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Cambridge Ethics Commission

The Cambridge Ethics Commission was established to address issues raised under the Cambridge Ethics Code that was changed significantly in 2011. There are 3 members and 1 alternative member of the Commission who are appointed by City Council. The Ethics Commission hears and decides complaints filed by individuals against an elected or appointed city official or a member of city staff that asserts a violation of the city ethics code. The Commission also provides Advisory Opinions that can be public or private depending on the request made by an individual.

The Commission meets as needed in closed session due to the nature of the work it does and the decisions it is called upon to make. It also holds periodic public sessions to provide training to city officials and staff and to inform the public about its work and how the public can seek implementation of the different aspects of the Cambridge Ethics Code.

Summary of Policies and Procedures
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Commission Advisory Opinions

Conflict of Interest
01-2012 - Recusal - Business Relationship

02-2012 - Recusal - Spouse's Employment

04-2012 - Recusal - Family  Relationship

06-2012 - Recusal - Employer as Landlord

01-2013 - Recusal - Public Officials Serving on Corporate Boards or Serving as Corporate Officers

03-2013 - Family Member involvement with group seeking city board action

05-2013 - Qualified Relatives and family members seeking political office

06-2013 - Defining a Financial Interest

07-2013 - City Council Liaison to Boards and Commissions

01-2014 - Recusal - Vote allowed as city commissioner on matter heard as a BOZA member

01-2015 - Husband's Uncle

Financial Disclosure
03-2012 - Real Estate Owned by LLC

Prestige of Office
05-2012 - Exception-Usual Constituant Services - Possible Fundraising Concerns

Post Employment Restrictions
02-2013 - Definition of "Next Regular Session" of Section (4)(g)2

Jurisdiction of Ethics Commission
04-2013 - 1st Amendment Right of Free Speech

08-2013 - No Jursidiction over Unnoticed Meetings

Charter Amendments

01-2015  - City Manager - Legal and timely manner

Ethics Commission Forms

The above forms and all Ethics Commision Forms are also available at the City Administration Building, Office of the City Clerk, 410 Academy Street, Cambridge.