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HPC Agenda

July 24, 2014

The City of Cambridge Historic Preservation Commission will conduct a meeting on Thursday, July 24th, 7:00 p.m. at City Council Chambers, 305 Gay Street. The following items are on the agenda for this meeting:


Roll Call

Opening Statement, Oath Administered-Persons Wishing to Testify

Approval of Minutes:

June 12th, 2014 HPC Workshop
June 19th, 2014 HPC Meeting
June 26th, 2014 HPC Workshop

Consent Agenda:

HPC#01_FY 14-15, 205 Oakley St., Stephen Fitzgerald (owner), Tiger Roofing (applicant): replace 3 tab roofing material with architectural dimensional shingles on house.

Extension/Continuation Cases

HPC#56, FY 13-14, 400 Race St., Epicurean II, Doug Kyle (owner), Arcus Design Group, (architect): general exterior repairs-replacement of windows, installation of metal roof, façade repairs. (No new information).

Regular Agenda Items

HPC#02_FY 14-15, 708 Locust St., Rodney Elliott (owner): install new 4 ft. wood slats over existing 3 ft. wood picket fence slats to create new wood fence.

HPC#03_FY 14-15, 106 High St., Brian Bisignani (owner), Wye Tree Landscapes (applicant): replace existing gravel-tar chip driveway with brick pavers in rear portion of driveway.

HPC#04-FY 14-15, 114 Vue De Leau, Richard Hynes (owner) remove portion of retaining wall.

HPC#05_FY 14-15, 206 Choptank Ave. Tim Crosby (owner): restoration and rear addition to house.

HPC#06_FY 14-15, 513 Court Lane, Tim Crosby (owner): installation of new, wall mounted master tenant sign on office building.

HPC#07_FY 14-15, 543 Poplar St., and 312 High St., Provident State Bank (owner), Tim Crosby (applicant): create rear access way-modifications and new doors to existing buildings.

Conceptual-Informal Review

Administratively Approved/Routine Maintenance:

HPC_Admin1- FY 14-15, 516 Poplar St., Katie Smith (applicant) install 18" by 26" hanging sign to replace existing sign.

HPC_Admin2_FY 14-15, 901 Locust St., Frank and Judy Prunella (owner): install ground mounted satellite dish.

Enforcement Update

See attached Spreadsheet

Other Business
1. Discussion-Review of Guidelines
2. Meeting Schedule:

Next Meetings: HPC Workshop: July 31st, 7:00PM