The Cambridge Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for:

* Land Use Management
* Present & Future Planning
* Unified Development Code Enforcement
* Design Standards for Neighborhood Compatibility
* Chesapeake Bay Critical Area
* Forest Conservation Act information
* Flood Plain Management information
* Assistance with Intra-department of Historic Preservation

Staff provides assistance and technical support to the Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals and Historic Preservation Commission. This Department works closely with other city departments in administering the State's Community Legacy and CDBG grant programs.

Comprehensive Plan

The City of Cambridge began the process of updating the 1996 Comprehensive Plan in 2008. In February 2011, after more than 30 public meetings and workshops, the City of Cambridge Commissioners approved Ordinance #1008, inclusive of Exhibit A, to formally adopt the City's new Comprehensive Plan. The new plan which sets forth a series of goals for the future prosperity of Cambridge, will help guide future growth and development of Cambridge while ensuring that these changes happen in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Unified Development Code

The Cambridge Unified Development Code was adopted by the City Council and went into effect January 1, 2015. The links below have been updated to reflect the new status of the document. Please keep in mind that because the UDC is a living document, it is subject to updates and additions. If you have any questions regarding the documents below please contact Planning and Zoning at (410) 228-1955.


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Working Waterfronts Surveys

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Planning and Zoning Documents

UDC Documents

The most recent documents that make up the Cambridge Unified Development Code

UDC--Cambridge: Full UDC text

Section 4-4-DWDD: form based code text

Parking Tables: UDC parking tables

Permitted Use Table: Permitted uses for all districts except DWDD

Permitted Use Table DWDD (Downtown Waterfront Development District): Permitted uses for only the DWDD


Final Approved Zoning Map

FBC Regulating Code Map


Amendments to the Unified Development Code

List of ordinances

Other Documents

Route 50 Redevelopment Survey