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  • City of Cambridge Maryland
  • City of Cambridge Maryland
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  • City of Cambridge Maryland
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  • City of Cambridge Maryland
  • City of Cambridge Maryland
  • City of Cambridge Maryland
  • City of Cambridge Maryland
  • City of Cambridge Maryland
  • City of Cambridge Maryland
  • City of Cambridge Maryland
  • City of Cambridge Maryland
  • City of Cambridge Maryland
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P&Z Minutes

November 5, 2014

The Planning and Zoning Commission for the City of Cambridge met on Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. at the City Council Chambers, 305 Gay Street, Cambridge, Maryland.

Commissioners in Attendance: Jerry Burroughs, Chairman; Hubert Trego, Chantey Nelson, Gene Lauer, William Craig and Marshall Rickert

Others in attendance included: Anne Roane, City Planner; Robert S. Collison, City Attorney; Commissioner Frank Cooke, City Council Liaison; Santo Grande, Executive Director of Delmarva Community Services; Kathleen Clendaniel from Delmarva Community Services and Sean Callahan, Branch Manager of Lane Engineering and Kevin Wilson of Architectural Alliance, Inc.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mr. Burroughs. He informed all that the City Council Chambers should be ready for use by the end of December. We have one case tonight, subdivision review P&Z case 3-10 Chesapeake Grove General Development Review.

Mrs. Roane started the meeting stating that this is a project from the Delmarva Community Services which was started about 2010. It is an intergenerational facility campus with senior apartments, assisted living and then an intergenerational community center. This campus is modeled after a facility in Wisconsin. In 2010, the campus had a different configuration with the same concept which came before this Commission for sketch plan comments and they are included in your packet tonight. The project came back to us for an update with a new sketch plan with a different user and was for strictly comments. As Delmarva Community Services moves forward, they wanted to come in tonight for a real review and approval with the General Development Plan with four phases. Starting with Phase One being the intergenerational community center, this would have to come back for a preliminary plan approval then again final development plan, as our Code requires.

There also are a dozen comments from Mr. George Hyde (City Engineer) attached and he had a couple remarks in your packet. One of the comments was that the elevations that were presented called A-25 representing the apartments. We also want to make sure that are sidewalks built and that they are connect to the sidewalk on Baily Road, providing pedestrian access from the sidewalk onto the site.

Present tonight are Sean Callahan, Branch Manager of Lane Engineering; Kevin Wilson of Architectural Alliance, Inc.; Kathleen Clendaniel of Delmarva Community Services and Santo Grande, Executive Director of Delmarva Community Services, Inc.

Mr. Callahan stated that as Mrs. Roane expressed the comments on the sketch plan from 2010 which are here tonight, the intergenerational community center will be at the same place on the property with more of a village or garden apartment complex. At that point the senior assisted living will be closer to Chesapeake Drive. Generally the concept is the same for the residential and intergenerational and with assisted living. So too fast forward to 2014, intergenerational community center, the village is gone, the senior apartments are placed at the perimeter and the assisted living is more centrally located. The particulars of the intergenerational community center, I will have Mr. Wilson talk about with you. The site work, water, sewer and how things work at the site, we have spent a lot of time on and we are going to have a semi-Boulevard entrance to enter from Chesapeake Drive. Mr. Hyde has told him to use the Foxtail Road section and we will be designing that.

Other items mentioned by Mr. Callahan were as followed:
• This project is funded and this going to come out of the ground, approximately in March or April of 2015.
• Walking trail around some portions on the site with a lot of interconnecting sidewalks. We have the sidewalk on Chesapeake Drive and connection through the senior apartments and I have shown on the site plan that shows this walking trail.
• Phase One is the intergenerational community center.
• Storm water and swells will bring surface water down to the storm water pond.
1. Wet pond about 4 feet deep. The swells are intended to be dry.
• One of the components of the requirements is an open space or neighborhood park.
• The Zoning Ordinance talks about a requirement of .005 acres per unit for less than 50 unit project or .015 acres per unit for over 50 unit project, there is a shall and a may in that Zoning Ordinance under Section 280 (Zoning Ordinance May 12, 2003). If we have 88 units, it is 1.32 acres of open space or neighborhood park for an 88 unit project.
• The intergenerational community center has a lot of active recreation in what is does and provides. We do have the walking trail, the sidewalks and interconnection.
• Parking is about one space per unit for the residential buildings; there is a lot of green space on the plan.

There were some concerns from the Commission members:
 The amount of parking at the assisted living complex. There should be parking for care givers, visitors and handicap.
 The 3rd comment from Mr. Hyde about the future Westside By-Pass. Cambridge Master Plan for the future of Chesapeake Drive is to become part of Westside By-Pass that is connected near Long Boat.
 Is this going to be covenanted for age of 55 over 65 years? We have been looking at the age of 60 years and over for the housing.
 Is this how you are going to market it or land / deed restricted? The units will be for seniors only and the age we were looking at was 60 versus 55 plus.
 Is the assisted living part licensed? The assisted living section will be licensed by the Department of Mental Health and staffed.
 So is there cafeteria facility in the assisted living part? If the buildings holds 15 and below, the food can be catered and we have that facility in our DCS buildings.
 Being non-profit are you getting a tax credits for this community? We have applied for the housing unit and we have been before the Planning & Zoning Commission for that particular building, for a low income housing tax credit.
 The wanting of Grandparents to care for their grandchildren and is that why the child care facility is there? The City is not in favor of formal Grandchildren residing in the apartment area. So we have gone on record that we will not have the Grandparents parenting their grandchildren. That gave us also the permission to go toward the affordable housing unit for seniors, once we clarified that the Grandparent issue will not happen.
 The architecture that has been presented, consistent throughout the development, is this the architecture that is going to be done? Everything will be fully handicap accessible and we are using stone and siding and possibly synthetic stucco in and around the center, this will carry through to the apartment buildings as well. The same style and same architecture will flow through all.
 Is the aquatic center going to be constructed as part of Phase One? The aquatic center is part of Phase Three or Four.

Mr. Rickert was concerned that the General Development Plan is subject to the requirement of the Zoning Ordinance adopted by the Mayor and City Council in 2003. I am assuming that if we were to vote tonight or in the near future, on approving a General Development Plan, it would be prior to the new Ordinance being adopted. I just want to make sure on the record that if they bring in Phase Four later, adding residential unites above the 88, which it is planning by the same rules. There will be a new Ordinance in effect. Ms. Roane said that every Phase will be under the Ordinance that the whole process was started with, the 2003.

Mr. Rickert wanted to make sure on the record that Phase Two, one of the two assisted living buildings will be constructed. Mr. Grande agreed that it was their goal. We are trying to move conservatively to building one and let it will take hold, before we build the second one.

Mr. Callahan addressed the Commission that in their next preliminary submittal will be the final design for Phase One and stubbed out utilities to the other Phases. We are going to do a lot of the design to know what will work and we will not submit a site plan for all the Phases.

Mr. Rickert made a motion for the Planning & Zoning Commission to approve the General Development Plan for Phases One, Two, Three and Four. Motion seconded by William Craig. Vote: All Yeas

Mr. Grande wanted to thank all for their support and we are a non-profit organization.

The minutes from September were only copied on one page and should have been two. The Commission decided to table until next meeting.

Motion to adjourn by Mr. Rickert and seconded by Mr. Trego. Yea from all.

________________________________ _______________
Jerry Burroughs, Chairman Date Approved