word for it.  A critical element is to confirm that the openings will not be resized and that the details of the windows such as the width of the sash patterns be consistent.  How the windows will be viewed from the street is important to consider.

The contractor confirmed that the sash patterns will be consistent.

Katie Clendaniel inquired if the HPC members made a site visit.   Brian Roche and Dormaim Bromwell Green confirmed they visited the site and noted the condition of the windows.

Kathy Manicke read a portion of the Guidelines on the subject of windows.  She stated that she believed that the applicant has made a reasonable case for replacement of the windows.  She favors simulated or true divided light windows in the front and appreciates her efforts to research other options.

Katie Clendaniel stated that another option could be to keep the original windows on the front of house.  She is not sold on the repair issue and that repairs to the windows can be made.  In addition to the Guidelines they also have to refer to the Secretary of Interior Standards which encourages repair not replacement.

Discussion followed.

Ms. Manicke requested a motion to close the discussion.  Motion properly moved and seconded.  Motion carried.

Ms. Manicke requested a motion to approve the application as submitted.  Katie Clendaniel moved to approve the application as submitted; seconded by Dormaim Bromwell Green.  Roll Call vote:  Katie Clendaniel-no;  Dormaim Bromwell Green-yes; Kathy Manicke-yes; Brian Roche-yes.  Motion carried 3-1 in favor.


Kathy Manicke stated that Case No. 17-13 at 311 Oakley Street will be heard now.  She asked if there was anyone in the audience to discuss the application.  Hearing no one, Ms. Manicke asked if staff would review the staff report.  Ms. Roane read the staff report.  HPC members stated did not think it appropriate to act on this application without the owner present and recommended tabling the case until next month.

HPC#19-13, 602 William St., Orville and Betty Willis (owner), Eric Willey (applicant), replace existing wood windows with vinyl replacement windows.

Ms. Manicke noted the staff report has indicated that the contractor has requested that this application be tabled until the November 15th meeting.


Extension/Continuation Cases

HPC#49-12, 317 Oakley St., Michelle Kerns (owner), Tim Kerns (applicant) (1) installation of vinyl siding on main body of house.  Board of Zoning Appeals at a public hearing on September 25th overturned decision of HPC to allow vinyl siding on house and dormer area; remanded case back to HPC to determine appropriate vinyl siding material on main body of house.

Ms. Manicke noted that the staff has indicated that the owner, Ms. Michelle Kerns and her agent, Fraya Kerns has requested that this application be tabled until the November 15th meeting.

HPC# 07-13, 1109 Locust St., Aubrey Dean and Bonnie Wagner, (owners) installation of new door and window(s) in rear of house, siding to match; replace existing front doors with installation of prefabricated front door with upper and side transoms. HPC approved items as submitted except for front door entrance.  Applicant to submit more information on front door entrance-no additional information at present time-no action needed.


Administratively Approved/Routine Maintenance:

HPC-Adm_12-13, 5 Choptank Ave., Gordon Hill, renewal of COA for incomplete work:  replacement of chimney, install new roof, front porch restoration, removal of rear shed, installation of rear fence.  Administratively approved, October 12, 2012.

The Chair acknowledged this item has been approved by staff.


Other Business

The Chair noted that since Mr. Brandewie was not present, no discussion is warranted on the remaining agenda items.

Ms. Clendaniel moved to adjourn the meeting at approximately 8:40 PM; seconded by Brian Roche.  Motion carried unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,


Anne Roane                                                    Daniel L. Brandewie

City Planner                                                    City Planner II



*** These minutes were approved at the meeting of the Historic Preservation Commission meeting on November 15th, 2012.