In Cambridge, entrepreneurs and artists will find opportunities to relocate to a community that offers many incentives such as Job Tax Credits, One Maryland, Enterprise, and HUB Zones, Main Street and Arts & Entertainment Districts. Plus city level incentives and program instituted to make the move even easier.

Come relax in a comfortable lifestyle with opportunities awaiting you in this riverside community.

Based on a recommendation from R/UDAT, the City of Cambridge Economic Development Department was formed in July 2007. This City Department consists of two staff members to assist businesses and to drive the community's economic opportunities into the future.

The studies, reports and action plans below were undertaken to provide guiding principals and direction.

Sailwinds / "Waterfront 2020"
This waterfront redevelopment project offers the community great opportunities.
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Economic Development Strategic Plan
The implementation of the 'Original Plan' has been underway since August 2010 . In December 2016, the city finalized an Economic Development Strategic Plan update.

Comprehensive Plan - the 2011 plan has set a direction for the city and allowed for a new Unified Development Code to be developed and in effect as of January 2015.

The more recent initiatives listed above are based upon and supported by work completed in developing earlier planning and community development programs. These documents can be viewed below:


Market and Positioning Study, Downtown Cambridge

1992 Sailwinds Park Plan

1998 Comprehensive Plan