Historic Preservation Commission (HPC)
Meeting Date – Third Thursday of each month – 7pm at City Council Chambers

Ethics Commission
Meeting Date – When Needed

Housing Board of Review
Meeting Date – On demand -- First and/or Fourth Wednesday – 7 pm

Housing Authority Board
Meeting Date – Third Monday of each month - 7pm at 700 Weaver Avenue

Municipal Utilities Commission
Meeting Date – Fourth Thursday of each month – 6:30 pm at City Council Chambers

Board of Zoning Appeals
Meeting Date – On Demand at City Council Chambers (4th Tuesday)

Planning & Zoning Commission
Meeting Date – First Tuesday of each month at City Council Chambers

Police Board
Meeting Date – every other month on Wednesday and at such other times as may be necessary only upon the call of the chairman or when the said chairman instructs the vice-chairman to call same at the Public Safety Building

Americans with Disabilities Act Committee (ADA)
Meeting Date – Last Wednesday of each month at City Council Chambers

Sailwinds of Cambridge, Inc. Board of Directors (Governors Hall)