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P&Z Minutes

August 6, 2013

The Planning and Zoning Commission for the City of Cambridge met on Tuesday, August 6th at 6:00 p.m. at the City Council Chambers, 305 Gay Street, Cambridge, Maryland.

Commissioners in Attendance: Jerry Burroughs, Chairman; Hubert Trego; Mary Losty; and Chantay Nelson (new replacing Cromwell for Ward 2)

Others in attendance included: Anne Roane, City Planner; Jackie Vickers, Commissioner Robert S. Collison, City Attorney and presenters

Chairman Jerry Burroughs called the meeting to order and asked for a moment of silence.

Mr. Burroughs address the Commission that there were four things on the Agenda tonight,

P&Z 02 FY 13/14, Richardson Museum Boat Works modification to the approved PWCD site plan to allow for a storage shed.

Ms. Roane spoke to the Planning Committee that they approved the final site plan of Phase One of this project that was submitted in May of 2008. Subsequent to that approval, the museum has begun the implementation of that Phase One of the construction of the barn. Now they are asking to modify that approved plan to allow a 14 ft. x 32 ft. storage shed to be located directly off of Hayward Street, off to the side and in front of the newly constructed barn. The staff has reviewed the submitted plan for compliance with the Planning and Zoning design plan approval. Ms. Jane Devlin, whom is the Executive Director of Richardson Museum and Ruark Boat Works, is here to represent the applicant and to answer and questions that you may have.

Ms. Jane Devlin, I would like to give you an overview of where we are right now before we go into our request tonight. As Mr. Roane stated, we are in our Phase 1 of our project, we are working on our Certificate of Occupancy, for our new Ruark Boat Works building and hope to be in there by the middle of September. We are working towards opening up Earl's collection to benefit our education and research center by the Schooner Rendezvous the latest on the second floor. We can do that once the boys have moved from downstairs. We are also starting an interpret walk with SHA, coming this fall, so we will start the pathway down towards the waterfront. If you recall, we had three trailers on site, which you allowed us to do. One of them was removed in June of this year and the one near the brick building will be gone next week. The last trailer near the water has some machinery that needs to go into the new building. So we are going forward to empty that trailer and hope to have it moved out by the end of August.

The accessory structure, when the building was designed, there was though to keep the lumber inside of the building, now with it coming into shape, we are realizing that it is taking up to much floor space. We have gone ahead with a separated accessory structure for the storage of lumber.

 Is this the picture of the shed that you want to put there?
Yes, we have had some minor modifications but the size itself and design will be simplified.

 Will it face Byrn Street and Hayward Street?
Yes, basically there will be fencing between our properties. We have thought of other locations,
but kind of locking ourselves into this part, because we need a service road to the side of the new
building. The power company has asked for that as we go forward with our work on the
bulkhead, we need a service road when you work down there. The way that we have marked this
out, we have plenty of flexibility with in and out as well as service vehicles.

 14 by 32 will that be keeping with the roof line?
I think that is about 16 feet or a little bit less.

• The application is for a 14 ft. x 32 ft. as the footprint.
If you look at the part below the roof at is about 8 feet and with the roof, which looks like about
12 feet.

 Is this the final time to see the accessory structure, because you said that the design may change and may become simplified?
The shape will not change, some of the details, like windows may be change and that will go with
the permit, but it will be forwarded to your office. We are talking about very simple
modifications that had been discussed to possibly make it not as elaborate.

 If we can verify that it is no taller than 16 feet in height and to get rid of the debris pile in the front.
Chief Phillips said that when you are ready I can move it within a week. So that burn maybe
done before the end of September also. We have a couple of boats to get rid of.

Mr. Burroughs asked for a motion.

Ms. Losty made a motion to approve the modifications of the PWCD site plan, with the two stipulations. First, if there are any changes to the design they need to be forwarded to Ms. Roane. Secondly, that the building is no higher than 16 feet. Mr. Trego seconded this motion.

Mr. Burroughs added an amendment to it, that all the debris and trailers be removed that we discussed before and finalized. All approved, Motion carried.

Mr. Burroughs spoke that the next item on the Agenda is the BZA 01 FY 13/4, Dobson's Dogs, and a Special Except to allow a seasonal hot dog cart at the Farmer's Market located at Long Wharf.

Ms. Roane addressed the Commission that this applicant is proposing a temporary seasonal activity, which requires a Special Exception. This will be a hot dog cart located at the Farmer's Market at Long Wharf. I think those discussions are ongoing, the Special Exception isn't tide to the location, but more to the use, which means that he can located at other places around town. So we are looking at the land use and a temporary seasonal use of the hot dog cart. The Special Exception, requires a meeting with the Planning and Zoning Commission whom makes a recommendation to the Board of Zoning and Appeals, this board after public hearing either approves the conditions or denies the application. The Special Exception is "permissioned by the Board of Appeals to establish a specific use that would not be appropriate generally or without restriction throughout a zoning district but which if controlled as to number, area, location, or relation to the neighborhood, would comply with the purpose and intent of this Ordinance."
Mr. Dobson is here to answer any questions, he does understand that this is only a recommendation and that it will be going to the Board of Zoning Appeals as a public hearing and our staff has reviewed this request and supports favorable recommendation to the Board of Zoning Appeals. In your packet has his initial request, description of the hot dog cart as well as the certificate from the Health Department.

Mr. Rodney Dobson, from Ridgley, MD, the operator of Dobson's Dogs, "The dogs that do not bark". I sale hot dogs and hot sausages from my cart. I would like a location Race Street or somewhere downtown in the area, so I can sale my hot dogs.

Ms. Roane understands that is Mr. Dobson has approached the Farmer's Market, but there were some concerns about the beef not being local. She will be going to talk to the Market manager, because it does not sound consistent with some of the other vendors that are there. She would like to have that clarified, because it is known that some of the other things are not locally grown, as well. It would be an ideal location for his cart.

Mr. Dobson spoke that he had other locations that he sells at, in Ridgley on Tuesday and Fridays, in Denton on Monday, Wednesdays and every other Fridays. He is hoping to come to Cambridge at least two days a week or just one day a week.

 The picture of the cart is called a "Street Walker" or the "Stand-in" to see the size for us to see the location will fit it.

 It states the Farmer's Market, but what we are saying is today, that the Farmer's Market is only Thursday afternoons. But you want it for Tuesdays and Thursdays if disallowed at the Farmer's Market it may be elsewhere.
He can set up anywhere, he was told about the Farmer's Market here in Cambridge, so that is why
he is trying to go to the Farmer's Market.

 If we have the public hearing, we would like to hear from the public if they are interested.
That would be advertised and that is at the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Mr. Burroughs asked for a recommendation for the BZA.

Mr. Trego has given a favorable recommendation, with Ms. Roane following up with the Farmer's Market. Ms. Losty has seconded the recommendation to BZA. All approved.

Mr. Burroughs addressed the group about the next item on the Agenda, being BZA case 06 FY 12/13 Dorchester County Ecological Park site review for Innovation Center.

Ms. Roane spoke that Mr. Jeff Hubbard, from Lane Engineering, representing the Dorchester County Commissioners. They are his clients for the Eastern Shore Innovation Center. He will talking this project that is scheduled to be located in the Technology Park out on Bucktown Road, which was the subdivision that went through the City body for approval. This will be a facility that will be done in phases, and this is for Phase One. This is permitted use in the I-1 zone and our Ordnances mandates that the site plan application shall be included and the information be listed which it does do. Engineering comments will be forwarded to the project engineer at Lane Engineering, the staff only had a couple of comments, there are that the architectural elevations will need to be submitted with the final site plan. The landscape plans and proposed signage will need to be submitted with the final site plan. This is a two stepped process, the preliminary / sketch plan which is where we are now is comes in for comments, review and approval and then it will come back as a final site plan. So you will see it again. The County is very excited about this and it has been a long time coming. And now over to Mr. Hubbard where he can make his presentation and answer any questions.

Mr. Jeff Hubbard, from Lane Engineering stated we have offices here in Cambridge. This is a very exciting day for Dorchester County and the City of Cambridge. This is the first lot to be developed in the Technology Park, but also this is going to be good for the County. The Innovation Center, the whole idea for this incubator is to bring businesses into Dorchester County and to Cambridge, by giving them some temporary space and letting their business grow in to larger spaces and go through the process. So, if you are going to bring your business into Dorchester County this would be a great place for you to land, get established and grown your business to where you outgrow the incubator and then go offsite to some other space. So, that is the exciting part for us and speaking for the consultants this was a design built project that the County put out. Tim Crosby is here with Crosby Architects and Associates and Willow Construction is the general contractor and John W. Tieder, Inc. will be doing the electrical work, so there will be a lot of local people that will be put to work on this project. The incubator is really to foster innovation, have some collaborative ideas going back and forth between people. Mr. Crosby has done a great job designing this building to be very modular in nature, to adapt to whatever type of clients that want to come in. Lane Engineering has designed a site plan that is going to create a court yard in between the wings of this building, and we hope that the court yard will be a space to collaborate and also for the County or for others to hold events. Another very part of this, is that it will have some other space for conferences, training centers, so if the board of realtors, land surveyor groups or anyone that would need to come in for a day of training, the conference room will be designed to handle caterers and to have functions there.

The buildings architecture that we have not gotten finalized yet, we are working very hard to do that is going to be very indicative of Dorchester County and Mr. Crosby has gone into great lengths to bring a lot of local elements into the architecture. We know that this is preliminary in nature, but we are asking for your approval so we can go forward with our final design plans and meet all of your requirements of the City and the County. I will answer any questions that you may have.

Ms. Roane spoke to Mr. Hubbard, that he is anticipating coming to us with the final submittal based on reception tonight with the comments that you receive, for the first meeting in September, which we will discuss at the end of this meeting on when that will take place.

o That may be aggressive, but we will certainly work very hard to get that final design to you as soon as possible.

 When coming through the main driveway where will this building be?

The driveway as you come in, the building will be off to your left and there will be parking in front of the building. You can also go straight ahead and access some of these buildings. We anticipate some of these incubators to actually want their own access to the outside and not have to go through the security part in the front. The very front part of the building, the main tenant initially will be the Dorchester County Economic Development, but the sides we can have some smaller manufacturing in there.

The design that the County wanted, with the option to double the space or size, that is why we have this other area kind of shaded in and parking on the far side of the building kind of goes to the end. So what we anticipate is that when we build this first building, the main front and side, that they are going to want more floor space and so we designed the second entrance on the far side, we can use that as a construction entrance and not disturb the other tenants during the second phase of the construction. So eventually it will be a circular drive and the building will be to your left, you will go around the front of the building and then exit back to Flowers Drive.

 This is on lot #3 on the map. It will only be accessible on Flowers Drive.
We have designed the building to be attractive from the rear also. It can be seen from traveling
from Bucktown Road and the Airport and it will be beautiful and with all the landscaping that we
will have in the court yard, especially during the initial phase will screen that whole side of the
building from Bucktown Road.

Mr. Hubbard spoke that the management on this site, has already been provided with the plans of the entire park, but since this is an Innovation Center, we want to go a step further. Mr. Crosby has designed the building so we can collect all of the rain water into the court yard and have some water features in there. To recycle that water, we are going to use part of an old agriculture lead ditch that was already there and make that an environmental feature and be part of the court yard.

 Where this foyer is at the main entrance of the building, facing Flowers Drive, then you suggested that there could be other individual entrances which I do not see anywhere on the plans.
There are two larger spaces in the back of the building those are manufacturing type or larger
tenant uses. We set aside sidewalks (tenant A & tenant B). The way that the building is designed
we can make multiply entrances or no entrances, it is very modular. So this building is really
built to handle the needs of its tenants and the build out will be as the tenants come in. The
building is designed with no barring walls inside the building at all. So all of the interior walls
can be moved around to how the tenants want them.

 So Phase One would be this entire section in brown. Where will Phase Two start?
Phase Two will be on the opposite side. The entrance comes off where these trees, that would
line up with the parking lot on the far side of the building, it would have entrances that would
take you right into the main parking areas. The site shows a construction entrance for this Phase
that will be turned into permeate parking as the Phase is completed.

 So the traffic pattern is for this Phase One, which is a two way entrance?
That is a two way entrance, eventually you will be able to drive through, drop off someone and
then drive out through the other side.

 For now there is a two way entrance here, you can have a flow at this point and then there will be no exiting in the back?
The back of the lot is basically storage space, dumpsters and so that is the end of things.

 Can you have view the screening from here?
When you are traveling down Bucktown Road you do not see this side of the building. We are
developing this court yard in here to be a focal point of the building, there will be trees and
plantings, maybe a rain garden, some micro-bio retention using the rain water runoff and the
screening, so you are not going to see this bare building. There will be a lot of landscaping.

o Ms. Roane did say that we will need to see the architectural landscaping drawing?
Yes, that is part of the final package.

 Do we know what the exterior of the building will be made of?
We are still working with the County and so I do not want to show you something that they may
be changing. It will be a beautiful and simple exterior and we hope to have something at the next
meeting for you.

Mr. Burroughs asked for any recommendation, for the site preliminary sketch review.

Ms. Losty made a motion that we approve the site plan review. Ms. Nelson seconded the motion. All approved.

Mr. Burroughs spoke of the next issue on the Agenda, P&Z 02 FY 12/13, Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen Restaurant, at 209 Sunburst Highway, sign review.

Ms. Roane addressed the group that Popeye's is located at the old Wendy's site on Route 50, when they came in for their site plan review. We recommended that their sign be located at the other side of the site than what was originally approved. After that they had opened, they came in for their permit and asked that they be allowed to relocate their sign back to the original site. After I spoke with the Planning and Zoning, Chairman and Vice-Chair they thought it should be brought back for discussion. Popeye's is proposing not a different sign, just the location be on Henry Street side of the site. The sign being approved is the one being proposed tonight, it has already been ordered, it does comply with the setbacks. My concern is with the landscaping that has not been installed and was proposed at the original location, be also replicated at the location and that the rest of the landscaping be installed. Nothing has been installed as of yet. Mr. Tony Akarus is here as a representative for Popeye's.

Mr. Tony Akarus, one of the owners of the Cambridge Popeye's, he is from College Park, Maryland. As Ms. Roane said that the sign was originally approved to have on the Lacaze Real Estate company side of our property. We realize that this Commissions recommendation or we thought about a ground mounted sign, and issue at the time was to have it on Henry Street. One of our concerns was the visibility or how it would impact the people leaving the site, because of the ground mounted sign blocking the traffic coming from Route 50. We voted and got the pylon sign and to leave it towards the original location, which was next to the Lacaze Real Estate Company. We realize that the sign would clutter the area with the Dunkin Donuts, Lacaze and then ours. So we thought that if we put it on the Henry Street side of the property, it would stand alone and reduces the clutter, which was one of the concerns that the Commission had, and to increase the visibility and to add to the overall stretch of the road. We would like to move forward with the request to put our sign on Henry Street side of the property, with the approved landscaping.

Ms. Roane spoke the groups that some of the handicap parking spaces will have to be relocated. They have been working with Mr. Wheeler, whom is the ADA specialist for the City. So the pavement will have to come up for the planting bed to be put in.

o To clarify the site plan is just flipping the sign and landscaping to the other corner of the property. They will have the correct setbacks, the sign and landscaping.

o The structure from the old Wendy's sign was removed.

Ms. Losty made the motion that we relocate the sign with the approved setbacks and the propose landscape is completed at the time of installation. Ms. Nelson had second the motion. All approved.

Ms. Roane spoke to this Commission that next on the Agenda, Ms. Sarah Able, from the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy Centers for Towns and she will be the project liaison for the Gateway Project. We are coming to an end on this process with the Conservancy. We have a meeting tomorrow at the Art Center at 6 pm. The recommendation packet is going to be presented to the public and I had requested that some of it should be brought before this Commission. This is just for discussion and not approval.

Ms. Sarah Abel, I am the Community Design Manager for the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy, we are a non-profit consultants to the City of Cambridge, for the improvements on Maryland Avenue, focusing on green street improvements and also multi-mobile transit improvements. These things can be replicated at other parts of the City.

As improvements on Maryland Avenue are made, we would like to focus this evening on the drawings that are in front of you. We will go through them one by one so we can have some feedback for our recommendation report. Eastern Shore Land Conservancy Center for Towns will do the initial engagement with the community as well as the initial designs, and then we will hand the package that we are producing back over to the City to implement. This is why we are looking for your informal feedback this evening about how this can move forward. We hope to do more things in the town of Cambridge and the County.

She walked away from the podium towards somewhere else in the room.

Talking about the Maryland Avenue first residential block on the street. The reason we have focused on this block, is because it is consistent to the second, third and fourth blocks of Maryland Avenue so these improvements can be made comprehensively on those blocks and of course the City has already installed new sidewalks and historic lighting.

The first block on Maryland Avenue is a wide road, with turn lanes and not likely of changing that part of the street is not too high. For the rest of the street, we are recommending a pervious brick sidewalks to be placed in order to treat the storm water and create a unique streetscape for Maryland Avenue. Between the curb and the sidewalk you will see a 4'6" strip of dark green, which is an area that we collect and treat storm water, with a perforated pipe under the vegetation to collect the filtered storm water and then direct it to the storm water system.

From there we are recommending that the parking on the street be changed to pervious surface, so similar to the improvements that this Commission approved like at McDonald's, those pavers be put into place to help to designate where the parking is on Maryland Avenue and to treat the storm water. We are recommending a slight narrowing of the lanes in order to contrast and create a safer environment for those walking down the street.

You will also see a bike lane, which meets state and federal requirements for a designated bike lane on this street, we are recommending that the City physically paint it a designated color not just a stripe, in order to really show that this is a unique street and not offered anywhere else on the Eastern Shore.

 The width of the street will allow two travel portions that will allow the bike land and parking on both sides of the street?

o The additional plantings at the corners will have bump outs to help lineate the parking as it was proposed in our Comprehensive Plan under the Great Streets chapter and that will allow us to do more bio-retention as well as planting at sections.

 Does the one side mirror the other, so you have the same brick sidewalk, native grasses, parking on both sides and then you have the bike path on both sides?
It is reflective down the center of the road.

 You are going to put brick pavers down where the sidewalks are now?
That is what we recommend.

 Who will be responsible for those brick pavers?
The City, but they will be done in a way that we can maintain them. We have received funding to
create green infrastructure and the brick sidewalks where there initially and were pervious pavers.

We have gotten information from other towns that have brick sidewalks, like Easton, St. Michaels and others. The smaller towns do not have a maintenance plan because they are so small, unlike Easton.

 Right now the property owners are responsible for their sidewalks.
This is the case, the property owners will need to maintain once the sidewalks are put down.

 If you should incur resistance from property owners, that do not want this sidewalks, what are you going to do?
The sidewalks are owned by the City and maintained by the property owners. Sidewalks are a big
issue right now about property owners maintaining their sidewalks.

We are recommending a number of different ways so the City can implement this. To complete it block by block.

 The brick pavers are they pouring sand around them or cementing them together?
We do not provide construction details, but the ones that we recommend are sand based with
brick above. One of the reasons we recommend this is because of the large trees with large tree
roots on Maryland Avenue that are basically cap sizing them on the concrete paths. You do not
have that challenge in you have the sand base and the bricks, because they can fluctuate a little
with their roots. It would be more cost effective in the long run for the property owners.

o With the sand and pervious, there is probably more funding sources then to the concrete.

 What is the curb cut screen bio-retention 20 foot to 0? Historic lighting 22 feet? What of size of the road?
The curbs we are recommending that they stay as and the DPW to cut 20 feet from center into the
curb and put a screen so that the water flows in, without the leaves and trash. We are
recommending that the City install historic lighting like the first block of Maryland Avenue, we
have a number of different lighting options, all the way down the street for safety lighting as well
as appearance. The distance of 22 feet spacing. The road size is 46 feet and that will stay and will
lose 3 ½ feet for the bike lane.

We are recommending in the next six months to have the DPW Engineering Dept. to review and help with this project. The City has in kind services to have Engineering and MDOT to play a role in this project as well as implement it.

 With parking on both sides, bike lane on both sides and you are driving in, that is tight on that road.

o Maryland Avenue is a gateway and that is established, it is also an evacuation route, it is also a snow emergency route, it is also a way for the emergency vehicles to get to the hospital, by narrowing that we have just run ourselves into a big problem?
The City will review the whole package with all these groups to see that the services are

 Maryland Avenue is not restricted on avehicles size, so you could have two tractor trailers come down the road with the bicycles and still have two cars parked there.
This does meet truck standards.

 Are there any other gateways in the City?
There is Cedar, Locust, High, Washington are all designated at Gateways.

 Can we designate no trucks on Maryland Avenue? There are a lot of businesses.

o Is there a designated truck route in town?
There is one I just do not know the route right now.

Let jump to the three physical gateways. The steel structure to go over the road, that you see is a design concept that is to allude to the industrial past of Cambridge, and then there are planters and then the sign above it.

 Where is this going to be located in the City? City owned land or the SHA right of way?
SHA right of way, once the City has the construction plan at least eight feet off of the sidewalks.

o When you come off the bridge and turn on to Maryland Ave, is there something more for that curb. Cars that are trying to turn onto Maryland Ave and trying to get to the gas station, there is always congestions there.

We have some recommendations for that traffic pattern. Possibly no left hand turns on the first block so that no one can turn into the gas station from that side of the road.

 On the no left hand turn on Maryland Avenue on the first block? Or up to the Dorchester Avenue.
To help with the traffic situation try to have it on the first block, but you can turn onto

The physical statues will be a representations of this community and it's people. They cannot be over the road. We are recommending that the high just below the power lines. Rain gardens, partnership with some community nurseries and students have also planned some of the gardens. There will be a lot of low plantings that will not obstruct the eye while driving.

o SunTrust Bank in Annapolis has concrete sails that light up at night. It could tie into Sailwind's Park. There are sails on some of the signage is that is proposed to tie everything together.

Maryland Avenue is a way to market your City and it has to be consistent, so the reason the historic with the black and white gateway or even the blue seal of City, having constancy and give Cambridge the ability to market with the signs and the improvements that have been made. We will be asking persons to vote tomorrow night on the sign plans. Sign plans, three sign plans for Maryland Avenue, four foot, six foot and different post. All the signage should be consistent.

They are recommending a welcome sign on the Talbot side of the Choptank Bridge, to give people time to know where they are before they get to Maryland Avenue. The one sign at the Visitors Center is so low we recommend the one on the other side of the bridge.

We are recommending that the manufacture of that sign be locally, Cambridge Canvas Sail & Loft. We are giving the City a selection of signs to use for different uses. We will be talking with Economic Development Group here in Cambridge about the signage also. The signs would be made of Aluminum. The manufacture also make pavement markers as well as signage.

o We would like to thank you for your presentation and listening to our comments.

Mr. Burroughs address the group about the Mayor's Citation for those whom leave the Committees.. Mike Debuke was the last to leave here because he moved.
Recorder was in some ones pocket:
Motion to adjourn by and was seconded by female unknown. Approved.

Note: These minutes were approved by the Planning & Zoning Commission meeting on

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