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HPC Minutes

July 24, 2014

The Historic Preservation Commission met on Thursday, July 24th, at the Council Chambers, 305 Gay Street. Brian Roche, Chair, began the meeting at approximately 7:00PM and took a roll call of members attending.

Commissioners Attending: Brian Roche, Will Dennehy, Ron Berman, Patricia Weischmann

Commissioners Absent: Dormaim Bromwell Green, Mike Russo,

Other representatives or staff attending: Dan Brandewie.

Brian Roche noted that a quorum is present. He asked if there were any changes to the agenda and if all items were property advertised. Mr. Brandewie confirmed that all items have been properly advertised and that there were no changes to the agenda.

Mr. Roche administered the oath to all persons desiring to testify.

Approval of Minutes:

Will Dennehy moved to approve the following minutes; second by Patricia Weischmann. Motion carried.

June 12th, 2014 HPC Workshop
June 19th, 2014 HPC Meeting
June 26th, 2014 HPC Workshop

Consent Agenda:

HPC#01_FY 14-15, 205 Oakley St., Stephen Fitzgerald (owner), Tiger Roofing (applicant): replace 3 tab roofing material with architectural dimensional shingles on house.

Mr. Roche asked if there were any members of the Commission or public that had any question on this case or if there were any objections to approving this application as part of the consent agenda. Hearing none, Patricia Weischmann moved to approve HPC Case No. 1, as a Consent Agenda item. Second by Ron Berman. Motion carried.


Extension/Continuation Cases

HPC#56, FY 13-14, 400 Race St., Epicurean II, Doug Kyle (owner), Arcus Design Group, (architect): general exterior repairs-replacement of windows, installation of metal roof, façade repairs. Mr. Brandewie reported that there was no new information on this case.

Regular Agenda

HPC#02_FY 14-15, 708 Locust St., Rodney Elliott (owner): install new 4 ft. wood slats over existing 3 ft. wood picket fence slats to create new wood fence. Mr. Brandewie reviewed the application. The owner is seeking to correct an after-the-fact fence installation. The owner is proposing to remove taller fence slats that were installed over existing 3 ft. fence slats; lower then and reduce the width of the opening between boards. Mr. Elliott stated that we thought he received approval for his project and claimed someone at DPW authorized this work. He is willing to bring it into compliance. Hearing no public comments, HPC members discussed the application. After further clarification of the proposed work, Will Dennehy moved to approve the application with the following conditions: (1) existing wood slats to be cut down in height to 4 ft. as required by zoning regulations; (2) the width of fence boards or slats to be approximately 3.5 inches wide with an equal amount of spacing as required by zoning regulations and, (3) the fence shall be uniform and symmetrical at the top and painted white. Second by Patricia Weischmann. Motion carried.

HPC#03_FY 14-15, 106 High St., Brian Bisignani (owner), Wye Tree Landscapes (applicant): replace existing gravel-tar chip driveway with brick pavers in rear portion of driveway. Staff presented an overview of the application which is to replace portions of an existing gravel/chip and seal driveway with brick pavers in addition to sidewalk pavers associated with a rear entrance to the house. The changes are not readily visible from the street. Mr. George Corcy reported on the changes to the drawing from what was originally submitted. There is a further reduction in the area of the driveway that would be replaced with pavers. The amount of impervious surface would still be less than what is there now. Additional landscaping may be added to the site over time. There were no comments from the public.

After further discussion, Mr. Will Dennehy moved to approve the application as submitted; second by Patricia Weischmann. Motion Carried.

HPC#04-FY 14-15, 114 Vue De Leau, Richard Hynes (owner) remove portion of retaining wall. Staff presented an overview of the application and pictures of the retaining wall with photos of the street view along Veau De Leau. While the owner is retaining portions of a block wall, a large section along the front yard would be removed. Staff suggested that one alternative may be to consider allowing it to be lowered to two block levels as other property owners have done on the street, prior to HPC oversight. Mr. Hynes discussed the problems with the retaining wall which has been in disrepair and leaning for some time. The problem is getting worse. Due the expense of fixing the wall, he is requesting consideration being given to removing a portion of it. The area around the steps would remain.

Mr. Tim Crosby, spoke in favor of retaining the wall and was willing to provide names of additional contractors that may be able to do this work. Mr. Dennehy, HPC Members also stated that he may have some references for contractors as well.

After further discussion, HPC members recommended tabling action on this request to allow the owner more time to explore options for repair; and to explore the City's façade grant program to assist with the repairs. Mr. Hynes was agreeable to this extension. Mr. Will Dennehy moved to table action on the application; second by Patricia Weischmann. Motion Carried.

Mr. Tim Crosby requested a change to the order of the agenda. HPC members had no objections.

HPC#06_FY 14-15, 513 Court Lane, Tim Crosby (owner): installation of new, wall mounted master tenant sign on office building. Mr. Crosby presented a photo mock-up of the master tenant sign. It would have the ability to have changeable copy for up to three tenants and would be placed on the left side of the door. There were no comments from the public.

Patricia Weischmann moved to approve the application as submitted; second by Will Dennehy. Motion carried.

HPC#07_FY 14-15, 543 Poplar St., and 312 High St., Provident State Bank (owner), Tim Crosby (applicant): create rear access way-modifications and new doors to existing buildings. Mr. Crosby presented this application to modify a rear building associated with 312 High Street (formerly the Municipal Utility Commission offices) in order to create an access point to the rear of 543 Poplar Street. The primary reason for this change is to provide handicapped access. Provident Bank owns both buildings and would grant an easement of access across the property of 312 High Street. The changes involve the construction of new doors in a building to the rear of 312 High Street; and modifications to rear of the structure of 343 Poplar (new door location and minor floor elevation changes). There were no comments from the public. HPC members discussed the proposed changes and had no objections. Patricia Weischmann moved to approve the plans as submitted for façade modifications to the rear of the buildings; to include installation of new doorway openings in order to allow handicapped access to the commercial structure at 543 High Street. Applicant is to present additional drawings/specifications showing final gate/doorways and lighting materials and any additional specifications if there are changes or modifications to other existing exterior surfaces and materials. Second by Will Dennehy. Motion carried.

HPC#05_FY 14-15, 206 Choptank Ave. Tim Crosby (owner): restoration and rear addition to house. Mr. Brandewie noted that this residential structure is proposed to be rehabilitated by the owner, Mr. Crosby, who is also the architect. He has prepared plans for a significant rear addition to the structure. Mr. Crosby stated that it his goal to live here. He noted that the existing building is in relatively good shape although the rear addition was removed. It is restorable and they would be painting the original siding. Mr. Crosby stated that his design for the new rear addition is modeled after another architect's approach with the rear addition broken up into smaller building components. It is his position that it is consistent with the Secretary of Interior's Standards as it relates to new additions. He provided a handout to the Commission members that contained these standards. The smaller proposed rooms have similar massing, window size, roof pitch, materials and other compatible and complimentary features. HPC members discussed merits of this design at length. HPC members endorsed the conceptual drawings for the rehabilitation of the existing residential structure and for a rear addition. HPC members requested the applicant to evaluate other alternative connective structures and materials between existing and proposed residential building additions. Applicant intends to further refine plans and present more detailed drawings with materials at a future meeting date. No formal action taken at this meeting.

Administratively Approved/Routine Maintenance:

HPC members had no comments on two applications approved by staff.

Enforcement Update

Mr. Brandewie provided a handout of a list of properties generated by HPC members a couple of months ago and reviewed what follow-up action has been taken be Code Enforcement staff to address property maintenance concerns. Following up on a request by Mr. Dennehy to list addresses of violators on the agenda, Staff also reviewed the following cases:

Active Staff Initiated Enforcement Cases:

1. 400-402 Race Street (Leaky Pete's-sign violations)
2 420 Race Street (Point Break Sign violations).
3. 221 Choptank (Satellite Dish)
4. Ranch House on Choptank Ave. (satellite dish)

Discussion followed. HPC members asked for additional clarification on some properties to be discussed at the next meeting.

Mr Brandewie noted the following meeting times:

HPC Workshop: July 31st. 7:00PM
HPC Workshop: August 7th, 7:00PM
HPC Workshop: August 14th, 2014, 7:00PM

Meeting adjourned at approximately 9:00PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Daniel L. Brandewie, City Planner II

Signature: Brian Roche, Chairman Date: 2014.


Note: These minutes were approved at the meeting of the Historic Preservation Commission meeting on August 21st, 2014.