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HPC Meeting Minutes

October 17, 2013

The Historic Preservation Commission met on Thursday, Oct. 17th, 2013 at the City Council Chambers, 305 Gay Street. Brian Roche chaired the meeting and called the meeting to order at approximately 7:00 p.m. He began the meeting by taking roll call.

Commissioners Attending: Brian Roche, Chair, Will Dennehy, Farrell McCoy.

Members Absent: Katie Clendaniel, Dormaim Bromwell Green.

Other Representatives or Staff Attending: Dan Brandewie, City Planner II. Commissioner Jackie Vickers.

Brian Roche presented the opening statement and asked if there any changes to the agenda. There were none.

Oath Administered-Persons Wishing to Testify: Mr. Roche reviewed protocol for the meeting and administered the oath to all persons wishing to testify.

Approval of Minutes:

Sept. 19th, 2013 (unfinished).
October 3rd, 2013 workshop (unfinished).

Mr. Roche noted that were no minutes to approve. He made the following meeting announcement as noted on the agenda: Notice of Special Meeting-Confirmation and Announcement: Wed. Oct. 23rd. 6:30PM.
At the request of the City Commission, the purpose of this meeting is to review potential design changes for the WWI Monument at Long Wharf Park. This would be a joint meeting with the Long Wharf Advisory Committee.

Consent Agenda:

Brian Roche identified the following item on the Consent Agenda and asked if there any members of the public or from the Commission that wished to comment on these applications and has them moved to the regular agenda. Hearing no comments, he requested a motion.

HPC#25-14, 300 Belvedere Ave., Nancy L. Clinard (owner): replace front porch steps with composite boards; install new wood porch step railings.

Farrell McCoy moved to approve the item on the Consent Agenda, second by Will Dennehy. Motion carried unanimously.


Brian Roche noted that there was no action needed on the following items:

HPC#31-13, 705 Church St., Jamie Richardson (applicant-purchaser), replace existing one over one windows with one over one vinyl replacement windows.

HPC#7-14, 521 Poplar St., Chuck Kelly (owner): request to renovate façade and redesign commercial entrance way at former Craig's Drug Store (resubmission of previously approved plans).
HPC#20-14, 207 Belvedere Ave., Charles McFadden, new front porch, window replacements, rear deck, entrance door. Approved with recommendations; however, applicant to furnish side elevation drawing of side elevation to review installation of new window.

Regular Agenda Items

HPC#23-14, 201 High Street, Anna & Terrence Teirnan, (owner): request to demolish block garage in rear of lot. Mr. Brandewie presented a staff report showing images of the property to members and the public. This application is to remove a concrete block garage located behind the house fronting Williams Street. It is a non-contributing structure. The owners are out of town and could not attend the meeting. The owners plan extensive renovations of the house and would prefer to have more room in the rear. There were no comments from the public in favor or against the application. The Commission acted to close the discussion.

Commission members agreed with the staff assessment in that there are no contributing qualities and features of the structure that warrant preservation. Will Dennehy moved to approve the application based on the findings and recommendations by staff as discussed; second by Farrell McCoy. Motion carried unanimously.

HPC#24-14, 500-504 Race St., Arcade LLC (owner), Dudley Dixon (applicant): install two new awnings, replace-install new windows in rear, mural, siding repair, minor landscaping. Mr. Dixon presented his application in coordination with staff's presentation of the images of the property. Mr. Dixon noted that a number of work items are proposed. Many of the windows in the rear of the building have been previously blocked in. Replacement windows would not be functional on many of these windows. A dark background would be installed in the rear of the windows. Discussion followed on the work items. There were no comments from the public in favor or opposed to the application. The Commission acted to close the discussion.

After further discussion by members, Mr. Dennehy HPC moved to approve the installation of awnings in the locations and with the awning material as specified; to install double hung vinyl replacement windows in the rear area of the building on two facades as specified with the further stipulation that the windows be painted with a dark color as opposed to installing additional black sheathing behind them to avoid heat build-up. He further recommended that if power washing is proposed, the "gentlest means possible" are recommended. Owner must preserve ghost sign on rear of building. If re-painting the white band on lower part of rear façade, it is recommended that this be of a color to match or complement existing brick. Additional landscaping to be further coordinated with staff and HPC officers. No mural is authorized at the present time without further review by the HPC. Siding repairs authorized as routine maintenance; however, it is recommended to secure the building from any noticeable infiltration from the elements prior to siding/facade repair. If replacement materials are needed contact DPW staff before installation. If boarded up windows components in the front are re-painted, a more compatible color to match the existing brick is recommended. Second by Farrell McCoy. Motion carried unanimously.

Conceptual-Informal Review

503 Gay Street. Tim Crosby (applicant), Court Lane LLC, (owner): review of conceptual drawings for renovation of former garage. Mr. Tim Crosby was present and provided a review of several conceptual drawings for the rehabilitation of this end building, formerly a car repair and sales office. Elements reviewed included new signage and a re-designed façade which incorporates garage door window treatments and alternative door entrances, depending on how the interior space is utilized. Also shown was a new sidewalk extension with street furniture and landscaping. Efforts are underway to explore additional parking off the side alley. The presentation tonight would be followed up with detailed construction drawings for submission to the HPC at a later date. Discussion followed about the various treatment options of the front façade. There were no public comments on the concept drawings.

Commission members spoke favorably of the concept drawings and had no objections to the various design options. Mr. Dennehy complimented Mr. Crosby on the presentation.

400 Race Street., Doug Kyle, (owner): review of preliminary design changes to the exterior of the building; install a new roof, repoint the chimneys, repair/paint the cornice, replace all doors and window paint the exterior, and bring the street level faced back.

Mr. Kyle presented his application in addition to staff showing the submitted application material on the projection screen. This building is in need of extensive rehabilitation and they would be seeking either federal or state tax credits for the property. They hope to give back to the community and be part of the revitalization of the downtown with this project. It is believed that some elements of the façade that are covered up may still be present. Mr. Brandewie noted that the previous owner had received approval from HPC several months ago for installation of replacement windows. The owners would be seeking to install wood windows or original windows if possible. Discussion followed about the various features of the structure and treatment methods. A question was raised about removal of a chimney. This would not be pursued according to the owner under present plans. There were no comments in favor or against the conceptual drawings and application.

Commission members also spoke in support of the application and looked forward to working with the applicant.

Administratively Approved/Routine Maintenance

Mr. Brandewie reported on the following items approved administratively. There were no comments or questions from HPC members.

HPC#36-12, 6 Oakley St., Jim Lithicum: request for extension to complete replacement of gutter. Approved by the HPC on April 19, Case #36-12. Administratively approved 10-3-13.

HPC-Adm. #9A-14, 1102 Travers St., Verna D. Asplen (owner): replace 3 tab shingles on rear garage.

HPC-Adm. #10A-14, 315 Gay St. Jamie Summers for Cambridge Eateries LLC, (applicant); install replacement projection sign on Gay Street side of building.

HPC-Adm. #11A_14, 1105 School St. Sharon Smith, install 5-6 picket style wood fence to match existing in rear yard area. Administratively approved 10-8-13.

HPC-Adm. #12A-14, 511 Poplar St., (Ashley Banks-applicant) replacement sign on upper façade to consist of individual raised letters for Sur Jeudi (children clothes and gifts). Administratively approved 10-8-13.

Mr. Brandewie mentioned there were some enforcement actions still to be initiated on some properties for satellite violation and he has not completed an enforcement spreadsheet yet.

Ms. Farrell McCoy asked about the status of a house on Choptank Avenue.

Discussion followed about the status of appointments of HPC members. It was noted that the next workshop will be on November 7th, starting at 7:00PM. The next regular meeting will be on November 21st and a Special Meeting on Wednesday, October 23rd with the agenda to be sent out tomorrow by staff.

Mr. Dennehy noted that packages were not received seven days in advance of the meeting. He suggested that they contact DPW to request that staff interruptions be minimized on the week that packages are due to facilitate HPC review of material.

The HPC acted to adjourn the meeting at approximately 8:30PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Daniel L. Brandewie, City Planner II

Signature: ____________________________________ Date: _______________________

Note: These minutes were approved at the meeting of the Historic Preservation Commission meeting on ___________, 2013.