Great Marsh Park - General Rules

We would like to welcome you to Great Marsh Park. This park has been created for the enjoyment and pleasure of the general public. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the park and the different areas designated for trash removal. To ensure that everyone is able to enjoy the use of this facility, the following rules have been established. We ask that you please implement them while visiting with us.



All animals/pets are to be restrained by a leash, and supervised at all times. Any and all waste is required to be disposed of in a proper manner.

BBQ Grills:

ADULTS, age 18 or over, AT THEIR OWN RISK, are the only people authorized to utilize a grill. The BBQ grills are provided for your enjoyment & convenience. The grill should be fully extinguidshed and all ashes/coals disposed of in the container provided.

All youth under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

Jungle Gyms:

AT YOUR OWN RISK!! The "Tot-Lot" (smaller jungle gym) is designated for children under the age of 10, while being supervised by an adult. The swings are designated for use by the general public.


AT YOUR OWN RISK!! There are no lifeguards on duty at anytime. Persons 16 years of age and older should have a state fishing license.


Open to use for the general public on a first come, first served basis unless prior reservations were made.


Supplying these units will be the sole responsibility of the individual utilizing the park. If you plan to provide POPs, at least one shall be handicap accessible by size and location. Contact William Barclay, DPW Superintendant, for approved locations.


Volume must be maintained within City of Cambridge noise ordinance guidelines.


LEGAL HOLIDAYS MAY NOT BE RESERVED!! Reservations on all other days may be made at the Department of Public Works. All reservations are subject to prior approval. ONLY THE PAVILION MAY BE RESERVED!!

Over 100 People:

Please contact the Department of Public Works & ensure the date requested is available - 410.228.1955


Failure to comply with these regulations could result in the suspension of your reservation privileges for up to 15 months


The following is prohibited unless prior approval has been granted by the Mayor and Commissioners of the City of Cambridge: