ADA Committee

The following shall be the purposes and duties of the Committee:


1.       To identify, analyze and evaluate programs and services in the City related to specifically to the needs of citizens with disabilities for the purpose of reporting and making recommendations to the City Council.


2.       To generally review and make recommendations to the Mayor, the City Council and appropriate City departments and agencies regarding needs of persons with disabilities.


3.       To advise and assist the City in cooperating with other groups and agencies serving persons with disabilities.


4.       To accept referrals from the Department of Public Works or other City departments for requests for waivers from the accessibility codes adopted by the City for the purpose of providing assistance to and making recommendations to the Director of the Department of Public Works or other appropriate City departments, boards, or commission.


5.       The Committee may send inquiries, complaints and recommendations, in writing, to any appropriate City department in regard to or on behalf of persons with disabilities.


6.       The Committee shall act in an advisory capacity only and shall have no ad judicatory or other independent authority.


7.       The Committee shall have no authority to expend funds or to legally commit the City to any contractual or other legal obligations without the expressed written authorization of the City.

Meetings are held on the last Wednesday of the Month at 4:00 pm at Delmarva Community Services at 1000 Goodwill Avenue



Joy Henderson

Portia Johnson-Ennels

Nick Grande

Rodger Harrell

Carlos Wilson

Louise White

Anne Whaples

Oden C. Wheeler (Director of Public Works)

Commissioner Dave Cannon