Public Works

We Work For You!!

It is our Mission to sustain the quality of life for City residents and businesses through responsive, efficient, and effective delivery of services to every neighborhood while reflecting a can-do and selfless attitude with our citizens and stake holders.

Volunteers cleaning streets

Programs and Services

In our efforts to contribute to the safety, health and welfare of the citizens and businesses of the City of Cambridge, we have programs and services including but not limited to:

  • Building construction
  • Community development assistance
  • Enforcement of property maintenance code
  • Engineering & Planning
  • Refuge collection for businesses
  • Waste Water collection and treatment
  • City housing programs administration
  • Disaster preparedness and response
  • Maintenance and repair of municipal facilities
  • Municipal property maintenance
  • Utilities and traffic control systems

Street Sweeper Schedule

Monday ------------  Ward 1

Tuesday ------------  Ward 2

Wednesday -------- Ward 3

Thursday -----------  Ward 4

Friday ---------------  Ward 5