Choptank River Lighthouse License Plates 

Where can I obtain an application?

Applications can be downloaded at this link. You can also get an application at 410-463-2653 or [email protected]

Where should the completed application be sent?

Be sure to sign as “Owner” and /or “Co-owners” if applicable. Mail the completed application to: Lighthouse License Plates, Choptank River Lighthouse, P.O. Box 1235, Cambridge, MD 21613.

Who should the check be made payable to?

Important: Please make your $50 check payable to the Choptank River Lighthouse. (Please DO NOT make it out to the Motor Vehicle Administration.)

Do I need to wait until my registration renewal?

There is no need to wait. The Month and year Stickers will be the same as your existing plates and will arrive with the new Choptank River Lighthouse Plate.

Will I have to pay extra each year to have this plate?

No. The $50 is a one-time fee and donation. $25 goes to MVA and $25 goes to the Lighthouse Foundation as a charitable donation.

When can I expect to receive my new plates?

You should receive your plates and stickers approximately 4-5 weeks after submitting your application to the Lighthouse Foundation.

Can I request a special number?

You can check on the availability of specific numbers at this link. Or you can contact 410-463-2653 or [email protected] in advance of sending in an application to check on current availability.