Commissioner Jameson Harrington

Born and raised on the Eastern Shore, I grew up in Talbot county, graduating from Easton High School in 2006. I attended Salisbury University where I focused on Geographic Information Systems and Urban planning and worked two technology focused jobs the entire time. After college I worked from the right seat of an airplane conducting aerial surveys up and down the east coast, eventually moving to an engineering firm where I work using drones and information technology to solve complex problems. Six and a half years ago I moved to Cambridge. Since living here I’ve fallen in love with Cambridge and the people who work here and call it home. In my spare time I enjoy capturing the beauty of Cambridge through my photography. I’ve also used these talents to support local businesses and events.

While not a politician by trade, I have a passion for helping people and I’m not one to say no when someone asks me to lend a hand. Wanting to address the many problems my neighbors and friends in Cambridge face every day is what has pushed me to work in local government.

Ward 3 is the heart of Cambridge and as such, a healthy Ward 3 is a vibrant Ward 3 and a better Cambridge overall.