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HPC Meeting Minutes

December 19, 2013
The Historic Preservation Commission met on Thursday, December 19th, 2013 at the Public Safety Building, 8 Washington Street. Brian Roche chaired the meeting at approximately 7:00PM. He began the meeting by taking roll call.

Commissioners Attending: Brian Roche, Will Dennehy-Vice Chair, Ron Berman, Patricia Weichmann. Mike Russo

Commissioners Absent: Dormaim Bromwell Green

Other Representatives or Staff Attending: Dan Brandewie, City Planner II.

Brian Roche noted that a number of minutes needed to be approved. Discussions followed about protocol as some members were not on the Commission or were not in attendance at some of the previous meetings.

A motion was made by Brian Roche to approve the following minutes noting that Katie Clendaniels and Farrell McCoy, previous Commission members, were contacted about the appropriate minutes and had no objections, specifically for the minutes from the Oct. 23rd, Special Meeting, second by Will Dennehy:

Sept. 19th, 2013
October 3rd, 2013 Workshop
Oct. 17th, 2013
Oct. 23rd, 2013 Special Joint Meeting-WWI Monument
Nov. 7th, Workshop
Nov. 21st, 2013
Dec. 5th, 2013 Workshop

Motion carried.

Mr. Brandewie noted that a number of PDF documents for the draft Guidelines were emailed out late today and were available by thumb drive for distribution to Commission members. These documents included draft material on:

Draft Table of Contents
Chapters 1-4
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Resources
Landscaping and Streetscaping

Mr. Dennehy provided a copy of his draft material on the Guidelines, focusing on Chapters 5 onward and a draft table of contents. This draft would be further sent out by email tomorrow. He discussed a uniform format including the use of sidebars. For each topic, the beginning section or part "A" would discuss the rational, reason or background to the topic and the following section, "B" would provide policy guidance. Some of the material can be moved to different chapters depending on how the table of contents is finally organized. It was recommended by Mr. Dennehy to review this material and get back to him on items he highlighted in red or blue as shown in the draft.

Patricia Weichmann reviewed draft material on signage. It was recommended to send comments on this draft material to her for further tracking and editing.

Ron Berman reviewed draft language on Landscaping and Streetview as a potential subchapter.

Mike Russo will provide additional draft material on New Construction and Additions.

The goal would be to have a final draft of all the material on January 9th.

It was noted that the meeting schedule for January is as follows:

Jan. 9th: Workshop
Jan. 23rd: Regular meeting.

The meeting concluded at approximately 9:00PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Daniel L. Brandewie, City Planner II

Signature: ____________________________________ Date: _______________________


Note: These minutes were approved at the meeting of the Historic Preservation Commission meeting on January 23rd, 2013.