Department History

Until 1910 law enforcement in the city of Cambridge was the sole responsibility of Bailiffs, who served as the Chief of police, and seasonal officers. Seasonal officers worked from October 1 to the end of April, and were needed because of the booming oyster industry.

The policing of Cambridge continued to be under the direction of court bailiffs until 1910 when Charles G. Pritchett was named Chief of Police.

Chief Charles G. Pritchett -  1910 to 1917 with 5 officers

Chief Dan Brannock - August 1917 to August 1936 with 5 officers

Chief Grayson Price - September 1936 to June 1956 with 7 officers

Chief Brice Kinnamon - June 1956 to June 1971 with 15 officers

Chief Russell Wroten - July 1971 to December 2001 with 26 officers

Chief Kenneth Malik - January 2002 to December 2014 wtih 45 officers

Our current chief of police is Daniel A. Dvorak with 46 officers.  Chief Dvorak is pictured here with his command staff after his swearing in ceremony on January 19, 2015.

Line of Duty Death

Ptl. Daniel C. Bier
Born: June 05, 1924
Appointed: March 31, 1948
Deceased: May 03, 1953

During the late afternoon hours Sunday May 03, 1953, Patrolman Daniel Bier received a call to a Goldsbourgh Ave. residence in reference to a domestic dispute. Upon arrival Patrolman Bier learned that Russell Regina of Cambridge had cut his wife with a knife. Upon entering the house Patrolman Bier was fatally shot by Mr. Regina. Mr. Regina escaped out the rear door of the house and was subsequently located, after a 2-1/2 hour manhunt, in a wooded area near Christ Rock.