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Bid Number: 07202022
Bid Title: RFQ Affordable New Construction Pine Street District
Category: Pine Street Neighborhood Revitalization
Status: Closed








I.             BACKGROUND


The mission of the Cambridge Neighborhood Revitalization Plan (“Plan”) is to build upon the efforts to local stakeholders, the City of Cambridge, and the State of Maryland to create in the Pine Street neighborhood a thriving community offering residents quality affordable housing opportunities; the chance to build household wealth through homeownership in a revitalizing community; and a healthy, uplifting neighborhood environment.     


The Plan began to take shape with Public Visioning sessions in February 20191, and now entails a comprehensive, coordinated program of public/private investment in both new and existing housing complemented by public investments in both infrastructure and amenities.   A core element of both the process to date and in the future is the robust involvement of community stakeholders including residents and Habitat for Humanity Choptank.    

This Request for Qualifications is being issued for the Construction of 1st phase of 12 Affordable New Homes in the Pine Street Historic District.  This phase will be financed under Governor Hogan’s Homeownership Works initiative, or HOW program.   A successful respondent will demonstrate experience building and selling quality affordable single-family homes in revitalizing communities.   A demonstrated capacity for working successfully with local and state stakeholders on comparable initiatives will be a material consideration in the selection process.

City Objectives 

The City of Cambridge’s primary objectives under this RFQ are to implement a program of development which:

  • Strengthens property values through quality design and construction, strengthening the social fabric of the neighborhood, and building evident signs of neighborhood spirit and caretaking or ownership;
  • Uses environmentally friendly and sustainable principles in project design and construction;
  • Builds upon and enhances the character of the neighborhood/district both aesthetically and functionally;
  • Creates momentum for future affordable and/or market-rate new homeownership construction.     

For more background on the H.O.W initiative, click link to Governor Hogan’s announcement.[1] 

1 For a fuller description of this process and the plan itself see:  

II.             PROCESS

The City of Cambridge is announcing this request for qualifications for the development of publicly owned land. (See the appended maps.)   The City seeks a qualified, experienced, and capable development team with experience designing, building, and constructing high quality, revitalizing development. The City’s objective is to secure a development partner(s) who is excited about the redevelopment of the City of Cambridge, and ready to be instrumental in the implementation of the City’s revitalization plans.  

The successful development team will ideally have experience participating in revitalizing, communitydriven, public-private partnerships.  The selected developer(s) will be required to provide a project proposal that connects with the identity and history of the Pine Street Historic District and Cambridge Neighborhood Revitalization Plan (CNRP).


The City is seeking developers to propose a high quality, affordable, single-family, for-sale development program that demonstrates an understanding of the Cambridge community, its needs, opportunity and the unique attributes of the area and surrounding neighborhoods. (see Exhibit B)

The selected developer(s) will be invited to submit a detailed statement of qualifications for the proposed development.  Proposals will be reviewed by the City administration in a process that will involve other key stakeholders and the State of Maryland.  If the proposal(s) result in an approved project, the City and developer will negotiate an agreement for conveyance and development of the project.

The agreement would set forth additional detail regarding the property disposition, performance milestones for the developer, project development timeline, indemnities and insurance requirements, ongoing affordability covenants (where applicable), financing plan, and any other City requirements for the development.

Respondent shall present demonstrated experience and expertise in the following:

  1. The redevelopment or revitalization at site or neighborhood scales;
  2. Maximizing the use of various financing vehicles/tools;
  3. The development, construction, and operation of real estate projects;
  4. Working in partnership with neighborhood area residents in community participation;  
  5. Working with public agencies or other regulatory authorities necessary for revitalization efforts; and,
  6. The sale of single-family homeownership units.


Pre-Submission Communications: 

  • All questions and comments must be submitted via email to:

Yvette L. Robinson, Housing Specialist at no later than 12 noon on Monday, August 15, 2022.  


  • Pre-Submission Meeting: 

July 29, 2022 @ 11:00 am In Person: 

City of Cambridge Council Chambers: 305 Gay Street, Cambridge, MD 21613


Meeting number: 2559 532 4969

Password: cmdrfq22 (26373722 from video systems)


Join by video system


You can also dial and enter your meeting number.


By Phone: 

+1-650-479-3208 United States Toll Access code: 255 953 24969  

All responses to questions and clarifications will be posted on the City’s website at   Respondents are encouraged to check the website regularly.   



The City will not respond to telephone inquiries, or visitation by Respondents, or their representatives.  Respondent’s sole point of contact concerning the RFQ is described herein and any communication outside of this process may result in disqualification.

A. Eligible Respondents

Eligible respondents may include a single corporation or a team of partners.  Respondents that include multiple partners must include and identify the lead partner.  The lead partner must have demonstrated experience and capacity in similar development and shall provide detailed proof as described in the submission instruction.

B. Responses

To be considered, responses to this RFQ will consist of three complete copies of materials delivered to the City Cambridge at the location given below and addressed as described below by Monday, August 22, 2022 by 2:00 PM.   Late responses will not be considered.  The materials shall be sectioned according to the table of contents below.   In addition, an electronic version of the complete proposal shall also be submitted to .  (shared linked preferred)


C. Physical Submission Address:  

City of Cambridge -DPW

1025 Washington St

Cambridge, MD   21613

Attn: Yvette L. Robinson, Housing Specialist D. Electronic Submission: 

Via google share, dropbox, or the like - email link to   

E. Submission Format: 

a. Table of Contents

Statement of Interest: Provide a statement of Respondent(s) interest in development in the City of Cambridge and understanding of the objectives of the RFQ.


b. Applicant Qualifications

Respondents shall submit an organizational chart showing all corporations/entities to be involved or assigned, with resumes of the key individuals included and a detailed description of the responsibilities that they will be required to perform.   All entities that compose the candidate team are to be identified, indicating their specialization(s) and specific contribution to the team, and the team leader should be clearly identified.   A narrative shall be provided that explains structure or relationship(s) proposed.  Essential elements:

  1. An organizational chart describing the entities and key personnel;
  2. Resumes/CV’s for key personnel and firms;
  3. Location of principal place of business and other pertinent contact information;
  4. A description and examples of relevant development history and experience, emphasizing developments of a similar scale, location as proposed/conceptualized for development in Cambridge.   For these projects Include information on:
    1. Respondents’ roles;  
    2. Construction Program;
      1. Total development costs segregated by Use and Square Footage,  
      2. Uses (Commercial, Residential, Amenity, Infrastructure);
      3. Residential Occupancy Types (For-sale, Rental)
    3. Occupancy Date
      1. Sales prices/rents ii.      Absorption


To illustrate proposed conceptual approach to the Pine Street project also include project specifics:

  1. Location including photographs, graphical depictions;
  2. Descriptions of referenced projects;
  3. Total development costs;
  4. Development type & size - i.e. #of units, residential/retail etc.;
  5. Financing structure;
  6. Timeline to complete project from site control to occupancy of the initial building and the final building;
  7. Community engagement process/approach; and,
  8. Any additional information deemed necessary for consideration.


Provide at least three letters of reference for each partner included on the project team from parties or agencies involved in the team’s previous developments.


Provide a statement confirming, if selected, your ability to start the project in calendar year 2022 (barring any unforeseen circumstances).





c. Financial Capacity

While a project budget is not required at this stage and although this project is funded by the State of Maryland; Respondents shall provide evidence and supporting documentation* of the developer or development team’s financial condition, demonstrating the financial capacity of the principals, key partners and/or corporation(s) to secure financing for project components.  

d. Financial/Legal Information. The Respondents shall demonstrate legal status and financial capacity via submittal of:

  • Certificate of Good Standing under Maryland (or applicable State) Law.
  • Possession of licensure, as appropriate; and,
  • Letters of Interest for development and construction financing.


*The most recent financial statements or CPA-prepared balance sheet that clearly show assets, liabilities, credit lines, income debt and/or their most recent audit as well as other documents which support the financial health of the Respondent.



The Administration will evaluate qualifications received by the submittal deadline.  Based on the qualifications of the applicant, relevance and quality of previous projects, and responsiveness of the conceptual approach to the requested criteria, staff will recommend a developer or developers who will be invited to provide full detailed proposals for City consideration.

The City is seeking to partner with a developer(s) who demonstrate the ability to develop high quality development(s) and possess an understanding of the Cambridge community, its needs, opportunity and the unique attributes of the area and surrounding neighborhoods.  (see Exhibit B)

Responses will evaluate capacity and experience based on, but not limited to the following:


Previous team relevant development experience will be evaluated for:

  • Characteristics, attractiveness, and added benefit of the proposed/conceptual development(s);  
  • Experience in partnering with other local and governing agencies;
  • Experience and approach to community engagement;
  • Track record in use of public funds, properties, or other public resources;
  • Financial capacity and standing, financial references, and potential resources;
  • Track record in obtaining required financing, permits within timeframes and meeting other project deliverables schedules.


Team capacity will be evaluated for:

  • The quality of the proposed team members in relevant development; architecture and engineering; general contracting; and marketing and property sales;
  • Net Worth and Liquidity in relation to project requirements;  
  • Letters of interest from financial entities with experience financing single-family construction.


Proposed Conceptual Approach will be evaluated for its potential or ability to:

  • Strengthens property values through quality design and construction;
  • Build  the social fabric of the neighborhood, and building evident signs of neighborhood spirit and caretaking or ownership;
  • Use environmentally friendly and sustainable principles in project design and construction;
  • Enhances the character of the neighborhood/district both aesthetically and functionally;
  • Create momentum for future affordable and/or market-rate new homeownership construction.    
  • Provide opportunities for first-time homebuyers especially from historically disadvantaged communities;
  • Working partnership with neighborhood area residents, the City of Cambridge, and other stakeholders;
  • The sale of single-family homeownership units.



Evaluation Category 

Possible Points 


Response Information and Completeness



Relevant Project Team Experience



Team Capacity (Financial and Project Execution)



Proposed Conceptual Approach





VI.           DISCLOSURES  

All proposals will become the property of the City of Cambridge and may be reproduced in full or in part and/or published for public review and will not be returned to the proposers.  Proposals will be public records.  Please do not submit any information that is confidential.


The City may not qualify a Respondent who has failed to pay any applicable City taxes or if the Respondent has an outstanding debt to the State of Maryland.

Except as otherwise disclosed in an exhibit to the submission, Respondent certifies that all applicable taxes are paid as of the date the Respondent’s qualifications were submitted and the Respondent owes no outstanding debt to the State of Maryland.

  1. Conflicts of Interest

The Respondent must disclose, in an exhibit to the submission, any possible conflicts of interest, as part of their response.  The City will consider the nature of the Respondent’s responsibilities and the degree of potential or apparent conflict in deciding the course of action that the Respondent needs to take to remedy the conflict of interest.  Failure to disclose a conflict of interest, be it real, potential, or perceived, will result in disqualification.

  1. Breach of Contract

Except as otherwise disclosed in an exhibit to Respondent’s submission, Respondent is not in material default or breach of any contract or agreement that it may have with the City of Cambridge or any of its departments, commissions, boards or agencies, or any other public body in the State of Maryland.  

Further, Respondent represents and warrants that it has not been a party to any contract with the City of Cambridge or any public body that was terminated within the previous five years due to the Respondent failure to perform or otherwise breached an obligation of such contract.

  1. Disclosure of Litigation

Except as otherwise disclosed in an exhibit to Respondent’s submission, there is no criminal litigation, investigations or proceedings involving the Respondent or any of the Respondent’s officers or directors or any litigation or proceedings.  In addition, Respondents must disclose in the exhibit requested under this Section of the RFQ any civil litigation, arbitration or proceeding to which the Respondent is a party and which involves:   

  1. disputes that might reasonably be expected to adversely affect the viability or financial stability of the Respondent; or  
  2. a claim or written allegation of fraud or breach of contract against Respondent, by a governmental or public entity arising out of their business dealings with governmental or public entities.  

d. False Information

If the City determines that a Respondent purposefully or willfully submitted false information in response to this RFQ, the Respondent will not be considered and will result in disqualification. e. Disclosure  

All Respondents should be aware that submissions submitted to the City of Cambridge in response to this RFQ may be subject to disclosure under the provisions of Public Act 442 of 1976, as amended, known as the Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”).   Accordingly, confidential information should be excluded from Respondents’ submissions. Respondents, however, are encouraged to provide sufficient information to enable the City to determine the Respondent’s qualifications and to understand or identify areas where confidential information exists and could be provided.

The City of Cambridge reserves the right to request additional information from respondents, reject any and all submittals, waive any minor irregularities in the submittal requirements, or cancel, suspend, or amend the provisions of this RFQ at any time. If such an action occurs, the City will notify all applicants, and any other parties requesting such notice, by posting updates on the City’s website at  

The City will not reimburse respondents for any costs involved in the preparation and submission of responses to this RFQ or in the preparation for and attendance at subsequent interviews.  Furthermore, this RFQ does not obligate the City to accept or contract for any expressed or implied services.






Cambridge “Housing Market Analysis”  


CNRP (Cambridge Neighborhood Revitalization Plan)  



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