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HPC Minutes

April 3, 2014 - Workshop

The Historic Preservation Commission met on Thursday, April 3d, 2014 at the Council Chambers, 305 Gay Street. Brian Roche, Chair, began the meeting at approximately 7:00PM by taking roll call.

Commissioners Attending: Brian Roche, Will Dennehy, Ron Berman.

Commissioners Absent: Dormaim Bromwell Green, Mike Russo, Patricia Weichmann

Other Representatives or Staff Attending: Dan Brandewie, City Planner II.

After Mr. Roche called the meeting to order, Mr. Dennehy made a statement for the record objecting to changes made by staff to his draft chapters and left the meeting.

Mr. Brandewie provided an overview of the changes and suggestions from Ron Berman and Staff on Chapter 11-Streetscape. Approximately ¾ of this document was reviewed. Ron Berman is to further review standards on fences.

At the conclusion of this discussion, the Chair requested members to accomplish the following tasks:

Mr. Roche recommended the following: continue to merge/edit the table of contents (TOC) that both Will/Dan have worked on. The goal is to create a very readable document that applicants can use to determine requirements quickly, make the commission decisions as objective and fair as possible, and if desired, educate themselves on the background and context of the Historic District of Cambridge.

Follow up items to include:

Dan to edit TOC
• Move 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 to Chapter 1
• Restore 2.15 and 2.16 and move to Chapter 1
• Move 3.1, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5 to Chapter 1
• Move 4.2 to Chapter 1
• Restore what remains in Chapter 3,
• Restore what remains in Chapter 4. Combine archaeological information into Chapter 3.

Chapter 4: Leave as is but consider combining 4.14 & 5.3 on lighting into a single section on Lighting
Chapter 5: ok
Chapter 8: ADA Requirements are important so consider returning information, make it actionable and put it in the form, background, treatments, and requirements/checklist
Chapter 9: Return sections 9.7, 9.8
Chapter 10: Return section 10.12 on Roofs, Cool Roofs/Green Roofs
Chapter 12: Has this been re-written? If so, make sure it is in a user friendly format as with other chapters

The meeting concluded at approximately 9:30PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Daniel L. Brandewie, City Planner II

Signature: ____________________________________ Date: _______________________


Note: These minutes were approved at the meeting of the Historic Preservation Commission meeting on May 15th, 2014.